Why My Baby Won’t Sleep In Her Crib?

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Being a parent, you might have to face a lot of baby problems in which sleeping issues are on the top of the list especially when they just hate their crib. There could be various reasons behind this issue which we are going to discuss in this article along with its solutions. Without wasting much time let’s get started.

Why My Baby Won’t Sleep In Her Crib?

  • Before jumping to something serious you must have to check that is your baby healthy? Being cranky can be due to some ear or nose infections as well. Go to the doctor and have a detailed checkup of your baby.
  • If your baby recently starts sleeping in the crib then consider it as the sign of slow adjustment in the new environment.
  • Is the crib being comfortable for your baby? You don’t have to stuff the crib a lot with the stuffed toys and cushions because it can be suffocated for the little one. Furthermore, you can also check that is the bedding is perfect for the baby or not.
  • Check out the light and temperature that either it’s working as per your baby’s needs or not.
  • If your baby is going through the teeth growth time then this sleeping disorder can be due to teething pain as well.
  • Don’t let your baby in the crib too early instead of spending some time next to her so she could sleep peacefully.
  • You must have to let your baby play during the daytime because, in many cases, kids love to play in their crib instead of sleeping.
  • If your baby is under 6 months old then you can use the method of swaddling and sleep sacking so they could feel safer while being in the crib.
  • If your baby recently has started sleeping in the crib then try to spray a little bit of your scent on her mattress or cushions so they could feel you around.
  • There are the chances that your baby might get up due to the noise so you must have to place a noise cancelation machine in her room so she could sleep peacefully.
  • Do check out the diet chart of the baby, because sometimes due to lack of good diet babies can get cranky.
  • Sometimes you might have to limit the number of naps in the day time to let them sleep at night.


You must have to stay consistent because if you sometimes will let your kids sleep in your lap or next to you then they wouldn’t get familiar with the crib and will always cry to be with you. For more details or queries you can comment down below and we would love to interact with you.

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