Which Bowling Grip Is Best

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No matter you are new or old in bowling, going for the right bowling grip style is must to do task to make your user experience not only flawless but worth having as well. No matter what kind of gripping style you are looking for, they must get fit to your hand, to give you not only aesthetic grip but to change the normal results into best ones as well. This article is going to be a guide for all kind of users who are confused that which kind of gripping style they need to drilled in bowling ball.

Conventional Grip:

As a beginner you shouldn’t have to consider any other thing rather than conventional grip because it will give you maximum control to the ball. You just have to drill your desired ball this way to insert a thumb and on the other side both the middle as well as ring fingers are must be drilled opposite side of the thumb to push a pressure while playing. In the conventional grip the drilling would be deeper that will not let you compromise on the gripping and will make your hand strain free as well.

Fingertip Grip:

This type of gripping is feasible for the advanced or intermediate players, this method is as same as the conventional one but you only have to insert your fingers till the first knuckle but the thumb will be inserted completely to support the other both fingers. It will be quite challenging to hold the ball with the fingertip grip but you will get high friction and hook potential while knocking down the spares. To make this grip injury free you will get the knuckle covers, that will be available in different sizes and colors to let you hit the pins even in an professionally way.

Semi Finger Grip:

This last kind of gripping style is mixture of the above mentioned both gripping styles. Same like the above mentioned both grip styles the thumb has to be fully inserted but the middle and ring will fit differently. Both fingers have to get fit between first and second knuckle. It will not only increase the high hook protentional but also will push the bowling ball harder to take down all the pins down.


No matter how much skilled you are or what kind of gripping style you would like to choose, make sure you comfort and suitability on top of the list to avoid all the unwanted results. All the mentioned above gripping styles are suggested by the professionals and one thing you shouldn’t to forget is getting drilled your ball by the professionals so to enjoy the fittings perfectly.

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