What Weight Bowling Ball To Choose

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While choosing the bowling ball, as you need to check out for the various materials, same is the case with the weight limit that needs to be choose properly to avoid any accidental injuries or performance issues. Well, you don’t have to be worried at all because we are going to share some of the aesthetic tips that will help you a lot to go for the right weight range.

Comfort And Suitability:

Before considering any of the professional tip you must have to look for your comfort and suitability. Especially when you have some sort of the previous injury-based record then you have to be careful. Any weight limit which suits you the most or making your feel comfortable can be your choice for bowling ball. To check the comfort and the suitability you can use any of the specific weight limit on your nearest bowling alley and later on can take this weight range as a guide to get a personal bowling ball.

Apart from this you can go for the thumb fittings as well, which means you have to inset your thumb to the drilled point, if your thumb can bear it and not getting out of the hole then you can go for this weight limit.

Formula Of 10%:

If you are physically fit and already don’t have any kind of the injuries then you can simply use this method. You would have to choose the bowling weight by considering your overall weight. In simple words your body’s overall will be counted and the bowling ball would be 10% of it. In case you are overweight then this formula will not be implemented on you at all. In case of not getting something out of this formula as well, you can check out for the suitability and comfort section to have the better guide regarding this issue.


Bowling would be as fun as you can imagine, if you have the right weight ball for yourself that can be chosen with the different effective methods. No matter what is your body weight and how much weight you would be able to bear, you just have to keep in mind that in case of any physical injury you need be cautious or even you can seek help from the professionals. Furthermore, while looking for the feasible weight you also have to take care of the material because different materials will influence the weight differently. If you are underage, then going for plastic bowling balls would be a great option. On the other edge for the intermediate or advanced players, urethane bowling balls and reactive-resin bowling balls are available to meet your needs.

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