What Is The Pocket

Wondering what is meant by pocket in bowling is one of the looking for query especially if your interest is getting developed in the bowling but before being a random player you must look for all the aspects of bowling. Pocket is a major helping thing for all kinds of players who are finding it harder to hit all the pins out there. If you will get succussed to hit the pocket than getting the higher score will not be a big deal at all. There are two major angles from which you can reach out the pocket with no issues and both of these will give you different results.

As we have already mentioned that the oil over lanes will make it easier to hook the ball, same is the case with the hitting the pocket but you need to be cautious because excessive oil can even take away the real target. The pocket is meant to be a larger sized area which will require to be hit from the correct angle. Before getting addicted to the bowling alley you must have to know the exact alignment of the bowling pins to knock down the pocket area.

There are two types of bowling players, right-handed and left-handed. So according to the pin’s alignment if you are right-handed then you can hit the pocket area between 1 and third pin but in case of being left-handed you can find out the pocket between 1 and second pin. No doubt, aiming to the pocket area can be quite complex especially when you don’t have any idea about the oil pattern over the lane. So, without knowing the exact amount of pattern of the oil hitting the pocket will give you surprising results only.

These tiny details will not easily be known for the beginners so keep trying and after having a lot of practice you will get the right results. Apart from this, the results may also vary by depending on the ball type and your way of striking so make sure you go for the right combination to avoid any kind of the undesirable results.


Striking pocket might be one of the dreamy chances to hit the maximum number of spines but being a pro or beginner, you shouldn’t have to miss the fact that practice will not only improve you bowling skill but will also compel you to dig into the bowling. No matter you are right-handed and left-handed in both cases the pocket will be on different points so go with your side to knock down all the pins with a great strike.

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