Weaning A Guide On When To Start

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Being a parent one of the hardest decisions you have ever take about your kids is, when you would have to start weaning your tiny one. Especially if it’s your first child but we are going to unfold some of the major facts that will not only help you to take an excited weaning start with your baby but also if you have already start weaning your little ones then it will help you to avoid some of the common mistakes that can change your overall experience.

Before start weaning, make sure you have the following items around to make the process easier for you. First of all, you have to get a high chair for your little one, overall bib, sweetly design weaning spoon, floor mat to cover the floor around the high chair, baby wipes, and sippy cup to avoid liquid spilling issues.

Things To Consider Before Start weaning:

  • You have to start the weaning with zero expectations from kids, for example, they don’t have to finish the entire bowl in first go or it’s not always fun to start weaning for all kids. You just have to take a start with a fresh mind and a smile on your face to make it a fun thing to do for your younger ones.
  • The weaning age for different kids can be different, for example some of the kids would be ready at the age of 6 months but some of them would let you start weaning from the age of 6-9 months. Not only this but also if your kids are getting ready for weaning at the age of 12 months then still its fine.
  • You have count some of the signs that your kids are ready for weaning such as, milk doesn’t sound sufficient to fulfil their hunger, they are getting interested in food which you are eating In front of them. Not only this but also when they start sitting without support or even start grabbing the food.
  • Keep it simple, you can make a meal for them from what you are eating and make sure you don’t push them to face consistency but instead of this, keep introducing them with something interested every day.
  • You can join your kids while eating to make the weaning process as fun as you can imagine.

Things To Avoid Before Or During Weaning:

  • You shouldn’t have to force your kids to eat.
  • Don’t go for the timelessness but have to start considering a time limit to make your kids feel punctuality.
  • If your baby is not feeling good at start of weaning you don’t have to get panic at all.
  • Don’t make your baby puke by putting food in their mouth while laughing or yawning.
  • Let the kids eat if they wanted to do it with their own hands.
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