Tips For Aiming In Bowling Using The Arrows And Dots

If it’s said that bowling is all about having the right point focus then it will not be wrong at all. No doubt the practice and having the right knowledge about the bowling are the core success keys but there are some other factors as well that you must have to keep in mind. All of these factors might sound the minor ones but are highly recommended by the experts. What and how you will get the desire for results is going to be mentioned here so make sure not to miss any chunk of this article at all.

Keep An Eye On Your Pray:

As we have already described, it’s all about having the right target with focused mind, no doubt the pins will be 60 feet away from you but where hitting is going to give you maximum results is what you have to hunt for. In other words, to get the striking shot you can target the pocket. If you are right handed player then you have to look for 1 and third pin but in case you love to play with left hand then you have to aim for 1 and second pin.

As a beginner many of you might only aim the center of the spares that might give you results as well but not as stronger as aiming for pocket can give you.

To make it even more helpful for you, we will highlight that there are two types of hits you can choose from. One is pin aiming and other one is spot aiming.

Pin aiming is about to target any of the specific pin and it might also give you striking results but when you will learn to hit a spot or you can say hit a pocket then things will flip dramatically for you.


Going for any kind of aim will give you different results but practice can take you to another level of success. You also have to look for the different oil patterns on bowling alley and choosing the right ball with perfect weight ratio is going be a better choice. Along with all the given above tips you also have to learn some of the pro tips from professionals to take your bowling enthusiasm to next level. Make sure your hooking technique and standing one also be worth having so you can enjoy the best possible combination to lead yourself to new levels of success and fun.

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