Sony A6400 Black Friday 2021 Sales & Deals

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Sony A6400

The Sony A6400 isn’t a particularly common-looking mirrorless digital camera, but it’s shaking up the photography market. No, it does not have a ten-million-megapixel sensor (though it does have the same number of megapixels as its predecessor, the A6300) but it does have a pretty good one. In fact, for the most part, it can beat out the more expensive models in terms of image quality and even performance. You can get amazing Black Friday deals on Sony A6400!

So how does the Sony A6400 stack up against other mirrorless cameras? At the end of the day, we’ll all come to the same conclusion: the higher megapixels of the Sony A6400 means that you get more resolution, which means that you can take more detailed images with less noise and more clarity. If you are looking for a good mid-range digital camera, then this is one of the models to consider.

In terms of features, the Sony A6400 has some features on par with some of the other top models in the segment. It has a built-in flash, which is a nice touch, as is the self-timer feature. Another nice feature is the ability to adjust the white balance of your camera at any time, regardless of where you take the shot. While it may be more complex to set up than some of the other features, at least you have it available should you need it.

Features aside, the Sony A6400 also does have other advantages over its competitors. For example, if you are looking for something that is both small and light, then you will love the compact size of this camera. That makes it perfect for taking pictures at weddings, kids’ parties, and other occasions where you don’t want to lug a big heavy digital camera.

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