Pick Up Spares More Effectively In Bowling With The Target Pin Method

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Getting the higher spares in bowling is a dreamy thing for majority of the users and many of you might also perform deep practice to grab the maximum spares but till than you will not do it properly nothing will be long lasting for you. We are pushing you to go for the right techniques because every time aim the target and pray to get the spare is a not a practical thing to look for. To get the most looking for results you have to keep an eye on all the tiny yet essential points to summarized your success story.

Make Simple Yet Effective Adjustments:

Not always going for the straight hits will let you get what you are looking for so during practice you have to learn to play from every corner of the board to test yourself in different ways. Instead of this you can hit the pocket area and furthermore, your hooking speed will vary. You can pick up the technique of the dots and arrows.

Look at your posture while aiming the ball to increase the revs, and the lane conditions must also be considered as well.

Pin Targeting:

Apart from the pocket targeting, you shouldn’t have to center triangle but have to look for the side pins that will take away the other pins along as well. Apart from this your body weight must be balanced so you could strike the pins flawlessly. Here you need to keep in mind that always it will be harder for you to pick away the side pins so try to target them first. Oil pattern must be known so you could decide which move will be beneficial for you and furthermore, oil free ball will double the fun for you.


Along with the right target technique you must also have to look for the right ball along with the right drilled holes and you have to check for the gripping techniques accordingly as well. Don’t always go for the high hook rate a greater number of revs because it can also work as double edge sword. Along with the gaming precautions don’t forget to take the safety precautions for your hand or other body parts to prevent the accidental injuries. If you are looking for the right gripping technique or bowling ball then you need to check out previous post.

On the other edge, if you wanted to add something more or wanted to ask something then feel free to share your queries with us.

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