Oil On Bowling Lines

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You might already hear about the oil patterns in bowling and many of the new players, may wonder, why is there oil patterns and how they can make or break your user experience. On the other edge, there is a common concept that oil patterns will only there to make the ball flowy but the reality is bit different, the oil patterns will also prevent the lane damaging or ball hitting marks. Next question that needs to pop in your mind is, how the alley owners will put on the oil on lanes? Well, the answer is quite fun to know that each of the alley will have their personal lane machine that will spread the oil evenly when it needs to be done.

Oiling is the best way to protect the wood to avoid the wear off issues, and you would also be amazed to know that there isn’t a single oil pattern out there but here are bunch of these. The oil machine would be programmed and will work accordingly to the lane. Oil is going to hold the ball, so it doesn’t get out of the lane to let any or pins there.

Oil Pattern Types:

There are two major oil patterns are being used in which house and sport pattern are included.

If you would go for the house pattern then there would be less oil patterns but you would get less success but more chances of getting into various bowling errors. This is suitable for the people who aren’t pro and not going for any deadly match. Apart from this sport pattern with less failure chances, is now in trending because you wouldn’t have to miss any of the target especially in league matches.

Sports pattern is as fun as you can imagine because the oil will not only be spread perfectly but also will work for both pro and beginners.

In both patterns the player must be efficient enough to determine which pattern is being served with and how it will work for you without pushing towards any kind of performance hiccups.

If you determine, where the oil is, then you can master the bowling gaming with zero hassle and high scores will not be an issue at all.


If you wanted to get maximum out of the bowling then along with the perfect ball you also have to be that much pro, not only to use the oil pattern but also how the scores will get higher with perfect techniques. For more details or information, you don’t have to think twice but just have to comment down below to interact with us.

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