kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller Review – Updated 2021

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kolcraft Cloud Umbrella StrollerIn the massive piles of the brands, it would be quite harder for you to pick up the right one especially when it comes to your kid’s comfort. We are aiming to provide the best products from the worth having brands for your little ones, so you can check out other posts as well. One more thing that we are glad to announce is, all the products either those are strollers or from other categories of baby products, all of the products are tried and tested by our editors so to provide your flawless review about each of the products.

In this post, we are going to highlight the kolcraft cloud plus lightweight stroller review that is from one of the leading brands. If you are confused then you shouldn’t have to miss this post that is going to put on all the aspects of kolcraft cloud plus stroller in the spotlight. So, without any further due let’s get started from the brand story.

Brand story 

This is one of the family-owned companies that is working in the baby products sector for the last 7 decades which is quite an exceptional thing. In 1946 as the initializing products, they start making crib pads, high chairs, and playards but right after 4 years, they extended their matters category to another level especially for the cribs. After getting a lot of success and fame from around the US they extended their baby products manufacturing a lot and take it to the baby strollers, travel systems, car seats, walkers as well as baby clothing.

Only 3 decades ago, in 1993 they get along with their new partner Sealy® Technology that helps the kolcraft to take their baby bedding department to another peak of success. With their aesthetic baby products in 2005, they won various awards that become the high motivation power booster for the manufacturer. To date, the kolcraft is working in a more and more professional as well as result-oriented way.

All the products from the kolcraft are quite updated and innovative that dispatched to the users after checking them in the real life-like environment.

Enough information regarding the brand? It’s time to move to the next section, where we have chosen one of the most demanding strollers from the brand, kolcraft lite sport lightweight stroller. Moreover, all the products of kolcraft are JMPA certified so as a parent you can count on it without any doubts.

kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller Review

Out of the stacks of the kolcraft strollers’ range, we have chosen this kolcraft sport lightweight stroller that is going to be checked by keeping in mind all the important aspects so let’s dig into it.

Does It Have Ideal Storage?

To hold all baby’s necessities, you must have to look for the storage basket. When it comes to this kolcraft reclining umbrella stroller you will get a mesh wall storage basket. The basket is not that big in size but the overall design of it will keep the baby bag and any other items easily. One thing that you need to keep in mind that you shouldn’t have to stack the items because it will easily be fell down due to the limited height of the side walls.

So overall from the storage basket perspective, the kolcraft cloud sport umbrella stroller isn’t that much impressive.

Is It Easy To Carry?

When you are moving out to the park or going for a picnic after having a long road trip then you must have to think of the size and the weight of the stroller. So, in the case of kolcraft baby stroller, you would be served with not only the compact design but also you just have to carry 9.5 lbs of weight. With a single button, it will easily get folded and would be ready to store. One thing that you might find lacking in other products is that after getting folded they will be loosened or even get opened but this kolcraft cloud plus travel stroller has a special locking system that will keep it in the place. So, the portability of this stroller is as amazing as you can imagine.

Is It Comfortable?

The seat has the dual functionality to provide maximum comfort to your little bundle of joy. This means you can use it for all types of weather, for example, if it’s summers then you can roll up the upper foaming layer to reveal the mesh back for the air passage. This folded foaming layer will easily be folded and will work as the headrest. In case there is cold weather around then this foaming layer seat will keep your baby warm even while being outside the house.

For the toddlers, and easy climb step is included, and to provide the tiny legs even more comfort the flexible footrest has been included. The lockable wheel system will not only provide the maximum security but will also work on the Shock-absorbing front swivel wheels. Moreover, the baby will have unbeatable fun with the multiple seat reclining options.

What About Parental Control?

After embedding all the safety features in this kolcraft cloud lightweight stroller, you will get the best possible control to the wheel locking system so even if you have to stop on any of the specific points then you could avoid the undesirable events. Furthermore, the parents can also enjoy their favorite beverages while strolling around and the cup holder will help to keep the splashing away from you. The easily steering will be possible with the padded handles so even after having a long-distance walk you don’t have to put on a lot of strain on your hands.

Does It Have A Suitable Size?

The size of this kolcraft cloud stroller is the best from the portability perspective and also has sufficient space to provide the best possible environment to your baby. The product has the perfect dimensions of 38.31 x 9.41 x 9 inches that will not only provide a comfortable ride to your little one but will also easily be stored wherever you would like to place it.

What About Durability?

The overall frame is made with the sturdiest material so without taking you to the performance hiccups you would easily be able to enjoy the smoothest ride even on the bumpy roads. The shockproof technology will take care of the spinal health of your tiny one. The footrest is not only flexible but is a stronger one so even has the ability to deal with the naughty kids.

Is It Convertible?

The stroller is not compatible with the car seat because it doesn’t come with the convertible adapters but when it comes to the height and canopy adjustment, you will be glad to enjoy the breathtaking conversion.

Is It Easy To Run?

With the smoothest dual tires’ functionality along with the anti-shock functions, nothing will limit the fun you and your baby are going to have. Also, the handles are quite comfortable so pushing this kolcraft umbrella stroller will not be harder at all.

Are You Going To Have Stroller Brakes?

The stroller tires have the next level locking system so you could assure the safety of your mini one. The front and rear wheels have a separate braking system.

Is There A Sunshade Canopy Available?

Yes, surprisingly the canopy is not only having the adjustment options but will also serve you with the different height adjustment features as well. The canopy is made with UV protective fabric and will serve your tiny one with the sun visor as well to make all the comfort standards accessible. Unlike the other products, the canopy has strong clips are there so it doesn’t get folded when in use.

Is It Budget-friendly?

Splashing your money around will not be recommended at all so this kolcraft cloud plus stroller is going to make your baby’s outdoor activities so much fun with the less money expenditure so consider this stroller if you have the limited budget to spend on the baby stroller.

Does It Have A Comfortable Seat?

Yes, with multiple reclining options, the seat is entirely fun for your baby. The seat is made by keeping in mind the different weather conditions so you can use this stroller for your baby throughout the year. The foaming layer is removable and will easily get folded to work as the headrest to beat the heat.

Are There Any Complications In Assembly?

The assembly of this kolcraft cloud plus umbrella stroller is easier than ever so within 2-3 minutes it will be ready to use. Moreover, when you have to keep it away in a storeroom or have to take it along with you on the picnic then you don’t have to remove all the parts of it instead of this, with the single clip it will get folded to turn into the smartest design.

What Age Can It Take Up To?

Apart from the fact that this stroller is not recommended for infants, you can use it for the kids who are within 40 lbs of the weight limit.

What You Should Praise For? (Bright Side)

  • Travel friendly with the 9.5lbs of weight
  • Easy to fold with the minimum efforts
  • The best combination of mesh and foaming backseat
  • A footrest pad is included
  • Easy to grip handles are included
  • Perfect safety harness included
  • Single-handed steering is allowed
  • Large space for the baby
  • The cup holder is included

What Is Not That Impressive? (Downside)

  • The storage basket is not that big as it could be to provide a better storage compartment.


In this article, we have given a detailed review of the cloud lightweight stroller with the brand history so you could have a clearer picture of it. We have summed up all the important information in this article, but still, if you have any questions or queries then you can comment down below to interact with us.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does the Kolcraft cloud umbrella stroller recline?

Yes, in kolcraft lightweight stroller you will get the numberless seat reclining options to make the ride comfortable for your baby.

Can infants use umbrella strollers?

Due to limited seat reclining options and open structure, the umbrella stroller will not be recommended for infants.

How do you assemble a kolcraft cloud umbrella stroller?

The assembly of kolcraft stroller is quite easier because it will come up in a pre-assembled structure so feel free to have and say goodbye to the complicated assembly mechanism.

When can you start using an umbrella stroller?

The kids who can sit on their own can use the umbrella stroller, for more details, you can check out the above post to get a clearer picture about it.

What is the best double umbrella stroller?

There are numberless products are available but out of all we have chosen cloud plus lightweight stroller due to its next level functionality. To know more about it, you can read out the above article.

What is the weight limit for an umbrella stroller?

Different umbrella strollers have different weight limits but in kolcraft cloud umbrella stroller, you can carry around 40 pounds.

Should I buy a double stroller for the first baby?

Buying a double stroller for the single kid will not be recommended because with the same functionality you might have to carry some extra pounds around. Also, it would burn a hole in your pocket so you shouldn’t have to do it at all.

Can I put my 5 months old in a stroller?

If the chosen stroller meets all the baby safety standards then you can do so otherwise car seat or bassinet will be a better idea to carry your baby around.

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