How To Wash a Stroller (Easy to Follow Steps) – Updated 2021

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Best Vacuum For Long Hair's Hygiene for every human being is as important as you can imagine and when it comes to your babies then you shouldn’t have to miss it at all because babies cannot take care of themselves. Babies can easily get the germs from their surroundings and unlike adults, they can’t defend themselves against the germs with a better immune system. So, baby hygiene is as important as the perfect diet for them. This hygiene is not only limited to the baby’s body but their overall surroundings must also be clean and perfect to prevent bacteria exposure from the babies.

Many of you might think that how a tiny will get into the bacteria exposure areas then we would like to highlight a few of the reasons as well as a solution that can make the perfect interaction between your baby and germs.

  • You must have to keep your home clean especially the floor because if your baby is crawling then germs can attack him directly. Here we would like to mention that you shouldn’t have to use the chemical formula floor cleaner because it will even make it worse.
  • You have to keep the personal items of your baby clean such as his toys.
  • When your baby is growing up then you have to train them about personal hygiene.
  • Keep your baby’s personal items that he frequently used such as a high chair for feeding, baby crib, and stroller.
  • Keep the dustbin and other cleaning items away from the baby’s reach.

In this article, we are going to make it quite helpful for the new parents that how they can keep the baby stroller clean and hygienic. We have chosen the stroller because it has a direct interaction with the outdoor environment. So, without wasting much time let’s dig into the details.

How To Wash A Stroller?

Washing stroller would be quite fun procedure but you have to follow the given below steps keenly to get the perfect results but before that, you need to bring on some of the essential items in which Bucket or bowl, cloth towels, used Toothbrush, scrub brush, wooden grilling skewer (if needed), Hand vacuum or dust brush (according to the needs) Disinfectant wipes, Warm water, and Mild laundry or dish soap.

Remove The Detachable Parts

You must have to remove the parts such as canopy, safety harness, tires, seat cover, and all the parts that can be washed separately to perform the hassle-free cleaning. Make sure you don’t through all the bolts around freely to avoid undesirable issues later. You can wash the fabric parts in the washing machine as well to get better results.

Remove The Dry Particles

If you haven’t used the stroller for so long and about to use it now then you have to roughly remove all the dry particles as neatly as you could. You can use the dust brush, or duster to remove the crumbs. Reach all the parts of the stroller from where you need to clean without using the water.

Deal With The Loose Dust

You can use the vacuum cleaner to bring out the loose dust particle easily from the seat or from other parts of the stroller so they don’t get harder after getting wet with the water.

Scrub The Fabric

If the stains are not getting removed even in the washing machine then you can scrub the fabric lightly to get the desired results.

Washing The Detachable Parts

You need to clean all the detachable parts keenly, for example, the tires and safety harnesses must be cleaned with the brush perfectly. Even if some of the parts aren’t detachable then you can use the damp towel and soapy cleaner to deal with the stubborn stains.

Dry All The Parts Perfectly

Once you are done with the cleaning process, you must have to dry all the parts as per their requirements.

How To Get Mold Out Of Fabric In A Stroller?

If you are about to use the stroller after so long then there are the chances that you would have to deal with the mold issues. To remove it perfectly, take it to the sun exposure and let it be there for some time, after that you can remove the dry mold with the brush. If the mold is more than normal then you can go for a more professional way to deal with the mold.

  • You can take 3/2 white vinegar and water respectively to spray on the seat. Once you are done with the spraying, now you can place it in the sun exposure are. Wash it after 1.5 hours to get the results.
  • Put on the lemon juice on the molded seat and add some salt to it, later on, let it be in the sun exposure and wash it away after 2 hours.
  • If the molding condition is worse than ever then you can use another chemical method to deal with it but this must be your last choice because exposing any of the baby products to the chemicals is not recommended at all. Add two parts of the chlorine bleach with the water to spray at the infected area. After spraying it down, now you can use the scrub to remove the mold out of it and then risen with the clean water.


Make sure you always go for the perfect cleaning method to make the baby stroller hygienic for your little one. We have described all the best possible cleaning processes; you can adopt any of them as per your needs or requirements. For more details or queries, you can comment down below to get in touch with us.

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