How To Properly Clean And Maintain A Bowling Ball

No matter you are using the bowling ball frequently or infrequently, cleaning it to make it oil free will increase the overall life span of bowling ball. Many of the people will only recommend to go for the methods that involves heat to get rid of the oil but in this article, we have considered all the security reasons and going to show you some other ways as well to keep the oil away from your bowling ball. Cleaning of ball is quite important and according to experts after every 6 games, you must have to clean it to get the worth having results.

Before getting into the different cleaning methods, we would like to recommend always cover the drilled holes, with water proof tape so the holes don’t get filled or get damaged by any of the cleaning method.

Ball Cleaning Spray:

There are numberless ball cleaning sprays are available in that can easily take off all the oil or any other substance that is ruining your overall experience. Make sure the spray doesn’t have to clean a lot of chemicals that can also be a reason of pushing you towards ball wear off issues. Once you clean the ball with cleaning spray, then simply rub the towel to make the surface glossy.

Rubbing Alcohol:

While using this method to clean the bowling ball you have to take the 4:2 ratio of water and rubbing alcohol respectively and have to soak the ball in there. This method is not only effective to get rid of the oil absorbed by the ball but also will be quite effective to get rid of stains.

For more details about the baking methods to take away all the oil you can visit our previous post.

How You Should Maintain Your Bowling Ball?

Cleaning is considered to be the same as maintenance which is not true at all so to go for the proper maintenance you can ask any of the pro cleaner to keep all the hassle away.

In case you are not feeling it like a budget friendly option then you can do it at home, after every game you can use the spray or wipes to make it glossy again. Not only this but also, storing them properly will also be a great addition in the maintenance services. If you are using any kind of in hole tape then you have to check if its wear off or doing well because it will not only drain the ball but also can be a cause of injury to your thumb.


Cleaning and maintenance are both interconnected terms that has to be follow completely. You must have to avoid dry and directly exposed cleaning of bowling ball as it can be dangerous.

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