How to Paint a Baby Crib? Save Money and DIY – Updated Guide

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How to Paint a Baby Crib The old-fashioned crib will not be that appealing as it could be so you must have to modify it to generate some of the positive vibes for your baby. This is something that you might want to do at the start or wanted to change the looks of the crib after some years. If you have the color specifications then you can order something according to your needs or requirements but in case you wanted something funky and unique then you can do it by yourself.

On the other hand, having a baby will ask you to reserve some of the money so you must have to grab everything by taking the budget under observation. There is another suggestion for you that if you have a limited budget then you can order one of the ordinary cribs with a simple design and later on can modify it according to your needs or requirements. You don’t have to get confused that how you would do that because in this article we are going to solve this riddle for you.

Crib modifications aren’t not only related to the design but also you can go for the better customizations to make your overall purpose to be done easily such as the additional storage compartments can be added or even easy to climb up fun steps can be added. Modifications can have different reasons behind it and it’s quite common that when you become parents for the first-time people around you gift baby products such as crib so later on you might want to have the different modification in it to make it according to your choice.

Let’s get back to our main topic that how you can modify the simple crib for your little one.

How to Paint a Baby Crib? (Save Money and DIY)

You need to observe every given step keenly to get mesmerizing results. So, let’s dig into the simple yet fun crib painting steps.

Grab the Essential items

Before starting any types of modifications in the baby products we would like to provide you a list of the items that you shouldn’t have to miss at all and will work for you during the entire process. Before moving down, we would like to mention that if you are new then you can order the best items that would be used for the modification process from the provided links. So, spend less time to get the next level results with hassle-free fun.

  • First of you must have to grab any of the furniture cleaner to remove the dirt or to make the crib bacteria-free so as to get the flawless finish product.
  • You must have to bring some of the dusting towel that will help you to clean the crib before and after or even to keep your hands clean during the process.
  • You also have to buy some of the wood sandpaper to remove the coating layers of the basic paint before applying the new one. You can use them accordingly if you find any of the leftover paint on the crib.
  • From the color shade card, you must have to pick your desired color to choose the paint accordingly but here we would like to mention that you must have to grab the nontoxic paint to color your baby crib to make it safer for your baby. To cut down the time for you we have to bring on the chemical-free paints in the baby recommended colors, you can choose any of them. You can choose greystone, blush pink, coastal blue, smoked glaze, divine levander, and French eggshell.
  • Now it’s time to choose the paint brushes of the different sizes so you could cover all the tiny or large parts of the crib.
  • Don’t forget to grab a paint apron for yourself as well so you don’t have to make your clothes dirty.
  • In the end, it’s time to grab the gloves for yourself to keep the hassle of cleaning away from you.

Now let’s move towards the main process.

Make The Crib Dirt Free

Use a simple cloth or towel to remove the overall dust from the crib. Now it’s time to grab the furniture cleaner to do it more deeply so you could proceed further without any interruptions. Spray the cleaner on the crib and clean it with the dry towel properly. Once you make sure that the crib is clean and there isn’t any dirt left on it then it’s time to move to the next step.

Use Sandpaper

Before applying the next coating of the paint, you must have to remove the previous one so you could have better results. Sand the wood properly to remove the layers of the paints and other coatings from it so the pain you are going to use next could be penetrated in the wood properly.

Repeat the Cleaning

After using the sandpaper now, you have to remove all the scrubbed material around. You can use the above-mentioned towel and make them damp to get better results in less amount time. Keep an eye on every corner of the crib because any of the tiny leftovers can make your paint look creepy so clean the entire crib properly.

Its Showtime With Paint

You need to bring on your paintbrushes next to you and have to pick one according to the targeted area of the crib. Make sure you are using the apron and gloves for yourself while painting the crib. Try to paint the crib in parts so you could do it even efficiently. Once you are done with the first coat then keep it aside to get dry for a night. Once it gets dried, now it’s up to you that you wanted to go for the second coat or not.

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