How To Lip Rabbit Nails

No matter what kind of pet you have, to work on their proper diet and hygiene will be in their core needs so you shouldn’t have to neglect any of these. When it comes to keep them clean not only taking them shower and make their living space proper will not be enough because you also have to take care of their toes. Yes, you need to clip the nails of the rabbits same like you need to do your own. Clipping your baby or adult rabbit’s nails is as important as you can imagine because having the rough nails will not damage their health but it will be a great threat for you as well especially if you have the kids around then there could be numberless health risks.

Apart from this you shouldn’t have to think that clipping rabbit’s nails will be easier but it will be quite tricky but you must have to read this article till the end so to make the entire process easier. Many of you might think that they can clip down the nails of rabbits with the normal nail clipper but you would have to grab the special one to prevent any kind of undesirable results.

Before moving to the nail clipping process, we would highly recommend you to visit the nail clipper professionals if you are new to check out some of the aesthetic techniques to practically to boost your knowledge as well. Furthermore, if there isn’t any professional around then you don’t need to be worried because here is a detailed guidance for you so you could perform your duties easily.

  • Before directly start nail clipping of your rabbits, you must have to keep all the essential items on place, we would recommend you to make a complete box so you don’t have to collect the thing separately. You have to ask a friend to help you because it will be harder for you to manage your rabbit while clipping their nails. You have to bring on a soft towel along with the professionally designed nail clipper for your furry bunny. For a safe side you shouldn’t have to forget to add styptic powder that will be there to provide first aid in case of any undesirable incident to prevent pain.
  • Make sure your rabbit is comfortable because to keep them calm will cut down all the risks while clipping their nails so you must have to hold them carefully. To make this process light for them you can hold them in a soft towel and then can start the process. In case the rabbit is not feeling well or moving a lot then you must have to set them free and have to go for the second attempt.
  • Here is something suggested by the experts is, you have to clip the nails of your rabbit once in a week because if you let them keep growing their nails, it will not only be hard to deal with at the end but also will not make habitual of nail trimming.
  • Now you have to carefully cut the nail right before the quick or red blood supply vein, in case of being too close to this vein, you can hurt your rabbit so make sure to cut wisely. In case this happened and your rabbit is in pain then you can quickly apply styptic powder to get rid of pain. Not only this but also styptic powder will cut down all the risks, of damaging the nail of your rabbit.
  • You have to cut the nails this short so later on you can easily trim them as well and still the quick is untouched.
  • Taking short breaks while cutting the nails of your rabbit is as important as you can imagine because when you will hold them uniformly, it will quite a shock for them. So, to make them feel normal you have to walk a little bit by taking them in your lap and also have to remove the towel for a bit so they don’t feel overheated or fully occupied.
  • You have to apply the same method for all the nails, once you are done don’t forget to recheck to be assure.
  • If the rechecking is done and nothing is left to be done then you can set them free or to make them overwhelmed, you can arrange a snack time or treat for them.


The nail growth will vary based on breed and age of the rabbits but clipping rabbit nails is an art so you have to follow the above provided steps to be an artist. We will not recommend you to be experimental with the nail clipping because it can push your baby or adult rabbit in so much of pain. Even in the intense situations we have seen the rabbits jump out of the lap and make themselves injured as well. Before clipping the nails, you don’t have to feel your rabbit that something alarming is going to happen but you are recommended to be calm and to keep your rabbits calm as well to make this entire process effortless.

In case you wanted to share some of the pro tips or wanted to ask something then you are appreciated to reach us via comment section below or simply sending us an email.

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