How To Bowl A Hook

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If you are addicted of bowling then you might already know about the significance of the hook shot. Many of the beginners or pro might get allure to this technique but here is a major confusion especially for the new ones that how they will properly bowl a hook? This article is all about the worth having solution of this issue. So, without any further due let’s get started.

Take A Position By Adjusting Your Weight:

Before bowling a hook, you must have to take care about your proper position. For example, majority of the players would be right-handed, so you have to keep your right hand relaxed and properly fit into the drilled holes. By putting your left leg on the center point you just have to make sure, the maximum weight is there.

When you have to carry the ball make sure the left hand is there to support the ball along with right hand. While carrying the ball, make sure you keep it near the chest so while hooking you don’t get twisted your wrist.

High Concentration To Aim:

While bowling a hook with high potential, you shouldn’t have to miss the aim at all, and for a n easy target setting, you just have to look on the lane arrow with a focused mind. The results from a hooking shot will may vary based on oil concentration and the ball type you have chosen. As a pro tip, you just have set the third or second arrow and keep in mind your position as well.

4 Step Approaches:

You shouldn’t have to miss this 4 step technique out of which two middle steps will deployed naturally but first and last have to be end in an obvious way. First of all, you have to take first step in a pushing off style which simply means you have to leave the starting point and before foul line have to slide off ball with straight arm calmly without putting much strain. When you will release the ball, the entire momentum must be transferred into controlled manner so you don’t cross the foul line at all.

Care And Safety:

When you have to release the ball, make sure your hand is not under stress and you project the ball with a straight arm. Furthermore, you don’t have to put on a lot of force because it will take away the projection quality. While releasing the ball you have to project it inward, it is because the right technique will create maximum number of revs or revolutions.


With the right given above techniques, you must have to keep your arm as well straight and another thing that you shouldn’t have to forget is, take out the thumb and have to tensed your fingers. If you are not pro then you can ask the professionals to seek help.

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