How Long Should A Baby Nurse

None of you is unaware that nursing the kids will be highly important for them and the health benefits are numberless but here is a major question that how long mothers have to nurse their tiny ones?

According to the experts, a baby will take 10-25 minutes to get feed properly and how long you would have to do it, is based on the various factors, out of which age and milk supply are on the top of the list. Furthermore, the nursing time can be different for the various kids based on the following reasons. So, to get to know the average nursing time, you should have to read them start to end.

  • If your baby is newborn then he is tending to spend much more time on nursing than normal in various sessions. Furthermore, with the growing age the kids will get tendency to have more milk in less time as compared to the little ones that will affect the overall time.
  • What your baby is doing while nursing, you should have to check either your baby is getting nursed while sleeping or while being awaken. Additionally, if your baby is old enough to get distracted by the various factors such as noises or any other external factor then it will automatically increase the average nursing time.
  • It’s also about the health of mother, because all the mothers will have the different milk flow, that will change overall nursing time for their kids.
  • If your baby is weak or born prematurely then there are the chances that they will get tired easily while nursing so to make them feel fine, you would have to give them break that can make it even longer to nurse them properly.
  • Over the time when your baby will start gaining weight, their nursing needs will get higher but they will also tend to grab more milk in less time.

If you have newborn to 4 months old babies then they will take 10-25 minutes based on the above-mentioned reasons but comparatively the kids who are 6 months old will take 10-12 minutes. When it comes to toddlers then the time changed dramatically to 4-5 minutes because they will start eating different things along and their tendency to get more milk in less time will also be matter.


To keep the nursing time moderate, being a mother, you have to consider when your baby is facing growth spurts, and is there any breaks during nursing or not to find out the exact nursing time. If you are finding it harder to manage the proper nursing time with your baby then you can switch to bottle feeding with the consultation of your doctors.

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