5 Best Frye Narrow Calf Boots To Buy In 2021 – {Updated Buyer’s Guide}

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Frye Narrow Calf BootsYou shouldn’t have to stick to any of the specific brands especially when you need to try on something new. In this article, we have brought on some worth spending your money on products that you might have to check out if you are one of those who wanted to buy a new pair of boots for themselves. If you are in hurry then don’t worry, we have created a comparison table for you that will let you decide which product you need the most.

1. Frye Women’s Molly Button Boots – Best Female Riding Boots

Getting the right tall boots to beat the intense weather situations is something that might be exciting for a few but few of them will not find it that troublemaking. This product will allure you with the next level button-like design that is basically made for the wide calves but the button at the top is something that has to be there so you could adjust it as per your body shape or type.

The material is used in these boots is totally leather so feel free it to use it in any of the weather condition without getting worried about its maintenance. These Tall boots are not only easy to pull over but also easy to clean you just have to bring on the soggy piece of cloth but the thick one and that’s all it will make as new in just a few minutes. The heel size is not that much high because many people complain that a long heel might cause the foot ache so the heel size in this product is just 1 inch.

By getting this product you shouldn’t have to worried about the size because you are going to have the true size. By keeping in mind your comfort the sole has been made with the perfect blend of leather and rubber so you don’t get tired at all. This will also provide you the required friction against the surface so you don’t get slipped at all.

  • Adjustable button strap will allure you a lot.
  • Shinny leather which is quite easier to clean
  • Decent shaft size even to adjust the thick calves easily.
  • Nothing to complain about

2. FRYE Women’s Melissa Button Boots – Best Frye Combat Boots Women

The people with wide calves might always be in search of something that could fit them like the people with narrow calves. The people with the narrow calves don’t have to leave this description right here because these boots are declared as the best frye boots for small calves as well as for the thick ones due to their high adjustment features.

This frye tall riding boot has the round-toe style so if you have a heavy foot then the health of your toes can be maintained easily. Apart from everything the dual adjustment feature of these boots will equally work as the button strap or along with the long backside zipper. If you are feeling like the boots are too tight because you have thick calves then don’t worry just simply open up the button strap and loosen up the zipper as well.

To make it a more stylish and attitude-driven look there is another fancy button strap at the backside of the heel sole. You don’t have to carry a bulk of the leather with your feet that is why the design is something really unique that contains multiple sewing patches so if in the rough handling or due to some other reasons it gets ripped off then easily can get mended. People who are aiming to grab something really over the knee should go for something else because this will be fit to your leg below the knee so could easily be blended with your body.

  • Sturdy material and sewing patterns
  • Multiple adjustment gears such as button strap and backside zipper.
  • Numberless range of colors and sizes available
  • Equally recommended for both type of people with the thick and thin calves
  • Nothing to complain about

3. Frye Women’s Melissa Stud Boots – Best Boots For Slender Calves

Are you fed up with having fancy long boots and looking for something simple yet comfortable as well as classy? If yes then you need to stop right here and have to add these boots to your shopping cart right now without giving it a second thought at all. These boots are multi-functional which means if you have narrow calves then there are chances that you even don’t have to open up the zipper at the back.

This design has been made with the true blend of history and modernism because this is the key feature of the products from frye to rule the fashion world. To make it totally a diva-like look there is a tiny stamp at the top of the heel sole and many of the products will provide you the half way zipper but it cannot beat the power of a full zipper at the side or back of any of the boots. Here you are going to enjoy the gigantic zipper at the backside that will add fuel to the elegancy of these frye boots narrow calf.

The insole cushioned feature is something that is there to provide you the maximum coziness as well as comfort so simply take on these boots with your favorite boot cuffs or thick socks and go out to hit the party or deal with your daily tasks. One thing which is quite unique about this product is that you don’t have to bring on some sort of spray to wash it off so to make the entire process easier throw these boots in the washing machine when you have it. Don’t worry the material will not get damaged at all because these boots are made of washed leather but keeping the speed moderate is the key.

  • Elegant color range
  • Full line zipper at the back
  • equestrian-inspired design with the built in cushioned sole bed.
  • True to size
  • Decent calves’ circumference
  • The sole is a little bit of slippery so we will not recommend you to take on these boots if it’s raining or in the season of snow falling.

4. Frye Women’s Melissa Button Lug Boots – Easy To Fit Frye Boots

Class is something a tiny word against these cowboy boots for skinny calves. You don’t need to do a lot of struggle to take your fashion sense to another level because the design is quite curvy and something more than amazing to not only to deal with the different weather conditions but also turn the heads as many as you can imagine.

If you are not a fan of rubber sole then here comes your cup of tea that has the Synthetic sole with 100% leather material around. Can you imagine grabbing a pair of boots that will also let you enjoy one of your favorite sport as well? It might sound ridiculous but this is totally true that you can stroll or even can run around with a heel size of 1.5 inches. This is totally true to size product and a little bit scratchy or you can say the rough-looking design will make it classier than before.

To make the pulling points prominent there are button straps are embedded on the sides with a great fashion effect.

  • Rough classic design
  • No more hassle of different adjustable gears just simply gets into the boots and you are good to go.
  • Easy to clean
  • Curvey top with the pulling on button straps on.
  • No more adjustable gears available

5. FRYE Women’s Shirley Artisan Boots – Best Calf Riding Boots

Have you ever get obsessed with something antique-looking at things? If yes then you don’t have to miss these women wearing riding boots that have the most aesthetic looks. There are different leather patches that have been used to make the rough but the elegant look like an item. You will wear this semi ripped boots in the gathering or at your workplace and everybody will ask you that either you are from the past or a dummy placed in the museum? this would be great fun for you especially if you are one of those people who wanted to have fun experiments with their looks.

Every time you will polish these boots, they will feel you like something new and artistic. The almond shape toe style will not harm your toes and more importantly, the raw leather is the best thing to have because it will let you have a better experience than the processed or machine made leather.

  • Raw leather will give you more warming effect then the normal leather
  • Antique design
  • Highly recommended to make fun your parties
  • Extremely suitable for multiple calf sizes
  • Nothing to complain about

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best boots for skinny calves?

There is not a single product available as the best one so it would be a great idea to check out the above post that has various products from the frye.

Are Frye boots narrow?

Frye is working on multiple types of products, if you wanted to check out something best in the narrow boots then you don’t have to miss out on the given above post that will be a great deal to redefine your fashion sense.

What is the circumference of a narrow calf boot?

This might be varying from different sizes to sizes usually it gets started from 13.5 inches to 15.5 inches.

How do I make my wide calf boots narrow?

If you have chosen the boots with the multiple adjustment gears such as zipper or buckles then you shouldn’t have to worried about it just tighten them up and you are good to go. On the other hand, if it's not working for you then we will highly recommend you to use the thick socks on if you want to keep yourself away from the hassle. For those who are much more patience then they can try out different methods that we have mentioned in another post to make their wide calf boots narrow. Generally speaking, cobblers might be professional in this so there are chances you would get your desired results from them.

What is a normal calf circumference?

The normal circumference of the calf is around 31 cm but this is not the exact one.

Should boots fit tight around calf?

If you are okay with the loose boots around the calf and it makes you feel comfortable then you should go for it. On the other hand, if are not feeling to have the loose one then several methods will help you to tight it the way you wanted to. Make sure your comfort is on the top.

How can I shrink my boots calves?

We have already described the method of boots shrinking you can adopt any of them as per your needs.

What do you wear with wide calf boots?

It all depends on your choice but to give you a rough idea we would like to mention that you can pair the skinny jeans along with a leather jacket as well as a sweater or any of your favorite shirts. If you are going to a party then you can go for any of the pieces of jewelry. If you have to go somewhere in daylight then you can pair these with a short dress or with any of the mini skirt like thing.

How do thigh high boots fit skinny legs?

If the boots are not that much tight then you should go for something like the thick socks or to make it a more fashionable look you can pair up it with some of the fancy boot cuffs. If you don’t want to have any of them then go simply with the skinny jeans.

Are Frye boots worth the money?

Yes, your money will not get wasted at all and it will totally worth spending your money on.

Are Frye boots good for wide feet?

Yes, frye boots can work any type of the feet so feel free to have your favorite pair of boots from frye in your footwear wardrobe.

Can I stretch my boots at the calf?

Yes, stretching is easier with multiple methods so if you wanted to know more about the different methods then feel free to check out this post.


Frye is one of the oldest and leading brands in the market so you can grab any of its products with closed eyes. We have brought on the top 5 frye narrow calf boots for you that has to be on your buying list. Check out all the details about each product first then add it to the shopping cart so you can get something as per your requirements and needs. Which product allure you the most is something that we would like to know from you so let us know via the comment section that has been given at the end of this post. You can also post your queries and we will definitely respond to those questions.

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