Four Types Of Bowling Tapes And How To Use Them To Increase Your Average

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Four Types Of Bowling TapesWe already have shared a lot of information regarding the bowling and this article is also going to reveal another aspect of the bowling that is not only your safety related but also to take your user experience to another level. There are two different major tape types in bowling that will work for you in a different way. First one is in hole tape and other one is over the thumb tape.

In Hole Tape:

If you haven’t drilled your ball correctly or due to any other wear off issues the holes are getting bigger. When the holes will start getting bigger than having the perfect t grip will not be possible at all. This tape can be applied inner holes to get the suitable thickness so without having any issues you can get the right grip. You have to get cautious so the tape doesn’t get so thick so it not only makes it harder to get in your fingers but also when you release the ball, your knuckles get hurt. In hole tape will serve you further with different types in which textured or white tape and simple plain or black tape.

If the hole is dramatically bigger then you must have to go for the textured one but the thickness of the textured or white tape will be more than you think so make sure it doesn’t get too tight.

In case there isn’t bigger holes than you can apply the simple black tape but excessive use of plain tape can also push you to have the swell thumb or fingers.

On Thumb Or Protective Tape:

This is something different than in hole tape because you don’t have to apply within the ball but have to protect your thumb directly with the tape. This tape will not only provide a little bit of thickness but also prevent all kinds of the undesirable injuries while playing. Everything will be fine but if the holes are quite bigger then you aren’t going to get the right you fitting.

If you are going to play for the longer hours then you shouldn’t have to apply on thumb tape because due to humidity and sweating getting the infection will be quite common.


No matter what kind of tape you are looking for and which is going to be suitable for you but you have to keep yourself on top priority and along with the functionality of any of the tape have also to keep in mind the health concerns. It is because the bowling is a fun yet risky game and a single mistake can create a bigger mess for you.

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