Different Breeds Of Rabbits

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When you have to choose a pet for yourself, it would be quite easier to decide you wanted to get a pet cat, dog or a rabbit but the real challenge will be start when you have to choose a specific breed. The trend of having rabbits, as your pets is getting higher and higher so this article is going to be an ease for all of those people who need to know about the various breeds of rabbits so read till the end to get to know which one is going to be alluring for you. Before going into details, we would like to answer the most burning questions that why you should consider the rabbit breed.

Having a knowledge about the rabbit breeds will not only specify the looks of the rabbits but also it will let you know about their reproduction abilities and also about some of their unique qualities so you can decide accordingly. Also, it will let you know what kind of food or care they will ask for according to the breed so getting through all of this information would highly be worth knowing because with not so perfect handling the things can flip out drastically.

Roughly there are more than 50 breeds of the rabbits are there with the various characteristics but in this article, we will pick up the most leading ones so with the cuteness you can get a fun companionship with your rabbit.

Tan Rabbits:

If you are found of darker yet beautiful rabbits then you must have to go for this bread and you wouldn’t have to keep them caged a lot because due to being hyper active they will be quite amusing for you. No matter you have kids or old people in your family everyone will go perfectly with this breed.

Lionhead Rabbits:

You might get an idea from the name that they will be bit hairy but quite amusing ones along with their unique kind of appearance, they will not ask you to go for the high Maintenance but with the simple diet they are easy to go with. Furthermore, with the stronger immune system you don’t have to go to vet for regular checkups but make sure you keep them well- hydrated to prevent any kind of health issues.

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit:

If you like to have compact yet fun looking rabbits then you must have to consider this breed. One thing that you need to keep in mind, unlike other breeds they will not get adjusted with humans so if you get allure to have these then get ready to face their tantrums with patience and love. Also consider the fact that if they are new at home don’t let the small kids near them as they can be bad boys with them.

French Angora Rabbit:

You would fall for the furry bunnies and usually called wool as well due to their appearance. If you wanted to have a socially friendly rabbit then you shouldn’t have to miss this one as they can go easily with people but you might have to maintain the proper temperature for them so choose wisely. if you are about to gift a pet bunny to your younger ones then it will be a great idea to have this breed.

Holland Lop Rabbit:

These are one of the most innocent looking breeds rabbits with small face and longer ears. They love to play around and to complement their overall looks their would-be wool like fur. To get maximum out of their playful nature you must have to provide them with proper room full of toys and also keep in mind they would require all kinds of weather such as sun bath and a mild rainy weather as well.

Flemish Giant Rabbit:

If you are okay with the gigantic rabbits in size then you can choose this breed as well and you shouldn’t have to get influence with their size because they are equally playful with their companion pets or even with your kids. You have to provide them with the right food pellets so they can get maximum nutrients to maintain their size in a healthy way.

English Lop:

Rabbits would be drastically look cute with longer ears and reasonable size and this breed is the combination of both. They would love to hop around so you must have to provide them enough room to hover around and the variety of the toys will also make them happier. You must have to keep an eye on their hygiene as have to keep their long ears clean and have to clip their nails properly as well as regularly.

Dutch Rabbit:

With the combination of different colors and also being a freed bug, they would like to hope around without any limitations so you must have to avoid to keep them in cage for longer. They will not show any kind of tantrums or never be annoying for you so to gift your baby on their birthday this breed would be the ideal one.

American Rabbit:

For all the people who don’t wanted to be experimental and have to go for a perfect of beauty must have to choose American rabbits. It is because with the white color and mesmerizingly red eyes to compliment, you would fall for their looks.


No matter which of the above-mentioned breeds you have chosen a rabbit for yourself but you shouldn’t have to compromise on their diet and living needs to keep them alive for the longer life span. For more details or guide you can also dive into our previous posts.

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