Bugaboo vs UPPAbaby Review – {Updated 2021}

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Anything that is going to be used by your tiny ones must be of perfect and of premium quality with all the essential features to let you and your little bundle of joy an excellent experience. The stroller is one of the baby products that will get in touch with you and with your baby a lot. So, you shouldn’t have to miss any of the factors while spending your money on any of it that either it is going to meet all the needs of your kids or not. One of the major facts that you have to check out is brand, which might sound materialistic but you shouldn’t have to miss it because it can make or break your overall experience deeply.

There are the chances that for which product you are looking for, various brands are working on but none of them can serve you in your desired way if you don’t know much or haven’t analyzed the overall performance of any of the brands at all. Brand value is one of the major factors that can let you know that either you should have to go for it or not but one thing that is must consider is that brand value must be attained by the quality products selling not only from the expensive products selling.

Another thing that you must have to look for is brand deliverance of any of the products that are going to be used for any particular purpose. If the brand is quite active to consider all the needs of the customers then you shouldn’t have to give it another thought and have to go for the brand. You can also check how extensively the brand is even useable and either it does have a wide range of related accessories or not. You must also know that the product is compatible with other brands’ related products as well or not. It’s not a big deal if the brand doesn’t compatible with other brand’s products but it must have its related range of products.

In the case of strollers, you must have to consider either the selected is offering the compatible car seats or other products or not. If you wanted to consider another trustworthy factor then you must have to check that either the brand has any type of association with any specific organization or not. For example, Newell brands have selected some of the brands as their partners by considering their trust and performance factors from the customer’s perspective.

Enough of information regarding how you need to check out the brand. Now let’s get back to our today’s targeted topic which is all about the strollers. So, in this article, we are going to compare two different products from two different brands that are getting massive fan following in a less amount of time.

So, without any further due let’s get started!

Which One Is Best? (Bugaboo vs UPPAbaby Stroller Review)

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Here we have shortlisted bugaboo and UPPAbaby as our targeted brands and the given below products are from both of these brands. We will compare each factor of both products so you could find out which one you need to add to your shopping cart and which one you shouldn’t have to consider as your first priority.

  1. UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller
  2. Bugaboo Bee5 Stroller

Brand Story (Bugaboo vs UPPAbaby)

Knowing the brand background is as essential as you can imagine because it will let you have the overall idea that does it have an impressive background or not.


Surprisingly bugaboo has started its journey as the most successful brand 20 years ago by making the stroller as their first product. The basic aim of the company founder Max Barenbrug is not only to provide quality products but also to keep in mind all the needs of the kids as well as parents. Bugaboo is one of those brands that always tried and tested their products first so to deal with any type of real time issues that has to be resolved at the development phase.

The long-lasting functionality and aesthetic designs are another core feature that is the base of each one of their products. The driving experience with the bugaboo regardless of the type of stroller will be quite exceptional because no matter even you are moving on the bumpy road. All the features that are included in the bugaboo strollers have been made by keeping in mind not only the needs of your kids but by also considering their health. For example, the overall structure of the stroller is made with the coordination of the doctors so they could bring on the right product for the sensitive tiny creature.

Apart from this functional information about the brand, we would also like to add that bugaboo is one of those brands that are striving to make environment-friendly products. So, nothing can beat the bugaboo stance that is to target the parent’s and kid’s needs equally.


the juvenile industry is getting served by the UPPAbaby brand for the last three decades and by keeping in mind all the style needs this is making some magical baby products. The modern yet comfortable designs are quite alluring of UPPAbaby products and most importantly to make the customer’s experience better than ever the manufacturer team takes an example from their real life. This will work for you perfectly including the various warranty options as well.

Apart from their market value and business aims, we would like to highlight UPPAbaby Gives Back® which is working for needy families by contributing with several nonprofit organizations. By completing all the Juvenile Product Manufacturing Association (JPMA) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards UPPAbaby is getting fame every single day around the globe.

Furthermore, all the products are BPA and other harmful chemicals free so as to prevent any type of health issues in your tiny ones.

Storage (Bugaboo vs UPPAbaby)


Same as the other strollers, this one also has an aesthetic storage basket that is a mixture of parachute and mesh material. The storage basket is in the inclined position so even if you are moving in a hurry nothing will fell from the basket at all. Furthermore, from the front side the basket is attached with the strongest edge so even if your toddler is about to use it as a footrest, then still it will not let you face any type of performance hiccups at all.

The mesh sides of the basket are the best addition so you could check out which item is where instead of rolling your hands here and there to grab the desired item out of the basket. The basket is not rigid at all and has the flexibility to hold maximum items.


The overall basket of this stroller is the winner because it has a better design and efficient space to hold your maximum of the items. From the front, it has the parachute water-resistant material that will provide you maximum, privacy from the front edge. When it comes to the sides of the storage basket and the backside, it has almost the same design as bugaboo has with the mesh surroundings.

Weight Ccapacity (Bugaboo vs UPPAbaby)

This is something that you shouldn’t have to forget to consider at all and have to check out as your priority that either it is according to your baby’s needs or not.


With the sturdiest possible frame, getting your desired results is something that you deserve for sure. So, by keeping in mind all the worth having the functionality of this stroller you would be glad to know that you can use it for your infant and toddlers as well but you need to make sure that they must have the weight under 50 pounds because exceeding the weight than this will lead you to performance hiccups along with the product drainage.


At this point, both brands have a tie because the UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller also can hold around 50 pounds that can be your baby’s weight or can be a collective weight of your baby along with the luggage.

Parents Tray and Handlebar (Bugaboo vs UPPAbaby)

The stroller is something related to the babies but being a parent, you would also like to have some of the space to hold your personal items while moving around.


Unfortunately, in this model from bugaboo parents will not be served with any of the storage tray or cup holders so at this point this stroller is lacking badly. So, if you have to keep any of your luggage then you must have to use the provided storage basket.


Here the UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller has won the match because you will be served with the big storage pocket at the backside of the seat but still you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the parent’s tray properly. On the other hand, the bigger storage pocket will still be fun for you.

Sunshade Canopy (Bugaboo vs UPPAbaby)

Your baby must don’t have to face any sort of intense weather and have to attain full privacy even while strolling around.


The extensive canopy has amazing shading properties with the assurance that nothing will harm your tiny bundle of joy such as UVA & UVB. No matter what kind of weather is going to be around you, nothing will damage your user experience at all. water repellent UPF 50+ sunshade is something you are looking for so overall the bugaboo bee stroller has the ideal canopy along with the waterproof cover that can work for you if you are out and it’s raining to protect your baby from getting wet. Surprisingly the cover is transparent so as a parent you don’t have to be worried that your baby is going to like it or not.


UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller has also an extendable canopy that can be adjusted as per your needs or requirements. Moreover, the sun protection of this canopy is quite magical, and being a parent your baby’s skincare would be one of your major concerns that have been resolved by the vista stroller.

Tires (Bugaboo vs UPPAbaby)

The type of tires can depict that either it is going to give you the smoothest ride even on the bumpy roads or not. so let’s compare both products.


The comfortable same size air-filled tires are going to be so much fun along with the premium self-suspension quality so even if you are bumpy your stroller will not be shaken at all. Furthermore, shaking can take your tiny one to various spin issues so the flexible suspension is going to work for you.


No doubt suspension system can be quite alluring but in this UPPAbaby vista stroller, you will be able to enjoy two different size wheels that are going to make it possible to let you have an exceptional user experience. The overall construction of the wheels is based on the pneumatic tires that are considered to be the ideal ones for the smoothest ride.

Design (Bugaboo vs UPPAbaby)

Appearance can create a lot of positive vibes for you and your tiny ones. So cute looking strollers must be your priority that could allure a maximum number of people.


With the maximum customization options bugaboo has the most aesthetic design among the other strollers because the cool vibes will be around you with the attractive color schemes. The design is not only modern but also each and every detail of it is going to let you have a better idea about the stylish yet stronger stroller. Easy foldability is something that is one of the most demanding features so the design is based on the collapsible structure.

Furthermore, the rubber pads on the handles are something that will not only let you have a stronger grip on the handle but will also not let your hands get tired at all. The polyester fabric is no doubt is considered to be the best one but it cannot beat the leather that is being used in the stroller from UPPAbaby. The safety of the Bugaboo stroller has been insured from the various safety tests that would be a positive point from the parent’s perspective.


The perfect blend of black and silver with all the required features that are assembled uniquely. The additional features such as footrest and the adjustable seat are going to make the ride of your little ones as comfortable as you can imagine. Moreover, if the toddlers along wanted to push the stroller then you can adjust the handlebar according to them and also you can use the different handle positions while running or walking. The single grip will be great fun for you but nothing can beat the double grip. The leather material is everything that can you ask for to have a stronger design for your baby.

The overall design of this stroller is more attractive than the Bugaboo stroller but you can decide for yourself as well which one has stolen your heart or which one you would like to have to carry your beloved mini one.

Foldability and Portability (Bugaboo vs UPPAbaby)

You also have to check that either the stroller can be used to carry around or not because there are the chances that you are going for a road trip or to another country so it must be easy to carry without letting you have any type of hassle.


If you are tired of the annoying folding issues then this bugaboo bee is going to be fun for you because with a single go it will get easily foldable so you could place it in your car’s backseat or even can carry it around for other sorts of uses. The foldability of this stroller is just a button away and surprisingly, after getting folded, it will not take you a lot of time or space to get fit into it. So, enjoy the sleekest folded design with all the features you wanted to enjoy.


The foldability mechanism of this stroller is as same as the bugaboo stroller but one thing that makes this stroller won the race is that after getting folded it will easily be able to get stand in your car Digi or even on the tiny shelf of your storeroom. Furthermore, it will take less time as compared to the bugaboo bee to get back into the stroller position from the folded one.

Weight (Bugaboo vs UPPAbaby)

If you wanted to carry the stroller around, you must have to check the item’s weight so if it is going to easy to carry or not.


Mostly the stroller from Bugaboo is famous for being lightweight as compared to the other products of the same category. You would only have to deal with the 19.5lbs of weight which is quite easier to carry around.


Bugaboo has taken this credit with the lightweight stroller but this vista UPPAbaby stroller will ask you to carry around 35lbs which is something not so pleasing especially when you are on a picnic and have to take the stroller around.

Budget (Bugaboo vs UPPAbaby)

Without splashing your money around, you just have to grab something magical for your little bundle of joy.


You would have to spend less amount of money on the bugaboo bee stroller as compared to the UPPAbaby Vista stroller. So, bugaboo is the clear winner here.


If you have to get allured for the vista stroller then keep in mind that some extra bucks are going to fly away from your pocket.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions):

What is better UPPAbaby or bugaboo?

Both have their flaws and benefits that we have described in the above section, you can check them out.

Is Bugaboo worth the money?

Bugaboo with the various breathtaking features is worth spending your money on but only if you have some extra money, if you have some budget issues then you can go for some other brands with different options.

Why is bugaboo so expensive?

This wouldn’t be expensive when you will consider their material and long-lasting construction mechanism.

What is so special about UPPAbaby?

Apart from the premium quality, we have explained everything in the brand story section, you can check it now.

Which bugaboo is the best?

Out of all the Bugaboo stroller we have chosen the bugaboo bee 3 as one of the best strollers but still, you can check out the other products as well to have a better idea.

Are UPPAbaby strollers worth it?

If you are going to use the stroller a lot then you shouldn’t have to think about the money and have to buy UPPbaby strollers because they have used the leather material for the next level of performance without any hiccups.

Which bugaboo is the lightest?

The bugaboo bee is one of the lightest strollers as it will only ask you to carry 19.5lbs of weight.

Does the White UPPAbaby get dirty?

Well, it depends on your usage, and even if it gets dirty you can easily pressure wash it or can use the damp towel to clean it.

What is the latest bugaboo bee?

The never-ending bugaboo bee series has introduced the bee 6 stroller recently.

Final Verdict

Both the Bugaboo and UPPAbaby are the most demanding brands with great market value and customer trust. Both of these have their positive and negative sides, you can choose which one would suits you the most by keeping in mind various factors. We have summed up all the related information, in case you are still looking for something then you can comment down below to interact with us.



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