Bob Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller Review – {Updated 2021}

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Updated 2021We are back with another exciting review on one of the best possible baby products from the BOB (beast of burden) that is going to be fun for you and your tiny one as well with mesmerizing functionality. The stroller is something very essential and worthiest along with the expensive nature of it but you shouldn’t have to miss the fact that you don’t have to play a blind game at all. Having a preferred product will help you a lot to not only save a lot of money but also to save a lot of time as well. You shouldn’t have to miss some of the factors while shortlisting your needs or requirements. In this section, we will roughly let you have an idea that what factors are must to consider if you are about to make your first purchasing of any of the stroller.

  • Age must be known along with the weight capacity of the stroller so you could choose accordingly.
  • You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on the stroller because with the growing age of your baby there are chances that you have to change the stroller after some time. On the other hand, if you are getting all the premium quality features in any of the strollers that can be used for a long time period then you shouldn’t have to miss it at all.
  • The comfort of your baby is much important so you need to check out that the seat is worth having or not because not all of the available strollers will let you enjoy the right accessories along.
  • Always prefer the product with a warranty or return policy so in case of any issues you don’t have to feel like you just have splashed your money around.
  • Sunshade type will be great fun for your tiny ones but you shouldn’t have to go for the fixed canopy but instead choose an adjustable one. It would help you to provide your baby with multiple shading options while moving out.
  • You must have to keep in mind that when you need to look for the jogging stroller then you must have to prefer the bigger pneumatic air-filled tires because they have a better ability to run even on bumpy roads.
  • The market value of any of the brand will also be a great signal for you to consider that you should have to go for it or not.
  • Many of you might not consider the weight of the stroller a stronger factor while choosing but it can be a hassle for you if you have chosen the heavier stroller while moving around. The lighter weight stroller will be a great addition to make it fit in your back seat as well.
  • The design of the stroller must not only be modern yet result-oriented but also must have to be convenient as well. You shouldn’t have to miss the tiny features such as parents’ tray, handlebar adjustment, snacks tray, seat reclining options, and many others. So, if you are spending your hard-earned money on the product then you shouldn’t have to face any type of performance hiccups at all.
  • Your little bundle of joy must have to stay safe no matter what so consider all the safety harness included in any of the strollers. Having a lot of safety belts will also be annoying for your tiny one so chooses wisely to avoid any sorts of undesirable results.

Enough of the information? Let’s move further to our shortlisted product but before that let’s have some core information regarding this.

Why You Should Choose Bob Revolution Flex Stroller Jogging Stroller?

One of the modern yet historical functionality is the major reason why we are going to consider bob revolution flex 2015. Before moving to the brand story, we would like to highlight why we have chosen this as our targeted product shortly.

  • The flexibility of the stroller is just next level so you shouldn’t have to miss it at all because it will let you have the safest and sensitive experience overall.
  • The overall construction of the stroller is next level so now you don’t have to be worried that either it will make your kids spin comfortably or not.
  • This stroller has everything that you would like to have while going out on a walk along with your tiny ones.
  • You don’t have to face the consistency at all because you will be served with an endless range of the available color combinations so you could choose accordingly.
  • Most importantly this product has been chosen by considering all the given above factors.

Brand story

Unlike other major brands available in the market the journey of the BOB is quite limited yet exceptional because, in the limited time of 20 years, they have gained a lot of fame and appreciation from the parents. One thing that is very unique about the BOB is there all the products are not made for some sorts of situations but in the single product, you will get all the features that you would get allure for in any of the specific conditions. For example, they are one of those brands that will even consider the various weather conditions as well so nothing can limit your adventure at all.

Roger and Philip kick start the overall journey of the BOB, right after making their first rigid bicycle for the mountain climbing, they decided to introduce the jogging strollers as well for their first-born babies. Their core goal for a stroller was to create the lightweight, sturdiest, and function-oriented product that could serve both kids as well as parents in a highly functional way.

One thing that we would like to mention is the revolutionary front swivel wheel was the biggest invention from the BOB and this dream of all parents come true because all the products by BOB are highly tested by the kids. So, they really do know about the actual needs of the kids and parents. The swivel front wheel was a much-needed invention because the parents used to put on a lot of effort to take a turn from the edgy corners.

After having great success in the single strollers, later on, they start making the double jogging strollers as well with the most asking for features.

Bob Revolution Flex 3.0 Review

The bob flex 3.0 is one of the most demanding strollers due to its aesthetic designs and ability to keep your baby health on point by preventing all the negative impact on his physical growth, especially on spinal health. So, we are going to examine each of the factors of this revolution flex stroller and going to provide you the most desiring information. Let’s get started!

Does It Have Ideal Storage?

You don’t have to compromise on the baby or your bag when you need to go for a long walk or even you are out for the road trip then you will get enough storage compartment under the stroller. The material is used for the storage is area is quite the sturdiest one so even if you have to put on the heavier items in it, you wouldn’t have to face any sorts of performance hiccups at all. Not only this but also to make it the most convenient choice for you, the mesh walls have been included so you don’t have to get blind while taking out your desired item from the storage compartment.

Apart from the major storage pocket get ready to make your user experience better than ever with 6 additional storage pockets as well.

Is It Easy To Carry?

With overall quality construction, it will only ask you to carry around 28.5lbs weight only which is quite lightweight as compared to the other available products in the market. While going on any of the trips don’t get worried about it because with the easy folding and the lightweight it will easily be placed in the back seat of the car.

Is It Comfortable?

Kids need to be highly comfortable in their strollers so they don’t get irritated at all. In this bob 2016 revolution flex jogger stroller, the multiple positions reclining seat will take the stroller ride for your little one to another level even when they have to sleep during the walk. Not only this but also the seat shape and footrest area are designed aesthetically so even on the long journey baby will not get tired at all. All the safety harnesses are too sensitive yet the sturdiest one to prevent any types of unwanted results without teasing your tiny one.

What about Parental Control?

First of all, you would love to have the handiest control over the braking system of the stroller so you could control it accordingly. So, in this bob revolution flex 2.0 even with a single finger, you would easily be able to control the brakes even to deal with the emergency landing as well. Secondly, you would look for the parent’s tray but unfortunately, in this stroller, you wouldn’t get any cup holders but to save your valuables such as mobile phone and keys, you would be served with the extra pocket that can be zipped later.

While your baby is sleeping or even eating anything, you can sneak into via peak a boo transparent window to know about their activities or to say hi to them. To let you store some of the emergency items such as a water bottle or one of the favorite toys of your baby you will be able to enjoy with an extra mesh pocket at the back of the baby seat. Moreover, you can enjoy the various handlebar positions according to your needs or requirements.

Does It Have a Suitable Size?

For an infant or a baby under the age of 2 years, this stroller is perfectly fine and if you are looking for the bob stroller dimensions then we would like to mention that 45 x 25 x 43 inches collectively are going to decide the overall size of the stroller.

What About Durability?

The durability of this bob revolution flex pro is next level so even if you have to use it frequently daily then still it will not damage your user experience at all. So, once you have chosen it as your preferred product, you wouldn’t have to check out its parts daily basis to check their condition because this has been made for long-lasting and performance hiccups for free use.

Is It Convertible?

You will be amazed to know that this stroller is dramatically convertible with various types of car seats in which car seats from BOB, BRITAX, CHICCO, CYBEX, GRACO, MAXI COSI, PEG PREGO, and NUNA are included not to limit your overall functionality at all.

Is It Easy to Run?

Along with the mountain bike style suspension, the pneumatic bicycle air filled tires are going to work as magical as you can imagine to let your baby has the smoothest ride. The tire size has been chosen aesthetically so even if you have to run or have to go on the moderate speed then you shouldn’t have to be worried at all.

Are You Going To Have Stroller Brakes?

Yes, surprisingly, the handheld brakes around the handlebar are the best feature of this so while running you could easily be able to maintain the overall speed of the stroller.

Is There A Sunshade Canopy Available?

The sunshade canopy would be great fun along with the transparent peek-a-boo window so you could interact with your little one. The canopy is a bit larger unlike the other products but it has only one step adjustment feature which is even designed in a very pleasant way. The overall material is water-resistant and even in this package, you will get the weather protection shield to hide your baby from the intense weather with the seat through the window.

Is It Budget-Friendly?

As we have already mentioned in the first section of this article that you shouldn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket at all but have to consider the premium quality if you are getting it. With all the worth having features, spending this much money will not be a waste of money at all but if you have the different budget barriers then you can go for the other available options that we have shortlisted in the other posts of our site.

Does It Have A Comfortable Seat?

The foamingly padded seat that has made with the perfect combination of water resistance and meshes material to make it breathable for your babies. Not only this but also the various reclining options are must to consider to take your baby comfort to another level of your satisfaction as well.

Are There Any Complications In Assembly?

Surprisingly this stroller will come up in the pre-assembled form as you only have to attach the wheels and you are good to go on the road trip with your little bundle of joy.

What Age Can It Take Up To?

You can use this from the age of two months to two years and even for more time if your baby is under 75 pounds because that is its weight limit.

What You Should Praise For? (Bright side)

  • Stylish and unique design with the overall sturdiest construction
  • Flexible suspension even to take the portability to another level.
  • Perfect and smooth ride experience even on the bumpy roads
  • Material is not only water-resistant but also will protect your baby from the UV rays.
  • Peekaboo window is included
  • Unlimited storage pockets
  • The perfect safety harness is included
  • Adjustable handlebar to the various points
  • Soft and breathable seat

What Is Not That Impressive? (Downside)

  • The price is a bit higher for those users who have the budget limitations
  • Even after folding the stroller, it might get tougher to place it in the back seat of the car.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions):

Is a BOB jogging stroller worth it?

Yes, the BOB jogging stroller is entirely worth spending your money on. For more details, you can check out the given article.

What's the difference between Bob Revolution Pro and Flex?

The overall functionality of both models from BOB is quite similar but in the BOB flex model you will be able to enjoy the hand activated brake but in BOB pro you will not be able to have the hand activated brakes. Furthermore, both models will serve you with various handlebar adjustment options.

When can you use a BOB jogging stroller?

Whenever you have to go for the running or on a road trip then you must have to grab any of the BOB jogging strollers to take the ultimate fun to another level with your tiny bundle of joy.

Which Bob stroller is best?

Out of all the aesthetic strollers from BOB bob revolution flex, the 3.0 jogging stroller is one of the best ones that you must have a shortlist for your baby.

What is the difference between Bob Rambler and revolution?

The major difference between bob rambler and revolution is of weight as bob rambler is quite lightweight as compared to the revolution.

Do BOB strollers have brakes?

Yes, almost all of the BOB strollers have brakes, some of them have the hand-activated while others have the typical brakes.

Can you machine wash Bob stroller fabric?

Yes, you can machine wash the bob stroller fabric but you need to make sure that you have removed all the accessories and have to turn on the machine on a moderate level.

Can you use a BOB stroller with an infant?

Yes, you can take any of the BOB strollers for an infant that is compatible with car seats as well.

What does Bob stroller mean?

The full form of BOB is a beast of burden which is one of the famous brands in baby accessories making.

How much does a single BOB stroller weight?

The majority of the strollers from BOB have around 27 to 28lbs weight.

Which is better jogger or stroller?

Both can work for you according to the situation so you need to choose wisely.

What should I look for in a jogging stroller?

You must have to consider the numberless factors that we have mentioned at the top of this page so you must have to check it out.

What should I clean my stroller with?

Well, it depends, that how much your stroller has gotten dirty, so even a damp towel and with a little bit of soapy water will work for you. In intense situations, you can wash the stroller with the pressure wash.

Final Verdict

BOB (beast of burden) is one of the most aesthetic brands among them all with the premium quality of baby products. In this article, we have provided you a detailed review regarding bob revolution pro with all the exceptional features. We have summed up all the must to know information in this post and you must also have to check out the information regarding the different types of strollers. Furthermore, we have shortly explained as well that what you need to consider while buying any of the strollers for your baby.

If you still have any sorts of questions or queries then we would appreciate it if you would reach out to us from the given below comment section.

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