Best Travel Tripod Under $500 in 2021 – Compact & Light Weight Travel Tripods Reviews

Best Travel Tripod Under $500Photography is the best way to save your memories for a longer period. As per the history says the cameras used to be the bigger and weren’t that much clear. With the advancement of technology and the rise of the photography industry compel the manufacturers to work on the camera lenses advancement. Now in this era when mobile phones have a built-in camera with the entirely next level working.

While taking photos, do you ever wonder about the photo angle or the point from where you are about to shoot the scenery?

This is one of the most important steps while capturing the photos because no matter how amazing the camera you have but if you don’t capture it from the right angle, then you cannot have the right photos. To deal with this issue, Best travel tripods are in a market that will make your working easier than before.

Buyer’s Guide:

You should know before buying anything that why you should have it and how this product will work for you. Not only this but also what factors you should consider before buying any product. All of these things are about to be covered in the next section, and it well worth reading.

Why You Need Travel Tripods?

To let you have an ideal shot in any environment tripods will help you a lot. This is the amazing gadget that will only take a few minutes to get adjusted according to your needs and to the right angle.

When Can You Use A Tripod?

It can work for you whenever you wanted to take a still camera shot without any interruption. For instance, whenever you are about to take some specific shots of sunset or night time where you have to set your camera in the right position. If the shutter speed is slow, then there are chances that your camera will shake and will result in unwanted blurring.

Flexible Angle Settings:

Tripods are not able to hold the cameras, but they have the ability to hold the camcorders. Collectively these both can help you to have the best photos you will ever have. This can also help you to work more professionally.

To Make Your Close Up Shots:

You would have to be extremely professional and creative so you could have perfect images, even of the tiny objects. You can make minor changes to make your photos worthy of the photos market. Tripod will help you to hold your camera tightly.

During Sports Photography:

To capture the rare moment’s tripods can help a lot of the photographers because you have to spontaneous so you don’t miss any moment. Panning has great significance when you need to capture the action images at the right moment and from the right angle.

Natural Photography:

Taking the great nature shots is a skill that can be enhanced with the use of tripods. If you are a wild photographer, then you will be aware of the struggle that you have to deal with nature because animals cannot let you capture them easily. Secondly, you cannot ask them to stay in a certain position, so to get the right images from the right angle, tripods are the life savior.

Telephoto Lens:

If you are professional and prefer to capture the photos with the telephoto lens, then you can imagine the pain of handling the telephoto lens. The reason behind this is telephoto lenses are hard to handle, and you need a lot of skill to get used to it. To keep your telephoto lens, steady tripods will be the best choice to have.

The hand-holding telephoto lenses can be hard to handle and if they got slipped a little bit problems can be created in which slower shutter speed is on the top. To get the sharp pictures, tripods are the best option to go for.

Be Creative:

Top pro camera tripods can help you a lot when you have to think about the specific shots and their angle. Sometimes it becomes harder to deal with camera handling because of the selected angle at that point tripods will be the helping hand for you. You will get a secure camera position that will let you have the tension-free mind to be more creative with the images you are about to take.

Without having further due, let’s move towards our top ten tripods fewer than 500 that we have to choose after doing a lot of research.

Best Travel Tripod under $500 Comparison

1. Induro Tripods CLT204 – Best Travel Tripod

This is one of the most durable and trustworthy tripods from the induro. This tripod has been designed by the manufacturer the way that it could deal with any sort of environment and situation. You can enjoy this tripod with the load capacity of 35.3 lbs, and it can hold your camera with its strong carbon fiber legs, which is an amazing thing when it comes to portability. There are 4 sections that are ideal for holding the camera properly for longer hours. The legs are based on twist lock technology that can be adjusted anywhere with the great feasibility.You can set its 4 sections with a minimum height of 12.6” to the maximum height of 53.1”. It also has the short center column that can be adjusted with a maximum height of 61.4”. You will get an amazing carrying case with it.

About The Company:

This company manufactures the tripods the same as the Gitzo company, and if you go for the comparison in both of them, then you will get to know that they both are working on the reasonable price factor. Their majority of the tripods are considered as best tripods under 500Unlike other tripods available in the market, the tripods from Induro Company are much heightened and can work to hold more weight with the better angle feature. Not only this, but also their products are best for the tall photographers as they don’t have to bend much, and tripod can help them to reach out to the 7 feet.

  • This tripod is best for those who are looking for to have a tripod for Hasselblad0 500cm.
  • The entire tripod can provide you the best connectivity with the camera and accessories.
  • The material is quite handy and sturdy.
  • You will get great stability while moving around or while traveling.
  • This is insanely lightweight and portable even for worse conditions.
  • It is made of carbon, and the scratches can be there quickly.
  • The twisted locks are not so good.

2. Manfrotto MVK502055XPRO3 – Tripod For 200-500mm Lens

This is four section tripod that has the load capacity up to 15.4lbs with the center column. The column can be extended to both vertically and horizontally ways. As the best video tripod under 500 it won’t ask you to reassemble it when you try to use it horizontally or vertically. You can perform this activity even with the attached camera. The durability and feasibility of this tripod are based on the quick power lock system of this tripod that is more than amazing.

It’s extremely easy to deal even with the single hand, so if you are carrying your huge bag with you, then you don’t need to be worried about its extension matter. You can move each and every section independently as per your desired angle. This says a lot about the freedom movement of this tripod, which is primary concern of the users.

The bubble level rotates around the column freely so you could have the right angle to capture your favorite moments. This bubble level will let you deal with your camera movements in the best possible way. There is a top casting on this tripod that will let you connect all the accessories such as LED light, flash, or reflector. You can also connect the arm or bracket to make the tripod handier with your mobile phones.

About The Company:

This company is a partner with the Gitzo company, and these both are officially specialized in tripod manufacturing. This company came into existence in the 1960s, and they launched their first tripod in 1974.

There are several products by Gitzo that are being sold with the name of Manfrotto. So technically these both companies are working together to achieve the same goals. No doubt, the tripods from Manfrotto are a bit expensive, but their features and quality are worth spending your money. You can also check the best travel tripods under $300.

  • It can control all tilt movements so you could handle the flat base head professionally along with the fluid drag system on the pan.
  • The counterbalance is system is quite unique and worth having.
  • You can capture your favorite shots with the 91-degree column with the entirely new perspective.
  • The most effortless setup you will get that is ideal for lazy users.
  • You can easily bend it to your desired position.
  • Bubble level on this tripod will allow you to attach the accessories on the top; that is a fantastic deal.
  • You can also use it as the best tripod for mobile under 500.
  • It will cost you more if you need to replace any lost part.
  • Rubber track on camera isn’t so right.

3. Benro Mach3 – Best Carbon Fiber Tripod Under $500

This is the best combination of classic design and the unbeatable material that is more than amazing Thing to experience. The advanced fiber legs, twist-lock system, and amazingly adjusted magnesium casting will make this light tripod weight to increase its portability. This tripod is highly supportive of multiple photographic applications with the center column that is an ideal thing when you need to work on the close-ups.

It has the 9 different layers of carbon fiber and will help you to reach towards the maximum height of 63.8”. The center column has a flexible nature as it can be detached easily to let the tripod reach on the minimum height of 15.2”. This can convert it to the monopod, and it will definitely be the best tripod for 200-500 lens as well.

If you are about to use the tripod on a hard surface, then you can remove the rubber feet to reveal the metal spikes. You can do it to icy surface, software surface, or in your lawn. A ballast hook on the center column will allow you to keep your tripod in the most stabilizing position.

About The Company:

This is the Chinese company that is directly connected to the induro company about which we have already described. Benro came in the market around 1995, which means around 50 decades after Gitzo, but surprisingly still, they both are strong competitors of each other

  • You are about to have the best fluid head tripod under $500.
  • The material is extremely impressive as you will have the tripod legs with 9 different layers of carbon fiber which can say a lot about its durability.
  • There are twist locks that can be very helpful for you.
  • The casting is being made with the magnesium that is what lightweight tripods made of.
  • You can easily convert it to the monopod; it all depends on your choice or needs.
  • If you are about to shot for the ground level, then the short column will help you a lot.
  • The spiked feet will let you have the best stability during your shots.
  • The carry bag is extremely impressive and easy to carry.
  • Sometimes, the legs of the tripod get stuck while working with its positioning.

4. Manfrotto MT055CXPRO3 – Best Tripod For Video

This is the three-leg section tripod with the load capacity of 19.8lb. It can easily let you have the extension from the 3.5” to 66.9”. The legs are made from the carbon legs, the carbon fiber that is powered by quick power locks. These locks have the ability to provide the rigidity to the tripods as compared to its forerunner. The center column if flexible enough to provide you the one hand gesture operation that includes an easy link for your tripod and to the other accessories such as LED light or reflector to make your photos brighter than before with the help of compatible arm.

You can take help from the center column to position your tripod in a horizontal position so you could your low angle photography is done. It has the bubble level where the head of the tripod is being mounted that will allow you to move it on a 360-degree angle. You will be able to adjust your camera in all horizontal and vertical planes.

About The Company:

We have already described this company you can check that section.

  • The construction material is quite good.
  • This tripod is highly sturdy.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Easy to connect with all the accessories.
  • The bubble level isn’t that much good.
  • Easy link with all the accessories.
  • Very stable.
  • This might be expensive for some people.
  • The centre column is a single piece.

5. Benro Adventure 2 – Best Tripod For Travel

This is a mix version of durability and stability with great affordability. The tripod with 4 sections and leg locks will make it smooth for you to interact with your favorite shots.  There aren’t interchangeable feet or counterweight hook, which might be a downside of this, but the carbon fiber legs will ensure its capability to carry the weight of your camera quickly. You can adjust different tripod heads of your choice.This is the best thing to deal with when it comes to do indoor shots. The lock system is extremely amazing as its flip lock system. This can be carry in its bag easily even for the prolonged journey. The deploy time is dramatically less as compared to other tripods.

  • Sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • Good value
  • Carbon Fiber Legs
  • Carry Case
  • Magnesium Casting
  • High Grade Flip Locks
  • No spikes rubber feet to increase the stability of tripod on uneven surface.

6. Manfrotto MT190CXPRO4 – Best LightWeight Tripod

This one of the most excellent products of Manfrotto as compared to its forerunner when it comes to professional and handy hardware. Without any hassle, you can get the best results with the 4 leg sections, including the center column. This has the most professional blend of a best camera tripod and handy design.

This can efficiently work as the best tripod for Nikon 200-500mm lens with its 4 section legs. The power locking mechanism will help you to focus on the framing position to the smart angle. The flexibility will touch the next level by providing you horizontal and vertical positions to capture from the right desired angle. You will love to have the freedom to move your tripod without removing the camera.

You will get the easiest assembling and disassembling time that is far better than others, as well as highly time-saving. The bubble level is the real-life savior to let you have the shots precisely. You can attach all the supportive camera accessories such as reflector, LED light, and many others. You can pack away this tripod with the handiest carryback, which is nothing more than a blessing.

About The Company:

We have already described about this company you can check that section.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • A good range of setup settings
  • Straightforward and quick release legs.
  • No spikes feet for the soft surface
  • You can’t put it into a bag with the attached head.

7. Robus RC-5570 Vantage Series 3 – Best Landscape Tripod

When you are passionate about bringing on the best shots so you could get the fantastic career stability, then you have to choose the best tripods or other camera supportive gadgets wisely. With the three legs, this carbon fiber made a tripod will help you to capture the highly in demand photos with the unbeatable quality.

You can extend it to the 70.1” maximum with the load capacity of video supportive camera rigs up to 55lbs. If you are a challenger, then you will get to know that it’s quite challenging to shot outdoor, so you have to bring on the best gadgets for you. If you want to shot the miniature subjects, then it can go with the minimum height of 4”. The optional center column will help you to reach the maximum height of 84.9”. You will get three significant variable leg angles of 25, 55, and of 85 degrees, not only this, but also, you can move the legs separately without having any hassles.

A quarter-turn of the tripod’s twist-locks retracts the 4-section legs to a reasonable folded length of 25.4″. Two of the legs have tactile rubber grips that ensure a secure hold as you carry the support from one place to another. You can accommodate different surfaces and terrains by removing or adjusting the rubber feet or included spikes.

  • Around 10 layers of carbon fibre construction will make it durable and easy to carry.
  • The lock safety will prevent the slipperiness of the camera or tripod itself from the uneven surface.
  • The top plate and video bowl are easily interchangeable.
  • Two in one feet shapes that can be adjusted for all types of surfaces.
  • If you are intended to hold all the tripod legs in a single hand, then it might be impossible because the legs are quite thick and not suitable if you want to use it during hiking or travel.

8. Benro S8 – Video Tripod Kit

This tripod is the best video head with a flat base, a threaded receiver that can be directly connected to the tripods, monopods, sliders, and many other camera holding devices. This has been pair up with twin leg benro tripod. This is a jam-packed tripod kit with all the possible best features and especially builds for the professionals. The flat base head of 75mm can support up to 17.6lbs with the moving feature. The head can be moved from the tripod directly to the sliders and other supporting gear.

The feet are spiked, and legs are a single tube that can be used on any sort of surface with great ease. You can adjust all the legs separately that will allow you to perform your activity with great efficiency. The independent pan and tilt locks are a great blessing that cannot be denied at all. The tilt range is quite wide +90/-75°, and the pan has the full access to the 360 angles.

The tripod can reach to the maximum height of 64” and the 12.8” of minimum height. This low height isn’t common at all that can be used to capture the miniature subjects. This is amazingly lightweight and partially made of magnesium and aluminum. The camera plate can be adjusted easily as per your needs and desire to the forward and backward to let you adjust the optimal balance for your camera. The safety lock on the plate will never let it be slipped from its place.

Attach your desired accessories such as reflector, additional camera lights, and many others. The articulating arms can be secure on both sides of the head.

  • The removable pan bar can be adjusted on both sides with great ease.
  • The unbeatable lock levers for pan will help you to move your camera in any direction with great efficiency.
  • You can reach to the minimum possible angle to capture your favorite images or scenes with the lowest edge.
  • You will get the built-in bubble level to prevent uneven pan placement.
  • The anti-rotation leg system will save you from the unwanted slippery issues.
  • You might find undesirable when it comes to carrying it on your shoulders for the prolonged journey as its heavy a little bit.

9. Vanguard Alta Pro 2 – Cheap Tripod For Mobile

This tripod can give you weight capacity around 15.4lbs with the folded length of 29.0”. Not only has this, but this comes with the Alta BH-100 Arca-type compatible ball head with QS-60 V2 Quick Release Plate that is a fantastic deal for the photography lovers. All of its three sections are flexible enough so they could get extended with the maximum height of 56.8” and with the center column support.

When you are intended to move with the tripod, it will provide you the chance to grab it like you are holding two legs of it. You will be able to keep it in a retracted position with 27.8” polymer covers. The rubber feet will let you place it even on not so suitable platforms.

The release plate will help you to set your additional accessories such as flashlight, a reflector to make it look at your photos brighter and mesmerizing. You can easily adjust the release plate with an integrated clamp which is being located at the top of the ball’s head. Once you adjust it you can lock it there with the knob locking system.

There is a support of retaining pin to support the clamp’s jaws and to prevent the accidentally slide of it when you opened up the clamp. You can call it a rubberized and non-slippery platform with the two bubble levels to support the landscape or portrait orientations.

You will get the option to rotate your camera on 360 degrees with the variable applied tension on ball and socket joint movement. There are primary and secondary, both locking knobs to prevent the camera from falling.

The magic hand behind the 360 rotation is the center column that is an amazing thing to encounter. This center column can be used as an extendable cross arm even with the small camera boom. This will allow your camera to be raised and elevated towards the subject or scene that you are about to capture.

To get the low angles, the center column can be used easily so you could even deal with the minor subjects with great stability.

  • With the construction of magnesium alloy, it will keep it lightweight and durable for prolonged hours.
  • The built-in safety pin will prevent the camera from falling.
  • There are two bubble levels on the top of the head.
  • You don’t need to sacrifice the control with the highly fluid anodized center ball.
  • You can unlock the legs easily with the twisted unlock system/
  • You can choose multiple angles that depend on your feasibility.
  • This is the best deal to get with the load capacity up to 15.4lbs
  • You will not be able to get the lowest possible angle while using the center column, its height will be a significant drawback.

10. MeFOTO Globetrotter – Best Tripod For DSLR Under 500

This offers the best and sturdy quality as the best tripod under $500. You can independently adjust the legs of this tripod that will allow you to have the right angle for your photos or movies. This is extremely lightweight as the carbon fiber has been used in it as the main product material.

This is an amazing offer that will provide you the space of two cameras once. Here is the removable column that can be the best thing when you need to shot the miniature objects or the things from the lower angle. This column will also help you to reach to the minimum level and will work as the monopod so you can call it the convertible tripod or two in one offer.

If you want any sort of additional support, then there is a spring attached at the bottom with a center column where you can hang any heavy object. This technique is very handy for professional photographers who are about to take the shots from the very rough or uneven surface.

The ball head and pan locks will help you to move your camera on 360 degrees so you could take the photos from any angle. The carry bag is impressive and easily adjustable in your van or cars. You can also carry it on your shoulder with great feasibility.

  • There are separate locks for the pan and head.
  • The tripod is highly sturdy and portable.
  • Easily convertible to the monopod.
  • The rotation system is better than others as it will prevent all the unwanted rotations.
  • You can twist your camera to the 360 angle that is not normal in the majority of the tripods.
  • If you are a Nikon fan, then here is the best tripod for Nikon 200-500.
  • This is a bit expensive if you are looking for economical options.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I use a tripod?

You own a camera or a smartphone and want to click photographs from different angles, or while placing your camera on a particular position, then you must need a tripod. A tripod is designed to hold your expensive cameras, smartphones, and other camera-enabled devices firmly and with an option for you to adjust them on different angles or positions. Professional photographs mostly buy professional tripods as they have to click pictures on different events or different locations and under different conditions.

What is a price range for the best tripod?

A good tripod you want to buy must be in between the range of $100 to $500 dollars. Tripod manufacturing companies do focus on their customer’s purchasing power as well, and you can find the best tripod under this range for sure. It also depends on how you want to use your tripod, if you want it for a personal casual use only like for home functions, on personal trips or friends get-togethers then tripod under $500 dollar will be best for you, but in case you are a professional photographer then you can check beyond this price limit as well.

Which brands are good to consider while buying a best tripod?

Not about tripod’s manufacture any time, it’s all about the best tripod itself. The most common and well-known companies are Manfrotto, Gitzo, Dolica, Benro, and Sirui or 3LT. If you find the desired tripod from these companies, then it’s more than good, but you couldn’t, then still that tripod will be best for you if it fulfills all of your requirements.

What points do I consider for before buying a right tripod?

there are specific points you have to consider before finally buying a tripod best for you, like: price range the material used for the manufacturing purpose load capacity to make sure about the safety of your camera or smartphone camera or smart phone weight to make a comparison maximum and minimum height of your selected Tripod type of head of the tripod, either it will support your device or not considering all these features and find it best for you, you can make a purchase or final decision.

What is the best material for tripod?

Are different tripods available in the market made up of different materials, like plastic, Aluminium alloy, Stainless Steel, and Carbon steel, etc. It depends on the usage requirement of that tripod. If you want it for outdoor shooting, then you must go for weather-resistant material, and plastic is also suitable for that. But considering your camera’s weight and size is the most important thing before considering any material for the tripod.

How can I clean my tripod?

Can use a dry soft microfiber cloth piece to clean your tripod. Sometimes the manufacturing company send the most suitable cleaning cloth with their tripods. It’s not preferred to use water or any other cleaning fluid while cleaning a tripod, so just clean it with a soft and dry piece of cloth and store it in its covering bag or any storage bag for safety.

What is a 3-way head of tripod?

The 3-way head is also known as Pan head in which you have to adjust all the three axes individually with the help of lever available to adjust the position, tilt it up/down or right/left. It helps in getting a precise position and angle on which you want to click certain photographs.

What is the Ball-head of a tripod?

Ball head on a tripod will work like that. You have to place your camera on the ball head inserted on the topmost part of the tripod and then carefully rotate or move that ball head to adjust the desired position of your camera. You can lock the position with the help of the available locking system on the sides. It’s quicker to set as compared to Pan’s head.


To capture your favorite shots, you need not only the best camera but also the fantastic camera holding devices that can work for you in the best possible ways. Tripods are the most common gadgets that are being used by people around the globe. There was a time when people used to do as a hobby, but time has changed a lot, not people start picking it up as the career, and the best shot can be dramatically beneficial for you to have hype in your professional career. We have chosen 10 best tripods from different companies that can work for you with a lot of breathtaking features.

We have described all the positive and negative sides of all the products along with their features so you can read it out so you could buy the best one for yourself.

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