7 Best Travel Tripods To Buy In 2021 – {Buyer’s Guide}

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Best Travel TripodNo problem if you are not a professional photographer, but you wanted to capture the mesmerizing beauty of nature. It’s really not worthy to hold a camera and stand steadily for a long time to take a picture of fading rainbow.

Also, sometimes you notice someone’s photography, and think: “Wow! How did they capture a thousand feathered sparrow in their picture” or “Is that water is flooding over their camera! Really?”. It’s for sure not a secret, but it’s one of really best travel tripod.

Why Someone Needs A Tripod 🧐?

As it is clear from its name,Tri-pod, that it owns three legs. Basically, it’s a stand with three legs, which is designed to hold your camera securely and firmly. While looking at a tripod, a central pole can be seen clearly which is mainly responsible for managing its weight according to its height ratio. It’s a device which has the main functionality of holding a camera, capturing images without any handshaking or movement. If a photographer wants to capture a natural scene in multiple ways or multiple times in an HDR format, a tripod will be his first choice as it facilitated him in holding a camera at the same angle for a longer period of time and at the same height. The travellers while visiting different world-wide locations like Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Niagara Falls, Europe beaches and many others must need the best travelling tripod. A travel tripod doesn’t only hold any type of camera, but it can be used with a smartphone with an extra mobile phone hold only.

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What Makes Travel Tripod Price Worthy

Light Weight Body:

The best travel tripod doesn’t hold weight more than 2.8 lbs. Lightweight travel tripods are more convenient while carrying in a travelling bag while hiking, going through different cities and tourist places. These lightweight travel tripods are usually more expensive ones as well.

Foldable Structure:

The best tripod while travelling wills the one which can be folded up to its minimum size. A travel tripod which can get fit in a backpack is the most right one. But a tripod with smallest folding size may hold a less height or strong holding capacity.


Travel tripod’s height feature doesn’t only counts long height as a good feature, but the smallest possible height of any tripod is also its appealing feature. A tripod is not only to capture heightened views but also to capture most surfacing images as well.

Leg Locking:

After fixing desired height and angel, photographers need to fix their tripod in the same direction and for that locking, legs are the only and best feature in any tripod. It depends on photographers either they like twist locks or lever locks, both are very quick in use and reliable.

Leg Sections:

Tripod legs are sectioned into more than one or two pieces as they are good at folding and getting smaller, but do you think more sectioned legs are good or not? Answer to this question is that it depends on photographers wish, he might need to have a tripod with more leg sections. But here is another option available that is reverse folding legs, which also works towards decreasing the length and height of the tripod.

Two In One Monopod:

While considering travel tripod, the main focused tripods are those which are effective during travelling. So, in this case, the two in one monopod tripod will be the best option as photographers will not need to carry extra accessories and their single tripod will be converted into monopod which will work for heightened scenes and grounded objects both after some simple adjustments.

Water And Shockproof:

Travelling is full of adventures. Exploring new places, getting into new cultures and climates make trips more memorable and fascinating. During all these adventures the carried tripod will be the best companion towards capturing breath-stopping scenes and views. If the tripod is not waterproof, then what do you think it’s really worthy to have it during the rain shower 🌧️, and if it is not shockproof then will it bear windy weather. Both features are the top most considerable features while spending money on any tripod purchase.

Companies Making Travel Tripods:

Gitzo Tripods:

The Gitzo company, a France based company, which is producing the world’s best tripods and it started manufacturing tripods since the 1940s. No other company has the capacity to compete with Gitzo’s tripod quality and prices. Gitzo is the first-ever company who creates carbon fibre tripod and basalt tripod. Gitzo is a trend and quality setter company, which are followed by other following companies. The material used by Gitzo is aluminium, carbon fibre, and melted basalt rock.

Manfrotto Tripods:

Manfrotto is a partner company of Gitzo, both are specialized in tripod manufacturing and came into being in the 1960s while selling its first tripod in 1974. Most of the Gitzo tripods are distributed and sold under the label of Manfrotto. Even both companies are working under the same business environment but still, they hold the difference in their tripod’s features and qualities. Manfrotto tripods are more expensive and costly as compared to Gitzo tripods and concerning price the quality of tripod is also much higher. It will not be wrong to say that most of the professional photographers choose Manfrotto tripods because of their quality features. Quality features include its durability and strongness towards hard environmental factors like during hiking on mountains and rocks. Manfrotto’s best rival companies are Benro, Slik and Velbon.

Induro Tripods:

Induro company manufacture tripods similar to Gitzo company or tried to compare their quality, but they focus on reasonable price factor the most. The appealing feature of Induro company’s tripods is that they are more heightened than any other tripod available in the market. If your height is up to 6 feet then Induro tripod will be your best choice as they can go up to 7 feet.

Benro Tripods:

Benro, a Chinese company, is also a connecting company to Induro, just like Manfrotto and Gitzo. They both are highly experienced in making tripods. Benro was founded in 1995, and even it came in to being almost 50 decades after Gitzo company but still it holds a strong competition in the market.

Best Travel Tripod 2021

Best Selected Travelling Tripods For You

Sirui is one of the fewest companies making waterproof tripods, and article W-1204 is one of the best products. It is very compatible with outdoor photography. This tripod has a feature of the sealing system which makes it best-working tripod while placing it in running water canal or rain shower. Sirui company has created it while focusing outdoor environment like raining, hiking, underwater, humidity and area with higher temperatures. Its compatibility with the wet and tough environment can be seen by the formation of its legs and feet. It has changeable rubber feet, which can be removed or changed by a bit of twisting. The maximum height achieved by Sirui W-1204 tripod is 65 inches i.e. 5.4 foot, and upon folding to its maximum limit it goes down up to 19.3″ 😮. Its legs hold four sections with which is able to attain a maximum and minimum level of its height and twist-lock are available which helps in making sure about locks even from some distance as well.

  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • 5.4-foot maximum height
  • Outdoor compatible
  • Legs with twist locks
  • Rubber changeable feet
  • Great travel tripod
  • Costly
  • Legs with most sections
  • Can’t go down more than 19.3 inches

A tripod for travelling form Benro Company. The product name is GoPlus, the most versatile and durable product.

The most attractive features of this tripod are its height, i.e. 5.4 feet and 165 cm. While it goes minimum 46 cm down that is 18.1″ inch. It makes it more preferable as a travel tripod, it will easily get fit into a travelling backpack. Its long height makes it more appropriate for landscape photography.

It can hold a camera up to 10kg of weight like the latest DSLR camera is. It is really good to photograph top view of items placed on any table of surface or to picture them from the bottom just like making photographs of food items 🍔, clothing, shoes and other home decoration items.

Its legs are unscrewable, it can be converted into a monopod.

  • Can carry cameras up to 10 kg
  • Compatible with the latest cameras
  • Can be converted into a Monopod
  • Best portable camera tripod
  • Cheap tripod for DSLR camera
  • Legs folded at mid-length
  • Doesn’t hold a long length capacity

A Gitzo company’s tripod, best for travelling. It is the most preferable product among professional photographers as it has a capacity of holding a camera of up to 11kgs. This unique feature makes it more prominent among all other travelling tripods. As it can hold heavy professional cameras 📸, it makes it best tripod for event photography like for wedding, parties and sports events photography. It has more compatible accessories making it more professional like microphones, lights, flashlights, and wire holder etc…

Its legs have four sections and textured rubber coating on legs makes it more preferable for outdoor use like in rainy weather or humid area. Its legs can be folded up to 180 degrees. After folded to its minimum capacity it attains a height of 14.4″inch.

This tripod has unscrewed able feet, so any desired minimum height can be acquired and also a G-locking feature makes it able to drop its length as per required.

It’s comprised of a ball head with 3 knobs with strong grips. These three knobs will be useful towards locking and un-locking of the pan, locking and unlocking of the ball head, and to release the plate of the attached camera.

  • Less in weight
  • Contain ball head
  • 180-degree folding legs with 4 sections
  • Comes with a bull hide leather strap
  • Carbonated leg structure
  • Compatible with cold weather and outdoor photography
  • Very costly

One of the most versatile travelling tripods available in the market. It’s comprised of magnesium and aluminium alloy tube, and carbon fibre body which makes it long-lasting and very compatible in the outdoor humid, wet or cold atmosphere. There will not be any problem if any photographer use is on a daily basis, and having a carbon black colour makes it more attractive and smart among all other painted tripods.

It is around 2.1kg in weight. It can be easily converted into a monopod and good at taking photographs of different landscapes, that’s why it is one of the best travelling tripods.

The feet of Zomei Z818 tripod is of rubber to get a strong grip and shockproof during windy and rainy weather.

There is a hook in the centre column of the Z818 tripod which makes it more useful towards stabilizing it having it on your backpack 🎒.

It comes with a ball head which most of the travelling tripods lack, it helps in holding cameras more firmly. This tripod has a feature which makes it more unique and worthy i.e. you can attach any other standard head to it which may be more accurate for your camera.

In terms of holding capacity, it can hold up to 16kgs of the camera, equivalent to the weight of a ladies purse 😆, while its own weight is 2.1kg.

The minimum length it can attain after getting fold is 22″ inches.

  • Comes with a ball head
  • Easy to carry while travelling
  • Compatible for outdoor and event photography
  • Can be converted into a monopod
  • The weight carrying capacity is a bit less
  • Costly as compared to other similar products

As its name also carry the word “Travel” which means it’s designed for travelling. It uniquely holds a feature of a central column rotation system with 15 seconds ⏱️ set up time, it makes you able to take photographs from the as lower level as up to 7″ inches from the surface.

Its weight is only 3 lbs and has a capacity to hold up to 13.2 lbs i.e. 5.9kgs.

Its less weight quality makes it more easy to carry while travelling, hiking and walking.

Being a low priced tripod, it doesn’t come with spiked feet, but you can buy them separately.

The company has used Magnesium and Aluminum alloy as material for its body which makes it more lighter in weight and easy to carry.

The attached ball head contains three knobs for locking and unlocking of the pan and to control friction.

VEO 2 235AB tripod for travelling contains twist locking system in its legs, twist lock and unlock state can be identified from a distance as well.

  • Less priced
  • Counterweight and compact hook
  • Best for photography from a lower angle
  • Magnesium and Aluminum alloy body
  • Easy to carry due to less in weight
  • Spiked feet not present
  • Cannot be converted into a monopod
  • Capacity to hold a less weighted camera
  • Low in height

This travel tripod is of Titanium colour with a body of Aluminum alloy. It can extend up to 61.6″ inches and can hold up to 7.9kgs. MeFOTO’s this travelling tripod have the capacity to goes down up to 15″ inches i.e. 38.1 cm, and its maximum height can be 61.6″ inches that will be 156.4 cm and 5.1 foot.

The legs of MeFOTO ROADTRIP tripod can be locked separately at two different angles, this will enable it to take photographs while placed on an uneven surface like hills ⛰️, rocks and stairs etc or to maintain a low surface angle from a specific side.

At the bottom of the central column, there is a hook which maintains its stability while any heavy item got hanged to it or when it will be hanged to any carrier bag or backpack.

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It contains twist locks made up of rubber for extra grip and strength and also durable towards atmosphere changes and harsh weather like rain, humidity, sun heat and dust. Two separate locking and unlocking knobs for ball head and pan are adjusted in this MeFOTO ROADTRIP Tripod.

  • Panning at 360 degrees
  • Less in weight
  • Resistible body structure
  • Can be converted into a monopod
  • Legs have five sections
  • Comes with its own carrying case for transportation and safety
  • Can’t hold weighted cameras
  • Very expensive

XSORIES DELUXE is a mini travel tripod, its body is made up of plastic. The total weight of this tripod is about 65g and have the capacity to hold up to 275g of weight. Its maximum height is 18 cm.

Although it’s not much heightened at the same time it is very portable and suitable for travelling and short trips. It also holds the ball head made up of plastic to hold cameras. It’s the most appropriate one to use with smart mobile phones.

  • easy to carry
  • the lightweight material is used
  • affordable price
  • can be fit in a pocket
  • plastic ball head
  • not durable
  • can’t hold professional cameras

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I need a Tripod for Travelling?

Yes! Because you would not like to keep standing for a long time to capture photographs. Secondly, you can take your photo without asking any unknown person on the street. Just set your camera or mobile phone on the timer and place it on your tripod to capture that moment.

What features do a good tripod for travelling must-have?

It must be for outdoor shooting. Its body structure must be made up of Aluminum alloy and its feet have rubber removable coverings, which will protect its feet. You can measure your height and select a tripod for travelling up to your height at least.

Do I need multiple tripods while travelling?

You don’t need to waste your money on buying different tripods, instead, try to find tripod which can be converted into monopod so you can take lower and higher heightened both photographs.

Does a tripod have more than 4 legs?

A tripod never holds more than 3 legs, as its name shows “tri” means three.

What a kids tripod for travelling must-have?

There are a lot of tripods available in the market made up of Plastic. They are light in weight and mostly they are less in length as well. Such tripods are good for kids.

Can I buy a Tripod online?

Yes! Online purchasing is very handy. But it will be more good for you if you try to buy it from a store so, you can check the quality and material by your-self before spending money.

How much money do I need to spend while buying a Tripod for travelling?

The maximum you need to spend between $100 to $150 if you need to buy a really good travelling tripod.

Does a tripod come with its case?

Not really, some companies do offer free tripod cases. But mostly doesn’t and you need to buy them separately.

Can all tripods be converted to Monopods?

No! only a few and new tripods can be converted into monopods. You must need to check specifications before buying any tripod.

How to clean a tripod?

You need to clean your tripod with a microfiber cloth, which doesn’t leave any harsh marks on your tripod’s body surface. Some tripods are not waterproof so don’t try to clean them with a wet cloth.

What is a ball head?

The ball head is a place where you will place your camera or mobile. It allows to rotate or move in three-axis mostly. The placement and position of the camera can be adjusted on it. Its lower end is attached to the tripod’s central leg.


From the above facts and information, it is clear that tripods are very essential for taking photographs while travelling and visiting tourist places. No one wants to hold heavy cameras and stand. It’s very risky sometimes to ask someone else to take your photograph from your very expensive camera like DSLR, so in these cases, a tripod is the best option which can hold and carry your camera, take a picture while setting the camera on timer setting.

But a very deep observation and evaluation are needed to buy the best tripod for travelling. Different tripods have different features so finding out desired features is the most important phase. Some tripod manufacturing companies like Gitzo, Manfrotto etc. are very specific in their products just like mobile manufacturing companies Apple, Samsung etc.. So while selecting any tripod to buy, the selection of manufacturing company is also very important.

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