Best Travel Tripod Under $100 To Buy In 2021 – {Buyer’s Guide}

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Best Travel Tripod Under $100A well know quote is:

“I am too impatient to use a tripod”

is that you! 🤩 then it’s for you, read it till end to get yours the best travel tripod under $100 💵💵.

Why Tripod?

One of the most important ingredients which you can use while filming your favourite moments is a tripod, it will give you the satisfaction that your camera will stay stable during the whole videography and photography.Although, you will not use it all the time or while taking every photograph, but you will really need it while travelling, visiting any location, attending any event or weddings etc..

According to new trends like filming for your YouTube channel, video-blogging and travel histories, a tripod is an essential piece of gear.

Tri-pod has three legs and a middle column for stability. The head joined to tripod holds the camera and have the ability to adjust the camera on different angles to shoot from different sides. Professional photographers, during filming their documentaries and photographs, needs a top-level tripod in order to have their shootings with a stable and levelled camera.

How a tripod can help?

A tripod has different beneficial features.



A tripod is not a thing which you can just go into a store and buy instantly. Several features you need to notice like the maximum and minimum length of a tripod, type of head attached to the tripod, locking system installed in the legs of a tripod, head and legs adjustment angels and most important the material which is used by the manufacturer for that tripod. Different companies are now manufacturing several kinds of tripods like Gitzo, Manfrotto, Induro, Sony, and Benro.

Usability of a best stable tripod is highly dependent on its material; either it is made up of Aluminium alloy, carbon fibre or plastic. Aluminium alloy and carbon fibre material are the most reliable, durable and desired body material as they have resistance towards humidity, rain, water, cold weather, and hot weather .While plastic is somehow a good material as it is light in weight and makes a tripod easy to carry and handleable while travelling. But a bad quality plastic is not reliable because if it doesn’t hold your costly and professional camera then you will be in a big problem, which none of you wants.



Any tripod will be the best tripod if it’s a best sturdy tripod. A tripod’s weight and strongness are directly proportioned to the quality of its material. The use of good material will result in the best stable tripod which will keep your professional camera stable and safe during the whole shooting session. The tripods made up of Carbon fibre are more expensive as compared to those which are made up of Aluminium alloy and Plastic. A tripod with a firm and strong legs will only give you a satisfaction that your expensive camera is safe and will not fall down. If you are using a tripod in rainy or cold weather then any tripod made up of aluminium alloy will not be a good choice as you will not get a strong grip on its legs which may result to a misshape or slip of the hand. But on the other hand, a tripod of aluminium alloy material is the best tripod for studio use.

Weight Tolerance capacity

Weight tolerance capacity is something which is of your most interest. You can’t carry a bag of 500kg if you are of only 45kgs, similarly you can’t place a camera of 4 to 5kgs on a tripod of only 0.5kg and especially when it’s material and legs are also not enough stronger. In this case, you will find a list of specifications on the box of each tripod which will tell you how much is its own weight and how much weight it can tolerate. If you need to use a heavy telescope instead of a lightweight camera then you will need a stronger tripod which will have more weight tolerance.


A tripod has three different height measurements maximum, minimum and the height after folding. The height after folding is attained for travelling and carrying purpose which makes a tripod easy to carry while travelling and holding. A tripod with a feature of having the least height after folding will be a pro travel tripod. best portable camera tripod is one which is very handy and you can carry it in your backpack. The maximum and minimum height is an essential part of any tripod. Photographers need to shoot some really heightened natural views for which they required a tripod with maximum capacity of attaining a height level, while shooting anything on the level of earth’s surface like water drop, small insect or sand particle the lower angle and placement is photographer’s first and most preferred in which minimum height attaining capacity of any tripod plays an important role. You must select a tripod which is equal or slightly bigger than your own height.

Head type

Don’t you have to confuse while considering the head feature of any tripod, as there are only two types of heads which mainly tripods have. Either a tripod will have Ball head or Pan Head.

Pan head is something which allows your camera to operate on two different axis. The camera attached to pan head can be adjusted while moving it up and down or left or right. Both axis adjustment is independent and can’t be affected from each setting. It seems to be more handy and easy to manage while shooting any landscape.

While a ball head is something which has the ability to hold the camera and adjusting the camera location and position with the movement of ball joint at the bottom of the head and after adjustment the head position is locked. The ball head is very handy and occupies less space as compared to pan head, but it is very sensitive as it depends on a moving ball which needs extra care and security while handling it. Any damage to the ball will lead to lack of camera adjustment at the desired location.


Last in my list, but not the least feature “Price”. A consumer and buyer’s first and most important noticeable point is the product’s price. People want affordable and reliable products. Mostly the best tripod will price between $50 to $1000, but a moderate and affordable price ranged tripods of $200 are counted towards the best travel tripods.

After getting enough information n about tripods, let’s discuss some top best tripods under $100

People always look for cheap and trendy gifts for their friends and families. I found some really useful and best tripods while I was searching for some of the best gifts for dad under $100

Best Tripod under $100 2020

1. Manfrotto Compact Advanced Tripod With Ball Head


1. Manfrotto Compact Advanced Tripod with Ball Head

  • Maximum working
  • height: 131 cm
  • Minimum working
  • height: 39 cm
  • Folding height: 39.8 cm
  • Weight: 0.921kg
  • Load capacity: 1.5kg
  • Leg section: 5 sections
  • Head type: ball head
  • Material: Aluminium and techno polymer

Manfrotto is one of the top tripod manufacturing companies in the world. They are producing a wide range of tripods either travel tripodsstudio tripods, pro camera tripods or hiking camera tripods etc.. Manfrotto company, being a topmost company is not manufacturing costly and highly-priced tripods only but they are producing really affordable and less costly tripods as well.This Manfrotto compact advanced tripod with ball head is of only (check for latest price). Its weight is about 0.921 kg. It’s able to attain a maximum working height of 131 cm, minimum working height will be 39 cm inches and after folding it will be of 39.8 cm. It has the capacity of holding maximum 1.5kg.

This tripod has ball head for camera holding and setting, and have locks on sides to fix adjustment. Although the camera adjustment setting will take more time you will get accurate and desired location setting with a ball head.

The tripod’s body is made up of Aluminium and Technopolymer material which makes it a strong and the best stable tripod.

As its load capacity is 1.5kg which is quite enough to handle a professional camera and list it among the best pro camera tripods.

  • Long heighted
  • Affordable price
  • Less in weight
  • Load capacity up to 1.5kg
  • 5 leg sections
  • Aluminium body
  • Less minimum working height

2. Silk Pro 700DX


2. Slik Pro 700DX

  • Maximum working height: 190 cm
  • Minimum working height: 39.5 cm
  • Folding height: 29.92 inches
  • Weight: 3.67 kg
  • Load capacity: 8kg
  • Leg section: 3 sections
  • Material: A.M.T. Super Titanium Alloy

Slik is a tripod manufacturing company, founded by Mr. Takatoshi Shiraishi who was a mechanical engineer and was from Tokyo, Japan. He founded his company in 1948 and manufactured his own tripod at the age of 23 years. In the beginning, the brand was named as “ALPS” but after two years the brand name was changed to “SLICK” which was again changed to “SLIK” in 1974 when they designed their new company logo.

Pro 700Dx tripod from Slik company is one among top tallest and longer tripods. Its incredible features are that it has weight resistance up to 8kgs while its own weight is 3.67 kg. The maximum working height of Pro 700DX is 190 cm, minimum working height is 39.5 cm and after getting fold it comes to 76 cm.

Its higher load capacity makes it the best pro camera tripod that it can easily hold professional heavy cameras like DSLR.

 Its legs have 3 sections and have locks on their sides which will allow you to locked them after adjusting them on desired height and expanding angle. This leg sectioning allows you to use this tripod on several different levelled surfacing either indoor or outdoor.

The material used by the company for Pro 700DX tripod is A.M.T. Super Titanium Alloy which makes its body strong and load capacity higher. Stronger legs can hold a heavy camera and mostly professional cameras are very heavy as compared to normal photography cameras.

  • Affordable price
  • Strong body
  • Higher weight resistance
  • Maximum working height
  • Weighted tripod
  • Not handy and easy to carry

3. Joby GorillaPod 3K Kit


  • Weight: 0.247 kg
  • Load capacity: 3kg
  • Legs: quick foldable legs
  • Head type: Ball head
  • Material: ABS Plastic, Stainless Steel, German TPE

Joby GorillaPod 3K is among the best travelling tripods under $100 because it has easily bendable legs, which can be bend easily up to the desired length. This feature makes it top preferable tripod for photographers and vloggers while their travelling and filming sessions. It can be placed and mounted on any surface either hard or unequal surface like trees, rocks, hills, and stairs steps etc.. Its legs are joined to a single top point.

This tripod is good for outdoor shooting as it’s made up to a mixture of material i.e. Plastic, Stainless steel and German TPE. The bubbles like structured legs contain plastic embedded between the stainless steel bubbles to increase its grip. But plastic at the end of the last steel bubble makes it hard to keep balance and straight position.

Its weight is 0.247kg but it can carry a camera of 3kg. This tripod can be moved on 360 degrees panning bed and 90 degrees for tilting camera face.

The material used for this tripod is ABS Plastic, Stainless Steel and German TPE, this mixture of materials makes it strong, flexible and light weighted at the same time. It can be placed among super light tripods and portable video tripods.

  • Super light tripod
  • Affordable price
  • Foldable legs
  • Stainless steel and plastic material
  • Higher load capacity value
  • Not suitable for plane surfaces
  • Cannot be used as pro camera tripod

4. Slik Mini II with Ball Head


4. Slik Mini II with Ball Head

  • Maximum working height: 43.3 inches
  • Minimum working height: 6.38 inches
  • Folding height: 13.8 inches
  • Weight: 0.78kg
  • Load capacity: 2.05kg
  • Leg section: 4 sections
  • Head: SBH100DQ Ball Head
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy

If a smallest lightest tripod is search feature for your tripod search then stop searching, I have your solution.

Slik mini II tripod, as it’s clear from its name that it’s a mini tripod, is the best travelling tripod and a portable video tripod as well. It’s although not a full-sized tripod but it is bigger than a table pod which listed it among the best travel tripod list. It’s only 0.78kg in weight but can hold a camera of up to 2.05kgs. Being a mini tripod it still has the ability to acquire 43.3” inches of maximum working height and a minimum working height of 6.38” inches. After getting folded it goes down to 13.8” inches.

The legs of Slik mini II tripod has 4 sections and has locks which take a couple of seconds only while locking and unlocking.

A ball head is attached to this tripod which is a special type of ball head i.e. SBH-100DQ which is specialized in fixing camera and its position.

The body of this tripod is made up of Aluminium alloy material which makes its legs more stronger compatible to its height.

  • Light weighted tripod
  • Mini tripod
  • Aluminium alloy body
  • SBH-100DQ Ball Head
  • The Best tripod for Smart phone and Mirror less DSLR
  • Affordable prices
  • Less load capacity
  • Not suitable for pro cameras

5. Dolica 62” Proline Tripod


5. Dolica 62” Proline Tripod

  • Maximum working height: 62.2” inches
  • Minimum working height: 18.5” inches
  • Folding height: 22.8” inches
  • Weight: 1.81kg
  • Load capacity: 5.9kg
  • Leg section: 4 sections
  • Material: Aluminium alloy

If you are looking for an affordable, multi-tasker, strong, reliable and the best travel tripod under $100 then this can be yours the best choice.

Dolica 62” Proline tripod is of 1.81kg but it can hold up to 5.9kg of camera. As mentioned in its name, this tripod can go up to 62” inches of maximum working height and 18.5” inches of minimum working height while after folding it is only of 22.8” inches.

It can also be considered as the super-light tripod, or top pro camera tripods as being a light tripod it still has weight resistance of 5.9kg which means it can be used for professional cameras and professional photographers.

It comes with a ball head, quick release plate and a bubble level to adjust your camera on an accurate position and angle form where you want to capture a shoot.

Its legs also contain quick releasing lock system. Its legs are thick and strong that’s why it can hold heavy and pro cameras. Its strong legs make it more stable and levelled during shooting and have non-slip feet which make the placement more reliable and safe. Non-slip padding on legs makes it more comfortable while holding in rainy, wet or humid weather.

  • Non slip feet
  • Affordable price
  • Less weight
  • Easy to carry and hold
  • Ball head
  • High load capacity
  • Pro camera tripod
  • Haven’t notices at all.


What is the best tripod?

A best tripod is that which own a strong body (made up of stronger material), have photographer’s desired maximum and minimum height, can hold a suitable camera firmly and keep it safe. It also contains a body which is resistant towards rain, wind pressure, humidity and hot weather. The feet of the best tripod must be non-slippery so you can be fully satisfied that your camera or mobile phone is safe.

Can I use my tripod on a daily basis?

Yes, many tripods are available in the market which are manufactured according to daily usage requirement like they will hold a body texture which is strong and have pressure resistance, stain resistance and multi-tasker. They have maximum and minimum both heights enough to support indoor shooting.

Can I use my tripod in my garden?

Yes! As mostly tripods are designed to use outdoor. Their body material is strong and water-resistant because garden grass may contain water drops and humidity. As the garden surface is not smooth and firm, so the tripod for outdoor use have adjustment features so you can adjust their placement and positions to get levelled and clear photographs.

Can I pack my tripod in my backpack?

Yes, a tripod can be packed in your backpack. Tripods are foldable and after folding they get a smaller height which makes them able to get the fix in your backpacks. Even some smaller tripods available in the market can be carried in a normal pocket of your jacket.

Do I need extra packaging material to carry my tripod while travelling?

Not really, as tripods are made up of strong material like aluminium alloy, plastic, stainless steel, carbon fibre and titanium so they don’t need extra packaging except for their own case.

Do I carry my tripod in my hand-carry or book it with other luggage?

If your tripod is very handy and small then you can also carry it in your hand carry bag while travelling, but if it’s larger and heavy then it will be better if you place it in your language bag with care. As professional tripods are very heavy in weight and can’t be handled easily.

Do I need to display a FRAGILE label on my tripod case?

There is really not a need of displaying a FRAGILE label on your tripod case, but yes you can display it because while travelling it is better to keep your costly stuff safe and let airport staff know that it’s an item which needs the care to handle.

Which head do I need to use my tripod with my smartphone?

You can use both pan and ball head for your smartphone attachment, but there is an extra attachment is needed to attach a smartphone to an ordinary camera tripod i.e. mobile bracket.

What feature a quality camera tripod must-have?

Its qualitative material, strongness, affordable price and camera adjustment features. These features are those which are considered by professional photographers in the first instance and after that, they notice other specifications.

What makes a tripod “smallest lightest tripod”?

The minimum working height, folded height, and its weight makes it smallest lightest tripod. These tripods are easy to carry, easy to travel with and easy to handle while using. These three features make them mostly desired tripods.

What is the “best tripod head”?

The best tripod head can be a pan or ball head both as they both own their own features like pan head has camera adjustments on x, y and z-axis while ball head can adjust camera position via moving ball which set it on desired accurate position.

What makes a tripod the “best stable tripod”?

Tripod’s non-slippery feet, the ratio between its weight and load capacity, stronger manufacturing material and thick legs are those features which makes it the best stable tripod. Some tripods have a hook on their central column which is used to hang their case to increase stability feature.

How do I select the best pro travel tripod?

The tripods which are compatible with professional cameras are mostly known as pro travel tripod or pro camera tripod. Tripods used by professional photographers and those which are manufactured while keeping in mind the requirements of professionals are the best pro travel tripods.

What does professional travel tripod means?

A tripod which will be easy to carry, affordable and made up of the best material. While travelling, the tripod owner may travel through different climate regions, different cultural regions and different location, so, his tripod must have higher resistance value towards weather, water, height and pressure. Pressure can be of atmosphere or physical pressure due to travelling stuff and less storage space.

What is a portable video tripod?

Portable video tripod is the tripod which will be suitable for video shooting like Joby Gorillapod tripod. Portable means easy to carry and very handy. Video cameras and mobile phones while shooting films or videos need no disturbance as it will disturb the recording, in this case, tripod’s grip level must be very strong and non-slippery.


The above mentioned best tripods under $100 are the top best tripods according to their features and specifications. It is clear that not only well-known companies are manufacturing best and affordable tripods, but other companies as well. No one needs to spend hundreds of dollars while buying a tripod, they must read the above description and suggested tripods first and then decide the best suitable tripod for them. Tripods no doubt has made photographers life very easy, now they don’t need to sit or stand in non-moving position for longer time periods, but they just need to fix their camera on the desired position and wait for the best moment to press the camera button. Anyone can make a clear choice from above mentioned best tripods under $100.

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