4 Best Staple Gun For Small Hands To Buy In 2021 – {Updated Buyer’s Guide}

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Best Staple Gun For Small HandsGetting the handiest staple gun for all kinds of the users especially for the people with small hands would be quite privilege for you because it will make the overall functionality way easier than ever for you. There would be bundles of the different staple guns but not all of them will serve you according to your requirements or needs so this article is going be a massive help for all of those who have already tried a lot of models but not able to get the desired results at all. None of us is unaware the significance of the staple guns that are making our lives stress free.

Regardless the materials or overall needs the staple guns will cut down your efforts and will cut down the time you need to serve to get the task done. No matter how complex the household tasks are nothing is going to ruin your overall experience and most importantly the staple guns for small hands will keep your security at the first priority so even in the rough handling you don’t have to face any kind of issues at all. From binding the documents to repairing the different upholstery items the staple guns will do wonder, all you need to do is choosing the right one according to your needs or requirements.

To make the staple guns that are small hands friendly is the core needs because with their compact design they will highly be amazing for the portability without asking you for a lot of space. Additionally, the staple guns for the small hands will not burn a hole in your pocket at all. Regardless the indoor or outdoor needs you can deal with them perfectly. Now dealing with the holiday decorations, laying carpet, or installing wall moldings and many others is not a task to be bother about.

Still, you are confused that either you should spend on the staple gun for small then you shouldn’t have to miss the buying guide section that will allure you by explaining the different factors to specify your needs and to get a staple gun for small hands for yourself without any doubts.

Read Before You Buying Best Staple Gun For Small Hands (Buying Guide 2021)

So here are core factors to consider when you are about to add any of the staple gun for the small hands to make your user experience better than ever. So, without taking much time lets dig into it.

Size And Weight:

Most of the people will ignore these factors but they are the core ones. The size of the staple gun will let you know that how and where you can use it for your desired tasks. Especially the staple guns for small hands must be compact in size so when you are using you don’t have to strain your hands a lot and with the hassle-free design you could for the more hours. The more the size will be bigger the weight will automatically start getting increased, that’s the major concept but in the modern models, the weight will be possibly less as compared to the size. You just have to go for the feasible ratio in both to get maximum out of the staple gun.

Keep in mind along with the smaller size and lightweight the staple functionality must not be compromised at all.

Price And Brand:

These both factors will influence your experience in a parallel way but there is a major concept that spending a lot of money will ensure the quality you will get in return which is not true at all. When you are about to spend, your money doesn’t forget to check out the premium features and compare them with the money you are about to splash. On the other hand, when it comes to brand then you shouldn’t have to go randomly for any of the brand but have to check the brand market value and customer’s reviews about any specific brand or product to get the clearer idea about it. In the leading brands, bostitch, kelde, wetols and others that are under our target in this post.

Nail Capacity:

The staple guns with the more staples’ capacity will not require you to load it over and over to get the time taking project done. The more nail capacity might increase the size and the weight of the staple gun but getting the right one for small hands, you shouldn’t have to miss the size management at all. Along with the staples or nail capacity you can also check what kind of design it has, is it feasible to hold or not.


You might get to know much about the material that will predict the overall strongness you will get served. In the sturdiest materials, the steel and heavy duty plastic are on the top of the list. Make sure you go for the feasible range, but don’t forget to consider the weight and the portability to prevent the future hazards in your performance.

Easy To Use:

The staple gun for small hands with the complex design will be quite confusing for the beginners especially. So, while considering all the features you also have to check that how you will get served a complex one will not only quite time taking but also will make you frustrated with its complexity. Moreover, there are some designs that are highly recommended for both beginners and professionals to let the hard tasks get done in no time.


Getting something for small hands, will not only require the compact design for easily to carry around but when you have to deal with some outdoor stuff, the things must be in your favor with the less weight to provide the maximum moveability. Additionally, when it comes to moveability getting some supportive accessories such as carrying bag will be quite an accomplishment.

Safety Features:

Although the staple guns are not dangerous but still you have to take care so in case of any mishandling the results can be prevented. You can go for the safety locks while the gun is not in working state and also can go for the two-step trigger that might be time taking but will provide you the highly security even if there are the kids around even if your kids have to use it to staple their documents or to do any other kind of tasks. The safety features must also be enabling when you need to load the staple gun to prevent any kind of undesirable results. In many of the products the safety features will be provided such as in case of the damage staple is on the way then user might press the gun even hardly that can damage your document or any other sensitive items. So, in this case the gun will stop working and will ask you to remove the damaged staple to let the operation get started again.

Adjustability Features:

Not all the materials or items that has to be staple will require same kind of depth or any other needs so your chosen gun must be highly adjustable. Many of the staple guns will serve you with the depth adjustment feature that will save your money, time and also efforts to deal with the different projects.

Electric vs. Pneumatic:

This is widely asked questions; well, you can go for both to enjoy their positive and negative side. Electric with the high efficiency will definitely ask you to consume the electricity that will end into the heavy bills. On the other hand, with the slower yet controllable working functionality you can go with the manual task accomplishment without spending extra bucks on the heavy bills.

Have You Decided What You Are Going To Get?

After consider all of the given above factors, have to decided which kind of staple gun you are looking for or what kind of features you are going to consider and which kind of product will get fit into your demands.

Why Count On Us?

All the given below shortlisted products are tried and tested by our editors so without giving it another thought you can add any of the given below product into your shopping cart to make user experience better than ever.

What Is The Best Staple Gun For Small Hands? (Product Reviews)

Without taking more time let’s get jumped to the shortlisted products that are being chosen for you to deal with your staple gun needs.

1. WETOLS 3 In 1 – Best Manual Staple Gun

WETOLS Staple Gun with Remover, Heavy Duty Staple Gun, 3 in 1 Manual Nail...
  • 3-in-1 Application:Extremely practical multi-functional 3-in-1 heavy duty staple gun able to fasten...
  • Complete Accessories: Our manual staple gun include 3000 PCS staples(D-type*1000, U-type*1000, T-type*1000).
  • Quickly Clear: When the nail of the staple gun is stuck, you can pull down the metal drive channel and remove the stuck...
  • Convenient Installation And Operation: Our staple gun is made of thick carbon steel,adopting the principle of...
  • Multiple Usage: The staple gun can use for upholstery, material repair, carpentry, decoration, furniture and DIY, which...

Going for the staple gun with numberless customization features would be something majority of you get allure for. Same is the case with this staple gun that we have chosen for small hands with pressure knob so you don’t have to get the same results for the different applications. The handle is not only designed in a very comfortable way but also is perfect especially with the anti-slippery material to make it resistant enough against sweating. If you are looking for the security features then you will be glad to know that in this staple gun handle lock is included so say goodbye to the uncertainty.

With the quick view window, you don’t have to run out of the staples while working but you will get the idea during working. The loading is just ideal by keeping all the safety and comfort features on point, to let you enjoy all kinds of applications from documentation to the upholstery. With the compact design it will be quite easier for you to deal with the indoor or outdoor needs without any additional efforts.

The metal drive channel is one of the most overwhelming features you will get allure for because without disturbing your task to get rid of the broken or misplaced staples. The usage mechanism is quite fun and suitable for both professionals as well as beginners.

  • Multiple applications
  • Depth adjustment feature
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Handle lock
  • Metal drive channel
  • Quick view window
  • Nothing to complain about.

2. HAUSHOF JT21 – Best Easy To Use Staple Gun

HAUSHOF Light Duty Staple Gun Kit, Fits JT21 Staples of 1/4'', 5/16'' and...
  • 【Suitable For JT21 Staples】The light duty staple gun fits 3 1/4’’ (6mm), 5/16’’ (8mm), 3/8’’ (10mm),...
  • 【Multiple Functions】6 mm staples can be used on window screens & shades, shelf papers, closet lining; 8mm staples...
  • 【Ergonomic Design】The staple gun has linear power curve which will comfort users. Loading staple becomes easier and...
  • 【Easy & Safe Storage】The handle can be locked to become shape-regular and prevent accidents. It only takes up a...
  • 【What You Can Get】 1 x light duty stable gun, 800 x staples of 5/16’’ (8mm), 1 x staple remover, 1 x...

If you are looking for some special sort of staple gun which is not only hassle free but will increase the productivity by cutting down the time then you need to stop here to get to know more about its features. With the safety handle lock that is being paired with strain free handle to give you boundless freedom to deal with your needs or requirements in any specific application. With more than 800 staples capacity the nothing is going to bother you while working on the time taking projects at all.

Unlike other products the multi-tasking is not a word but you will get the magical results, for example, 6 mm staples can deal with window screens, shades, shelf papers, closet lining; secondly, 8mm staples can be used to get done the light upholstery and other tasks regarding thin materials; 10mm can be used on insulation, weather stripping, wire mesh, carpet pads, canvas and on many other applications. Sounds amazing?

On the other hand, the thick material such as carpets can also be staple with this one of the most inexpensive staple guns for small hands. The design is as simple as you would like to hold without compromising on your comfort level at all. No matter you have to release the magazine to reload or have to get rid of the damaged staples the design is simple and no more time taking issues you would have to face.

If you are professional person with the high skill of decorations then you shouldn’t have to miss this staple gun which will even get fit into your tiny bags to carry around. Without giving it, another thought you should have to add it into your shopping car without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • Affordable
  • Pocket friendly design
  • Handle lock
  • Lightweight and sturdiest
  • Various applications
  • Safe
  • Different supportive products are included.
  • Nothing to complain about.

3. KeLDE Light – Affordable Mini Staple Gun

Hand Staple Gun Kit, KeLDE Light Stapler Tacker fit JT21 Staple, Includes...
  • 【SUITABLE FOR JT21 STAPLES】- For a wide variety of applications, this hand tacker is designed to work with 3 sizes...
  • 【COMFORTABLE HANDLE WITH LOCK】- Comes with comfortable grooved grip handle and easy lock mechanism, the stapler...
  • 【LOWER STAPLE NAIL WARNING WINDOW】- Through the low staple warning window, it can be observed whether the staples...
  • 【RUBBER HANDLE】- The rubber handle increases friction, reducing slip during use, which helps with accurately...
  • 【QUALITY ASSURANCE】- WORRY-FREE-12-month-warranty. To avoid accidents, please read the instructions carefully before...

Being a rough handler, you must have to grab a staple gun that don’t get damage frequently and this one is just ideal for you with the stronger build. All of three major 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″ staple sizes would be supported by this staple gun for small hands. To store the staple gun for the later use or when you have to move around with the high safety the handle lock has been included. Not only this but also the staple gun is highly feasible for all kinds of users with the comfortable rubber handle, that will not show any kind of performance hiccups at all.

To get the lower staple warning the magazine window has been included so you don’t have to take out the entire magazine to check how many staples are left or when you have to reload it. Apart from these features, you are going to enjoy 1 year long warranty that will give you freedom to redeem in case of any emergency or unsatisfaction.

The overall size and weight are entirely your cup of tea especially for the people with small hands. The material is not only sweat free but also will not put on strain on your hands a lot while working.

  • Warranty included
  • Bouns items
  • Tiny yet efficient design
  • Suitable for different tasks
  • Rubber handle for better grip
  • comfortable
  • Nothing to complain about.

4. BOSTITCH SX1838K – Small Staple Gun For Upholstering

BOSTITCH Crown Stapler, Narrow, 18GA (SX1838K)
  • Oil-free operation of the narrow crown stapler requires no regular maintenance and eliminates the risk of oil stains
  • Selectable trigger system of the crown stapler converts from sequential to contact operation
  • Low nail lockout of BOSTITCH stapler prevents dry firing
  • Ultra-quiet rear exhaust with muffler directs air away from the user
  • Reversible belt hook with integrated pencil sharpener
  • Dial-A-Depth control for precise countersinking
  • Pneumatic Stapler Kit Includes: Finish Stapler, 1/4-inch Air Fitting, and Carrying Case

Many of you might not be a fan of the steel finish staple guns so that is why we have brought on this one for you with the plastic material with the stronger build as well as lightweight. This is one of the modern crown style models that is not only weight friendly but also will provide the quick services effortlessly. Many of the crown style staple gun might push you to the jamming issues but this one is entirely different because without the reduced chances of jamming it will let you have the tool free jam dealing so with just short time you can done with it.

The depth adjustment wheel will let you control the different application needs without grabbing two or more staple guns with the different specifications. There are numberless models that will be quite noisy but this one is not only noise free but also highly efficient so triggering out the staples frequently is now so easier. The internal filter will reduce the chances of missing out staples so you don’t have to repeat stapling at any place.

The design is highly durable so wear off issues are not going to bother you at all, and to deal with the low nail issues the lockout will prevent firing so the gun doesn’t have to fire around empty that can later cause into damage.

  • Low nail indication
  • Crown style model
  • Anti-jamming design
  • No wear off issues
  • Suitable for both thick and thin applications
  • Carry case included
  • Nothing to complain about.


To cut down your research time and hassle to find out the staple guns for small hands we have chosen the flawlessly competent models that are worth having due to various reasons. Getting a staple gun for special needs such as for the people with small hands is quite a hectic task to do but finding out the right one with the convenience, staple size, durability and many other features will be tired you up. Surprisingly by keeping in mind your needs or requirements regarding different applications we have chosen the so far best staple gun for small hands. Not only this but also, we have provided the entire detail of each product so you can choose which one is more suitable for you or which one is going to be added in your shopping cart.

As a new buyer, you have to check out the buying guide section that is full of the must to count on consider to make your user experience better than ever. Additionally, all the shortlisted products are tried and tested by our editors so count on us will be quite worth having experience. Before finalizing any of the product don’t forget to check out the details along with pros and cons to have the better idea about the suitability. We have summed up all the related information in this article, in case you find something missing or wanted to add something else then you can reach us via commend section below or email address.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What size staple gun do I need?

The staple gun is available in different sizes but all you need to do is choosing according to your needs or requirements. If you are looking for staple guns especially for small hands, then you shouldn’t have to miss this post from top to bottom.

What is the best hand stapler?

The options under best hand stapler are not limited but only few of them are the best ones. So out of those aesthetic options we have grabbed the worth having ones which are being explained in detail in the reviews section, you have to check it out.

What is the smallest staple size?

The smallest staple size will serve you with 20 - 23 gauge thickness, it can also be used for the different applications.

What is the most common staple size?

The most common and widely being used staple size is 26/6 which is quite common in multiple organizations in which offices, and other areas are top of the list that has more to do with the documentation.

Can I use a regular staple gun for upholstery?

Upholstery tasks might sound easier but a tiny mistake can take you to undesirable results, so you shouldn’t have to grabbed the normal one but have to analyze the needs or requirements first and then have to spend your money on. Moreover, you can dig into the buying guide section to have the better idea.

What is the crown on a staple?

This is the part of the modern staple pieces that is made to fasten the cables over it or sometimes to provide the proper grip for better handling while working on any of the project.

How do I choose a staple gun?

Choosing staple gun is not a hectic task to do all you need to do is diving into the buying guide section where each factor will help you out to shortlist the staple gun by considering your needs or requirements. Make sure you check out each factor without getting influence anyone else to get the customized product for yourself.

How many staples are in a small strip?

Well, it may vary that what kind of brand you have chosen or. In general, the tiniest possible strip will contain around 210 staples.

What are standard staple sizes?

There are different staple sizes out of which 26/6 or 6mm is considered to be the standard size as at the majority of places it will be feasible to use.

Are staple guns worth buying?

Yes, staple guns are worth spending your money on with a wide range of the applications to make the overall functionality dramatically easier.

Why staple guns for small hands are important?

The staple guns that are made especially by keeping in mind the needs of small hands would be compact in size and lightweight so you can easily carry them around. Additionally, the guns will be highly recommended for the indoor or outdoor activities with high moveability rate.

What are the safety features in staple gun?

The staple gun meant to be safe, for example you have to check either it has the handle lock or not, also the trigger must be two step operating. Moreover, going for the safety precautions, you have to keep in mind the anti-jamming feature must be enabled in your desired staple gun to avoid any kind of damage.

What is the best manual staple gun?

To cut down the efforts and the electricity bill the manual staple guns will be the best option for you. Make sure you choose the right manual staple gun because as compared to the electric staple guns, they will be slower so if your needs are more than the normal then you should have to move to the electric ones.

What is the best electric staple gun for upholstery?

Going for the electric staple gun for upholstery will not only make your overall functionality quite efficient but also will save you from the hassle of charge the battery over and over. To get to know more about the available options you can read out our current and previous post regarding staple guns.

What is the purpose of a staple gun?

The purposes to get the staple guns are as wide as you can imagine. Regardless the different materials, the staple guns are meant be the life savers to maintain or design the tiny to bigger projects. There are different types of staple guns are available that can be used for the different applications, to know more about them you can check out the buying guide section of our previous post regarding staple guns.

What is the best staple gun for upholstery?

If you are looking for a staple gun to fulfil the demands of your upholstery tasks then you must have to check this post with the aesthetic options without burning a hole in your pocket.

What can I use a staple gun for?

The staple guns are quite multi-functional product that will serve you in different applications, such as documentation, decoration, upholstery and many others depending on the type of the staple gun you have chosen. For more details about staple guns, we will highly recommend you to dive into the given above post.

What do staple numbers mean?

This is might be the trickiest yet fun fact to know about the staple number, well, most of the time you would have deal with dual numbers such as 26/6 or 10/5. These both numbers will let you know the different meaning, first one will let you know the thickness of the gauge while other one will indicate the depth size of the staple. You can choose any of them according to your needs, to have better idea about these you can dig into the above post.

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