4 Best Staple Gun For Picture Framing To Buy In 2021 – {Updated Buyer’s Guide}

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Preserving your memories is one of the hardest tasks to do especially when you have a lot of options around. There was a time when the memories were all about having the black and white or few decades back color pictures but now time has changed so you can even save your best moments in soft form as well, which is considered to be highly feasible. No doubt due to highly advanced era it is quite easier to save your favorite pictures but it cannot beat the significance of the physical picture framing at all.

Many of you might start thinking that it’s not hard to do task which is true but you cannot deny that if you don’t consider some specific or basic factors your overall experience can be damaged badly. Going for the readymade picture frames might sound easier but spending your hard-earned money for something that cannot be according to your needs always will not be a good idea. Consuming your creativity and adding a touch of love by making the frames on your own is another level experience that you shouldn’t have to miss at all.

Also, if you would preserve your memories in soft form then the chances of data lose are more than the others. Not only this but also you will not be in touch with your favorite pictures all the time as in soft form you have to spare some time to dig into the folder but when they will be hanged Infront of you then you would have more interaction with them. This is something that will not only keep you connected but also add a lot of positive vibes in your comfort zone or even in office.

Apart from this, the fancy picture frames with your iconic photos will add a modern touch to your living space with minimum possible efforts.

Throughout the time the advancement is touching the great levels of hype and when it comes to hold the picture frames or to deal with any kind of crafting thing then nothing can serve you better than the staple guns. So, this article is going to be a center of attention for those who are looking for something highly reliable and easy to use regarding picture framing.

Before directly moving towards the aesthetic shortlisted staple guns for picture framing, you are highly recommended to dig into the given below buying section to explore must to consider factors while buying staple gun for picture framing.


Top 10 Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Staple Gun For Picture Framing (Buying Guide 2021)

Size And Material:

The size of the staple guns for picture framing might vary that based on their weight and type. Not only this but also the number of nails will also be the major factor to increase or decrease the size of the staple gun. If you need to use it on the mild projects then tiny one would be ideal one but if you are more likely to go for the different kinds of projects then you can go higher. On the other edge the material must be sturdiest one so even if you have to use it frequently the performance hiccups don’t hunt you at all.

Price And Brand:

These both are core features to consider because spending a lot of money on staple gun for framing wouldn’t be a good idea until you are not getting served by something unusual. You must always have to decide a budget and have to prepare a list of features you are looking for or your project is demanding from you. This would be the best way to create a high-end balanced situation to get the desired product.

Flexible Or Rigid Points/Dual Points:

This is quite crucial factor to check for because many of the staple guns will only let you deal with the soft or rigid points at the same time which is not suitable at all because there are the chances that you have the different needs and carrying two different staple guns for framing is not a great idea. In the majority of the cases, people don’t consider this which is wrong. You shouldn’t have to spend your money on single purpose staple guns but instead have to spend your money on multi-purpose or dual points enabled staple guns to work boundlessly.

Nail Size And Depth Adjustability:

When it comes to staple guns for picture framing the nail size must be highly considered because the wood you are going to use is kind of semi fragile material. Going for the smaller nails will not hold the things back as effectively as you wanted them to be. Same is the case with the bigger ones, they can rip off the wood badly and the best solution for both situations is going for the moderate level nail size which is 3 ½.

Anti-Jamming Design:

This might sound weird but yes you need to check that either the design is going to expose you to jamming issues or not. We call it a weird process because without using the staple gun it would be harder to depict that either its jamming or not. Here a pro tip for you to avoid the jamming issues, you need to go for the right size of staples because in many cases not so accurate staple size can cause jamming. Also, you must have to check in the details of each product keenly to know the anti-jamming feature is being added or not.

When you are working on the time taking or bigger projects, try to go with the right direction of pressure because sometimes the mishandling can also cause the jamming. Try to refresh the staple gun after using it frequently to keep the functionality on point.

Corded Or Cordless:

This factor is entirely based on your preferences, because if you are a person who have to work on bigger projects with more use of staple gun and charging it up delay is not affordable then they need to go for the corded models. Corded models are less as compared to the cordless ones but you might have to compromise on wire tangling issues.

On the other hand, the cordless ones are big expensive but with wire free functionality they are entirely fun models. Especially for those who wanted to get in the outdoor activities a lot and don’t have to get bound in a specific area or studio. The tiny crafting projects will ask you to go for the minimal use battery and that is how you would enjoy the ultimate functionality with a single go.

Choice is yours; both are working for picture framing tremendously.

Safety Features:

The exposure of staples can be dangerous for you especially when they are getting projected by the heavy-duty staple gun. You shouldn’t have to left the safety features on optional side. The staple gun must be hard enough to operate so the accidental projection of staples doesn’t get happened at all. In the safety features the trigger locking system or trigger two step launching system must be checked so in case of any mishandling the staples don’t get fired at all. Always go for the strong yet efficient model to keep your safety measures on point.

Additional Features:

Getting extra sauce with fries might always attract you and same is the case with the staple guns, getting something additional without spending some extra bucks is going to be fun treat for you. In the additional features everything counts even if any of the attractive product is giving you the warranty card then you should go for it. The carrying cases along with some extra staples or any helping tool would be a fun treat. Getting all the supportive accessories if even cost you a little more then you shouldn’t have to give it another thought and have to spend on it because it will cut down a lot of hassle.

Try to get a perfect package that only ask you to grab out the staple gun right away from the box and start using it without spending any extra bucks for the supportive assistance.

Durability And Efficiency:

These both are most neglected factors which is quite wrong because a product with numberless features but with poor construction will be nothing less than waste of money. Also, the efficiency is going to work for you flawlessly especially when you need to use it frequently.

Easy To Use:

The overall design must be highly manageable and easy to use because the complex design might only be a hassle for you. One thing you need to keep in mind having a simple design doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the basic safety features such as trigger locking system and others.

This is all for buying guide section now it’s time to dive into the details of our shortlisted products. So, let’s get started.

1. Surebonder 9600AK – Best Staple Gun For Picture Framing

FPC (Surebonder) 9600B 9600A Pneumatic Heavy Duty Standard T50 Type Stapler...
  • Air-operated stapler
  • Uses Surebonder #4 staples or Arrow T50 type staples
  • Highly recommended for upholstery projects
  • Adjustable air exhaust
  • Applications include but not limited to upholstery, cabinet backs, picture frames, light trim, carpet padding, small...

When it comes to wood working projects you shouldn’t have to play a blind game and have to go for the highly attractive product from the features list perspective. one of the most attractive framing gun features, the lightweight structure is on the top of the list because for the framing purpose you might have to move a lot so it will make it easier for you keep working even for the longer hours.

With the smartest yet compact design the storage case also is included that will prevent any kind of damage when the staple gun will not be in use. You just have to grab the air compressor and everything will go as flawlessly as you can imagine. The easy to grip handle, and overall model is highly recommended for both professional and new users. This is not only a specific product for the picture framing but in case you have to deal with the tiny wood projects then still it would be an ideal tool along with the high compatibility to deal with cabinet backs, carpet padding, screen door repair and many others.

  • Different 5 staple lengths
  • Carrying bag included
  • Suitable for multiple tasks
  • Corded model
  • Heavy duty, sturdy model
  • Nothing to complain about.

2. WEN 61721 – Best Affordable Staple Gun For Wood

If you are trying to get rid of your previously use staple guns due to high jamming rate then you must have to count on this one of the aesthetically design picture frame nailer machines with the hassle-free nose latch to prevent any kind of jamming at all. You don’t have to put on a lot of efforts when you need to load or unload the staple gun because the spring magazine will make everything easier than ever. When it comes to depth adjustment then the adjustable wheel is going to make the overall functionality extremely effortless because you can customize it according to your needs or requirements easily.

The easy to hold grip is not only going to be your hand friendly but will also make the overall design even more attractive. Not only this but also the grip handle is made with the rubber that will let you enjoy the sweat free fun. The exhaust port will be there in all cases to put on the directional air pressure on your targeted place. The overall model weight is as light as you can imagine because with just 2.7lbs moving around along will not be a big deal at all.

No need to check for the battery life again and again because this best staple gun for picture framing is in corded model so without any issues it will keep working until you have plugged in.

  • Effortless nose latch
  • Perfect directional air exhaust
  • Anti-jamming model
  • Spring and spacious magazine
  • Pneumatic nailer
  • Depth wheel adjustment
  • Massive nail capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Nothing to complain about

3. Arrow T50ACD – Best Safe Picture Frame Nail Gun

Having the smaller yet highly efficient corded model of best picture framing stapler can be something more than a blessing and same is the case with this one. With the perfect design the load magazine will be at the bottom and with the massive oversized trigger you will be able to go for the framing without any hassle. By keeping in mind your comfort level, the model grip handle is not only quite wider but is based on anti-strain and anti-sweat technology.

It is not highly suitable for the framing sessions but also you can use it in numberless kinds of crafting projects as well. With the maximum power shoot the target will not get missed at all and the base material is highly flexible to deal with all kinds of nailing needs without showing any kind of performance hiccups at all. This v nailer for picture framing is not only suitable for the framing but various kinds of crafting, DIYs and many other mild projects with the nailing needs can be done.

Unlike other products the you don’t have to project the same length of the nails at all kinds of projects but according to the needs or requirements it can be changed into short or long nails. Enjoy the lightest model of best staple fun for picture framing and let your memories hang perfectly.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to manage
  • Multi-purpose staple gun
  • Oversize trigger
  • Bottom magazine for safe use
  • Staple viewing window
  • inexpensive
  • Nothing to complain about.

4. Logan F500-2 – Best Pneumatic V Nailer Gun

There are only few models available in the market that will work on dual points included soft and rigid ones. So, we have chosen this highly aesthetic picture frame staple gun that has not only dual points compatibility with the down word pressure mechanism to punch in the pins even more precisely. The rubberized handle grip will make it easier for you not only to hold it but to make it easier to punch on your desired target. The high customization feature of this one of the highly in demand picture frame corner staples is just on point so regardless your needs nothing will be sound like performance hiccups at all.

The trigger is not only easy to access but has the smartest design so while firing the nails you don’t have to compromise on any kind of safety modes at all. The tingling kind of effect on grip will not only make it breathable but also will make you feel like effortless tool to hold. The tiniest possible design and light weight nature this one of the best staple guns for wood frames is going to serve you with the fun design that would easily be managed even when you need to move around along.

  • Smartest design
  • Tiny yet highly efficient
  • Dual points compatible
  • Highly affordable
  • Nothing to complain about.


Saving your memories or special moments in an aesthetic way would be so much of fun for you but dealing with the not so accurate tools for picture framing can make you feel irritated and tiring so soon. Market is full of different tools but the significance of staple gun for picture framing cannot be denied at all. You might have already grabbed one of the staple guns but with a lot of performance hiccups, you might want to upgrade it so here is the surprise for you that we have chosen all the best staple gun for picture framing so you don’t have to rely on the random products that will ask you to replace them after some time.

All of our shortlisted products are not only highly efficient but also will serve you with all the demanding features without burning a hole in your pocket. Make sure you check out all the details in the reviews section to keep the things sorted out for yourself. Also, we would like to mention that all the products are tried and tested by our editors so you can count on us blindly. You don’t have to get confused at all because we have provided the buying guide section at the top of this page that will highlight all the top 10 factors to consider to get to know what kind of product you have chosen or have to spend your money on. For more details or information, you can contact us via email or given below comment section.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What kind of Nailer do you use for picture frames?

There are a lot more different kinds of nailers available in the market. if you wanted to have detailed information about all of them, make sure you check our previous post regarding best nail guns where we have described all the types in buying guide section. For those who wanted to get the short answer, you can go for the staple guns for framing.

How do you staple a picture into a frame?

Staple a picture frame is something like an art and it will be more fun if you would get the right staple gun for yourself. Different staple guns will serve you with the different working mechanism but majority of them will be quite easier.

How do I secure the back of a picture frame?

There could be a lot of available material options when you need to secure the picture frame. Most of the users would love to secure the back with the thick paper card with the double tape but to do it even more perfectly staple gun would be an ideal option.

What is the best staple gun for wood?

There are alot of staple guns in the list of best ones but we have chosen to top 4 in the given post that you must have to check and to decide which one allure you the most.

What is the difference between framing nailer and finish nailer?

The major difference in both kind of Nailers is of size, for more details you can check out the buying guide section of best nailer guns.

Will a staple gun go through wood?

Yes, you would be amazed to know that there are a lot of available heavy duty staple guns that will not only go through the wood but will serve you with the impressive sturdiness as well.

Can you use a staple gun on plywood?

If you are intended to joining the plywood in any way then we would highly recommend you not to use any kind of chemicals such as glue. Instead of this you can use the staple gun but make sure you choose accordingly to get the better results.

What size nails should I use for framing?

Framing is one of the highly sensitives tasks to do so you need to stay cautious with the nails size while using them for framing. So specifically, you must have to use 3 1/2 inches nails to get the efficient results.

What is the best way to remove staples from wood?

In any case you need to remove the staples from wood, you shouldn’t have to do it directly with your hands as it can be dangerous for you. You can simply go for the screw drivers or pocket knives to get the better results. You can also go for the professionally design staples removing tools as well.

How do you use a staple gun on wood?

Generally, it depends what kind of staple gun you have chosen but in majority of the models you just have to apply a little bit of pressure on the nose of the staple gun and have to apply it accurately on the targeted area to get the better results. To do it even more accurately you can check out the user manual to have some pro tips.

Do staples hold better than nails?

Nails with the single edge will not be able to do the most desiring tasks for you so you must always have to go for the staples that are tend to hold the target tightly. Not only this but in case of any miss hit the staples will easily be removed.

Is it better to use screws or nails for framing?

Framing is a kind of fragile task to do and screws have clearly snapping nature. So, you must always have to go for the nails that will not only serve you with the better functionality but also would be easy to manage.

Can I use 3 inch nails for framing?

Framing will require you to stay on balanced line of not so thick or not so thin nails. It is because using the thin nails will let you face the performance hiccups and going for the thick ones can also split the wood so the ideal size of nails for framing is 3 1/2 inches long ones.

How do I choose a framing nailer?

Choosing a framing nailer will ask you to check out the top 10 factors that can make or break your user experience. All of those factors are described in detail, under buying guide section, you can check it now.

Are cordless framing nailers any good?

Yes, cordless framing nailers are so much of fun because they will always be ready for you to use without any issues such as wire tangling. On the other edge, you must have to keep in mind that the model must be with the high battery timing so you don’t have to charge it over and over during time taking projects.

Why does my staple gun keep jamming?

There could be different reasons behind this and not getting the right product is on the top of the list. To prevent this sort of issues, make sure you consider our shortlisted products. For those who have already spend their money on staple gun for picture framing try to choose the right size staples otherwise due to size issue, you might have to face performance issues.

What are staple guns used for?

Staple guns have numberless applications in which fixing the different materials together, picture framing, roofing, wiring, house wrap and many others are included. This tool must be chosen wisely to get the long lasting results.

What is the best cordless nail gun for framing?

Going for the cordless nail guns for framing would be a life saver decision you will ever have, but spending on any of the cordless model is not recommended at all because you shouldn’t have to ignore the feature checking phase. You can rely on our shortlisted products that are being chosen by keeping in mind all the standards to keep your user experience on top priority.

What is the lightest framing nail gun?

In the above section all the shortlisted staple guns for framing are extremely light weight and easy to carry. You can spend your money on any of them without giving it another thought.

Can you staple into aluminum?

Yes, the heavy-duty ones can effectively deal with the high-end material such as steel, aluminum. All you need to do is choose wisely to have the better user experience without breaking into your bank.

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