12 Best Slim Boots To Buy In 2021 – {Updated Buyer’s Guide}

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Slim LegsNo one can have a complete and ready look before going out of his dressing room without a pair of perfect and matching shoes. Shoes are of different types even like sandals, slim boots, heels, or flats and all are selected on different bases. People used to dress up for different occasions, events, parties, get-togethers and functions and for that they shop a lot. Shopping to get a beautiful dress and matching accessories is always a tradition which we all follow every time. But buying a best pair of boots is not only for any function or occasion. Shoes are something which everyone have to buy whatever his/her circumstances may be as they are for the comfort of their feet not a luxury item which anyone can skip. Each season and weather require a different type of shoes like you can’t wear open sandals in winter when the temperature is showing negative numbers. In such case companies are producing different types and styles of shoes for each season, type of weather and also for each area of world. Mostly, it’s noticed that women are more found of shopping as compared to men and you will also notice that our markets are full of different types of women accessories in various styles as compared to that of men accessories.

As we know shoes help us in walking, running and keeping our feet safe from every kind of outer environment either it’s raining, snowing or hot like a dessert. In this case with the evolution of technology, history of mankind and advancement in manufacturing techniques not only manufacturers but also the buyers are getting very keen and choosy while selecting a pair of shoes for them. Now a days you can even find a pair of shoes with a 0.5point difference in size which wasn’t easy to find in remote past. Companies are now working so hard to compensate their customer and to fulfill their needs. You will see a large number of shoe brands in market who have their own specific strategies while manufacturing the shoes for their customers. Not each company has specific type of customers but in such a vast variety of people all around the world everyone has different shape and type of feet that’s why you may find a specific company according to your needs and other may not. In such circumstances there are certain things which you may have to keep in mind before selecting any pair of shoes for you or while trying.

As each season comes with its own specific and unique features, similarly, the type of dressing style, shoe style and accessories also change. Winter season is a season when people need extra care and stuff to protect themselves from the extreme cold and rainy weather. People used to wear heavy jackets, gloves, hats and long boots to keep themselves warm. Someone can borrow a coat or jacket from his friend or family, but shoes are such items which you can’t borrow when you have a different size. In this scenario, people prefer to buy their own tall boots as they have to wear them whenever they go out in winters.

Why Do You Really Need to Buy A Pair Of New Boots?

First of all, people urge to buy a new pair of boots because their old ones are not now in a wearable condition. But not only this reason is the only one in each case. Mostly people love to buy a new pair of slim boots because they want to upgrade their old ones with a new style and type of boots. They may find some new design more attractive and appealing. Sometimes people plan a holiday or outing and for that they need some specific type of new boots which make them to purchase a new pair of best slim boots for them to fulfill their needs. Some people are shoes lovers and their hobby are to collect different types and kinds of shoes. They love to wear matching accessories with all of their dresses.

How To Select A Best Pair Of Slim Boots For You?

In winters you can wear a long coat or furry jacket which will hide your dress completely but still your feet are outside, and you need a best pair of boots to cover them. In this type of situation people shop hard to find a pair of perfect boots to compete the strength of cold weather and stay in style as well. The most important factor in shoe shopping is the level of comfortability which is different for each person. If a pair of slim boots is good for one customer, then it may not as good for another one. So, in this best slim boot guide you will get some really helpful tips which will help you in selecting and buying the best slim boots for you.

  • Find out the right size of your feet.
  • Make sure for which weather you are buying for
  • You must know the type of occasion if you are buying for any special occasion
  • You must know your height so you can select an exact type of heel (if any)
  • You own leg shape is a very important factor in shoe selection
  • You must know either you want a buckled boot or with a zip fastening
  • Are you good at tying the laces or not? Or you want a slip-on boot?

These Are Some Points Which You Must Know Before Shopping. Now You Must Want To Know The Importance Of Each Point And Here Is The Answer:

  • You must know the right size of your feet as if you buy an even 0.5point smaller or bigger size you will be in big trouble. Your perfect will only be the best selection. If your boot is smaller you can’t walk or run properly as your feet will become hurt or injured badly, of if it is bigger then your feet will come out with every step to take.
  • The selection according to weather condition is an important point as in some countries and regions the winter season is very cold and other regions doesn’t have such cold weather due to different in geographical locations. In eastern countries the temperature doesn’t fall too much in winters but in western countries there is snowfall and temperature go in minus degrees. So, keeping in mind the condition of weather is the most important point.
  • Type of occasion or reason is also very important as some people are doing long day standing or patrolling jobs, some have planned a holiday of hill station, some love hiking, and someone only need it for a routine walk. In this case each one has his own preference and type of need so, the selection of boot must be according to that. Companies are manufacturing a vast range of shoes according to all major needs and occasions so you must consult with the salesperson or the option available at online store if you are shopping online.
  • Some boot come with heels either a block heel or wedge so, you must know your height and weight which will help you in selecting a pair of boots to maintain your balance after wearing them.
  • Your leg shape and type are also very important as mostly in winters people love to wear long and slim boots which will not only cover their feet but also their legs as well. In this case if you have slim leg structure then you must go for long slim boots otherwise select according to the comfort level of your leg’s structure. If you buy some sort of tight shoe, then you may experience muscle discomfort in your legs while wearing them.
  • Shoes fastening is also a major issue sometime. Some people prefer to have a buckle on their shoes instead of laces of zip. Here are some other reasons as well like short heighted people are good at fastening their shoes instead of long heighted. So, each person has his own specific likes and dislikes in this case as well. You must check this point as well before purchases your selected pair of slim boots.
  • Some boots only come with laces; in this scenario you must know how to tie laces instead of falling in a big trouble. Untie laces can make you fall while walking.

The above-mentioned tips will definitely help you a lot in finding the best pair of boots for you in your next shopping trip.

The guide below will mention a number of best slim boots which are selected by our experts and these selections are made according to majority of customer’s likes and dislikes.

1. Life Stride Women’s X-Anita Boots – Best Narrow Shaft Boots

If someone is looking for a durable and long lasting heavy duty women’s boots which are long as well then it will be the best choice as being number one in the list it’s being the best slim boot for women in winters. As we go for the previous reviews, you may also find that customers are very satisfied with their purchases. Being a winter boot, it comes in different all-time favorite colors i.e. Black, Brown, Skin and Camel. The collection of different colors makes it a perfect choice for any women who wants to have a matching accessory this winter. You can wear it with any of your dress, coat or jacket. Its shape and style are slim and sleek and your whole appearance will look slim and smart when you pair your dress with these slim boots. While looking at its price range, these boots are very affordable and even low in range as compared to other boots of same style.

It consists of synthetic sole which not only completes its look but will also give you a comfort and smooth experience while wearing it. Strong and durable sole is one of the main important features of any boot especially in winter collection as buyer may have to wear them while raining or snowing. Another most promising feature is its opening size which is approximately 14.17” wide open so you can easily wear it without any need of zip or buckle for fastening. You may find a buckle on one side of each boot which is just for styling. It comes with a heel of approximately 1.25” which is not so big, and anyone can easily manage to wear it, it will neither drop your balance not make you so heighted. These boots come in the category of “Knee High boots”.

  • Long lasting heavy duty women’s boot
  • Synthetic sole
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Affordable price range
  • Zip fastening
  • Best slim boots for winter
  • Comes with a 1.25” heel
  • Knee high boot
  • Not Any.

2. Women’s Brilliance Riding Boot – Boots For Ladies With Small Calves

If you are looking for something very classy and also in vintage style, then it will be the best choice for you. You can get these small calve boots in three different colors i.e. Whiskey, Fudge Brown Smooth and Black. All colors are extremely appropriate for winter season. Either you wear them while walking, going out for a get together or for shopping, you will feel great comfort and your look will be so stylish.  The material used in their manufacturing is synthetic material which makes it more comfortable and stylish and durable as well. These best slim small calve boots are very light in weight so you don’t need to worry about the weight as you may already wearing very heavy coat or jacket over them.

Some people experience sweating while wearing boots or shoes either it’s summer or winter, in this case they always look for a such soles which are breathable and keep their feet sweat proof. These boots have a feature of memory form inner sole which will give your feet a cooling effect so your feet will not sweat anymore and stay in a certain temperature inside. You can also order these boots in a wider calf size as well as manufacturers are taking care of all type of their customers.

While looking at its outer appearance, it comes in a matte finish with a pair of studs for styling. For the boot fastening purpose you will have a long zip which will help you in wearing these boots for comfortably. Zip fastening is so easy that you can easily take them on and off. You don’t need to hold any support while wearing them, as it’s so simple that you just open the zip and wear these boots. It comes with a very small size of heel which will help you in maintain your balance and also gives you a stylish look.

These boots will definitely help you in upgrading your wardrobe in a very stylish way.

  • Multiple color option
  • Matte finish style
  • Zip fastening
  • Synthetic sole
  • Memory foam inner sole
  • Available in wide calf
  • Not Any.

3. Women’s Penny Classic Boots – Unique Skinny Boots For Skinny Calves

These skinny slim calves are ranked third on this guide. They are bit expensive but the quality you will get are higher as compared to their price. These boots come in three different colors i.e. Whiskey, Black and Brown. The material used for the manufacturing of these boots is 100% leather with a synthetic sole. These boots are so stylish and durable that your winter will very modern and comfortable. These knee boots come with beveled topline and the outer leather is very easy to clean. If you got anything on these boots you can easily wipe it out with either a damp cloth or tissue. Being a 100% original leather, you don’t need to use any liquid or silicone polish to polish these boots instead you just need a clean piece of cloth. Any hard brush can rip the leather off and your boots will be damaged. Spending a good amount of money one time will save you from further buying of any accessories for it. You can wear these boots easily in any weather condition either in rain.

These slim calve boots comes with a long zip at the back side which will help you in wearing these boots easily and with great comfort. The heel of these slim boot is 1.25” with a platform height of 0.25”. The sole and heel detailing will help you in maintaining your balance throughout your wearing experience.

For styling purpose, a cluster of leather pieces are attached on the ankle position for better foot adjustment and comfort. Also antique style buttons are used for detailing as well. Company has put a lot of stress on comfortability level that their customers can easily wear their boots. The classic styling of these boots also gives them a modern and vintage style look at the same time. But still you will find it a complete youthful style which a person from any age group can wear.

  • 100% leather
  • Heel of 1.23” inches
  • Zip fastening
  • Modern style women’s boots
  • Waterproof material
  • A bit expensive

4. Women’s Fur-Lined Boots – Fitted Boots For Skinny Calves

The fourth in list we have Women’s Fur Lined Boots which have a different feature of having faux fur lining at the inner side. The selection of these boots is made on different appealing features of these slim boots. Most prominent features are inner faux fur lining, outer rubber TRP material, synthetic sole, side zip, 1” high heel and 0.5” high platform. If you review the price range of these boots, you will find these in a very affordable budget range. But still you will get all major features in these boots which are most desirable by any customer.

Company has mentioned that if someone has a wider foot then they have to order a 1 number bigger size for comfortable wearing. These knee long boots come in a wide range of different colors and with two sizes i.e. full size and half size. Side zip fastening is the most appealing feature of these boots as you can wear in or out easily with the help of such long zip. More importantly the inner faux fur lining makes it warmer and more comfortable. Your feet will keep in a warmer temperature for the whole time due to inner lining.

The outer TRP material is easy to clean and maintain, you can wear these boots all around the winter in any weather condition and keep your feet safe. Due to knee high length your legs till knees will also stay warm and safe. The side buckle is only for styling and will give you a stylish look. Its heel is only 1” heigh so if you are already a long heighted woman then still you don’t need to worry about it.

As these boots have a TRP outer and synthetic sole so, you can keep them clean easily either by using an ordinary market polish or a with a clean damp cloth. Avoid using any hard brush for cleaning as it may damage the outer material, but a soft brush or piece of foam will be fine.

  • Synthetic sole
  • Affordable price range
  • Multiple color option
  • 1” inch heel
  • TRP outer material
  • Not for wider sizes
  • Need to order 1 size bigger for wide foot fitting

5. Women’s Glydia Knee High Boot – Boots For Thin Calves

The next in the list are Calvin Klein Women’s Glydia Knee high boots. The stylish look of these boots makes it a very unique and modern pair of boots. The best slim boots are very appropriate for any function, party or occasion in winters. The styling details of these slim boots are very appealing that no one can ignore these boots. These knee high slim boots come in five different colors so, you have a wide range of colors to select from and it’s really a very cool feature. The sole is made up of synthetic material which is lighter in weight and very comfy at the same time.

The material used of these boots is leather which makes it very durable and reliable to use in winter weather specially as in winter there may be rain or snow so the outer material of any boot must be strong and durable to bear all weather conditions. It comes with a high heel style i.e. 3 ¼” high. The heel style gives it more stylish and slimmer look and will make your appearance more modern and slimmer than ever before. On one side where this heel gives it a stylish look, it may give you a balancing problem if you are first time heel wearer. So, from this point of view you must make sure that the heel style and size is manageable and comfortable for you.

To enhance the styling side of these boots, manufacturers have added the gold CK hardware detailing on the top of these boots which complete its look. You will have a long zip at the back side of these boots which will help you in wearing these boots with a great comfort and ease.

  • Knee high long boots
  • Slim boots for women
  • Best winter boots
  • 100% leather
  • Synthetic material for sole
  • Light in weight
  • 3 ¼” high heel
  • Slim heel style
  • Expensive price range

6. UGG Classic Tall II Boot – Soft Narrow Calf Fitting Boots

The boots which are fifth in the list are from UGG company. UGG company is famous all around the world for its quality work and customer satisfaction. Even though their boots are bit expensive, but you will not ever regret your purchase. The boots which are selected for this guide are knee high boots which are made up of 100% Twinface sheepskin and suede. It’s a dyed sheep fur originated from Australia which gives it a most stylish and comfortable look. The inner fur lining is its most promising feature which keeps your feet warm and safe in any weather condition. The sole is made up of synthetic material which maintains it weight very light and easy to manage. You will experience a breathable feeling while keeping your feet inside these boots.

The sheep skin is pretreated that it will repel moisture and stains for longer period of time. The outer sole is Treadlite by UGG company. The company is very confident about their style and design and they have mentioned that these boots will have 20% better traction on wet and dry both surfaces. The cushioning of these boots will last 25% extra than any ordinary boot.

These are flat boots which are very suitable for different women of different age groups, different ethnicity and with any medical condition. Mostly people with any health issues can’t wear even a 0.5” heel in that case these boots are best choice for them.

For the color selection, you will five different option from which you can select the most desirable color for yourself or either you want these for someone else as a gift. If anyone have a foot sweating problem and they can’t manage this issue, then with these boots they will not experience this issue any more as the inner sheep fur will help them in coping with this problem. Due to sheep skin and fur, the weight of these boots is only 12.6 ounce which is very light and easy to manage. You can easily wear these slim boots as boot opening is 16” around.

Pros & Cons

  • Original sheep skin and fur
  • Flat women boots
  • Best for women with any medical problem
  • 25% extra cushioning
  • Water and stain proof outer surface
  • Inner lining of sheep fur
  • Expensive price range

7. Women’s Devote Riding Boots – Cheap Skinny Calf Boots

The next boot in this list are of a unique style i.e. these boots are made up of 100% fabric material. The sole of these boots is made up of synthetic material which increases its comfortability level and also make it a lightweight boot. These are knee high slim boots with modern style designing and appearance. You will get these boots in Black color which is an all time favorite color by majority of customers and it’s also a universal color.

These boots have a block heel and approximately 17” around boot opening. You will also get a long zip at one side of these boots, so you can easily wear them. If you are worried about your short height, then these boots are the best knee high slim boots for you. They will not only save your feet from cold weather but also protect your legs as well. The inner memory foam cool fit insole will keep your feet in a most comfortable and warm environment and keep your foot sweat proof.

For designing purpose, company has attached a metallic ornament at one side of top of the boots and the zip is also in silver color which also gives a shinning look. You can wear these boots either with a short or long dress. Due to the use of fabric material, these boots are easy to clean and manage. You don’t need to spend any extra money on buying any cleaning stuff or material. You just need a soft brush to brush these boots and get rid of any dust particles.

  • Light in weight
  • 100% fabric material
  • Synthetic sole
  • Block heel for better balance
  • Modern and stylish design
  • Knee high boot for women
  • Higher price range
  • Not good for rainy season

8. Flat Knee High Boots – Stylish Riding Boots For Small Calves

The next slim boots of this guide are Flat knee high boots by WestCoast company. These boots are made up of fabric material which makes it very easy to wear and light in weight. These are over the knee slim boots which will give you a warm effect all around your legs. The sole is made up of synthetic material which also helps you to have a comfortable experience.

The styling of these boots is very different as it has a collar style at the top side which you can fold down or keep up. It comes with a small block heel which is very easy to manage, and you can also keep your balance easily. You will get a side half zip as well to wear these boots easily and laces to tie up at the back side of these boots. You can get these boots in two different colors i.e. black and skin.

If you are not a person who is comfortable with slim fit, then these boots are for you as their fitting and style will fit to any one and you will also have an option of tying laces lose to have a lose fitting. But if you want a slim fit look then you can tie the laces more closely and have a slim fit look.

  • Synthetic sole
  • Light in weight
  • Laces and zip for fastening
  • Fold down collar styling
  • Adjustable circumference
  • Affordable price range

    9. Women’s Passion Boot – Our Top Pick

    The next in our list is La Canadienne Women’s Passion boot. These knee high slim boots are made up of 100% leather and comes in a Black color. It has an ordinary design, but 100% leather material makes it a best choice as these boots are more durable and longer lasting. It also comes with a long zipper for fastening which will help you in wearing in and out easily. Black color is a universal color so you can pair these boots with any dress, coat or jacket.

    The small block heel of 1.5” of these slim boots makes it very comfortable. For cushioning purpose, the inner lining is made up of microfiber with a memory foam footbed. Your foot will be very relaxed and warm inside. The outer leather is of good quality and most important thing is that it’s Italian waterproof leather, so you can wear it in any weather condition without any fear of getting cold or damage to your feet.

    • 100% leather
    • Synthetic sole
    • Light in weight
    • Heel of 1.5” only
    • Knee high boots for winter season
    • Original Italian waterproof leather
    • Microfiber inner lining with memory foam footbed
    • Expensive price range

    10. Women’s Lexi Grand Boots – Astonishing Slim Calf Riding Boots

    These Cole Haan women’s Lexi Grand Stretch Strap boots are our next choice for you. These boots are also made up of leather and comes in two different colors i.e. Black and Cordovan. The leather material makes it waterproof, durable, reliable and easy to clean boots. Leather is a natural material so, it life time duration is also longer as compared to any other man made material. The sole of these boots is made up of rubber material which will gives you a comfortable and safe experience. Rubber is also a waterproof material so your foot will keep safe and warm.

    For styling purpose, company has used a buckle and strap design with a synthetic stretch weave design. But for opening and closing of these slim boots you will get a long zip. The inner lining of these boots is of fabric i.e. fully padded sock lining, which will give your feet warm feeling and great comfort level. It comes with a heel which is of about 1.25”.

    • Leather material is used
    • Rubber sole
    • Light in weight
    • Heel of 1.25” only
    • Zip for fastening
    • Fully padded sock inner lining
    • A bit high in price range

    11. Women’s Savin Hill Tall Boot – Full Length Narrow Leg Boots

    Another boots from another high quality and famous company, i.e. Timberland, is a part of our guide. These slim boots are for narrow calf and these are made up of 100% leather. Leather material is paired up with a rubber sole to make it light weight at the same time as well. It comes in black color which is suitable with any kind and type of dress, coat or jacket in winter season. IT comes with a very small hell i.e. only 1” high. Such heel is just for balancing and styling purpose, so you don’t need to worry about it if you’re not a heel lover person.

    You will have a long zip on one side of these boots for opening and closing of these boots. For styling and designing, an asymmetric topline featuring interwoven suede strip is styled at the back side of these boots. An ankle strap is also place with a big golden buckle on one side. A modern design look is also accomplished with a contrast stitching technique as well.

    • 100% leather
    • Rubber sole
    • Heel of about 1” inches only
    • Knee high riding boots for women

      12. GLAM Womens Thigh Boots – Excellent Boots For Thin Calves

      These ESSEX Glam Women Thigh high stretch calf boots are a part of this guide as they come in three different colors i.e. Khaki Faux suede, Grey Faux suede, and Burgundy Faux suede. These boots are made up of microfiber material and synthetic sole which are both light weight materials. It also comes with a heel which is of 1” inches high. The most appealing feature of these boots is its full elasticated leg style which will give you a full slim calf fitting and shape.

      You must check your own foot size first and then convert the mentioned sizes to US sizes as mentioned sizes are according to UK/EU foot measurements. These boots are very slim and sleek in design and microfabric material also plays an important role in their slim and smart structure. You will find these boots very easy to clean and keep safe for longer period of time if you take good care of them. Cleaning these boots with a soft brush will be very good instead of cleaning it with a hard brush which may rip off the microfabric’s tiny particles.

      • Microfiber material is used
      • Synthetic sole
      • Light in weight
      • Only 1” inch high heel
      • Full elasticated leg style for better leg fitting
      • Best slim boots for women
      • Affordable price

        FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

        What are the best boots for skinny calves?

        The boots with skin fitting design, lace tying and less opening diameter are good for skinny calves.

        What is the circumference of a narrow calf boot?

        It basically depends on the size of your calf majorly but if you want to get a number then 13.5” inches is the best size but it can 15.5” inches in a wider calf size.

        How can I shrink my boots calves?

        To shrink your boots calves, you can soak them in water for about an hour or little more, this will make your boots shrink in an equal manner. You can also wear a pair of soaks as well.

        What does high shaft boot mean?

        High shaft boots are those boots which are higher than your foot and rises above your foot over your calf.

        Should boots fit tight or loose?

        Boots should be fit not loose, as you will not have a comfortable experience if your boots are loose or tight.

        What is the average calf size for women's boots?

        Average calf size of a women’s boot is approximately 13.5” inches.

        Do boots stretch?

        Some materials like fabric and microfabric can stretch but material like leather and synthetic can’t.

        Should you buy boots half size bigger?

        No, you shouldn’t buy a boot which is even half size bigger than yours if you are sure about your size. But if your size is a wide fit size and the shoes are in slim fit then you can buy a bigger size.

        How much heel is normal in Boots?

        It depends your own height and weight. If your height is normal and above 5ft then you can wear 1” – 3” inches heel easily but if it’s more than 5ft then you must prefer a smaller heel size.

        What size calf is considered wide?

        15.5” inches are considered as the wider calf size.

        Do you buy Ugg boots one size smaller?

        It’s not a good idea to buy any boot of smaller size, not even UGG boots.

        Do boots fit bigger than shoes?

        Yes, in most cases as boots are close all around so a bigger size will accommodate your foot in a better way.


        From the above whole guide and recommendations, now you are much clearer about what and when to buy a best pair of boots for your personal use or for someone else. People must keep in mind some major and minor factors before making a purchase. The above list consists of a mixture of boots from different price ranges and companies and are selected just because of their appealing features. Different people have different likes and dislikes so keeping in mind such perspectives these selections are made.

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