6 Best Rugged Flip Phone To Buy In 2021 – (Updated Buyer’s Guide)

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Best Rugged Flip PhoneThere is a major concept that every advancement would be better than the previous inventions which is true to some extent but still there would be few things that you would miss in the newer ones. For example, let’s talk about the mobile phones, in past there was the keypad phone which later replaced by the touch one with numberless extensive features. Apparently, touch mobile phones are way better than those but have you ever imagined still touch phones have various disadvantages that are working as slow poisoning. When it comes to comparison among various features then old keypad phones are still ruling the world such as battery life which is far better than the touch phones.

Not only this but also, size is still better than the touch phones and one of the best things to know is, you wouldn’t have to be distractive with unlimited access to various online platforms. Smartphones are not a cup of tea for everyone so if you wanted to get back to the rugged flip phones then still you can do so because the rugged phones are not gotten rare yet so why worried?

Before jumping to the rugged mobile phone, we would like to mentioned, people would love to go for the rugged flip phone due to high functionality and classy design. Now you might start thinking that why you should go for the options that we have chosen for you then here is your answer:

Why Us?

First of all, we have chosen the shortlisted products in a very natural yet authentic way. By picking up the most demanding rugged flip phones, we choose a bunch of people from our different teams and handed then these phone so we could learn about the real time feedback from them. At the end out professional editors, summarized all the different yet honest reviews from users to portray the clearer picture of each product. So, without getting worried about your user experience and hardly earned money you can rely on us.

Why You Should Switch To A Flip Phone?

There are bunch of reasons that will compel you to go for the rugged flip phones so don’t miss out.

  • Make time for yourself and your family by saying goodbye to smartphone addiction by switching on rugged flip phones.
  • Being in virtual world a lot can make you feel sick so you don’t have to get worried simply have to get back to the teenager life even while being in your 30s or 40s.
  • Technology influencers are predicting that it is hard to be rebellious towards technology advancement but by switching yourself from smartphone to the rugged flip phones is going to be a victory for you.
  • People mostly think more about their online life rather than living the moment so rugged phones will take you to real life from the virtual one.
  • You can do all the things that were replaced by the smartphones so you would love more than anything else.
  • Using smartphones and being connected to online life will be a threat for your privacy so make sure to go for the rugged flip phones so to stay away from privacy breaching issues.
  • Dropping your phone accidently might be a normal thing but when it comes to smartphones, then they are not as stronger to bear the damage. On the other edge, the rugged flip phones will do wonders for you.
  • No matter wherever you go, you don’t have to be worried about the battery life and have to quit charging your phone every day more than one times.
  • The overall bill will get reduced as compared to smartphones so stop burning a hole in your pocket.

Now it’s time to know about some major factors that you need to consider before buying any rugged phone.

Read Before Spending Your Money On High Tech Flip Phone (Buying Guide 2021)


In majority cases you will get same size in all the rugged flip phones but still there would be some of the variants. You can use the phone according to your needs or requirements, after getting a bigger size, you will get better screen size but you wouldn’t be able to call it compact one. On the other edge, smaller or pocket friendly design would be fun but smaller screen can decrease clarity for you. The best solution for this issue is getting a compact model with the bigger possible screen so you don’t have to compromise on any of the feature.

Price And Brand:

The simple yet successful formula of getting rugged flip phone according to budget range is, creating a perfect ratio between features you are about to get and the price you are about to spend can give you the ideal product. As far as it is concerned with the brand then you must have to check for the market value of any of the brand to have the idea about its product quality.

Keypad Quality And Backlight:

The keypad quality in different sets would be different and here you need to consider we wouldn’t force you to get soft or hard keypad at all. You just have to go for the comfortable choice so even if you have to go for the prolonged texting with your friends and family, you don’t get annoyed at all. Furthermore, the keypads with the backlight would be a great choice you would ever made because it will allow you to enjoy keypad in all kinds of light conditions.

Battery Life:

This is the core feature that must not be neglected at all and while choosing the phone you must have to check both standby battery life and usage battery life.

Basic Features:

Getting the rugged flip phone is not something that will ask you to quite the basic features but you have to check all the much-needed features in any of the rugged flip phone. Such as making calls, messages, different notification modes and many others so make sure to get the perfect package for yourself.

Water Proof:

One thing which is hard to find in smartphones is water protection but latest rugged flip phones are something more than blessing. It is because all of these will be water proof so no matter you are hiking or have to stroll around in different weather conditions nothing is going to harm your handsets and especially is you have to go for outdoor activities then rough handling would be deal easily.

Camera Quality:

Rugged flip phones will come up in the different variants so you have to find it either it has camera or not. If the camera is included then you must have to check its quality to get the unbeatable capturing results.


Every rugged flip phone will have some of the memory that can be extended with the help of SD cards so you not only have to check for the memory but also have to check for SD card compatibility.

This was all about the buying guide section now it’s time to dive into the reviews section where all the shortlisted products are about to be revealed.

What Is The Best Flip Phone? (Reviews)

Before adding any of the following products in your shopping cart don’t forget to specify you needs or requirements to get the high suitability.

1. Rugged GSM – Best Flip Phone 2021

Plum Rugged Flip Phone 4G GSM Unlocked Water Proof Shock Proof IP68...
  • NOT FOR USE IN THE USA - This Phone is Factory Unlocked and is compatible with any service provider in the world EXCEPT...
  • 5MP Camera with Flash, 2. 4" Display, Big and Easy to use Keypad, Dual SIM
  • Bluetooth, FM Radio, Loudspeaker, (radio, music or calls could be played on speaker) 1200 mah battery 120 hours standby
  • What's IN THE box? Phone, Charger, Cable, Desk top Charger, headphones, Quick Guide, battery
  • UNLIMITED LIFETIME Support - support@plum-mobile.com

Our first pick is one of those best flip phones 2021 that are best combination of beauty and beast so let’s dive into its details. With the bigger display this one of the most amazing and flip style smartphones will take clarity to another level. Along with this to capture your favorite moment in this flip top cell phone 5MP camera is being added and to add more fuel to it dual sim option is available. Isn’t it amazing?

Furthermore, the design is classy yet eye catching because this one of the most durable flip phones has the breathable build so while using it for hours, nothing is going to make you feel tired or your hands slippery. The clock and date display would be over the top so unlike other products you will be able to notice these both without flipping up your phone. Even you can enjoy multimedia in which audio/video and more amazingly FM radio is also included. If you wanted to grab any of the data from any other phone or wanted to share your data then you can simply pair this Bluetooth flip phone and everything would be as amazing as you can imagine.

Battery life is quite amazing and even on standby as well as while using battery drainage wouldn’t be a thing to get worried about it. Not only this but also it is removeable so over the time in case of any issues you can replace the battery as well. This basic flip phone is compatible with a wide range of mobile phones and you can even charge it while driving with desktop charger.

  • Fast charging
  • Less battery drainage
  • Bluetooth
  • FM radio
  • Multimedia
  • High compatibility
  • Alluring design
  • Dual sim enabled
  • Nothing to complain about.

2. Easy Fone Prime-A1 – Best Flip Phone With Good Camera

Easyfone Prime-A1 3G Unlocked Senior Flip Cell Phone, Big Button Hearing...
  • Classic flip design, Flip to answer calls; Big button for easy dialing, Big Volume for easy hearing and with simple...
  • 2.4'' HD Main Display+1.44'' External colorful screen, Big Font & Big Icon for easy viewing; 2.0MP camera,...
  • Special SOS button with ICE Manual; M1 and M2 Dedicated Direct dial keys and # Key 2-9 eight numbers can be set as Speed...
  • Cutting Edge M4/T4 Hearing Aid Compatibility(HAC), ideal for the customers with hearing aid devices.
  • Compatibility Nationwide on 2G/3G MVNOs carriers work on AT&T network(Activated Prepaid SIM Card) like Tracfone/Straight...

Getting more than one color options in your favorite rugged flip phone would be quite aesthetic thing to fall for same as this thinnest flip phone. You can choose your favorite color and along with desktop charger would add next level style statement in your taste. The time display wouldn’t be alone to reside on top screen but it will pair up with battery life and signal strength so you can get all the details from here. The overall navigation controls are quite fun because even not so pro users will be able to use it without any assistance. The keypad of this flip phone smartphone is not only stylish but also will not put on a lot of strain on your hands while texting.

The speakers and microphone are going to give you full of clarity results so you don’t have to spoil your user experience while attending calls. This best flip phones for sale will give you extensively fun results especially if you would like to save data in it, then you can add SD card but make sure it doesn’t get exceed than 16GB. Furthermore, removeable battery is not worth having one but also certified as safest yet highly functional one. When you have to insert your sim card in this one of the prepaid flip phones then without any performance hiccups you would be able to do so.

All the controls such as volume control, charging port and handsfree port are being added on the side to make these easy to reach. The overall design is cutting edge that can serve people with hearing aid devices so wouldn’t it be the best present for your grandpa this Christmas?

2 MP camera and flash lights would add more fun to make this flip phone 2020 best decision you would ever made.

  • Affordable
  • Cutting edge design
  • Fully functional and easy controls
  • IC/CF certified
  • Bigger display
  • Camera and flash light included
  • Nothing to complain about.

3. Alcatel QUICKFLIP – Best Flip Phone On Market

Alcatel QUICKFLIP 4044C | 4G LTE | HD Voice FlipPhone | Cricket Unlocked...
  • Will a GSM phone work for me: GSM unlocked phones will work on Supported Networks with a NANO SIM Cards (Sim NOT...
  • Will this work for me: (GSM): 850, 900, 1800, 1900, 2100, 4G LTE: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 12, (MFBI) contact Service provider to...
  • How long will it last me: The battery capacity is 1350 mAh (a Removable TLi013C1) which can last 8 solid hours of...
  • Phone's Best Feature: Simply Put the HD Voice capability its Crystal clear calls and reduced background noise. Sleek...
  • What does GSM Mean: Service providers that Use SIM Cards for Service like AT&T and T-Mobile as well others that support...

If you are not fan of rigid surfaces then you can go for the slim and shiny options same like this one of the modern flip phones that clearer display with symbolic buttons. The back of this one of the unlocked flip phones is matt finished to keep it non-slipper even if your hands are sweaty or wet. Apart from this, 1350 mAh is being added in this 4g flip phone that will last for 8 hours easily but in case you are not a frequent user then it can even serve you with 16 days long battery life. Unlike other rugged flip phones available in the market, you don’t have to face any background noises while being on calls because the HD speakers and microphones are being added to give you better than ever results.

The screen is made with the intelligent technology so after using it for hours, it will not affect your eyes at all. Sleek and compact design will not only be a great choice for your bag but also when you have to travel a lot and getting browser services will not be an issue here.

  • Better call quality
  • Noise free services
  • Easy to maintain
  • Space efficient
  • Budget friendly
  • Loud enough speaker
  • Vibration is weak.

4. Samsung Rugby – Best Flip Phone With Email

Samsung Rugby 3 A997 GSM Unlocked Rugged Flip Phone - Gray/Black...
  • ULTRA Ruggedized Phone - EXTREMELY STRONG
  • IP67 certified - dust tight and water proof (up to 1m for 30 mins)
  • MIL-STD-810G certified - salt, dust, humidity, rain, vibration, solar radiation, transport and thermal shock resistant
  • GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900; 3G HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100
  • 2.4" TFT Display + Secondary external CSTN display; 3.15MP Camera (2048 x 1536 pixels) + Video
  • Unlocked cell phones are compatible with GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile as well as with GSM SIM cards (e.g. H20,...

Being Samsung fan, you wouldn’t have to purchase any other rugged flip phone because this brand is working in flip phones since ages so this one of the best flip phones has the stronger possible build. This one of the best 4g flip phones is not only water proof but also if you have to hover around on dusty areas then anti-dust is must to fall for feature. Unlike other rugged flip phones this best flip phone ever will do wonders for you with the shock proof technology and all the ports are covered perfectly so nothing can damage your overall experience at all.

All the controls are well defined and one thing which is hard to find in rugged flip phones is GPS feature but in this smart flip phone you don’t have to compromise over it at all. While closing any of the rugged flip phone, the harsh noise cane be annoying but in this unlocked gsm flip phone the rubber guards are being added so to get rid of this issue. Apart from all of these mesmerizing features, you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket but within the budget you can get all the premium features. The overall design is entirely durable so what are you waiting for to add this one of the latest flip phones in your shopping cart.

  • GPS included
  • Rubber guards
  • Covered ports
  • Noise free results
  • 3.1 MP camera
  • Shock proof
  • Water proof
  • Ant- dust model
  • Nothing to complain about.

5. Ushining 3G – Best Rated Flip Phone

Ushining 3G Unlocked Flip Phone Dual Screen Dual SIM Mobile Phones...
  • 【Carrier】Ushining 3G flip cell phone, work with prepaid sim card like AT&T 3G, T-Mobile 3G/2G or any carrier...
  • 【Super Convenient】Easy to Charge the Phone(Charge by the Charging Dock Or Line Imediately ) Nice flip phone for...
  • 【Additional Features】Alarm clock,Calculator,MP3/MP4 Player,Bluetooth: 3.0,FM Radio,Write Message,Camera,Support the...
  • 【1200mAh Ultra-large-capacity】Standby Time 200 (hours) ,Voice talk time 300 (min),The Battery is Durable,Long...
  • 【Important Tips】It is a 3G basic cell phone and most Carriers have stopped activating new sim card for 3G device,...

When you have to get rid of the mobile addiction then nothing can be better than this best flip phone 2021 because it will cut down fewer features to take you back to rugged flip phones step by step. You can use the flash light and to add more fun to this rugged flip phone bluetooth as well as FM radio like features are being added. In case of any emergency, you can go for the SOS feature which is available directly via button. As far as it is concerned with the additional features then you can enjoy calendar, alarm clock, camera and many others.

All the ports in this best unlocked flip phone are at the bottom and you would be glad to enjoy USB port for quick data transport. The battery life is going to be highly aesthetical as this one of the top rated flip phones can even serve you up to 200 hours with talk time and anti-slippery design is everything that you shouldn’t have to miss at all.

With the 3G enabled services you can get into the virtual world while using this one of the flip phone smartphones. By default, the phone settings are more than amazing but this flip phone with gps will not limit your overall functionality and if you wanted to gift it to your parents or elders then charging dock will make it easier for them to charge it with no time.

  • Easy to maintain
  • 3G services
  • Charger dock for elders
  • Numberless color options
  • Direct sim1/sim2 controls
  • Bigger speaker and bold screen
  • Custom settings
  • Bigger flash light
  • Nothing to complain about.

6. Unihertz Atom – Most Advanced Flip Phone

Unihertz Atom, The Smallest 4G Rugged Smartphone in The World, Android 9.0...
  • Smallest 4G Rugged Smart Phone 4GB RAM 64GB ROM
  • Unlocked Mobile Phone NFC OTG Fingerprint Scanner Type C
  • Super Mini 4G Cell Phone Android 9.0 Pie
  • Unihertz Atom

In the bunch of flipping phones if you wanted to go even more simple then you can spend your money on this flip phone with camera that not only have the smaller design but is perfect for all of those who are tending to go for the rugged phones. This one of the smartphone flip phones has the same size as your credit card then if you wanted to go on secret adventure then nothing can be better than this. Getting the water proof feature in this best prepaid flip phone is one of those features that will push you to spend your hardly earned money on this rugged phone.

Both rare and front camera of this one of the coolest flip phones are more than fun, not only this but also the package includes all the supportive items in which charger, sim opener, even phone hanging ribbon and many others so you don’t have to spend more bucks to get what you are looking for. Apart from this you would be amazed to know this one of the android flip phones is android 9.0 supportive so what is bothering you to make a worth having purchasing?

You can even lock or unlock your phone with finger print scanner so what are you waiting for?

  • Highly water proof
  • Tinniest yet highly functional
  • 64GB memory
  • Phone holder ribbon included
  • In budget option
  • Finger print scanner
  • Fast charging
  • Astonishing battery life
  • Nothing to complain about.


If you are looking for the rugged flip phones then you have landed on the right place because switching to rugged phone will reveal a lot of benefits that we have mentioned on the top section of this page. Furthermore, it would be quite harder to find out the right or even barely a rugged flip phone so we have done a lot research so you don’t have to. In our all the shortlisted products, the next level features are being served so without any confusion you can rely on any of these. Before make any purchasing, we would highly recommend you not only to specify your needs but to have a look on the buying guide section.

Furthermore, each product has its positive and negative side so be wise in your decisions. In case you find something missing or wanted to add something more than you can reach us via provided email or can knock us via given below comment section.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best flip phone for the money?

In this article, all the available options are under budget so feel free to get any of this while being in budget. To get to know about the fun formula to get product according to your budget range you have to dive into the buying guide section.

What flip phones will work in 2021?

This might sound like miracle that rugged flip phones are still available and they are working as amazingly as you can imagine. What flip phones are still winning hearts and which one can be in your shopping cart are few riddles that can be resolved by diving into this article from top to bottom.

Who makes a rugged flip phone?

There are only few well-known and entirely trustworthy manufacturers that are making rugged flip phones. In our shortlisted stacks of rugged phones, we have taken out the most demanding products even from leading brands such as Samsung and LG but to know more about this you are recommended to get into this post from start to end.

Is it cheaper to have a flip phone?

Yes, the flip phones are far cheaper than the current smartphone category because the hardware which is being used in flip phones would be cheaper. Even if you have the low budget limits then still there is something to serve you with, in this post so don’t forget to explore available options.

Does anyone still use a flip phone?

You would be shocked to know that, there are still plenty of people that are using flip phones especially people from old age who are not familiar much with the current technology. Even currently many people from current era such as hikers, scientists, researchers and many others who have to stay connected without getting distracted by the smart applications are falling for the flip phones.

What is the best flip phone in 2021?

Even if you are hovering around to hunt the most suitable flip phone in 2021 then you shouldn’t have to give it another thought and have to straightly get into this post so to find out more about the available options. Here is a pro tip for you don’t forget to look around in buying guide section to know what you must have to consider before investing your money in any of the rugged flip phone.

How much does a flip phone cost now?

The rugged flip phone will cost you differently but according to rough estimation, you can get your desired phone within $100.we have introduced a simple formula to spend on rugged flip phones, you have to read buying guide section provided in this article.

Does LG still make flip phones?

LG is one of the leading brands and you would be amazed to know that they are still making the rugged flip phones as recently they have introduced wine smart handset. If you are looking for more options from LG then you can read the reviews section for better idea.

Which phone has the toughest screen?

Getting a phone with the toughest screen would be worth spending your money on, there are more than one available option in rugged flip phones with toughest screen. You just have to dive into this post from start to end.

How long does a flip phone last?

Well, the longevity of your flip phone will based on the handset you have bought and your usage as well as on the fact that how you are taking care of it. Going for sturdiest model and using it with great care will increase the longevity of flip phone.

What to consider while buying rugged flip phone?

Before spending your money on any of the rugged flip phone, you must have to take care of various factors that are being mentioned in the buying guide section. All of those factors will vary from person to person so always try to specify your needs or requirement. • Size • Battery life • Basic features • Price and brand • Water proof coating • Memory • Keypad and backlight

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