10 Best Portable Electric Stove To Buy In 2021 – {Updated Buyer’s Guide}

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Best Portable Electric StoveKitchen appliances have great significance and will require your as attentive behavior as you have in your overall home décor selection. When it comes to the stove selection, you might have a massive range in front of you but only a few of them will work for you according to your needs. On the other hand, finding out the best ones will require a lot of time and hassle so we have made it easier for you. In this article, we have brought on all the best portable electric stoves for you but before moving down we would highly recommend you to read out the next section of the buyer’s guide.

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Without any further due let’s get started with the buyer’s guide.


Read Before Buying The Best Portable Electric Stove (Buying Guide 2021)

Heating POWER

You would notice that different electric stoves will serve you with different heating powers. You will get a piece of detailed information about the heating power of any of the stoves. With more heating power the stove will be able to cook the for efficiently and in less time. Choose wisely so you could grab the right product to meet your all cooking needs without being annoying at all.

Number Of Stoves And Types

You can switch between the different number of stoves according to your needs but the stove selection doesn’t get end here because you also have to choose your desired stove type as well out of the various ones. The cooktops that have ceramic and glass plates wouldn’t be recommended at all because when it comes to portability you couldn’t go for the fragile ones at all. You must have to go for the cooktops with the coil stoves because that will provide you even better heating levels but they would be a little bit space-consuming when you have to move with them.

Another option of the induction stoves is available that will provide you maximum heat distribution so, with less power wastage or consumption, you will be able to take your user functionality to the top of the list. Always try to choose those heating tops that will require you less maintenance with the numberless benefits.

Material And Durability

When you are looking for portable stoves then you must have to consider the sturdiest material so even with the rough handling it doesn’t get damaged or push you towards the undesirable results at all. Stainless steel and cast aluminum are some of the best possible materials to consider for your electric stoves.


This feature is as important as the power food for your daily routine. You must have to go for those products that are fair enough with all the safety precautions. Many of the worth having products that we have shortlisted are going to work for you even if you forget to switch off the stove with the automatic power-off feature. Not only this but also you will be served with the powerful heating mode locking system so if you have the kids around then you don’t have to keep them away from it. Your food doesn’t get burned out so you must have to prefer those products that can serve you with the timer option as well.

Power Mode Switching Ability

This is one of the rarest features that you will get in the few products but if you are getting power switching ability in any of the stoves then you must have to consider it. This ability will let you switch from one power mode to another one. In simple words, you would easily be able to meet your cooking or warming needs. We have chosen all the possible products that can serve you with separate cooking and heating up modes.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning is the major part when you have to use your stove daily during your travel. There are many products are available in the market that will serve you with the aesthetic features but when it comes to the cleaning then it will push you into the hassle. You must don’t have to go for the complicated designs at all because it will ask you to follow the complicated cleaning equipment and methods. In the next few sections where we have shortlisted different products, we have kept in mind the simple cleaning to make it convenient for you. Furthermore, it would be a great idea to choose a plain surface rather than the coiling or other designs to make your cleaning timeless than ever.

Size And Design

You can grab the electric stoves of the various sizes as per your needs or requirements but if you are going on camping with a few of your friends then we will highly recommend you to go for the single stove. On the other hand, if you are moving with your entire squad or with your family then you must have to go for the dual stove because it will let you cook multiple dishes at once. Not only this but also size will determine the portability chances of your stove.

Sometimes the massive countertop stove will be a great choice if you are planning to hangout outdoor and intended to go for the bbq parties then you will be able to grab some extra space over the top. This was all about the size that you can choose as per your needs but when it comes to design then no matter you are going for the single or dual stove, you always have to consider the most appealing design. Furthermore, you must have to keep in mind that the right dimensions will make it feasible for you to enjoy the ultimate portability. The attractive design is important but you shouldn’t have to miss the fact that the overall design must be user friendly so you don’t have to be that must pro to operate it.

Portability Or Mobility

This feature is one of the core ones, especially when you have to move around on the camping or hiking, having the lightweight stove will be a great deal to dig in. You don’t have to compromise on the weight at all but make sure if you are going to be served with the aesthetic features then go for a few extra lbs wouldn’t be that bad. Along with the weight limit, you must have to consider the design as well that either you can store it easily in your bag pack or not when you have to stroll around.

Number Of Power Level

You never have to limit your user experience at all because when you are traveling around you might have to deal with the different cooking needs so you must have to go for the multiple power levels. The flexible temperature settings are another level of customization that you must have to consider before spending your money on any of the electric stove. The stoves that can deal with the 10-20 degree temperature is a must to have a product.

Warranty or Money Back Guarantee

It would be a great idea to get the money-back guarantee or warranty so in case you are facing any types of performance hiccups then it can easily get fixed without any hassle. We will prefer to choose that product that has this factor to take your user experience to another level of satisfaction.


It’s a common factor that many of you might think that the product that will ask you to pay a lot of money will also serve you with the best quality. On the other hand, many of you might think that with the less money expenditure you will get the right product are also on the wrong side. So, when you are looking for the best portable electric stove then without compromising on the premium quality you must have to go for the affordable products. It is because if you ever feel like you have to buy a new one then it doesn’t make you feel like you are just splashing your money around. In the next section, we have chosen all of those items that will serve you with all the demanding features but without pushing you towards over pricing.

1. Portable Double Induction Cooktop – Best Countertop Burner

Along with the digital screen, this dual best electric hot plate is something that you shouldn’t have to miss at all. You would be able to enjoy your cooking hours with more efficiency and fun because it comes up with two different stoves that can work individually on the different heating levels. Not only this but also this portable electric cooktop will work for you when you are highly concerned about the safety of your minors with the safety lock system.

When it comes to cleaning you don’t have to be worried about much because a simple damping towel will work for you perfectly. Apart from this, the temperature levels are quite aesthetic so even on the higher level the food will not get burnt at all or you don’t have to face the cookware drainage at all. Not only this but also one of the best portable electric ranges will also work for you as the oven as well with the multiple heating modes.

In the first mode, you can go for the steam fry or sauté your favorite food but if you wanted to switch from the temperature mode to power mode to enjoy the food warming or water boiling functions. This best portable stove is a great option for you because it will not push you towards the high-power consumption within both modes will work differently with your different cookware. It will spread the heat directly to the cookware while being in the temperature mode and power mode, it will let the heat pass with in the stoves so your food doesn’t get burnt at all.

You don’t have to give it a second thought because it will work amazingly for the various materials in which cast iron and aluminum are on the top of the list. Feel free to grab this tabletop stove electric that has a sleek and lightweight design to deal with your indoor and outdoor activities.

  • Dual stoves with the individual working
  • Two different modes to deal differently
  • Lightweight and unique design
  • LCD touch screen design
  • Highly recommended and compatible with multiple materials
  • Nothing to complaint about

2. Elite Gourmet Electric Stove – Best Portable Electric Burner

If you are looking for a single stove to make your portability to another level then you shouldn’t have to move forward without checking this one of the best electric burners for cooking. You would be able to enjoy multiple temperature modes as well that will serve you with the low, medium, and high. unlike other electric stoves, this electric camping stove will serve you with the power lighting feature. You can easily cook even those dishes that will require you more heat by providing around 1000 watts of power.

Even if you have put on the heavy cookware on this electric burner stove then you wouldn’t have to be worried about it because the rubber feet will provide you the maximum support. Unlike other electric stoves, it wouldn’t get hotter as entire when it will be in use so feel free to grab this because accidentally it will not hurt you at all. The flat cast iron will not ask you to go through a lot of cleaning mechanisms because it will just ask you to bring on the damp towel and it will be cleaner as always.

The compact size will be a great edge for you to get maximum out of it without getting bothered about its size at all. The flat heating system is included in this one of the best small electric stovetops so this one is an ideal deal for you.

  • Space saving
  • Power indicator
  • Cool base
  • Flat heating panel
  • Compact design with lightweight nature
  • Nothing is complaint about

3. IMUSA Electric Single Burner – Best Outdoor Electric Cooker

If you are fed of the flat-panel heating system then this best portable coil burner will grab your attention for sure. This single coil electric burner is highly recommended for your office or outdoor use as per your needs or requirements. Furthermore, the overall design is suitable for you even if you are aiming to grab this for hiking or on the camping tours then you shouldn’t have to be worried about it at all. not only this but also the multiple heat adjustment knob will work for you along with the various options as well. That means if you are aiming to get the double stove then you can go for it without any issues at all.

Apart from the fact that you will be served with the cool base but we will highly recommend you not to use it for around an hour once you are done with cooking. The stainless-steel tray of this low wattage electric stove will make the cleaning process easier than ever. The rubber feet will be great fun for you when you would have to cook with the heavy cookware so it doesn’t get move at all.

  • Coiling panel so it could provide maximum heat to the entire cookware
  • Lightweight with the power light indicator.
  • The heating level adjustment knob
  • Stainless steel plate to make it easy to clean
  • Nothing to complaint about

4. Electric Glass Infrared Stove – Best Indoor Portable Stove

If you are going out with your big family then you shouldn’t have to stay content with the single stove so to make your family time more fun you must have to consider this small countertop stove with dual stoves. To make your cooking experience even better than ever this stove has come up with the 120V (1700W) that can provide you an ideal environment even to cook that food, that has to be cook on a high-power flame. Not only this but also you might have seen a lot of induction stoves will only serve you with the ability to be compatible with a limited range of cookware size but this top burner stove has the flexible working ability.

You will be able to enjoy a little bit of extra space between both stoves so you could place some quickly accessible items as well. Handling this counter electric stove is as easier as you would think because you don’t have to carry a lot of weight as it will only bother you with its 3kg weight. The overall material is recommended because you don’t have to go through some complicated cleaning mechanism as it could be cleaned with great ease.

Simply a little bit of soapy water with a damp towel will be enough so even after everyday cooking it will only take around a minute to clean it. Furthermore, if you still face any sort of issues or performance hiccups then you can use its 1-year warranty to get fix it. Sounds fabulous?

  • Stainless steel surface to let you have the easy cleaning
  • Power light indicator for each stove
  • The heating panels are big enough to deal with the bigger cookware as well.
  • Extremely lightweight with the limitless functionalities
  • Nothing to complaint about

5. Stainless Steel Electric Stove – Best Travel Stove Top

The infrared technology in the single stoves is quite common and in-demand especially when you get the most demanding product to make your outdoor cooking as fun as you can even imagine. Before getting into its mesmerizing features, we would like to mention that you are going to enjoy the 1-year warranty to deal with any sorts of undesirable issues. The wider heating panel is a great thing because unlike many of the other stoves you don’t have to get into hassle when you have to cook with the huge cookware. Cleaning is quite an important aspect as we have already mentioned in the above section but you don’t have to be worried about this factor as this best camping electric stove is going to be cleaner within few minutes.

The temperature control knob in this over-the-counter electric stove is totally worth enjoying and you don’t have to miss out even apart from the camping if you are in the hostel then it would be an ideal item for you. Enjoy around 1000W power to make your favorite dishes in a matter of less time with this single stove electric burner.

  • Wider heating panel
  • Easy to carry
  • Highly manageable
  • Temperature control knob
  • Power light indicator
  • Nothing to complaint about

6. Cuisinart Cast-Iron Single Burner – Best Electric Burners For Sale

It’s time to switch to this portable electric stove burner that will serve you with more than 5 heating modes so you could adjust the heat as per your needs or requirements. Surprisingly you might have noticed that many of the normal stoves will serve you with the single power button but in this top single electric stove, you will be served with two lights. One will let you know that your stove is on and another one will indicate that your stove is ready to use.

You might get allured to the coiling heating system stoves but you must have to consider the cleaning factor that will push you into hassle so at that point the plain surface of this portable burner stove will provide the fun cleaning. Not only this but also the rubber feet are included so you don’t have to face the slipping issues at all. It’s available in the very affordable price range and still, if you don’t feel okay with the performance then you can go for the 1 year limited warranty to fix your issues.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to enjoy different 6 temperature settings? Of course yes it would be.

  • Various temperature setting options
  • Dual power button indicators for the better understanding
  • Easy to clean plain heating surface along with the brush finish stainless steel material
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Compact design with a feasible dimension so you could even store it in the tiniest places as well.
  • Nothing to complaint about

7. Portable Induction Cooktop – Best Countertop Range

You must have to update your kitchen with the modern small electric stove that has the touch screen LCD so you could dig into its endless range of functions. It’s made with all the modern needs of the portability and to keep you away from the hectic issues of the high energy consumption issues it will consume less power as compared to the others. There are numberless items are available that will ask you to keep an eye on your minors to prevent any sort of undesirable issues but this one burner electric cooktop will serve you with the temperature locking system. This locking system will not only help you to save your kids but also will work for you so even accidentally you shouldn’t have to face temperature setting issues at all.

It will save the energy in a very efficient and intelligent way as if there wouldn’t be any cookware placed on the top it will automatically get shut off so you don’t have to pay the heavy electricity bills. It will only work with the induction friendly cookware so whenever you would place any of the other cookware, it will intelligentially detect it and will act accordingly. With all these next-level features we will not recommend you to touch it right after cooking because you must have to give it some time to get cool down before cleaning it.

  • The highly intelligent touch screen panel
  • If there is no cookware it will automatically get shutdown
  • Eye-catching design
  • Highly portable design
  • Only compatible with the magnetic cookware

8. Induction Burner With Timer – Best Top Portable Glass Electric Stove

Before getting into its work efficient features, we would like to highlight that this single electric cooker is based on your prioritized security features in which you don’t have to keep an eye on your minors that they will be in trouble due to this stove. It is because with the locking system you can prevent all the unauthorized activities and not only this but also you might get annoyed due to the accidental temperature changing issue but this locking system will also be there to deal with it on your behalf.

If you don’t have enough time to spend around this tabletop electric hot plate then you can set the timer as per your needs and it will be done once the time is over. Sounds amazing? Yup, it is.

Apart from this magical feature, you don’t have to bring on the special equipment to clean it because a little bit of soapy water along with a damp towel will work for you. Enjoy the dual-mode settings where you can switch between temperature mode and power mode to deal with your different cooking needs. The design is way better than the other with the four rubber feet to provide maximum support for your cookware.

If it will not be found out any of the cookware over it then it will automatically get shut down right after 60 seconds so even in a hurry you just have to forget to turn it off then it will not burn a hole in your pocket with the heavy bill.

  • 4 supportive rubber feet
  • Timer is included to make your cooking time easier
  • Dual mode to deal with the different cooking needs
  • Highly manageable
  • Easy to clean
  • Nothing to complaint about

9. Stainless Steel Silver Stove – Best Table Top Electric Burner

Having the sleekest design along with the dual electric stoves might be a dream for you but not now because this portable dual electric burner is going to work with all types of cookware without letting you face the energy loss at all. This two burners electric portable cooktop is easy to deal with because you don’t have to be bothered much when you have to reach your desired temperature level. You need to keep in mind that it will take around a minute to get ready for the choice but will take more time when it has to be cool down. So, planning the cleaning right after using it will not be a good idea and you don’t have to prepare a special kind of tabletop as well because it will even work on the patchy surface as well.

Many of you might get worried about the electromagnetic induction that it will be harmful to your health but in this portable 2 burners electric cooktop you shouldn’t have to consider this risk at all. The overall construction is breathtaking so even if you are a travel bug and are going to use the stove roughly then you shouldn’t have to face the product damage at all.

Enjoy the easy cleaning and feel free to add this portable electric two-burner cooktop to your shopping cart with the 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

  • Dual portable electric stoves
  • Individually available power indicators
  • Power knob to deal with the different temperature settings
  • No more cleaning issues
  • Sturdiest design
  • Nothing to complaint about

10. Nuwave Precision Induction Stove – Best Electric Mini Stove

There are chances you are one of those people who would love to enjoy the round shape electric stove over the other ones because it would be quite convenient for you to carry it when you have to stroll around with your friends and family. To get maximum out of this portable ceramic cooktop you must have to bring on the highly compatible cookware so you could avoid any sorts of performance hiccups as well. You are going to enjoy various already set temperature levels but it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be served with the customization. So, you don’t have to limit your cooking at any point and have to enjoy the different temperature settings to the various modes.

You might have seen numberless ranges that will claim to consume less power but indeed would push you to splash your money around on the electricity bills. On the other hand, this countertop electric stove top burner is worth having a product that will consume more than 70% less power. Isn’t it amazing?

You don’t have to keep an eye on the on and off button when you are busy cooking because this large burner electric stove is programmed in a way that it will get shut down if there wouldn’t be any cookware on its top for the one minute. You can also enjoy the various speed modes along with the timer function that would be a great addition when you have multiple tasks to do.

  • Various heating levels
  • Supportive rubber feet
  • Highly customized for the different users
  • Timer and auto shut off technology is included
  • It will not burn a hole in your pocket (highly affordable)
  • Nothing to complaint about

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions):

Are portable electric stoves safe?

When it comes to your safety then we would like to let you know that electric stoves are entirely safe for you and your family but you shouldn’t have to pick up any of the random stoves for your kitchen. You must have to choose wisely so you don’t have to compromise on anything at all.

What is the best portable stove?

To know more about the best portable stove, you can read the given above post.

Which electric stove is best?

We cannot name a single stove as the best one so it would be a better idea to read out the given above post that has the top ten electric stoves with their complete details.

Which is better electric stove or induction?

Well, you would be able to enjoy the different results from both technologies but when it comes to power saving then the electric stoves are the clear winners. On the other hand, induction can provide you the maximum heat in the minimum possible time. Furthermore, the heating effect of the induction will not get around like the electric ones so if you want to consider the heating effect then you must have to go for the induction technology.

Are electric stoves safer than gas stoves?

There isn't any sort of ambiguity that electric stoves are winners when it comes to safety over the gas stoves. It is because you wouldn’t have to get into the danger of gas leakage or sudden burst outs at all.

Can electric stoves catch fire?

Yes, if your electric stove will get overheated then it can catch up the fire so to keep in mind your safety you must have to go for those products that have the automatic shutdown power in case of overheating to prevent any harmful results.

How much does a portable stove cost?

When you are about to get the portable stove for you, we wouldn’t recommend you to splash your money around. In our shortlisted top 10 electric stoves, we have brought on all of those products that can serve you with all features in a very affordable price range.

Is it safe to use a portable gas stove indoors?

The portable gas stove is not something meant to be used indoors but if you are aiming to do so then make sure you have the proper ventilation in your home and you don't have to exceed the high temperature as well. Furthermore, you need to use the stove away from the flammable objects as well.

Why are electric stoves bad?

In general, electric stoves will not put you in any sorts of harmful or dangerous effects but you must have to choose wisely because sometimes the electric ones can also be risk taking for you.

Do chefs prefer gas or electric stoves?

No matter the electric stoves are the best ones when it comes to the overall functionality but as per the professional says the gas stoves are still the better choice because it can give you more heating effects.

Is induction cooking bad for health?

Many of you might think that induction is bad for your health but it's just a myth because the minor electromagnetic fields might be harmful to you.

Can nonstick pans be used on an induction stove?

All the cookware that doesn’t have the magnetic layer on its bottom will not work with the induction stoves. So, make sure you choose the right ones for your induction stove.

Do induction stoves use less electricity?

Yes, the core feature of the induction stoves is all about no electricity wastage, so if you have the induction cooker then you wouldn’t have to break into your bank to pay the heavy bills.

Do electric stoves give off carbon monoxide?

No, the electric stoves will not emit the carbon monoxide but the gas stoves will emit the carbon monoxide gas.

What do you do if your electric stove catches on fire?

In case you get into the fire due to the electric stove then first of all you must have to unplug the wire so the connection could be lost. Secondly, you can call the fire brigade but to deal with it on a quicker basis we would recommend you to use baking soda to prevent the fire spread.

Can I leave my stove on all night?

No, we will not recommend you to leave your stove on for the entire night because it can cause overheating that can lead to a fire. If you are cooking something then you can set a specific time limit that later on the stove will automatically shut off.

What is the best small camping stove?

There are various options are available, you can check any of them without any hassle from the given post in the above section.

Why is induction cooking not popular?

First of all, induction cooking is quite a newer technology and secondly, people don’t prefer to have it because it's still a little bit costly as compared to the already present cooking styles.

What happens if you use a normal pan on an induction hob?

The induction cooking tops are quite intelligent when they will not detect the induction compatible cookware then it will automatically go into to idle position with zero workings.

What is the most energy-efficient electric stove?

We have chosen all the best electric stoves so we will recommend you to check out the given post at the start of this page.

Why is my electric stove sparking?

Loose connection or any sorts of other defects can be the cause of sparking in your electric stove. We will not recommend you to take it lighter, so whenever you face any sort of sparking you must have to concern with the professionals to avoid any type of undesirable results.

What should I look for when buying a gas stove?

You must have to consider the numberless factors that we have described in the details in the buying guide. You can check those factors to have a better idea and a clearer image of it.

Can a stove explode?

Yes, natural gas can be a cause of the stove exploding but the invention of the electric stoves has lessened the chances of it.

How many watts does a portable electric stove use?

Different stoves will require different watts, to have a better idea about it you can go and read the above post.

Which gas stove is better glass top or stainless steel?

Both are the breadwinners but when it comes to choosing the best one from the portability perspective then you must have to go for the stainless steel stoves because the glass top will work as the fragile ones.


Meeting your kitchen needs might sound harder but you must don’t have to get panic at all because we can understand that finding out the right product for your kitchen can be a hassle for you. To make it easier for you we have to bring on all the best possible electric stoves with all the required functionalities, that would make your cooking easier without burning a hole in your pocket at all. We have chosen the top 10 electric stoves and have described all the required details about them. You can check and choose any of them with the assurance that our editors have tried and tested them personally so they could guide you in a better way. If you still have questions or queries regarding anything then you can use the given below comment section to interact with us.

Not only this but also, we would like to hear from you that which product allure you the most or which one you have chosen for your kitchen.

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