7 Best Popsicle Molds To Buy In 2021 – {Updated Buyer’s Guide}

Updated Buyer's GuideNo matter you are a teenager or a grown person, your love for popsicle would be unconditional but stay content with the market made popsicle would not be a great idea because you never know what is being used in the product. Apart from the not so sure healthy safety from the market made popsicles there are the chances that you don’t get your desired flavor or you wanted to have something else. Also, there are the possibilities that you have tried to make the popsicles at home with your desired flavor but it wasn’t a successful attempt due to various reasons. Out of all of those reasons, not having the right mold can be one of the major ones but how to deal with it?

You must have to promote the culture to have the homemade popsicle because it would be one of the best ways to get the highest nutrient popsicle that will let you have the best possible hydration as well. Not only this but also it would be a great add up to create the environment-friendly popsicle. You can make the customized popsicle with healthy leftovers so your tiny ones can have the best possible nutrients.

Well, after doing tons of research we have brought on the best-selling popsicle molds so you could enjoy the unbeatable fun of having the most desired one popsicle. During research to shortlist the best options our editors have tried and tested all of the given below products so as not to push you in any sort of misconducted or biased review about any product.

So before moving towards the review section, you must have to spend few times on the next section that will let you have an idea about each factor that you need to check out before spending your money on.

Read Before Buying Best Popsicle Molds (Buyer’s Guide 2021)

We will highly recommend you to consider each factor and decide as per your needs that which product will suits you the most. Without any further due let’s get started!


You must have to know the downside and bright side of the material that is going to be in contact with your food. In popsicle molds, you shouldn’t have to go for the plastic that contains bisphenol A or BPA and phthalates because these both can be very dangerous for your health. As a safe side, we would highly recommend you to go for the silicon molds that are not only the safest ones but also will prevent all types of health risks along with the easy-to-use feature. Furthermore, you can check out that either your selected mold has the non-stick coatings on for not to deliver the broken or uneven popsicle.


When you are about to spend your money make sure you are getting enough durability that will not let you face the performance hiccups after some time. The mold rigidity must be on a moderate level so you could get maximum out of it and to deal with the coldness of the freezer even if you have to use it frequently.


You can grab the popsicle mold in various sizes but first of all, you need to check out that what are your needs so you could go for the right one. You can go for the 2,4,6 and so on but if you wanted to grab the bigger tray then make sure it doesn’t have more than 6 or 8 popsicle molds in a single tray otherwise you might have to deal with the space issues. so instead of the single piece, you need to have multiple trays with sufficient capacity to let you have the tasty popsicle.


This is one of the most essential factors to consider that the popsicle mold with the complicated design can be a hassle when it comes to cleaning and also you cannot deny that chances are there that you have to deal with the food residue in it. Always try to go for the simplest designs so you don’t have to sacrifice the easy cleaning factor. Another thing you need to check out for that either the product is dishwasher safe or not and if you don’t want to have the dishwasher safe one then you can go for the simpler designs.


Getting BPA free molds for a popsicle in a very affordable price range must be your priority so you don’t feel like you just have splashed your money around without having the premium quality. You must have to create a balance between the worth having quality and not so high price to enjoy the unbeatable fun of having the popsicle molds in your kitchen.

Freezing time

This is must to know feature when you are about to add any of the popsicle molds to your shopping cart. First of all, you need to keep in mind what kind of recipes you are going to follow because that can change the freezing time. Also, you must have an idea about the temperature of your freezer so you could choose accordingly.

Bonus Items

Isn’t it would be something more than great to have the bonus or additional items along with the package without spending some extra bucks? Well, we would recommend you to go for those products that are going to offer some extra items such as a funnel or a cleaning brush and many other types of items. Apart from these if any of the products are offering you a money-back guarantee or warranty then you shouldn’t have to miss it at all.

Have You Decided?

This is a must to ask a question from yourself that after considering all of the above-mentioned factors have you shortlisted that what kind of product are you looking for? If yes then let’s move to the most-awaited section that has breathtaking products with detailed reviews about each one of them.

1. Lebice Bpa Free – Best Popsicle Molds 2021

If you wanted to go for the basic design with the touch of modernism then you must have to consider this product that will serve you with a stronger tray of 6 popsicle molds. This popsicle tray can be used for any type of recipe and most importantly the material is BPA free so without taking any type of health risks you can have the home-made popsicle. You don’t have to go through a lot of hassle when you have to remove the popsicle from the mold that is why the silicone lid is included that will also make it easier to enjoy the popsicle with great flexibility.

You can pour on your favorite popsicle batter into the molds with the provided collapsible funnel so you don’t have to create a mess on your kitchen counter. This one is highly improved than the previous models so you don’t have to do a lot of effort to make it easy to stand in your freezer. When you have to remove the popsicle from the mold you just have to place it in warm water for less than 20 seconds and everything will be under control.

When it comes to cleaning with a simple and smooth design, you don’t have to face any performance hiccups. Not only this but also to make the cleaning easier than ever the cleaning brush is included.

  • BPA free plastic is included as the core material
  • 6 molds with the silicon lids
  • Easy to clean
  • Cleaning brush and pour in the foldable funnel is included.
  • Nothing to complaint about

2. Kootek Dishwasher Safe – Best Silicone Popsicle Molds

Getting the multipurpose popsicle molds is something more than a blessing because it will not limit your overall functionality which you wanted to get out of it. Unlike the normal popsicle molds, this one is unique and sophisticated because you don’t have to place directly the molds in the freezer but an additional various mold-containing tray is included in the package. It would be a great deal for you because the typical tray will take more space but it would work as the efficient and space-saving one so even if you wanted to make the popsicle for the entire squad then you don’t have to face the space issues at all.

When you need to serve the popsicles then without wandering around simply add some hot water to the outer container of the popsicle molds and dip the mold to enjoy the tasty popsicles. The popsicle size would be ideal that would be made with this mold and the pouring funnel is just fun so that even if you wanted to keep your kids engaged along then you could do so without getting messy around. The popsicle molds will get easily closed after pouring the batter in it so unlike other products you don’t have to make your freezer messy as well while placing them in it.

  • Space-saving aesthetic design
  • Easy to use with maximum functionality
  • No more batter splashing with an additional container
  • Flat base with perfect long stick sizes.
  • Nothing to complaint about

3. Ozera Reusable Multicolored – Best Mini Popsicle Molds

If you have kids around and want to let them enjoy their favorite treat in a very funky way then you must have to spend on this product that has multi-functional colorful popsicle molds. First of all, if you are having health concerns then we would like to assure you that you don’t have to be worried at all because not only the BPA-free plastic is being used but also the design is extremely ecofriendly. not only this but also to make the cleaning process easier manufacturer has made it dishwasher friendly.

The overall structure of this popsicle mold is the sturdiest one so even if your kids are about to use them then you wouldn’t have to face any type of performance hiccups at all. The thickness of the mold is quite ideal so even if you have to go for juices, purees, yogurt, fruit, pudding, jams, and jellies then you wouldn’t have to be bothered about the results at all. The included tiny cleaning brush and the pouring funnel is such a blessing to make your overall functionality speedier.

The design is completely an intelligent one because if the batter is runny then you don’t have to deal with the messy freezer because the bottom tray will handle it efficiently.

  • User-friendly design with the splash-free design
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free material
  • Cleaning brush and funnel is available
  • Simple design for great compatibility for all types of recipes.
  • Nothing to complaint about

4. U.S. Kitchen Supply – Top Rated Popsicle Molds

If you are a party lover or have the kids around you then you shouldn’t have to stay content with the few popsicles because getting a bundle of popsicle molds at a very feasible price would be a win-win situation for you that you shouldn’t have to miss at all. In this product, you are not about to grab a dozen popsicle molds but 18 molds are waiting for you that can be used collectively as well as separately. This reusable bunch of popsicles has three different color sets but with the same design and size so you could take your summer parties to another level.

The upper lid is something really amazing because it is deep enough to deal with the mess that could be there when the popsicle gets melts. you don’t have to go for the fancy options when you need to serve the popsicle so have fun and serve them directly from the freezer as you also don’t have to wait a lot to bring it out from the mold. To say goodbye to the consistency there are three colors available in the package so you could enjoy the great variations.

Even when the batter is runny the overall structure of the mold container tray is aesthetic to prevent all the splashing issues in your freezer to keep it clean. The material is highly recommended without getting confused that either it’s safe for you or not.

  • A massive bundle of popsicle molds
  • Various color options
  • Intelligent tray structure to deal with the runny batter
  • Eco friendly and BPA free molds
  • Deep enough lid to deal with all types of melting drips.
  • Space-saving design
  • Nothing to complaint about

5. Lekue Stackable – Best Affordable Popsicle Molds

If you wanted to get rid of the old-fashioned tray style and wanted to get something interesting then you shouldn’t have to miss this product that has a modern yet effective design. this set of popsicle molds is made with the silicon material that will not only offer you easy usage but will also let you enjoy hassle-free maximum customization. So, trying on different and new recipes is not a big deal now if you have this best stackable set of popsicle molds.

If you wanted to make the dual flavored popsicle then pouring in the batter will be easier as compared to the typical standing design. The feasible and easy to reach molds have different colors so you could identify the different flavors. Once you are done with the batter pouring then you can put on the transparent lid so you could stack all the mold without any mess. Isn’t it something aesthetic to stack numberless popsicle molds by just covering the space of one mold?

The overall design is made by keeping in mind that if you don’t want to go for the hand-held cleaning then you can go for the dishwasher without any issues. The recipe book is included that will serve you with numberless tasty and gluten-free recipes.

  • Stackable set of molds
  • Various color availability
  • Transparent lid
  • No more space issues
  • The recipe book is included.
  • Nothing to complaint about

6. Zoku Sea Creature Designed – Best Popsicle Molds For Babies

If you have tiny ones around you and wanted to allure them towards something healthier in a fun way then this product is your cup of tea. The cup shape from the outside but the various sea creature designs inside will definitely be a great choice to make it fun for your kids. Each mold will serve you with a different shape and one thing you need to keep in mind that you shouldn’t have to put it into the dishwasher. You can clean it with the normal soap by mixing it with a little bit of warm water after using it once.

The silicone molds are easy to deal with as you don’t have to dip them into the warm water so you can serve them directly from the freezer. This set of popsicle molds is just fun so even if you have to make some yummy lollypop or chocolate candy in fun shapes then you can use it this way a well. this is the impressive way to keep your tiny ones indulge in healthy eating by asking them to explore the skeleton so this would not only be fun but a little bit educational as well.

  • Fun sea creature theme-based popsicle molds.
  • Silicon molds with easy to remove the ability
  • Easy to clean
  • BPA free healthier material
  • Nothing to complaint about

7. Nuby Multicolored – Best Popsicle Molds For Toddlers

Dealing with the stubborn toddlers who are not easy to feed can be messy but with this set of popsicle molds, you just have to bring on the highly nutrient food and have to add it to freeze. The mold size is made as per the requirements of your toddlers and even if they are dealing with a toothache then still you can give them the soothing popsicle. Say goodbye to the old puree bags and especially if your kids make the feeding time messier because this mold is quite magical with the wide holder to support the tiny hands easily.

The overall mold has a unique design so to deal with all the dripping issues and is the best way to attract the babies. Even make it a healthier option the mold is BPA free and the popsicle mold tray is space-effective so you don’t have to free up a lot of space to freeze it. The transparent structure will let you know which mold contains which flavor.

  • Enough storage to freeze a single portion for toddlers
  • Easy to store
  • Big enough handle to make it easier to hold by the kids
  • Not so hard stick to prevent any sort of issues regarding tiny one’s safety.
  • Nothing to complaint about

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions):

What can I use for Popsicle molds?

If you have spare molds such as ice cubes, muffin tines, or any other baking molds that can bear cold temperature can work for you as the popsicle molds.

Are silicone Popsicle molds safe?

Silicon molds are highly safe from various perspectives so you could have unbeatable results. Furthermore, they are highly affordable with fewer chances to breakdown after a few uses.

How do you make a homemade popsicle mold?

If you don’t have proper molds then you can use the extra tins, loaf pans, and even different baking molds to enjoy the popsicle fun without any hassle.

How do you make popsicles creamy, not icy?

If you don’t like too many icy popsicles then it would be a great idea to use the sugar at the bottom of the mold to avoid too many icy crystals.

What can I use instead of Popsicle sticks for popsicles?

If you are out of the popsicle sticks then you can go for the thick straws or chopsticks as well.

How do you get a Popsicle out of a silicone mold?

When you are using the silicone molds then you just have to place the mold in the hot water for 10 to 20 seconds and everything will be under control. It is because silicon has the built-in ability to work as a non-sticky material so it will not take a lot of time to get out of the mold.

Why popsicles are better than ice cream?

It is because of the calorie difference that you would love to enjoy if you are a health-conscious person. Popsicle will let you have fewer calories as compared to the ice cream.

How do you make popsicles without mold?

If you don’t have the popsicle molds around then don’t worry because there could be a lot of options in your kitchen that can be used as the molds. Such as Paper or Plastic Cups, loaf pans, ice cube trays, and other mold items.

How do you keep Popsicle sticks straight?

If you have any of the above-mentioned popsicle molds then you don’t have to be worried about that either the sticks would be straight or not because they have built-in joined lids and sticks. In case you just have the simple popsicle molds then you don’t have to be worried because take a simple butter paper and place it on the top of the molds and then have to put on the sticks to keep them on point.

What is the best popsicle?

Well, it depends that which flavor you get allured for mostly but we would recommend you to go for the homemade popsicle that is not only pocket friendly but will also offer you to get maximum health benefits out of these.

Can you put silicone molds in the freezer?

Silicon molds are something more than a blessing because it has the unbeatable quality to deal with both heat and coldness equally so feel free to use them in any case.

What can I make in molds?

Well, it depends that what kind of molds you are talking about because if you are talking about the popsicle molds specifically then you can enjoy various types of treats making for your tiny ones or even for the adults to make your normal fun than ever.

Do you need to grease silicone molds?

No, you don’t need to grease the silicone molds at all because silicon has the nonstick functionality already so feel free to use them for any purpose without getting worried about the sticking issues.

Is silicone bakeware better than metal?

Yes, if you are aiming to grab the silicone bakeware rather than the metal then you shouldn't have to think too much because silicon has the ability to provide the nonstick performance and also not so messy cleaning process you need to go through.

Why is a popsicle called a Popsicle?

Well, this is something which is accidentally happened when 11 years old Epperson used to call his favorite frozen treat Eppsicles but later on it turned out to be a popsicle.

How do you keep popsicles from sticking to mold?

The popsicle molds will come with the material coatings to prevent the annoying stickiness but in case it gets stick then you have to place the mold in hot water for more than the required time. Make sure while buying the popsicle mold you observe the material type to get the most interesting results.

How do you fill Popsicle molds?

It depends on what kind of mold you have but to do it effectively we will recommend you to use the pouring funnel and if the funnel isn't available then you can use the tiny beaker so the batter doesn’t get splash around to create the messy endings.

What to consider while buying best popsicle molds?

You don’t have to look for any of the single factors but you need to check out the various ones. To have a better idea we will highly recommend you to check out the above given buying guide.


When you have to make your popsicle fun better than ever then nothing can work better than the popsicle molds that will not only serve you with the aesthetic shapes but will also help you to beat the heat. You must have to prefer the homemade popsicle rather than having the market made because you don’t know what kind of ingredients are being used and either they are safe for your health or not. No doubt you can make the popsicle at home without having the molds but to get the refined and hassle-free outcomes will require you to have the popsicle molds.

In this article, you would get to know about numberless products that can make everything smoother than ever for you and to make it time-saving we already have tried and tested all the products so you don’t have to go for the experimental purchasing at all. in case you don’t have much experience in online shopping then you can check out the given above buying guide that has covered all the details that you need to check out before spending your money on any of the products.

For more details or queries we would appreciate it if you would use the provided down comment section to interact with us so you could guide us in a better way. Also, let us know which product you have chosen to beat the summer heat or which one you liked the most.

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