4 Best Phone Mounts And Phone Holders To Buy In 2021 – {Updated Buyer’s Guide}

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Updated Buyer's GuidePhone is one of those accessories that you have to use on daily bases and no matter what is your profession or age group surviving without phone is something that is impossible for us in this era of technology advancement. The more the advancement is taking place the more people are being served with the compact size mobile phones so they can take them around without any hassle. On the other hand, still there are the places where taking along or using the mobile phone might not be possible or easy for you so you need a sort of magical thing that could make it easier for you to stay connected with your mobile phone.

Where era is getting flooded with the different and latest mobile phones, at that stage the phone related accessories are over taking the market. So, when you need to grab the convenance to use your phone when you are not able to do it phone holders will work for you. You might already give it a try to get something for your mobile but not get successful then you must have to count on us. It is because we have grabbed all the best possible phone holders from the massive piles of them.

By keeping in mind all the needs of yours we have taken some standards and choose all of these items but before getting to the details we would like to highlight the significance of the phone holders and moreover all the given below products are highly tried as well as tested by our editors so you can rely on us blindly.


Why You Should Go For The Phone Holder?

If you wanted to grab a phone holder but you are still confused that you must have to spend your money on it or not then this section is going to give you the clearer picture so you don’t have to miss any chunk of it at all.

  • Putting your phone while driving on your dash board is something more than dangerous because it can slip down to the random places that can make undesirable things happen to you. So, the phone holder will prevent this sort of incidents with no efforts at all.
  • When you already have spent a handsome amount on your phone then getting something for its security will not be a big deal so don’t forget to get phone holder to keep your phone secure.
  • Receiving important calls might cost you as cancelling your driving license but when you would have the phone holder along then nothing will bother you at all. Not only this but also if you wanted to connected even while commuting around then still it would be possible.
  • The best use of phone holders till now is you can easily use the map or direction services when you need to move within unknown place.
  • If you love music with all the visual fun then phone holder will help you to fulfil your desire for entertainment even while driving. Even if you are a student then you can revise your lesson while moving towards your college or university.

Enough of information about the phone holder, now it’s time to move down to the buying guide section where we have mentioned all the factors that are must to consider so you can spend your hard-earned money in an effective way.

Read Before Spending Your Money On Best Phone Mounts And Phone Holders (Buying Guide 2021)

Before getting down we would like to highlight that you have to consider all the factors according to your needs or requirements because these might vary from person to person. So instead of making a random decision be more specific.

Size And Weight:

As different mobile phones will come in different sizes and thus their weight vary so first of all you have to grab enough information about your phone. Once you are done with your mobile specifications now check out all the details about your targeted phone holder if it matches then you can go for it.  choosing the lightweight yet effective phone holder is quite important so it could get let you get served with the powerful grip on your car or even cycle to provide you better functionality.


While choosing the phone holder make sure it is going to serve you with the related adjustability options because while moving around you must have to deal with the different adjustment options. It is quite important because when you have kids around you then you might have to keep them entertained via your phone then the adjustable phone holder will work for you quite effectively.

Brand And Price:

There are numberless well-known brands are working in market to make the worth having phone holders but not all of them would be suitable for all users. So, in this article you will not only get some specific products from those brands but also you will get those options that without breaking into your bank will serve you with all the desire for features. We will highly recommend you not to over spend your money on any of the phone holder because possible after sometime you have to change your phone or car then you might have to grab another one according to your needs or requirements.

Interior Of Your Car And Environment:

This is one of the most neglected factors and later people complain that they don’t get what they were looking for. As not all the phone holders can work with all kinds of cars, same is the case with the weather because many of you might be from the hot climate side but many from the cold one. So, you must have to keep in mind that is your weather is hot around then you shouldn’t have to pick up the suction phone holders because due to heat they will lose their suction that can be turn into horrible.

On the other hand, if the weather is quite cold then jamming phone holders must not be selected so keep in mind these things to get something long lasting rather than burning a hole in your pocket for nothing. Apart from this you shouldn’t have to forget to check out that either your car has the right suitability for your chosen phone holder or not. These factors will vary from person to person according to their preferences so don’t forget to specify your needs first.

Your Usage:

This factor will have different impact for the different users but as per the general consideration if you are one of those users who have to spend a lot of time while being on the road then you need to keep in mind that you have to get the multi-purpose phone holder. For example, you need to check that either the phone holder has charging port opening part for you or not and also it must contain all the adjustability options. Also keep in mind that you shouldn’t have to choose the models that can lose their grip easily so you can get a phone holder for the long-lasting time.

Type Of Phone Holder:

A phone holder might sound a simple term to you but this is not the case because it has several types of it so you have to choose accordingly. We are going to further describe the different types of it so don’t forget to keep reading this section till the end.

Suction Cup Mounted Phone Holder:

If you wanted to get something fool proof then you can rely on suction cup mount phone holders that might take more time than usual when you need to install it. As we have already mentioned that if you are in hot climate then you shouldn’t have to choose it as it will lose its suction due to heat easily. You can place this kind of phone holder on windshield and also on any part of your dashboard.

Air Vent Mounted Phone Holder:

If you find it more convenient to put on your phone on the air vent areas of your car then you can go for this kind of phone holders. It will be quite easy to install but you might have to compromise on the temperature of your car because it would be mounted on the air vent so the overheating will be there.

CD Slot Mounted Phone Holder:

This is one the latest and most secure type of the phone holder because without blocking your view or changing the temperature of your car it will give you required services. This is highly recommended but before that we would like to clear that you shouldn’t have to go for the myths that it is hard to install in your car.

Adhesive Mounted Phone Holder:

If you wanted to get something more than simple yet effective for your phone to hold it then you can go for this kind of phone holders. They are not only simple to install but will also provide you secure phone holding but you might have to compromise on the efforts that you need to put on while removing your phone out of it.

If you have already figured out that what kind of phone holder you are looking for and all the mentioned above factors how will influence your choice then it time to move down to the reviews section of this article so lets get started.

1. Iottie Itap 2 – Most Affordable Cell Phone Cup Holder

iOttie iTap 2 Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount Holder, Cradle for IPhone Xs Max...
  • Rare Earth Magnets: Features 2 strong hold magnets powerful enough to handle any phone
  • Universal Mounting: A universal mounting solution that will hold most smartphones, as well as their cases, and GPS...
  • Metal Plate Options: Provides a choice of an inner and outer metal plate; Each plate uses an adhesive tape to attach to...
  • Rotating Angles: Provides a rotating ball joint to help provide 360 degree viewing angles to allow the user an enhanced...
  • Vent Clip: Twist and lock vent clip allows for a secure fight on most air vent blades.Hassle Free: iOttie offers...

If you are looking for best cd mount phone holder but getting confused then feel free to rely on this one. You need to say goodbye to the old-fashioned heavy phone holders because this one is highly recommended with its sleek and compact design. You can easily handle two different kinds of devices with the help of this best iphone car mount so feel free to enjoy wireless or non-wireless fun.

This is one of the best 3 in 1 best cell phone mount that will provide you maximum versatility. You can use it on your dashboard, air vent and even as the cd phone holder without limiting any of functionality at all. When it comes to adjustability then we would like to mention that you can easily use it even on 360 angles so no matter what kind of adjustment preferences you have, everything would be under control.

The dual metal plate technology will not only provide the secure grip but also give you multi-functional power to attach your phone on your desired place.

  • 3 in 1 model
  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • No more complicated assembly needed
  • Dual metal plates
  • Nothing to complain about.

2. Caw Car Universal – Best Cell Phone Holder For Car

Universal Car Phone Mount Magnetic - All-Metal iPhone Car Mount for Any...
  • OUT AND OUT UNIVERSAL - we mean it, this car holder works with any cell phone or GPS and can be installed in any car....
  • ONE-HAND & ONE-SEC MOUNTING - just bring your phone to the mount and feel it securely lock into place. No clips or...
  • ALL-METAL & LOOKS AWESOME - our small and stylish magnetic phone car mount looks awesome and performs even better. Thin...
  • +100 TO SAFENESS & COMFORT - this car phone holder keeps your device visible and near at hand on the dash. 28 US states...
  • KEEP PHONE HANDY & COPS HAPPY - if, for any reason, you don't absolutely love your new phone car holder, just contact us...

Getting a feasible phone holder that don’t limit your overall functionality is something that is hard to grab but you will get all the magical functionality in this model. If we would call this best cell phone car mount 2021 then it will not be wrong at all because you can attach this one to the dashboard to hold your phone magically.

You just have to throw away all the frizzy phone holders and have to say hello to this latest one which is not only compact in size but also going to serve you according to your needs flawlessly. Without taking much place it will easily be there to support your phone and its stylish looks will add more fuel to fun. Unlike other products it will not grip too tight or too light to your phone and also you don’t have to deal with the issues where the phone holders ruin the phone due to harsh gripping mechanism.

The rotating freedom of this mobile phone holder is just amazing because you can use it at any angle so feel free to enjoy 360 angel rotation with zero efforts. You don’t have to tie up a lot of cradles or straps to make it secure place for your phone, just a single time connection would be enough to enjoy the phone holding security for the longer hours.

  • Space efficient
  • Lightweight
  • Rotation freedom with 360 angle
  • Easy to install
  • No annoying cradles or straps are there.
  • Nothing to complain about.

3. Kaistyle Magnetic –  Best Suction Cup Phone Holder

Kaistyle Magnetic Phone Mount【Upgraded Clip-Never Heat or Freeze the Cell...
  • STABLE "HOOK SHAPE" CLAMP:This magnetic phone mount is designed as an innovative hook clamp, which is locked on the...
  • 360 DEGREE ROTATABLE ARM:The 360 degree rotatable arm makes it easy to find the most suitable position. It solves the...
  • LOCK YOUR PHONE FIRMLY: This is a magnetic phone car mount with 6 built-in strong magnets, and it bears up to 7lb of...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: This magnetic phone car mount benefits from the special design of the clamp, this vent phone holder...
  • WHAT IS INCLUDED: 1*Kaistyle magnetic phone car mount, 1*Round metal Pad, 1*Rectangular metal Pad, 1*Round PE Film ,...

With the minimum possible efforts, you can install this best phone mount for car because you just have to put it on the air vent and have to tightened easy to use screw and everything would be done. This design of this air vent phone holder is quite impressive and you will be amazed to know that it will support anti heat mechanism so the temperature of car could be according to your needs or requirements.

Unlike other products you can switch the position of your phone in any way so feel free to add this one in your shopping cart and let the fun begin during driving around. The hook shape clam has the power to grab the phone so it doesn’t get thrown away. Not only this but also the strength of the knob can easily be adjusted as per your needs. Also, the knob is highly functional that even when you will drive around and would like to change the position of your phone then it will not make any annoying sound at all.

The multiple magnetic metal plates are so much of fun because it will not only hold your all kinds of phone firmly but also you don’t have to remove the outer cover of your phone. It is because by just placing a card under the cover the phone holder will automatically detect the mobile phone. Apart from these worth having features you will be amazed to know that a wide range of supportive products is being available within the package without spending some extra bucks at all.

  • Endless range of bonus items
  • More magnetic power than the others
  • Easy to manage and install
  • No more temperature rise
  • Suitable for all kinds of mobile phones
  • Nothing to complain about.

4. Macally Adjustable – Our Top Pick

Macally Adjustable Gooseneck Tablet Holder & Phone Clip - Works with Phones...
  • Compatibility - Any tablet or mobile device with a display width under 8" will work with the mount including the new...
  • Easily adjustable and flexible 11" extra long neck that allows you to securely place your device in your preferred...
  • Easy to Clip and remove. You can attach and mount it to any table, desk or counter top up to 1.75" thick.
  • Holder for any table, desk or countertop within 1.75 inches thickness
  • 360° rotatable holder that is perfect for browsing the web and watching videos

If you are looking for something that could also be used outsider the car as well than nothing can serve you better than this best cell phone car holder that has the clip technology. This one is going to give you some time saving goals that you would love for because it will easily be placed at any place you find easy for you. Not only in your car but in your house on different places it will work efficiently. The clip would easily be adjusted at any point in any direction without taking more than 1 or 2 minutes.

The phone holder will not limit your overall functionality at all because you cannot only make it hold the mobile phones only but also it can easily deal with different sizes of tabs as well. The gripping power of this phone holder is not only more than other products but also the high adjustability will be there so you can make the gripping frame wider or shorter according to your needs or requirements easily.

Enjoy the 360 angle rotation so you don’t have to compromise on your user experience at all. This is highly suitable when you need to read something while doing kitchen stuff or have to enjoy your favorite movie during house chores. Even it can easily be adjusted on your side table so when you need to go for the story time for your tiny ones then this would be the best possible option of all time.

The neck of this phone holder is not only adjustable to different positions but will provide you high flexibility to get adjust on your desire viewing point. You might get worried that the gripping points will ruin your mobile phone but this is not the case because the rubber protection is being there to keep it safe for you.

  • Highly functional
  • Easy to mount on any place
  • Flexible neck
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for mobile phones are tabs equally
  • Nothing to complain about.


Due to wide use of mobile phones, spending some bucks on the supportive devices will be best choice you will ever made and you will not regret about it at all. We have already described in the top section of this page that how phone holders can easily change your user experience and how efficient they can make your overall functionality. We have sum up all the details in this article including the worth having buying guide factors that you need to consider while spending your money on any of the phone holder.

Before choosing any of the phone holder it will be highly suggested that you must have to keep in mind your needs so you can figure it out what is best for you. In reviews section you can check out the different shortlisted products that are tried and tested by our editors to give you the proper review about each of them. In case you are feeling like something is missing in this article or you wanted us to add anything else then don’t forget to contact us via email or given below comment section as we would love to hear from you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best cell phone car mount?

To get to know about the best cell phone car mount products you can check out the given above reviews section where numberless products has been finalized as the best one so you could choose according to your needs.

What is the best cup holder phone mount?

A cup holder supposed to hold your phone tightly and this must be done in a way that it doesn’t ruin your phone at all. To know more about it we will suggest you to check out the above article.

Are magnetic mounts bad for your phone?

This is just a myth and you shouldn’t have to think about it at all because no matter there are different parts of mobile phone that can be affected by the magnet but the magnet being used in the holders is not that strong to influence them at all.

What is the best iPhone car mount?

If you are looking for a best iphone car mount then you need to dig into the given above article so you could get the clearer as well as better answer.

Is it legal to mount phone on dashboard?

Generally, it's not illegal but in case you have fit it too high and it's blocking your view that might cause of different accidents that it would be illegal. In many regions placing the phone holder on the dashboard is simply prohibited.

Does air vent phone holder Damage phone?

If you are looking for air vent phone holder that make sure it has the rubber coatings so it doesn’t make your phone overheated that can cause blast in your handset. So, while choosing this kind of phone holder make sure you check out all the security feature first.

Are cup phone holders safe?

Yes, they are safe until they are providing secure gripping without damaging your mobile phone coatings at all.

Where should I mount my phone holder?

It depends what kind of car or phone holder you have chosen, how many types of phone mounts are available can be checked in the buying guide section of this article. So choose by yourself and make sure you keep in mind your car type as well to do it even more effectively.

How much is a cup phone holder?

There is a wide variety of cup phone holders available in market but not all of them could serve you the way it should. So, when it comes to feasible prices then you shouldn’t have to spend more than a specific limit so you could get in budget option. Furthermore, it depends on your needs or features you are looking for. For more details check out the buying guide section to have better idea.

Do magnets affect phone batteries?

As we have already mentioned that it's just a myth that magnets can affect your phone parts but when it comes to batteries then to some extant it's true that magnetic phone holders can attract steel parts of your phone but with the proper care this also can be prevented.

Do Magnetic phone holders damage iphones?

No magnetic phone holders will not damage your iphones at all so feel free to grab any of them to make your overall experience better than ever.

Will a magnetic car mount ruin my phone?

No, you shouldn’t have to think about it at all because this is not going to happen at all.

How do I get my phone holder to stick to my dashboard?

It depends that what kind of phone holder you have chosen for your car because if you have chosen something with the suction then you can place it anywhere. Otherwise, you can go for the air vent phone holder that is easy to install as well. Make sure you check out the user manual before adding any of the product in your shopping cart.

Are windshield phone mounts legal?

Yes, if it's too high then its illegal because it can work as the view blocking one so to prevent the undesirable accidents this is officially illegal many regions for the safety reasons.

Are magnetic car phone holders safe?

Yes, they are safe for your mobile phones and there is no harm in using them at all.

What is the best car mount for iPhone 11?

Getting a phone holder for iphone 11 you shouldn’t have to hesitate to check out the above post.

Are phone holders legal?

Yes, they are legal but you might have to follow some rules and regulations.

Do Cup phones actually work?

Yes, they work effectively you just have to choose wisely the right product.

How do I clean my car's phone holder?

It depends that what kind of phone holder you have chosen, but as general you can use a damp cloth to clean it or can use any other cleaner according to the need of cleaning.

Do suction cups work on dashboard?

Yes, they can work as efficiently as you can imagine but to get the better results you can use them on the windshield.

Are you allowed phone holders in cars?

Yes, they are allowed but you must have to follow some rules and regulations.

How do you assemble a car cup mount holder?

It depends that either the car cup mount holder comes up with the clip or with the suction function. Keep in mind your feasibility and needs to get the most effective results.

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