4 Best Non Slip Shoes For Restaurant Workers To Buy In 2021 – {Updated Buyer’s Guide}

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Best Non Slip Shoes For Restaurant WorkersThere are some basic things in our life that has the massive significance and in case of any misconception or mishandling about these things, the overall experience can be changed entirely. Out of all the basic needs, the shoes and clothes are on the top of the list, around the globe people fulfil these basic needs differently according to their taste or availability. By going deeper into the details, we would know that for the special occasions or needs the type of the shoes or clothes must also be chosen to increase the suitability rate. In this article, we are going to highlight the significance and need of the shoes in a specific situation which is quite underrated.

The workers in the food service sector not only have to follow a specific dress code but also have to keep their comfort level on point to serve the people flawlessly and some interesting facts you are missing from your entire life. We all know that a food service provider must have to wear the neat and tidy cloths along with the apron, cooking, hat or gloves as well but have to you ever wonder what kind of shoes they must have to grab for their working hours?

Well, the answer would be quite fun to know because the most neglected part of the shoes is the most attention required one. For the food service workers, the shoes must not only be comfortable but also should have some specific features out of which being non-slippery is on the top of the list. It is because they have to walk around in the kitchen and even in the entire restaurant to perform the related duties and any kind of performance hiccups at this point will not be bearable at all.

There are a lot of new or old restaurant workers that are quite confused about the shoe selection but in this article, all of those ambiguous thoughts are going to vanished away. Before going deeper into the details, we would like to share some facts that will make the picture even clearer for you. Knowing what a food service provider should wear cannot be better than knowing what they shouldn’t have to wear because not only it will be easier to understand but also will open up more options for the different people according to their comfort level.

What You Shouldn’t Wear As Foodservice Provider?

You always have to choose wisely when you are working in a food service sector so later you can throw away all the regrets. Here are some of the different kinds of the shoes that you must have to avoid or you can say are completely prevented.


While working in kitchen or a food serve you might have to walk a lot from the different structures or you might don’t have time pay attention the way you are walking in. That is why the sandals are entirely prohibited as they will expose your feet a lot and the chances of getting into any kind of injury will be increases. Furthermore, having the exposed or semi bare foot is considered to be against the health standards and can portray you as an unhygienic person.

Ballet Flats:

If you have a little bit of knowledge about dance then you might already have an idea about the ballet flats that looks so pretty but not while working. This is another type of shoes to avoid without giving it another thought.

Boat Shoes:

The debate on the suitability of the boat shoes in restaurant is never ending but we are going to resolve this riddle right here. Well, this is true that the boat shoes are based on the non-slippery idea but the truth is, without having any arch in them you cannot carry them in kitchen for the prolonged hours. So, this is another no for the kitchen use or as a food service provider.


This is quite obvious that wearing high heels or even the wedge sole will not provide you enough comfort and also when you need to move a lot, it will be a hassle for your ankles as well as it can increase the chances to fell down which is something you will not prefer to face at all.

This article, is must to read one from top to bottom because we are going to make it easier to select the Best non slip shoes for restaurant workers with the buying guide factors that you can consider. Not only this but also if you are a lazy head or wanted to save your time to find out the best option for you then we have shortlisted the top restaurant slip resistant shoes that are highly recommended for all the people out there. Without taking much time, lets dig into the buying guide section.

Top 8 Factors That You Shouldn’t Miss Before Buying Best Non Slip Shoes For Restaurant Workers (Buying Guide 2021)

Different users can have different needs or requirements so considering all of the given below factors according to your preferences will be more feasible for you rather than going for someone else’s opinion.


This is one of the major factors to think about because having the comfortable shoes on will automatically increase your confidence level that will boost your personality as well. No matter what would be your preferences but you must have to be comfortable in them to cut down the frustration of being uncomfortable that will lower your overall productivity as well.


When you have to work in a restaurant, you must have to feel like on the skateboard with the perfect grip to roll around to make your functionality better than anything else. For the better grip you not only have to choose the right size but also the overall design because having the tight grip not always means you will get the perfect results but it can make you feel uncomfortable badly. Different people would have the different skin or feet type so by keeping in mind you have to choose the grip ratio which is quite important so while strolling around you don’t have to feel like you are carrying something extra or heavier.

Water And Injury Protection:

The shoes must be water proof because while being in kitchen or any other area of food service sector uncertainty will always be around so having the water-resistant coatings is must to have feature. Also, if it wouldn’t be water resistant then after getting wet your feet can also be smelly or can cause different fungus infections. To have the better options you can prefer some of the most successful materials in which nylon, polyurethane, or neoprene are included.


One thing that you need to use daily must be durable enough that you shouldn’t have to spend money every month. You should have to look keenly that what kind of material is being used, that will let you know how long and how perfectly any certain shoes is going to work for you. If any of the durable pair of shoes is ensuring you the quality but asking you to pay more than you shouldn’t have to feel hesitant to spend some extra bucks at all.

Easy To Clean:

This is one of the most neglected factors because people would just prefer the design or comfort but no one will consider that after every day use how deeply it will get dirty or after how long you would have to clean it? Also, you need to consider how easy it would be to clean or get dried once you are done with cleaning.

Brand And Price:

Shoes you have to use on the daily basis will be worth spending your money on item but going for the too high or too low price wouldn’t be a great idea. Instead of this you must have to create a thick line between the premium features you are getting and the price you are about to pay. Furthermore, there are numberless brands are working in restaurant worker’s shoe making but we have chosen the few best ones you can rely on them. You can go for your preferences as well, but checking the market value and the product you are going to get is highly recommended to prevent any kind of the undesirable results.

Arch Support:

This is the best possible feature to consider when you are talking about the comfort level in any shoes. Arch support in shoe structure is the base that will make the shoes more look alike the natural feet so you don’t have to feel like carrying a burden while walking. Not only this but also the arch support will prevent the sweating by providing the maximum breathability and will not make you feel tired even after standing or walking more than usual.

Fittings And Sole Type:

As we have already mentioned that you must have to go for the right side to get the better suitability but looking for the sole type is also a major thing to do. The sole must not be so rigid so while walking you feel like it’s just a stone under your feet and also shouldn’t have to be so soft that your entire body have to adjust the height with every single step. After considering the sole type you need to look up for the end results from the backside of the sole, because it will determine how well the sole has been made to make the shoes anti-slippery. The better carvings like sole the shoes will have the more it will be sturdy on the floor.

This is all about the buying guide section, hope you have already figured it out what you must have to consider so now it’s time to unfold shortlisted products with the complete details.

What Are The Best Shoes For Restaurant Workers? (Reviews)

You can go for any of the given below products but make sure you go through the entire details so later you don’t have to regret on your choice at all.

1. Skechers Men’s-Best Slip – Resistant Shoes For Restaurant Workers

Skechers mens Cessnock Food Service Shoe, Black, 7 US
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Bungee lacing
  • Slip resistant
  • Relax Fit
  • Memory foam insole
  • closure_type: lace-up

When you can get a multi-purpose shoes then why you should only have to rely on the specific ones? In our shortlisted products, this good shoes for restaurant work are highly in demand due to its design and high breathability. The sole is made in a very unique yet highly aesthetic way so even if you have to attend a party or any other occasion right after your working hours then still it will add a style statement in your personality.

The sole has been made with imported rubber that will add a unique comfort level in your walk by getting pair up with the top trendy color schemes. The arch is being included in these pair of shoes, that will provide maximum support against your feet and also the bungee lacing so the size can easily be adjusted and also it will not be a time taking process when you need to make them on or off.

With the relax fit design the sole is highly based on the anti-slippery so even when you have to move on the different kinds of the surfaces it will not let you face any kind of the performance hiccups at all. Not only this but also the perfect height arch from the ankle will prevent all kinds of the injuries in case of any accidental fall out. The memory foam inside will save you from all kinds of the outer weather conditions and cleaning it weekly or even daily will quite be easier because it is machine washable.

  • Easy to clean
  • Breathable sole
  • Inexpensive
  • Comfortable arch support
  • Bungee lacing
  • Various colors
  • Nothing to complain about.

2. Skechers Women’s – Best Shoes For Food Service

Skechers for Work Women's Squad SR Food Service Shoe, black flat knit, 5 M...
  • Light Weight
  • Flexible sole
  • Electrics Hazard
  • Memory Foam foot bed
  • Slip Resistant

If you are not feeling like to go for the unisex shoes and wanted to get something specifically that is being designed to add a touch of modernism in women fashion then you shouldn’t have to miss this comfortable slip resistant shoes for women. This design is highly supportive for the athlete body because with the Synthetic sole it will not make you feel like you have worn a specific kind of shoes but instead it will be quite lightweight. For the people who wanted to manage a time for gym during working hours, this will be the best choice because they are equally suitable for the gym as well as for the restaurant workers to deal against the different types of the floors.

Being a restaurant worker you not only have to manage the time but also have to cut down the slipping issues no matter while working in the kitchen or in sitting area to meet the needs or requirements of the customers. So that is why this one of the best restaurant non slip shoes would be the worth spending your money on with the high breathability rate, and easy to clean design.

To meet all the deadlines, even if you have the accidental splashing water or any other stain issues on your shoes, it will not let them stay permanent at all. With the traction outsole even if you would have to run on the slippery edges it will not make you fall or even get hazardous.

  • Traction outsole
  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight
  • Washable
  • Flexible
  • Stain and water resistant
  • Color options
  • Nothing to complain about.

3. Shoes for Crews – Inexpensive Non Slippery Shoes For Men

Shoes for Crews Freestyle II, Mens, Black, Size 7
  • LOW SNEAKERS: Up your work game with our high class sneakers. Inspired by performance athletic styles, with addition of...
  • WATER RESISTANT: Treated to repel liquids from the surface, our comfortable shoes have removable cushioned sole. We...
  • ATHLETIC SHOES: We offer shoes that are lightweight, ventilated & water resistant. Giving you a large selection of men's...
  • SLIP-RESISTANT FOOTWEAR: All footwear at Shoes for Crews features effective slip resistance. Our exclusive anti slip...
  • ALL OF YOUR FOOTWEAR NEEDS: Shoes for Crews offers premium quality footwear including athletic shoes, work boots, clogs,...

If you are not a fan of the mesh constructive shoes then you must have to rely on this low sneaker like design that is being chosen due to its look and feel. This restaurant slip resistant shoes for men is not only lightweight but also have athletic style that is going to prevent all the strain that you mostly felt after working so long in your feet or shins. The removeable cushioned sole is something more than a blessing because when you would have to wash it or even after a day long journey have to keep them away to prevent the bad smell.

To ensure the comfort level and user experience the easy to tie in laces are included so you don’t have to go through a lot of hassle at all. The sole is wide and compact enough at the same time to adjust all type of the feet without asking them to compromise their comfort. Unlike other shoes, the air flow within the shoes will not be a matter to deal with and also the slight arch support will make it easier to stand with even for the entire day without pushing you to sore feet.

The overall design is the best combination of mesh and coated sole that will make it a fashion statement as well. The slip resistant outsole is being design in an aesthetic way so even if the floor conditions not always supportive nothing will push you to unexpected fall outs. Moving straight from your work place to your university or any other place will not make you feel like you have to change your shoes because it will equally be fun according to the next situation.

  • Slip resistant outsole
  • Free style
  • Best product so far
  • Easy to carry
  • Polishable
  • Nothing to complain about.

4. Crocs Synthetic Sole – Comfortable Shoes For Restaurant Work

Crocs unisex adult On the Clock Work Slipon Clog, Black, 6 Women 4 Men US
  • THE PERFECT WORK CROCS: Do your shoes live up to your career specialty? The Crocs On-The-Clock Work Slip On Clogs are...
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Crocs work clogs are easy to clean by just using soap and water and allowing for a quick dry
  • WHAT SIZE SHOULD I BUY?: These shoes offer a relaxed fit and we recommend ordering a size down to the next largest whole...
  • CERTIFIABLY COMFORTABLE: Think of these slip resistant shoes as a caffeinated version of the Crocs Classic Clog, all...
  • SLIP RESISTANT: Made with Crocs Lock slip-resistant treads, these Crocs for work are perfect for those at risk of...

Crocs are one of those footwear types that will never get old due to their high significance and if you are looking for one then you shouldn’t have to miss this one of the best shoes for working in a restaurant that has the simple yet highly aesthetic design. These crocs are highly recommended who don’t have to follow the strict dress code while working but have to maintain the balance to prevent the accidental slipping issues. Unlike other crocs designs, this doesn’t have the typical hole at the top so in case of any liquid or any other stain you don’t have to take it out and have to wash it off for not to look messy but instead a simple damp cloth would be enough.

Also, with the moist or any other liquid prevention, your feed doesn’t have to stinks at all and this perfect croc will not limit you with the single design but various ones are going to provide the major style goals. The sole height is perfect enough so you don’t have to get tired up after working so long and different kinds of the users can get maximum out of these easily.

It will not allow your feet to get interacted directly with the plastic but it does have the double cushioned sole to provide the comfort and height at the same time.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-spills
  • Breathable
  • slip resistant Crocs
  • tapered fit
  • Nothing to complain about.


Where shoes can add a lot more in your personality or appearance, at the same time they can make or break your user experience. We have targeted a specific type of the users in this article because in majority of the cases, restaurant workers were getting into different full of hassle situation out of which slipping and falling in kitchen was the major ones.so to deal with this issue we have introduced a range of the anti-slippery shoes for the restaurant workers that are not only highly efficient but also will add bundle of positive vibes in overall appearance.

Even if you are looking for a pair of shoes on your own then still you need to consider all the given above buying factors that will help you out to shortlist the right kind of the shoes with the right features. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time on the research but still wanted to manage something good then you can check out the reviews section but make sure you have already specified your needs.

For more details or information, you can contact us via email or given below comment section.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best non slip shoes for restaurant workers?

There are top 4 shortlisted products in this article that we have grabbed as the best non slip shoes for restaurant workers you can rely on any of them without any doubts because all of them are tried and tested by our editors.

What are the most comfortable slip resistant shoes?

Being comfortable while wearing any kind of the shoes is something which is hard to achievable but if you would count on any of the given products then you wouldn’t have to sacrifice any of the basic yet essential feature of footwear.

Are non slip shoes required in restaurants?

Yes, this is the core need of the restaurant workers because while working in there, you have to be attentive or have to stand for the longer hours and along with dealing the slippery surface would quite be challenging for you. Due all of these reasons, the restaurant staff must have to grab the non-slip shoes.

What type of shoes should be worn when working in the foodservice industry?

First of all, the shoes must be highly comfortable and protective so to meet all the health standards and secondly yet most importantly they must be made with the anti-slip outsole because while working in the kitchen facing the slippery surface is quite common that can push them to the drastic fall out situations.

What brand of shoes are non slip?

There isn't a single brand working to made the non slip shoes but are bunch of the best ones. To unfold about all of those you are recommended to dig into the above article.

How do restaurants make shoes slip resistant?

If you are working in a restaurant or wanted to instruct your worker to follow any strict rules regarding footwear then going for the slip resistant ones is highly required. In case your shoes don’t have the non-slip outsole then you can scuff it a bit and can add a little bit of hair spray but keep in mind all of these remedies are temporary.

Is slip resistant the same as non slip?

These both are the name of the same kind of shoes that will be designed to protect you against the wet surface to prevent the slipping issues even while walking roughly.

What shoes are best for being on your feet all day?

If you are working in any kind of sector where you would have to keep on the shoes all the day then you need to check first either they are comfortable to walk in and also providing the arch support or not.

How do I make my shoes non slip?

If your shoes have gotten old and doesn’t have the non-slip outsole anymore then you can restore them by scuffing a little bit and also by adding a little bit of hair spray. On the other edge, if the issues don’t resolve then you must have to grab a new pair of shoes from our shortlisted products.

Can you wear vans to work in a restaurant?

Yes, vans are considered to be the ideal ones for the restaurant because they have enough friction provided sole that will not let you get fall out even from the wet floor and also, they have the water as well as stain resistant coatings.

What is the most important reason for wearing the proper shoes in the kitchen?

Wearing the proper shoes in kitchen is the part of the core duties, it will add a hygienic standard as well as comfortable one. Additionally, the non-slip boats or shoes will keep you away from the wet floor slipping injuries.

Are rubber soled shoes slip resistant?

Yes, the rubber soled shoes can also provide the high slip resistance features, for more details you can check out the above article where we have brought out the best rubber soled crocs that will serve you the best possible way.

Does Hairspray make shoes non slip?

Using the hairspray to make the shoe non-slip is one of the temporary solutions but if you will scuff the shoes a little and then add the spray, this is going to be a perfect combination but for the short period of time.

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