5 Best Nail Hole Filler For Trim To Buy In 2021 – {Updated Buyer’s Guide}

Best Nail Hole Filler For TrimWe all love to keep our house interior and exterior cleaner along with all the house hold items so everyone can get some positive vibes. Apart from this to decorate your house you might have use different kinds of paintings or portraits and to hold them various sizes of nails would have been used. After some time, you might want to change the setting and wanted to redecorate the house everything will turn back to its original state except one thing. Yes, we are talking about the pesky nail holes that can easily damage your user experience and will compel you to go for paint or any other option to make your walls flawless again.

Many of you might already know about the best nail hole fillers in town but majority of you yet have to explore it that will not only give you the mesmerizing results but will also cut down the cost that you have to spend to go for the expensive ways to hide the holes. There are various kinds of nail hole fillers available in the market but not all of them are feasible for all the users so choose wisely before adding any of them into your shopping cart.

So, this article, is going to be quite worth reading for all the new or old users who are looking for a great nail hole filler that can easily make their user experience better than ever. So, don’t miss any of the chunk of this article to conclude the worth having nail hole filler to make the walls same as new.

Why Us?

We haven’t chosen the shortlisted products randomly but grab them for you in an aesthetically designed, real time testing mechanism. We took out all the demanding products from different brands and later on deploy them on real time conditions highlighted by the different users. Our team of the professional editors later on collect all the reviews and summarized them for you in this article so without any doubts you can consider any of the product.

Before moving to the reviews section, you should have to dig into the buying guide section which would be a great help for new or old users.

Top 11 Factors To Consider While Buying Nail Hole Filler (Buying Guide 2021)

All the given below factors are going to give different results to different users so make sure you already set your priorities to get maximum out of this buying guide section.

Hole size:

As the nails will have the various sizes and same is the case with the nail holes so when you are about to fall for any of the nail hole filler make sure, you know the compatibility of the chosen product with the hole. As per the experts says, the water-based fillers are tending to provide better results on the small holes but in case of the bigger gaps or nail holes, you have to spend on water-based fillers.

Surface Suitability (Hardening Or Non-Hardening):

You have to check out the surface first and later have to decide either to go for the hardening or non-hardening fillers. If you wanted to fill up the holes of the unfinished surface then you have to go for the hardening ones so later on you could sand it easily. On the other side, if there are holes to be filled over the finished surface then going for the non-hardening fillers will be recommended so later you don’t have to sand them at all. Make sure you go for the high suitability rate so later on; you don’t have to spend more money to get the better results.


Many of the fillers or putty will comes up in single color and after applying them you have to go for the paint again so you can get the high matching results. On the other hand, to cut down your hassle, there would be some of the products that will let you get the matching putty or filler so later on you don’t have to paint it again.

Pre Mixed Or Not:

You will get the putty or fillers in two different conditions, one is pre mixed and other one is non-mixed. You can choose the pre mixed ones so later on you don’t have to mix all the components that can be messier. All the shortlisted products are pre-mixed so you can directly apply them according to your needs or requirements.

Product Reachability:

The reachability of the different products, will vary from surface to surface that means you have to check out your surface first and then have to decide any specific product will easily reach on your desired area or not. For example, if you have a larger gaps or holes to be filled then you don’t have to go for the tube formula but have to spend your money on the jar like packaging. Same is the case with the tiny holes, apply the filler or putty with the bigger applicator will make it complicated for the area to get covered.

Due to this you have to check out the high reachability to prevent any kind of undesirable results.

Sanding Or Painting:

Applying any of the filler or putty is not a big deal but after dries it out sanding or painting will be the real task. Here is a simple formula that will help you how it would work on sanding or later on painting. Sanding must be done on spackle, or filler but when you need the putty you don’t have to sand it hardly to apply the paint to restore it completely.

Price And Brand:

Splashing your money around or burning a hole will not be a thing to do so make sure you set a budget range to prevent the undesirable results. You can compromise on the budget as well is you are getting something exceptional than the normal. On the other edge, spending less and compromising on quality will also be not recommended, try to create a healthy ratio between features you are getting and the price you are going to pay.

Apart from the price issues, let’s talk about the brand you would have to fall for, always go for the brand which is not only worth buying but also have the premium quality products.

Drying Time:

The products that will easily get dries off are the ones that will make it easy for you to sand and then paint the surface but you might get the malleability down. In other words, if you have something fix after using the filler or putty then you have to get ready to take down your user experience as it will be harder for you. On contrary, the products that will take so much time to dries off will give you high suitability to deal with the filling mistakes but the malleability is going to be higher.


Apart from the overall functionality you have to look for safety reasons so in case the product directly get exposure to your body or any other sensitive material you don’t have to face any dangerous results. For the safety reasons you not have to check out the formula but also have to check out the application mechanism.


Many of the fillers or putty will only serve for the interior purpose but other ones will give you desired interior as well as exterior compatibility. You have to check about the suitability and your purpose of buying filler or putty. You don’t have to hover around to get to know because this information would be highlighted over the product.

Formula Packaging:

This is one of the most neglecting factors, the formula will come up not only in the various colors but also in different packaging according to the weight. You have to find out how much product you needed or which packaging is going to give you high suitability.

This was all about the buying guide section now it’s time to dive into the reviews section to go for the high compatibility ratio.

What Is The Best Wood Filler For Nail Holes?

Make sure you already decide what you are looking for so to choosing the right product could get easier for you. Here are our top 5 shortlisted products that will serve different users according to your needs or requirements. Without taking any further time, let’s get started.

1. 3M Kit – Best Putty To Fill Nail Holes

Every one of us would like to speed up the wall recovery time but you should also have to consider which kind of product you are choosing. This painter’s nail hole filler is one of the magical products that will give you the worth having results better than everything else. Not only this but also this filling exterior nail holes will work for the interior as well and furthermore, unlike other products, you don’t have to face any kind of the sagging or shrinking and cracking issues.

You would have to prefer this best spackling compound even if the hole size that has to be filled is of 5 inches. Getting rid of the interior or exterior holes is not a matter anymore, and to make the application easier for you the jar storage is being introduced so you just have to take out this pre mixed nail hole filler and have to apply it evenly. Feel free to apply it on wall or ceiling and most importantly unlike other products you don’t have to spend your money twice to get the supportive items such as repair plate, compound, putty knife, tape and sanding sponge.

Make sure the surface must be clean and dust free before applying the putty here to get the hassle-free results. Without giving it, another thought you can simply add this product to your shopping cart.

  • Perfect package
  • Short dry time
  • High coverage
  • Flawless repairing
  • No cracking
  • Nothing to complain about.

2. Elmer’s E855 – Best Wood Filler For Trim

Are you looking for a compact size nail hole filler? that will not only helpful for easy application but also you don’t have to get the supportive equipment. Make sure the size of the holes that needs to be fill up even if you wanted to apply it by putting directly in your finger then still it will work as the harmless product for you. This wood trim filler is only suitable for all the tiny holes that are there in any of the furniture piece. Apart from this you don’t have to get worried about the dry time and furthermore, it will be quite hard enough that even after filling it up it will not get out of it after some time.

Once you are done with the filling and this filling nail holes in wood material gets dried then you can easily paint or sand it without having any issues to get the fine surface. If the excessive product will fall around then don’t you need to get worried because it will easily be cleaned with simple water. Once you are done with the wood nail hole filling then simply you can put it back with reusable seal to prevent the accidental spill out issues.

Unlike other products, you don’t have to fill up the wood holes after every few months because this baseboard nail hole filler will not crack out or get shrink over the time.

  • Suitable for interior
  • Easy to clean
  • Hassle free application
  • Dry time 12-24 hours
  • Safety seal
  • Paintable and sand able
  • It is not suitable for outdoor use.

3. Mohawk Finishing – Cheap Putty For Wall Holes

You don’t have to limit your functionality only to putty jars or filler pencils because this wood trim nail hole filler has already invaded in stick form to make your user experience way better than anything else. Surprisingly to get maximum out of this patch stick nail hole filler you don’t have to drag some sort of extra tools or equipment. Now you don’t have to change your furniture pieces after getting annoyed by the scratches because all of them are going to be vanish away with this magical nail hole filler stick.

You should always have to keep in mind that getting the matched color stick will always be a great choice to make the hole filling same like the color. Once you are done with rubbing the stick over the infected area now you just have to credit card like thin card and have to scrape over it to remove the excessive product.

One thing you have to keep in mind that this stick is only suitable for those areas that are not getting rub on daily base with cloth or not getting in touch with the heat. For example, you can use it over the cabinet doors but it will not be suitable for the counter top or dining table where the hot food can be served. Being light weight and multi-purpose product you don’t have to go through a lot of hassle and also you don’t have use any sort of tools but have to do it by yourself.

A single stick will work as the long lasting one so invest your money in this white nail hole filler to get what you were looking for since so long.

  • Convenient and user-friendly design
  • Versatile filling stick
  • Multiple colors available
  • Easy application
  • Sand able
  • inexpensive
  • Not suitable for hot or heavy traffic areas.

4. DAP 00585 – Best Painters Putty

We have come up with another tube packaging formula which is not only fun for the various furniture pieces but also the thin plastic can also be served with this wall and furniture nail hole repair filler. This heavy-duty furniture filler is going to take away not only the nail holes but also the cracking or any other wear off issues so you can restore your furniture without replacing at all. You would be glad to know that this best drywall hole filler will not only get dry but also will be hard enough to let you make the nail holes again at the place where you have already filled. Not only this but also you can sand it, paint it, crack it or can do whatever is making your feel better according to the situation without having any additional efforts.

Same like other products you can choose any of the desired color and don’t worry if you don’t get the matching color, simply take the nearest matching color and after getting dried out sand it and apply the paint to make it look stain free. The overall packaging is just fun and even if you don’t have to apply the entire tube at once then still you can secure it with the provided seal. For the people who have to fill the deep holes we will highly recommend to choose the popsicle sticks to make it even.

  • Nothing to complain about.
  • Nothing to complain about.

5. Minwax 13616000 – Best Wood Putty For Trim

Apart from getting the worth having end results you also have to keep an eye on the quantity you are looking. In many of the products you will not get any quantity variants but this spackle to fill nail holes will comes up in the various quantity jars and the numberless colors will add more fuel to it. Unlike other putty jars, you don’t have to mix the different components but entire product will be in pre-mixed formula so you can just take it out and apply it on the infected area.

This is from the non-hardening category so can use it according to the suitability. It will easy to apply but hard to destroy that means without facing any quick wear off issues you can use it on your desired place. To make your restoring process even faster you shouldn’t have to miss this one because you don’t have to spend a lot of time on sanding as it will be fun filling without sanding. Furthermore, to keep in mind the different users the minwax manufacturers have provide the different packings to meet the high suitability rate.

Make sure you use it all the interior areas to get maximum out of this and even after filling the tiny holes you can remove the excessive product with a simple cloth so cleaning would be quite easier.

  • Dramatic dries time.
  • Non-hardening suitable for surface finish
  • Numberless colors
  • Different packaging with different quantities
  • Effortless application
  • Nothing to complain about.


No matter you wanted to restore your furniture or wanted to get rid of the old nail holes from the walls you shouldn’t have to go for the expensive side but have to rely on the best nail hole fillers. Now you might think that where to get the most suitable filler for your walls or furniture then you have landed on the right place because in this article, we have not only shortlisted the worth having nail hole fillers but also have tried and tested them on real time conditions. Furthermore, the buying guide section has been included to this article so you can check what kind of standards needs to be followed when you have to get a classy nail hole filler without burning a hole in your pocket.

There are numberless nail hole fillers available so make sure you already know about your needs so later you don’t have to get confused over any of the product. We have summarized all the much-needed information in this article, still if you have any kind of queries or wanted to share your experience then feel free to contact us via given below comment section or provided email.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

What should I use to fill nail holes in trim?

When you have to get rid of the nail holes then you shouldn’t have to go for the random process but have to choose the long-lasting method so over the time you don’t have to face any wear off issues. By keeping in mind your suitability, you can go for the putty or fillers, we have highlighted both in the reviews section you can dig into the details.

What do professional painters use to fill nail holes?

To fill the nail holes, the professional will use various kind of the products or you can say a complete kit in which following products are must: • Drywall spackle • Joint compound • Putty knife • Sandpaper • Rag • Wood filler or putty • Cleaning cloth

Can you fill trim nail holes with caulk?

Many of you might already fall for the caulk as the nail hole filler, but before considering this even for the intense conditions, you have to keep in mind, this is not a long-lasting choice. That simply means over the time it will get out of the wall or furniture surface and furthermore, you will get wear off issues, when try to sand or paint the surface. So going for the caulk will be just waste of time that is why you would have to go for the putty or spackle and professional fillers to keep the performance fool proof.

Do painters fill nail holes?

Yes, filling out the nail holes will be as important as you can imagine because over the time, they will not only look bad but also when the paint will be applied, it will start getting absorbed to the hole. Applying any of the filler will not only make it look like new but also you will be able to drill again that surface without having any performance issues.

Can you use spackle to fill nail holes in wood?

Yes, in any of the wooden piece either it’s a furniture piece or any other you can use the spackle before paint it so to get the seamless paint finish. To know about the numberless wood or wall fillers, you are recommended to dive into this article from top to bottom.

Should you fill nail holes before priming?

When you have to paint any of the surface, priming it to make it even is as important as you can imagine. So that is why you have to fill all the holes created by the various screws or nails before priming them.

Can you use toothpaste to fill nail holes?

The quick and inexpensive method to fill the smaller nail holes is filling them with toothpaste but make sure you fill them perfectly and also have remove the excessive product neatly. Over the time you might get some damaging results so it would be better to go for the professionally formulated nail hole fillers.

What do you cover brad nail holes with?

Filling the brad nail holes is not a big deal because you just have to take some of the masking tape and have to highlight the hole. Later on, you have to fill the hole with putty or filler, once it gets dried off now you have to sand it to make it look like new. When the sanding is done, now you can remove the masking tape.

Can you nail into spackle?

Yes, spackles are one of the most multi tasking products so once you fill it perfectly and it gets dries off. Now you can drill it again to place any kind of the nail according to your needs or requirements.

What is the difference between wood putty and wood filler?

The major difference between wood putty and wood filler is, wood putty is oil based but on the other hand, filler will be water based. Secondly, you can use wood filler will work perfectly on unfinished wood but other one is suitable for the finished wood.

What is the best wood filler for large gaps?

To fill up the gigantic gapes in the wood you can choose any of our top 5 wood fillers. Make sure to consider the various factors that we have already described in details.

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