6 Best Meat Cutter To Buy In 2021 – {Updated Buyer’s Guide}

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Updated Buyer's GuideGetting something time saving for your kitchen would always be a great choice. On the other hand, from the digital market, you must have to observe your targeted product keenly so you don’t have to break the bank for anything. Well, this article is going to make your meat cutting or slicing easier than ever in a very aesthetic way as we have shortlisted the best products from well-known brands. Similarly, the shaping of burger patties has been made very easy by the best burger presser. Before moving down, it would be highly appreciated if you would spend your few minutes on the given below buying guide that will describe in detail that which factors you must have to look for before adding any of the product into your shopping cart.


Read Before Spending Your Money on The Best Meat Cutter (Buying Guide 2021)

Without wasting much time let’s gets started with some major factors that you need to consider before buying any of the meat slicers.


In the major category, you would have to deal with two types of meat slicers in which electric and manual ones are included. You must have to specify your needs that which one will suits you the most. Once you are done with it, now it’s time to check out the subcategories of both ones. There would be some meat cutters that would be available in the form of a slicing machine but some of them will be in the shape of the saw, some would be in vertical form while others would be in a horizontal form. You can choose from any of the subcategories but make sure you keep in mind your needs and especially your space availability as well. Moreover, you can consider some special types of slicers as well, if you are a travel bug and intended to keep them in your traveling bag as well.

Safety and Cleaning

As you might know that the meat cutter is something that can expose you to any undesirable results easily so you need to keep in mind your safety first. You must have to look at the safety features that must be served around the cutting blade; also you shouldn’t have to miss that the power button must be in the right place because sometimes in the electric meat cutters the accidental on/off button can create a mess. Apart from the safety features when it comes to cleaning the complicated Material and size can be a hassle for you.

No matter how simple the meat cutter would be but you need to take all the safety precautions while cleaning the meat cutter because you have to deal with the sharp blades.

Management and Versatility

When looking for a highly manageable product then you must have to consider the size of the meat cutter that is it feasible for you as a user or not. On the other hand, consider the multi-functionality of any of the meat cutter would also be a great deal because isn’t it would a better idea to chop down the bread and veggies also with the meat cutter?

Price and Brand

While you are looking for premium quality, there are the chances that you have to spend some extra bucks but going out of the budget will not be a good idea at all. So, without compromising on the quality, you have to create a balance between the price and the features you are going to serve. Apart from this considering always the brand wouldn’t be recommended so when you are about to buy any of the meat slicers keep in mind the market value of the manufacturer and also you can check out the reviews of the other buyers as well to have a clearer picture about the product quality.

Low Noise Pollution

It’s quite natural that all of those products that will deal with the frozen meat are tend to create noise pollution but still, we have chosen all of those products that will serve you with the noise-free working without comprising on the overall functionality.

Power and Speed

If you are one of those buyers who don’t have the heavy-duty tasks to be performed by the meat cutters then you can even go for the low power cutting slicers as well but if you wanted to get something to deal with your massive or hectic meat slicing duties then you always have to get the high-power motor slicer. It is because there are chances that after using the meat slicer frequently, you might have to deal with the overheating issues that mostly occur in the low power machines.

Also, you need to keep in mind that high power means more power unit consumption that can take you to high electricity bills as well. So always keep in mind your core needs so you don’t have to face any sorts of unwanted results at all.

As the experts say, spending some extra bucks on the meat cutter with more power would be a great idea because it will easily be useable for all kinds of needs without letting you have the performance issues at all.

You can also checkout the best electric juicer for your kitchen to make fresh juice.

1. Electric Meat Slicer – Best Meat Cutter Machine

If you are tired of using the manual meat slicer then this time you must have to try on this one that has magical functionality in a very aesthetic price range. This best meat cutting knife set is going to push away all the hassle that you mostly face with the low power or single-purpose meat slicers. With the most compact design and highly recommended functionality, you will be amazed to enjoy the multi-functionality that will not only let you cut the meat but also will work for you as a chopper as well. This might sound exaggerated but you would be amazed to know that it will even work for you if you wanted to cut down the stubborn bread slices as well.

By keeping in mind your safety first, the protection shield-like plate and meat holder has been embedded that will work for you in multiple ways. The adjustable knob is something aesthetic addition to this best meat cutter that will let you deal with the various slice sizes of the meat or any other food item. Furthermore, it will not be a messy choice at all because the plate under the cutting blade will store the slices of your food. Apart from this functional information we would like to add that overall construction is based on the cast aluminum material and the blade is easily removable so when you have to clean it you don’t have to be worried about anything at all.

  • Highly recommended with the multi-functional power
  • Adjustable slice sizing knob
  • Safety precautions just on point
  • Smooth and aesthetic design
  • The blade quality can be a little bit be improved to work even with the frozen meat so well.

2. Manual Frozen Meat Slicer – Best Meat Slicer for Cutting Steaks

If you don’t have much interest in the electric meat slicers then you shouldn’t have to miss this one that will not only provide you the fastest possible functionality but will also not let you burn a hole in your pocket with the high electricity bills. The overall construction of this best meat cutting saw is of stainless steel that will not bound your functionality at any point because along with this you can enjoy the frozen meat cutting, veggie slicing, cheese slicing, and many other tasks that would make your cooking experience way better than ever.

Not only this but also the dual adjustable knobs will work for you so even if you have to go for the multiple sizes then you can do it with great ease. To make your user experience better than the others, the four different feet stakes have been attached so that you could enjoy the maximum support against the pressure. Moreover, it would be great fun for you when you have to deal with the cleaning process because a little bit of the hot soapy water along with the damp towel will be enough.

The meat holder has a plastic handle and a stainless-steel gripping power that will not let your user experience get damaged at all. Not only this but also it would be a great addition to your kitchen with all the safety precautions. Apart from these, you shouldn’t have to miss the fun of getting the bonus items as well in which different meat bags, meat holders, and many others are included.

To make it easy to manage for you the user manual has been included that will let you know about the step-by-step process of assembly and will also let you enjoy access to the high user customization.

  • Stainless steel material that is not only study but also easy to clean
  • Supportive feet stakes
  • Easy slicing with the adjustable dual knob for the various sizes
  • Safe meat holder
  • Nothing to complaint about

3. Continental Electric Pro Meat Slicer – Best Home Meat Cutter

If you are looking for something that could serve you with the best possible compact design and with aesthetic work efficiency then you must have to dig into this review that is all about the countertop meat slice. This best electric meat cutter is going to meet your all kitchen needs with just a blink of the eye and if you are looking for the notch blade to have the fine slices then nothing would be better than this one. The overall construction of this best meat cutter machine is way better than the others that even it will suit all types of kitchen users in which chefs and even normal ones are included. So, feel free to add this to your shopping cart even if you are not so pro with the meat slicing.

Along with the high-power motor, the thickness managing knob is going to be just fun for you when you will put on the meat on the feed table. The piece holder has been included by taking all the safety precautions in it so you don’t have to get exposed to something really damaging at all. The food holding plate is wide enough that the slices will not fell or will not make the slicing messy at all.

  • High power motor
  • Wide food plate
  • Safe feeding tray
  • Easy slicing with the slice size adjustable knob
  • Nothing to complaint about

4. Stainless Steel Food Slicer – Best Meat Cutter for Jerky

You might want to get rid of the tiring electric meat slicers that can damage your overall experience with their noise pollution but with this best meat cutter for jerky noise will be vanished away. The electric meat cutter will most of the time be a threat with the accidental on/off issues but in this best home meat cutter, the power button is designed in a very aesthetic way so you don’t have to think about the safety of your tiny ones around you. This cutter has the perfect compact design that will not only work amazingly on the countertop but also with the non-slipping feet you don’t have to deal with the performance issues at all.

Not only this but also the thickness control panel is going to deal with your all types of meat needs so feel free to enjoy the adjustable knob. The durable stainless-steel blade will let you deal with all types of frozen meat without letting you have the edgy slices at all. The slicing guard is something very unique as compared to the other meat slicers because it will let you handle it along with the strong grip. In other slicers, you might get tired of holding the upper grip but this one is as comfortable as you can think of.

When you have to clean it, you don’t have to be worried that much because the Food Carriage is removable so you could clean it thoroughly.

  • Strong supportive rubber feet are included
  • Sharp blade to deal with the frozen meat
  • Hidden power button
  • A customized meat thickness dialer is included
  • Nothing to complaint about

5. Hamilton Beach Electric Knife – Best Meat Cutting Band Saw

There are the chances that you are not a fan of the massive meat slicers at all, it is because that you have to deal with a lot of efforts and also you have to work with the uniformity but in this best meat cutter in the world you are going to have a free hand. This one of the best meat cutter knives are going to provide you the breathtaking portability even if you wanted to take it along on the camping. Not only this but also it can let you have the customized slices of the cooked food as well.

The package of this best meat cutter is quite interesting because you are going to get the meat holding form as well that can work for you in various ways. The griping handle of this best meat cutter fishing has an aesthetic design so even if you have to deal with the hectic slicing then you don’t have to put on a lot of strain on your hands at all.

With the edgy design of the blade, you can cop up with the different types of chopping tasks as well. Along with all of these features, you are going to enjoy the safest storage box of this blade so even if you have to place it in your bag, then it will not create any mess for you at all.

  • Ergonomic design with the space-efficient feature
  • The storage box is included along with the meat holding fork
  • The serrated blade shape will make the cutting easier even of the already cooked food.
  • Nothing to complaint about

6. Weston Manual Meat Cutter – Top Rated Meat Cutter

If you are looking for a hand-held meat cutter then nothing would be better than this best beef jerky cutter that will not burn a hole in your pocket but the performance would be quite magical. This meat cutter is the best choice from the safety perspective as well because you don’t have to be around the blade at all. The free-standing meat cutter will only ask you to put on the meat or beef piece at the top and the rest will be done with the crank just with the matter for a few minutes.

Unlike the other meat cutters, you don’t have to adjust the food storage plate on your own because the overall shape of this cutter will let you enjoy enough space for the slices. You don’t have to put on the raw meat to the blade on your own but instead, the available meat pucker will work for you perfectly.

  • Sturdy design with the crank
  • Easy to operate
  • Performance efficiency
  • Easy to store
  • Simple cleaning
  • Very affordable
  • Nothing to complaint about

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions):

Is a meat slicer worth it?

Yes, it will totally worth spending your money on because it will take over all the cutting and slicing tasks in a very convenient way.

What is the best meat slicer for home use?

We cannot name a single product as the best one so it would be better to check out the above post to have a clear idea about the best one as per your needs or requirements.

How do I choose a meat slicer?

You need to consider some of the major factors while spending your money on the meat slicer and to make it easier for you we have described all the factors in the given above post in the buying guide section.

How do you shave meat at home?

You can take help from any of the above-mentioned meat slicers to make your overall tasks easier than ever.

Can you slice potatoes with a meat slicer?

Well, it depends that which meat slicer you have chosen because many of them will let you slice on the veggies but others will not let you do so.

Can a meat slicer cut bone?

Well, this is something impossible to some extent but with the soft bones, the meat cutter with the high-power motor can deal easily.

Can you slice bread with a meat slicer?

Yes, the majority of the above-mentioned, meat slicers are multi-purpose so if you are aiming to slice down the bread then it will not be a hassle for you. On the other hand, the results may vary because the different meat slicers will serve you differently.

Can you sharpen meat slicer blade?

Yes, if you are feeling like your meat slicers are not working so well then after removing the blade from the machine, you can sharp it as per your needs but make sure you consider all the safety precautions.

How thin can a meat slicer cut?

Well, you can go for the multiple thickness levels, to have a better idea you can check out for your desired product that how thin its adjustable knob will let you cut the meat.

What food items would we use a meat slicer for?

You can cut down the cheese, veggies, and pieces of bread from the meat slicer to make the hectic cutting or chopping in your kitchen.

What should you use to hold the meat close to the slicer blade?

In many of the meat slicers, you will be served with the food holder that will not only let you hold the meat but will also provide maximum safety against the blade.

How often should a meat slicer be cleaned?

Well, we will recommend you to clean your meat slicer after every use but if you can't do so then you must have to do it after 2 or 3 uses otherwise you might have to face performance hiccups along with the stinky meat slicer.

Will a meat slicer cut frozen meat?

Yes, meat slicers are tending to deal with the frozen meat but it shouldn’t be too hard otherwise there are chances that the blade will go for the breakage or to the other performance issues.

Can you slice tomatoes on a meat slicer?

Yes, you can use all of those meat slicers for the tomato cutting that allow you to cut down the veggies.

How do you thinly slice beef at home?

You can use the various types of meat slicers at home to get your desired thin slices of the meat.

Can you use a meat slicer for raw meat?

Yes, you can use the raw meat for the slicing in the meat slicer but it will not be recommended if the raw meat is something like squishy because it will not let you have the proper slices at all. So, if it is so then trying to freeze the meat a bit to get the satisfies results.

Can an electric knife cut through bone?

Well, to some extent this is true because if your meat slicer has a powerful motor then it can even cut down the bones as well. On the other hand, it's not recommended at all to use the normal meat cutter for the bone cutting to prevent undesirable results.

How does a meat slicer work?

Every meat slicer will work differently, so to have a better idea you can check out the above section of this post or for more details, you can go for the user manual available along with the product.

Which should you not do before cleaning a slicer?

First of all, you need to keep in mind your safety so always wear gloves before cleaning the meat slicer. Secondly, you shouldn’t have to put the meat slicer in the sink as it can make it rusty.

Are electric carving knives any good?

Yes, with the help of carving knives you don’t have to give up on the customized carvings at all. as you can use them in any way not only on the meat but also on the cheese, bread or on many other items as well.


Out of all the hectic tasks of the kitchen, meat slicing is one of the hardest ones but the meat slicing cutters have made it easier than ever. You might already have the meat slicer in your kitchen or chances are looking for something worth spending your money on. Well, by keeping in mind all the needs we have brought on all the best possible products in this article along with their detailed reviews. To make all the products trustworthy for you, our editors have tried and tested them so to serve you with unbiased reviews. Furthermore, the buying guide is also provided at the top of this page so you could choose the most suitable product.

In case you find something missing in the provided information, you can use the given below comment section and also, we would like to hear from you that which product you have bought from the shortlisted ones or which one has allure you the most.

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