12 Best Lunch Coolers To Buy In 2021 – {Updated Buyer’s Guide}

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Updated Buyer's GuideIf you are a quick mover and looking for something that could store the food in the most convenient way then you shouldn’t have to miss this post at any cost. We have brought on all the stylish and result-oriented lunch coolers for you so say goodbye to the hectic research time and just start digging into this article. First and foremost, you must have to consider the given below factors that we have described in the buying guide so without any further due let’s get started.

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What To Consider Before Buying the Best Lunch Box Coolers (Buyer’s Guide 2021)

All of the details in this section will help you to specify your needs so you could buy any of the given below products easily with a high accuracy rate.

Storage Capacity And Size

You must have to consider this factor because your entire user experience is going to base on it. You can easily depict that how much you travel around with your friends or family? apart from this, there are the chances that you are one of those travelers who stroll around alone. So, the size must be chosen according to your needs and the storage capacity is directly related to the size but the various storage compartments would be fun for you.

You also have to choose the size by keeping the portability factor as well and consider the fact that how long you want to keep your food storage in the lunch cooler.

Is It Thermal Insulated?

We will highly recommend you to check on the thermal insulation if you don’t want to ruin your overall experience. It will help you to lock your desired temperature in the cooler so you could enjoy your meal after a tough day. There are also some of the products that will let you enjoy the removable lining as well but if you wanted to go for the heavy-duty one then you must have to switch to our shortlisted products in the next section.

Style And Material

The overall working is one of the most important factors to consider but you shouldn’t have to miss the style as well because, in the lunch coolers, there are the chances that you want to get the various carrying options or go for the different color options so it could also be pleasing for you along with your favorite food. Apart from the style, the material is one of the core features that you must have to go for. In the sturdiest materials, stainless steel, rotomolded, and bags with the insulated lining are on the top of the list.

If you are about to choose stainless steel then make sure it has the anti-rust coatings on it so to deal with the rainy weather. If you are going for the rotomolded then you must have to check the overall weight so you don’t have to face the issues with the portability. The insulted lining lunch bags will let you enjoy the anti-leakage features but you need to keep in mind that if you are aiming to put on the hot meal box then it must be wrapped in the towel first then you have to put it in an insulated cooler.

Temperature And Cleaning

The temperature maintenance of the lunch cooler must be considered so you could enjoy the desired results. The weather protective coatings must be there so your food could be fresh as long as you wanted it to be. On the other hand, the cleaning process must be simple and must not be time taking at all.

Additional Features

You must have to consider all of those products that could serve you with something extra so you could enjoy the bonus benefits. In the additional features, warranty, machine washability feature, built-in bottle opener, carry bag and many others that can take your overall user experience better than ever are included.

Airtight And Toughness

The cooler must be airtight that you shouldn’t have to face the high ice retention rate or if you have stored the hot food then it will not get cooler too early. The overall constructed frame must be as tough as it could so even if you have to move around then it doesn’t get damaged at all.

Stain Resistance

You must have to consider that your targeted product has the stain-resistant ability or not because it will help you to get maximum out of your lunch cooler even if you are going to carry it for longer trips. Also, this would be a great addition to your lunch cooler and will keep you away from the hassle of cleaning it after every use.


Your food is something that will have a great impact on your health so you must have to check out that either the overall construction in which the locking system, the material of the lunch cooler, and others are based on the safety perspective or not. also, consider that the used material has the safety certifications or not.


You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket at all unless you are about to get something very exceptional. Make sure you have created a balanced boundary between the budget and the quality you are going to spend on. Furthermore, here comes a pro tip that before breaking into your bank make sure you check out the reviews of the other buyers under your targeted product.

If you are done with the buying guide and you wanted to have a quick review of the shortlisted products then you can have a look at the given below comparison table.

1. Lifewit Collapsible Cooler – Best Lunch Box For Adults

If you are planning a picnic with your entire family or with a bunch of your friends then you must have to grab this one of the best lunch boxes for adults 2021 that will carry around 48 cans of your desired drinks or any other eatable. The high-density construction of this easy to carry will let you enjoy the long-lasting waterproof resistance and easy to clean fabric. The overall sewing is entirely effortless so in any case, you don’t have to face any sort of performance hiccups at all.

The overall design of this bag is amazingly appealing and compact that even if you would like to place it in the back seat of the car then it will not be a hassle for you at all. Unlike other lunch coolers, you also don’t have to compromise on the design at all. Apart from the cooler, you would be glad to know that you are going to enjoy the numberless storage pockets as well, which would be quite essential for you especially when you have to store the tiny items.

The detachable belts will add more fun to it with the 3 different carrying styles so you don’t have to feel tired of the same style especially when you have to carry your bag for longer. So, grab this one of the most stylish bags and get ready to enjoy your journey even when you need to keep this cooler along with your suitcase. To let you enjoy the great versatility there are two different parts of this cooler that will serve you which one is made for liquid storage and the other one is for dry food storage.

  • Suitable for a bunch of people
  • Affordable
  • Easy to carry with multiple carrying options
  • Seamless sewing technique is used to make it leak proof.
  • Multiple storage pockets available
  • Nothing to complaint about

2. Klein Tools 55600 Work Cooler – Best Lunch Cooler For Work

If you are looking for the tough cooler then you shouldn’t hover around because this one of the best lunch boxes for construction workers is going to work for you in the various ways that you must have to know in this section. This sturdiest piece is going to make your food storage way better than others with enough storage and its strong style will even work for you if you wanted to sit or want to use it as a table as well. If you are moving to an area where you have to deal with the hot weather or a lot of sun exposure then this cooler will work for you around 30 hours and will not let your food get stinky or your drinks get melted at all.

The upper lid is quite a magical addition that you must have to enjoy in multiple angles as per your needs or requirements. This one of the best lunch coolers for adults is not only meant to store the food only but the upper lid will also be able to hold the tiny items for you in which keys and the phone is included. In the entire cooler, you will not get even a single part of the rust triggering material at all and the adjustable strap is going to be fun for you by providing you different carrying levels.

You shouldn’t have to miss this worth spending your money on the product at all that is going to fun with the carrying box like a belt.

  • Extensive storage for the entire family
  • The construction is sturdiest and even can be used as the seat as well.
  • Various styles based carrying belt
  • Separate storage section for the mobile and keys
  • Nothing to complaint about

3. Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freezer – Best Lunch Box For Hot Food

If you are tired of the rotomolded coolers and wanted to get something great with the same functionalities but with a different design then this must be your cup of tea. Not only the cooler but the bag will also work as the sun reflector so your cooler doesn’t have to absorb the heat that can be a reason for the ice melting in your cooler. With the adjustable straps, you would be able to make it easier to set into your requirements or needs. Not only this but also the various pockets will work as the different storage compartments so you could store the tiny stuff of yours.

The removable compartment will let you enjoy the separate space that can be used to store dry or liquid food separately. Moreover, the material something magical and you will be amazed because it will not let you face the product decay over time at all. To deal with the different weather conditions it will work for you flawlessly and mesh pockets will let you store your frequently accessed items such as water bottles.

  • Numberless storage pockets
  • Heat reflective bag
  • Various carrying bag options with the adjustable belt
  • Stain resistance technology
  • Nothing to complaint about

4. Lifewit Large Lunch Bag – Best Lunch Coolers 2021

This product with the oxford base fabric is going to take the anti-leakage technology to another level and it will let also let you enjoy the easy cleaning that will cut down short your majority of cleaning-related tasks. Multiple types of food will easily be able to get stored in the various compartments of this one of the best lunch coolers and to protect your food from any sorts of external factors the zipper has been included. The overall bag is quite handiest with the carry belt that can be used in various ways and with the different size adjustment features.

The interior lining is amazingly having flawless performance and it will maintain your food temperature as per your needs or requirements. When it comes to the storage time then it will depend on the various weather conditions as well. Enjoy the mesh pockets, and you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time when you have to move around to store this highly compact design.

Keep enjoying your camping or any other outdoor activities with this aesthetic cooler and you wouldn’t feel like you just have splashed your money around.

  • Different storage compartments
  • Easy to carry
  • Highly manageable
  • Large capacity
  • Nothing to complaint about

5. Igloo The Boss Playmate Cooler – Best Lunch Boxes For Prep Meal

If you wanted to take the style and performance on the same track then this product must be in your shopping cart and without any further due let’s explore its next level features. You can go for this lunch cooler if you wanted to go somewhere on a trip or even can take your favorite food along if you are going to any tough location such as a beach or construction site as well. The design is not only easy to carry but also quite stylish and will not ask you to be pro when you need to deal with it.

The lid will magically move when you need to use it and surprisingly it will not let you face the annoying liquid splashing issues. Moreover, the cleaning mechanism of this playmate is as easier as you can imagine. If you are one of those users who don’t like to carry the lunch box around with the belt then you must have to spend on this product that has the most feasible grip on the top.

  • Easy to carry with the aesthetic grip
  • Simple but sturdiest model with easy to move lid
  • Unique cooling system with easy cleaning
  • Anti-leakage system
  • Nothing to complaint about

6. Flowfly Double Layer Cooler – Best Lunch Box For Office

There are the chances that sometimes you wanted to have a smaller size lunch cooler and sometimes the bigger one but spending on two different sizes will not be an as good idea as it sounds. Isn’t it would be a great idea to have a single lunch cooler but with great size variations? Well, this product is going to be a magical one for you with the dual adjustable size. You can expand this highly insulated lunch cooler according to your needs or requirements and with the appealing design, it is going to be quite alluring for the people around you.

Apart from this, you will be able to enjoy the various compartment pockets in this bag along with the mesh pockets as well so you can even put on multiple items apart from the food as well. You can use it at work, in school, or even during your flight as well so this multi-purpose would add a lot of fun to your journey. This is completely lightweight so while carrying it you wouldn’t have to feel like you are carrying a bigger bulk of different items at all.

You don’t only have to go for the single strap variations because it has a separate handle if you don’t want to carry it on the shoulder all the time. The double-deck sections are entirely insulated so if you wanted to store your favorite drinks along with the ice packs then it will not be a big deal at all.

  • Double deck sections for the different sizes conversions
  • The entire product is highly insulated
  • Leakproof technology
  • Nothing to complaint about

7. Igloo BMX Family Cooler – Best Lunch Boxes To Keep Food Cold

The rotomolded cooler has great significance so if you wanted to switch on a heavy-duty one then you shouldn’t have to miss it at all. The construction of this cooler is highly recommended especially if you wanted to grab the sturdiest one because you have the rough handling or you have to move on the tough site. The ice retention rate of this cooler is a quite next level so if you are about to use it in summer then feel free to take it along because it will not let the ice get melt for 4-5 days and also it will depend on the temperature conditions as well.

Anti-rust and anti-decay coatings will extend the overall life of this aesthetic cooler. If you are going fishing then it is going to work for you with great accuracy with the fishing scale at the top. Not only this but also the rubberized locks will prevent the ice from getting melt so you could enjoy the cool beverages even after spending a lot of time in outdoor activities.

The carrying handle is amazingly perfect for carrying because it is wide enough not to put on a lot of strain on your hands at all.

  • Unique and appealing design
  • Easy to carry with the bigger handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Ice retention period is around 5 days (vary in different weather conditions)
  • Rubber locking system is included
  • Nothing to complaint about

8. Coleman Excursion Portable Cooler – Best Rated Lunch Cooler

Having a hassle-free design would add fuel to the fun so if you are looking for this kind of model then you must have to consider this one with enough capacity to hold on the one full meal or more than 9 cans at the same time. The design is simple yet modern so carrying it along with being great fun with the easy to manage handle. The overall construction of this cooler is sturdy so even with the rough handling it will not let you face the performance issues at all.

If you have the kids along and they are going to open or close the cooler frequently then you shouldn’t have to be worried at all because the perfect hinges withstand are going it easier than ever without any damage. With the perfect size and color combination, you don’t have to compromise on any of the aspects. Not only this but also the cleaning will be quite simple and easier than ever so you shouldn’t have to give it a second thought at all.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Bail handle is included
  • Multiple color options
  • Suitable for entire family
  • Perfect construction
  • The lid might get tighter than usual so it will take some time to get opened.

9. Igloo Profile 16 Quart Cooler – Best Mens Lunch Box Cooler

This product from the well-known brand igloo is going to make your day out way better than ever with the lockable lid so if you wanted to take the security to another level then this will be the best option for you. Not only this but also the size is something that will allure you a lot with the bail handle that can be stacked back when needed to be store on the backseat or in the car.

The airtight will be there to maintain the temperature in the cooler along with the heat reflective material that is going to work for you when you have to keep your food safe as well as cool. You can also use the cup holders at the top of the lid so along with this you don’t have to carry a separate table along. The upper side of the lid has also the ability to hold your mobile or keys without much effort so isn’t it one of the best products for you to keep your feasibility just on point?

Not only this but also if you are aiming to hang anything such as the can opener along with the cooler then the hooks around the opening point of the lid will work for you flawlessly. The storage is quite efficient and is going to work for you when you are looking for something that could work for you without letting you face any type of performance hiccups.

  • Size is suitable for a family or for one person equally
  • Flawless material and construction
  • Easy to manage with the simple cleaning process
  • Lockable lid
  • Nothing to complaint about

10. Leakproof Portable Cooler Bag – Best Lunch Box For College Students

By keeping in mind all types of needs, we have shortlisted this aesthetic cooler that is an insulated one with the anti-leakage flawless sewing mechanism. Multiple ways to carry this best lunch bag that can go well along ice or gel packs must be in your travel essentials because side hinges, upper carry handle, and side belt is something that you might always be looking for in any portable cooler. With or without ice you not only can carry an extensive amount of the beverages but also your favorite food items as well.

Along with all these breathtaking features the color and overall design are quite appealing with the ability to get collapse when you need to store it empty. The bottle opener is something that can easily be forgotten at home but with this cooler, you will be able to grab the built-in bottle opener, isn’t it amazing? The base is solid than ever so even in the patchy areas you don’t have to be worried about it at all.

Storing it empty will only require 4 steps and without taking much place it will get adjusted in your kitchen drawer as well.

  • Easy to store with the collapse ability
  • Unique design with the multiple carrying options
  • Bottle opener is included
  • Various storage compartments
  • Nothing to complaint about

11. TOURIT Cooler Backpack – Best Lunch Boxes To Keep Food Hot

There are the chances that you are fed up with the typically designed lunch boxes and wanted to switch on something that can enhance your overall user experience. The lining of this bag like lunch is based on anti-leakage formula so you could store any type of food in there and your food will not be altered at all for the next 16 hours. There are various compartments are included that will make overall storage more efficient than the other models.  The entire construction of this Lunch box is based on waterproof formula so feel free to use it without considering the intense weather conditions.

With the multiple carrying options, you will be glad to enjoy the built-in bottle opener so you don’t have to carry it separately. Enough storage is available that you would like to grab to enjoy a family meal while going out and mesh pockets are also included in this cooler. If you are one of the hikers then you might look for a feasible lunch box for yourself that can easily be carried then you must have to go for this cooler that has the padded belts that will not let you feel tired at all even if you have to move around for the longest time. The fun isn’t ending here but also the padded back along with the pocket to store your mobile phone.

Enjoy the adjustable straps that are going to serve you in the best possible way.

  • Padded and adjustable straps with the separate carry belt
  • Separate pockets
  • Perfect storage with the water proof and anti-leakage technology
  • Nothing to complaint about

12. Coleman Lunch Cooler – Best Lunch Cooler For Construction Workers

Getting something aesthetic and antique-like to store your food would be a great choice to consider so without any further due let’s get started with this review. With the sturdiest overall frame, the endless range of colors in this product is going to provide you various options. This retro lunch cooler will not be a great choice when you need to store a lot of food but will also prove itself quite appealing in your circle. With the low ice retention rate, it will keep your food or beverages safe for around 4 days but this time might be varying depending on the temperature condition around as well.

The upper lid also has a locking system so if you have the kids around then you don’t have to get annoyed at all if they would try to open it over and over. The side carrying handles are not only the sturdiest ones but also you don’t have to be worried about that if they will end up in the rust or not because the anti-rust coatings are there to protect them for long-lasting use.

The upper side of the cooler can be used in various ways in which using it as the table and as the seat to sit are on the top of the list. It will also work on the leak-proof technique and will also provide you the best possible drainage system so you don’t have to face any sort of drainage issues at all.

  • Stainless steel locking system with the anti-rust coatings
  • Easy to carry
  • It can work as the table and sitting table at the same time
  • Nothing to complaint about

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best-insulated lunch bags?

We have shortlisted the best-insulated lunch bags so we would highly recommend you to have a look at the above article to know more about the available options.

What are the best lunch boxes for adults?

If you are a traveling bug or a person with heavy-duty lunch box needs then the shortlisted products on the top of this page are going to work for you perfectly.

How long do insulated lunch bags keep food cold?

Well, the duration might be different in the different weather conditions but roughly the insulated lunch bags will keep the food cool for around 2-3 hours.

Which brand is best for the lunch box?

We cannot name a single brand as the best ones because there are many brands that are working in the lunch box manufacturing sector flawlessly. In the top ones borosil, yeti, coleman, milton, igloo, and many others are included.

Do insulated lunch bags need ice packs?

Yes, no matter what kind of weather you are dealing with but the gel packs or ice packs will work for you perfectly to store your food for a longer time in the insulated lunch bags.

Can I wash my lunch bag?

It depends on that which lunch bag you have chosen, if you have picked any of the lunch coolers from our shortlisted range then you shouldn’t have to be worried about them because all of them are washable and easy to clean.

How long is food safe in the insulated bag?

As per the experts suggested, you shouldn’t have to store your food for more than 2 hours in the insulated bags because keeping food for more than this duration will trigger bacteria growth in your food.

Can you put hot food in a cooler bag?

We will not suggest you do this because it will make the ice packs get melts faster than usual. Secondly, if you have to do so then we will recommend you to use the towel to wrap the hot food container so not only the ice get melts faster but also to keep your food hot for a longer time.

What is the best container to keep food hot?

You must have to dig into the information that we have provided at the top of this page to know about the endless options to keep your food hot.

Can you put yogurt in the lunch box?

If you wanted to store the yogurt in the lunch box then we will recommend you to freeze it first and then put it into your lunch box so it doesn’t let you face the changed sour taste at all.

What is the safest food storage container?

In our shortlisted list of the food storage containers, all of them are highly safe for your health so feel free to grab any of them. Not only this but also, all of them are tried and tested by our editors so you could have a clearer picture of the products.

How do you clean a smelly backpack?

You don’t have to go for the complicated cleaning mechanisms at all. You just have to take a little bit of warm water and liquid soap in the spray bottle to spray on the bag. Later on, you can use a damp towel to deal with the stains. In case you are not getting the right results then you can put it into the washing machine but make sure the material is washable in the machine.

How long does food last in the cooler?

Roughly you need to maintain the temperature less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the cooler so to keep your food fresh for the maximum time.

Does an insulated lunch bag keep food hot?

Yes, insulated bags can do it efficiently than the other types of coolers so feel free to keep your food in insulated lunch bags to enjoy the food freshness accurately.

How do you travel with hot food?

If you are aiming to travel with the hot food then make sure before keeping it in any insulated or rotomolded lunch box, you wrap a towel around it so the hot food container doesn’t ruin the ice or gel packs at all.

Can Igloo coolers be used for hot liquids?

Although the igloo coolers are meant to keep the food cool if you wanted to keep the hot beverages in the cooler then you must have to choose the stainless-steel model.

How do you keep food warm for hours?

The food can be kept warm for hours in the lunch coolers, for more details you can check any of the above-mentioned products.

How long is hot food safe in a thermos?

Well, it depends on the overall performance of the thermos but as per the rough estimation, you can store the food for around 6 hours.

How do you keep lunch cool?

Keep your lunch cool in the rotomolded or insulated cooler for a longer time. If you don’t have any product in mind to spend your money on then you can check out the above section where you will find out various products.


When you are moving away from the house no matter where you would always be glad to have the best possible food storing container along. Having something like temperature locking coolers can be nothing but more than a blessing especially when you have to move around for a long time. In this article, we have brought on the best lunch coolers from the various well-known brands so you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for the best ones for yourself. All the shortlisted products have their separate reviews and each of them will serve you differently so choose wisely as per your needs or requirements. To make your buying experience better than ever you must have to consider the fact that all the top 12 products are tried and tested by our editors so you could get not only trustworthy products but also unbiased reviews of them as well.

Don’t forget to spend a few minutes on the given above buying guide that has been provided by considering all the major factors that are must to specified before spending your money on any of the products. Furthermore, if you are looking for something else then don’t hesitate to use the given below comment section and we would appreciate your queries that would be resolved from our end as well.

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