5 Best Juicer For Wheatgrass And Leafy Greens To Buy In 2021 – {Updated Buyer’s Guide}

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Updated Buyer's GuideIn our busy life routine, it is quite harder to meet our body nutrient needs but with the help of juices, it has been made quite easier to get at least 90% of the nutrients even without consuming raw vegetables or fruits. Apart from this, the stacks of the junk food have ruined our body badly and most people don’t consume the packed juices because it doesn’t taste so good. So, if you wanted to add the juice as a healthy meal in your routine then you must have to start making juices at home.

As we have previously described in our post regarding masticating juicers that your kitchen will not get completed without the juicer. In this article, we have brought on the most demanding best juicer for wheatgrass and leafy greens range for you so when you need to deal with the soft vegetables for juicing you don’t have to go through a lot of hassle at all. Before moving down, we would like to start it from the scratch so even if you are confused about anything it could be made clearer for you. So, without taking much time let’s move to our first section to start the ultimate rollercoaster ride of the information.

What Is Leafy Greens Juice And Why You Must Add Them Into Your Daily Routine?

You might have always heard about fruit juices but not many of us know about the significance of green vegetable juices so if it would be said that they are quite underrated then it will not be wrong at all. So, bringing out all the green leafy vegetables will be quite a fun meal of your day and more importantly you can add up different fruits or spices to make it delicious and alluring for you.

Here you must have to consider that not all the green fruits or vegetables will be as juicy as you need to have them to fulfill your body’s needs so always choose wisely that which you are about to consume. If you don’t know much about the nutrient factor of the different green vegetables then you must have to note that chia seeds, garlic, apple cider vinegar are superfoods and can provide the perfect combination with the main ingredient.

Apart from this, that herbs such as cilantro, ginger, parsley, and turmeric can also a funny taste in your juices of green leafy vegetables. If you have different hydration issues then you must have to consume, celery, iceberg, lettuce, bok choy, and other green leafy to resolve the issue. When about to add all of these items to your juice, make sure you choose the right juicer otherwise you are going to lost all the minerals, essential vitamins, and other nutrients that are highly in demand from your body.

Need Of Juicer

If you wanted to get back your healthy body then you shouldn’t have to miss any of the food that can let you have full of nutrition and worth having benefits then you must have to switch to the juices but to have them without losing any of the nutrients a good juicer must be grabbed. It is because in the busiest lifestyle, getting the most effective juicer will be a lifesaver in many ways.

Juicer will work as the most magical helping hand for you because every morning or even at any other time of the day it will save your time and health at the same time. Here you need to note that there is a thick line between juicer and blender so you don’t have to mix these both at all.

If you don’t know the major difference in both then we would like to mention that the blender is tending to make a thick smoothie-like paste of the different items. Smoothie has its significance but it cannot beat the importance of the juices and with more ingredients, it will be in less quantity.

On the other hand, the juicer is tending to make the juices in the liquid or you can say in the runny form. It might require adding a little bit of water to it to get the desired constancy. Juicers are perfect to lock all the nutrient benefits in the same container for longer so if you wanted to get the next level of benefits then you shouldn’t have to mix blender and juicer.

If you are clear about the major difference then it’s time to check out some of the factors that can make your buying experience better than ever in the buying guide section. Although we have described the buying guide for the masticating juicers in the previous post here, we are going to give you an overview so you could have a better idea. In case you wanted to have it in detail then you can check out another post under the same category.

Enough of discussion let’s move further.

How To Choose The Best Juicer For Wheatgrass And Leafy Greens? (Buying Guide 2021)

  • When buying a juicer, make sure you are not going to pick the fancy fragile material because you might have to use the juicer daily so tiny mishandling can ruin everything for you. Choosing the combination of different materials will be great and if you have chosen stainless steel with BPA-free material then get ready to enjoy the best results.
  • With the overall structure, you must have to check that either the juicer motor can work in a twin gear system or not because it would be quite feasible for you to deal with the hard and soft vegetables at the same time.
  • You need to keep in mind a specific figure of the amount so you don’t get anything out of the budget because spending a lot of money on a juicer will not be a good idea unless there is something magical in it. The perfect ratio of the premium quality without breaking into the bank would be an ideal situation to spend your money on.
  • You need to check out first that either the selected juicer can something else such as a smoothie or baby food making as well or not. In the given below options, we have chosen majority of the products that can serve you in various ways so you don’t have to spend on different machines to get the daily kitchen chores done.
  • Getting bonus items is something that we all like, so if there is something bonus is included in the package, such as additional accessories like a cleaning brush, warranty, or anything else that can work to enhance your overall functionality then you shouldn’t have to miss it out.
  • One of the core factors, you must have to consider that which type of juicer you are going to have. In the market there are three different types of juicers are available in which masticating juicers, centrifugal juicers, and manual juicers are included. You need to check the buying guide in the previous post to get to know about all of these types in detail. In conclusion, we would like to mention that for the leafy green vegetables, you must have to go for the cold pressor masticating juicers that are tending to process the juice slowly so you could get maximum out of it with the less pulp factor.
  • The better the juicer has the speed the more juice yield you will get to enjoy. Also, you need to check that either it has the best possible storage to serve you in a better way or not.
  • You need to consider all of those products that don’t have any limit issues when it comes to storing pulp or having the juice in continuously.
  • The heat protective system or auto shut-off must be included because no matter what your safety comes first. In many of the models, you will get the maximum shut off protection arm that will ensure that either its closed perfectly or not before starting the juicing process.
  • The cleaning of the juicer must be easier because getting the one with removable parts will work for you and it will also help you to put all the parts in the dishwasher rather than cleaning them manually.
  • The built-in strainer or filter will be a great feature for you because it will let you enjoy the pulp-free juice and it will save your time as well.
  • The motor material must also be noticed, if any of the models have the copper model then you must have to add it into your shopping car because copper motors are tending to work longer as compared to the others.
  • Along with the magical features, you shouldn’t have to miss the factor that the design must be compact and sleek yet stylish. It is because that sparing up a lot of space in your kitchen will not be a good idea and also you must have to check that either it does have rubber feet or not to absorb the vibration during the juicing process. in the given below options, along with all of these features, the easy to grab handle is also included that can create a feasible look for you.
  • Easy assembly and dissemble mechanism must be there to save your time and efforts.

1. Omega NC900HDC – Best Juicer For Leafy Greens And Fruits

With the lowest RPM of 80, this juicer is one of the most perfect kitchen essentials around you that must not be missed because you don’t have to deal with the foamy juices at all but have to enjoy all the nutrients in there. This model is getting hype day by day due to its easy to handle and manage design that is ideal for your all-sized kitchens. The feeding tube in this best juicer for carrots and leafy greens is larger than other models so you don’t have to spend a lot of time preparing the vegetable or wheatgrass before juicing.

One of the most unique features of this model is you don’t have to stop the juicing process to remove the pulp or wastage, because it has the capacity to store the pulp separately so more and more juice will continue to pour out to serve. Not only this but also this best juicer for wheatgrass and leafy greens will not let you compromise on the nutrient factor at all so get ready to enjoy your desired juices.

Apart from this you will be amazed to know that this juicer has the functionality to deal with frozen food and it can make the baby food as well so you don’t have to bring a lot of juicer for different purposes but a single one will work for you. The dual masticating mode is the best thing to enjoy because it will bring out every drop of the mineral or vitamin for you.

  • Easy to use with the large size feeding tube.
  • Powerful yet noise free motor is included
  • It can perfectly work for the baby food making, puree processing
  • 5 different setting modes
  • Dual masticating mode
  • Nothing to complain about.

2. Tribest GSE-5000 – Best Juicer For Leafy Greens 2021

If you are looking for something with the updated technology then you shouldn’t have to neglect this best juicer for leafy greens that has magnetic and bioceramic technology that is tending to let you have the full of nutrient juices. This small size juicer is quite magical that tends to create the kinetic energy in juicing process to oscillates the water and all organic ingredients that you are using for juicing. This process is considered to be the ideal one to remove the oxidation so you don’t have to worried about that how long your juice will stay fresh.

Apart from the juicing, you can also enjoy the different recipes to make the overall functionality better than ever by enjoying multi-tasking. Unlike other products, this best juicer for leafy greens and hard vegetables is capable enough to serve you with the different pressure adjustment mechanism. It is because so you don’t have to get annoyed due to the clogging issues.

The twin gears system in this juicer is going to serve you aesthetically by replicating the human teeth to let you have the masticating process on point. The overall design is a fun game that has the various parts internally to cutting, squeezing, or crushing the vegetables to have the maximum out of them.

Out of these processing gears, one is to deal with the hard vegetables and another one will deal with the softer ones so the motor doesn’t have to deal with a lot of work strain.

  • Unique and easy to store design
  • Dual gear system to divide the motor strain
  • Multi-purpose masticating juicer
  • Pressure adjustment mechanism is quite next level
  • Fine screen material for the visibility of the juice
  • Anti-leakage material
  • No more jamming or clogging
  • Nothing to complain about

3. Aicook Juicer – Best Juice Extractor For Leafy Greens

This juice extractor for wheatgrass is everything you would like to have in your kitchen because it has the most interesting cleaning mechanism so you don’t have to spend a lot of time keeping it clean with the provided cleaning brush. Not only this but also all the parts in which Juicing Body Seven-order auger, Fine Filter, Juicing Body Cap, Tray, and Food Propeller are included can easily be removed so it can be clean after every use.

This juicer for wheatgrass is not that complicated to make you spend a lot of time to assemble or dissemble before using it so with a single click button it will get ready to pack in a box or to make your favorite juice. You don’t have to worry about it because until the button will not be pressed properly the machine will not get dismantled. With all of these functionalities, we wouldn’t forget to mention the juicer doesn’t have much noise so even someone is sleeping next to the kitchen he will not get disturbed at all.

You shouldn’t have to miss the multi-purpose of this juicer that is compact and easy to assemble or stored back after juicing.

  • More juice yield and less pulp
  • Less oxidation
  • Less nosey
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile and compact design
  • Perfect speed
  • Nothing to complain about

4. Omega NC800HDS – Best Juicer For Carrots And Leafy Greens

You might have got annoyed with the heavy juicers or find it harder to keep them over the top but in this one of the most suitable juicers, you will get easy to grab handle. You don’t need to chop down the vegetables before putting them into the juicer because the feeding chute is quite larger than the other models so you could have your favorite juice instantly. No matter what kind of vegetable you wanted to use as the main ingredient of the juice, with the lowest 80 RPM speed you wouldn’t have to face only the pulp but will get the highest nutrient juice without compromising on your health.

Multiple settings are available that can work to squeeze down the different vegetables with a different consistency. Apart from this, it can also work magically to let you enjoy the coffee grinding, baby food making, making of nut butter, in mincing, garlic, and many other herbs so if you would add this one to your shopping cart. We wouldn’t forget to mention that the cleaning mechanism in this model is beyond the horizon so with the included cleaning brush nothing will cause clogging or jamming.

  • Easy to grab handle is included
  • Sleek and eye-catching design.
  • Noise free but powerful motor with 2 HP
  • Larger feeding tube
  • No prep time is required.
  • Nothing to complain about.

5. Easehold Juicer Machines -Best Budget Juicer For Vegetables

The perfect combination of stainless steel and BPA-free material is being used in this juicer so you have to feel free to use it for your entire family. Furthermore, this is highly safe for you and your family because it has to overheat protection in there along with the safety lock system. In the safety lock system, the juicer will not start working until it will not be covered properly so even if your kids are around you don’t need to be worried about it.

Without damaging the overall natural flavor of the juice, the filter is surrounded by the blade so you don’t have to remove the pulp from the juice on your own. The large capacity for both juice and pulp is included so you don’t have to stop the overall process at all but can keep it going if you have to make juice for a bigger gathering. The overall structure of this juicer is highly durable and sturdiest so you don’t have to face any performance hiccups at all.

  • Highly sturdy and anti-leakage material is being used.
  • Dual juicing speed is included
  • Cleaning is as easier as you can imagine
  • Powerful copper motor is included
  • Safety locking system during operation
  • Stainless steel material and non-slippery feet are included
  • Nothing to complain about.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions):

Can you put leafy greens in a juicer?

Using the greens for juicing might not sound as good as it could be but if you are using the right juicer such as cold press or masticating juicer then you will get the magical results. So, if you wanted to get the maximum out of the vegetables then you must have to try on the given above juicers that have the perfect and suitable working mechanism to fulfill your needs.

Can I use a regular juicer for wheatgrass?

To avoid food wastage, you shouldn’t have to use the regular juicer but instead of this, you can use a cold press or masticating juicer. For more details, you can check out the given article that has the numberless options for you.

What is the best way to juice wheatgrass?

You just have to follow some simple steps that are given below:

  • Add the wheatgrass and water in reasonable quantity so it could get liquify perfectly.
  • After blending when you feel like the consistency is perfect then you can use the strainer to remove the pulp out of it.
  • That is, if the perfect juice for you is ready you can drink it or serve it according to you.

What is the best masticating juicer on the market?

There are various kinds of masticating juicers are available in the market and we have shortlisted a few of them for your ease that is highly recommended due to various reasons that are being mentioned in the buying guide of the previous post.

What vegetables should not be juiced?

All of those vegetables that are juicy at all you shouldn’t have to add into the juicer for the juicing process. For example, cauliflower and cabbage aren't something that could let you have the perfect consistency-based juice.

Can I drink green juice every day?

Yes, drinking juice on daily basis is something that will keep you healthier and prevent many diseases. Make sure you choose the different combinations of vegetables or fruits for juicing according to your body suitability.

Why is wheatgrass not good for you?

Generally, wheatgrass has many benefits for your body but in some cases, it can cause nausea, anorexia, and constipation. Furthermore, there are the chances you are already allergic to wheatgrass so in this situation you must have to ask your physician to guide you in a better way.

What is the best time to drink wheatgrass juice?

If you are dealing with the different health issues that we have mentioned previously then you must have to take the wheatgrass juice empty stomach so it could get dissolve with the blood to let you have the numberless health benefits.

Is it OK to drink wheatgrass every day?

If you are highly health-conscious and wheatgrass is working for you without any perks then you can take it as an everyday drink to get the ultimate health benefits.

How long does wheatgrass last after juicing?

If you are using the cold press juicers that can provide your juices with the reduced oxidization ratio then you can store the juice even for the 7 days.

What is the best juicer for the money?

Without burning a hole in your pocket getting the best juicer is something that might sound difficult but in the above post, we have solved this riddle for you. You can check it out to find out which one is your choice and which one will suit you the most.

What can you mix wheatgrass with?

Well, this is something that is based on your personal preferences but to enhance the taste, you can enjoy it with fruit juice, honey, or even with milk to get the perfect taste.

Does wheatgrass increase hemoglobin?

Yes, it can work to increase the hemoglobin in your body and many doctors will suggest it to the patients that have the blood disorder.

What is the healthiest vegetable juice to drink?

This is something that is based on your body's needs but drinking the juice of all of those vegetables that have high fiber is highly beneficial for your body.

What fruits Cannot be juiced?

You cannot juice fruits such as bananas, avocado, apple, and all of those fruits that are not juicy that much. On the other hand, you can mix them with any other fruit to get the desired results.

What juices should not be mixed?

You can mix any type of fruits mix to have the desired flavor but we will highly suggest you not to mix the acidic fruits with the sweeter ones because it will be a quite weird combination to have.

Can I drink spinach juice everyday?

If you wanted to have a high number of anti-oxidants then you must have to add spinach juice to your daily routine to get the perfect results with just no time.

Can you drink wheatgrass with hot water?

Yes, you can consume wheatgrass with hot water, or can add any other beverages according to your taste.

Is wheatgrass good for hair growth?

If you or your any of the family member is facing the hair fall problem then you can go for the wheatgrass to consume it as juice or in any of the smoothie to get the more than 70% recovery from hair fall issue.


Juices have great significance, especially if you are one of those people who are not that much into consuming green vegetables or fruits in raw form. Out of the massive piles of juicers we have shortlisted the best one for the wheatgrass and leafy greens because it would be quite harder for you to have the juice of these in the regular juicer. All of the chosen products are tried and tested by our editors so to know about all of these products in detail, you can check out the above article. Not only this but also you must have to check the perks and benefits of these products. If you are new to juicer buying then you must have to spend some time on the buying guide section that we have to describe shortly but in case you wanted it to have in detail then you can check out another post related to masticating juicer.

We have summed up the entire story, in case you have some queries or wanted to ask something else then you can comment down below and we would love to interact with you.

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