6 Best Garage Door Opener Under $200 To Buy In 2021 – Updated Buyer’s Guide

When you are getting haunted by the technological advancement around you then you should push everything on your wifi to make your life easier than ever. Throughout the year when you have to deal with the various kinds of weather intensities, you might feel like having a wide garage to prevent your car to get under the piles of snow or in summer to avoid the tires bursting due to heat. Nowadays, the garage has become one of the most essential parts of your house, moreover, it will provide you unbeatable security benefits as well. Having a garage will not be enough at all because you would have to install the best possible garage opener as well.

Unlike the manual garage doors, you shouldn’t have to get out of your car first to open up the garage, and then you have to park your car. Due to technological advancement, automatic garage door openers are quite common with an extensive range of security and feasibility features for their users. From the piles of the garage door openers, we will not push you to play the blind game but you need to check on the various factors that either the opener is enough to meet your all types of needs or not. This article is not all about the possible options for you but also, we will explain in the next section that what you need to consider before investing your money in garage door openers.

Furthermore, to make all of the given below options trust worthiest for you, our editors have tried and tested them by keeping in mind all the important aspects to consider. Before jumping towards our shortlisted best garage door openers under 200 dollars we would like you to spend few minutes in the buyer’s guide section as well so you could get a clearer picture of the factors that need to be considered while spending your money on garage door openers.

What should you look for when buying a garage door opener? (buying guide 2021)

All the given below factors may vary from person to person based on their needs or requirements so we would highly recommend you to keep in mind what suits you the most to get the right product for your garage door. So, without any further due, let’s get started.

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How Much Horsepower?

When you are sorting out the garage door opener for yourself, one of the major aspects you need to look for is horsepower which will determine that how efficiently or quickly your garage door will get opened. In the various cases, you will get the different horsepower but make sure you choose between them according to your garage door needs or requirements. You need to pay great attention because if the chosen horsepower would be more than you need then the power will cost you more and you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the power-efficient door opener at all.

On the other hand, the less horsepower as compared to the needs of your garage door opener will totally be a hassle for you because it will not only damage your garage door but will also push you to many of the unwanted performance hiccups such as wobbly closing and opening that you wouldn’t want to deal with after getting back home. To make your horsepower choosing easier than ever we would like you to suggest that standard size or garage doors with less weight would likely be operated with the ½ horsepower but in case that you have the heavier garage door made of wood or solid steel then you might have to go for the higher horsepower to deal with it.

Apart from this if you are still confused then we will highly recommend you to ask any of the professionals so they could suggest you in a better way. Also, the horsepower needs can be determined from different garage door models, so to avoid any sort of wear and tear in your garage door choose wisely to save your money or time to get the best possible user experience.

What About Extension Kit Availability?

If you have a taller or larger door than the normal or standard size garage doors then you must have to look for the rail extension kit so you could get the desired results. You may have to spend some extra bucks to get the extension kit but it would definitely be worth spending your money on because it will make your overall working easier than ever. Other than that, there are the chances that many of the garage door openers will provide you the extension kit as the bonus items so you definitely not miss them out at all. So lastly you can say that the need for the extension kit is optional so you can decide as per your needs or requirements.

Wi-Fi integration

Having the automatic garage opener will not miss out on the wifi integration at all so you could get maximum out of it. This would be a life savior for you because you would easily be able to deal with your garage door opener even via your smartphone regardless of your location. Also, it would be a great chance for you to control your security and in case you are not sure that either that door is closed perfectly after getting home then still you can check it without going outside. So, say goodbye to the limited range options of garage door opener operations and go for boundless ones with the wifi integration.

Garage Door Manual Release

This is something that will work for you like the double edge sword that means it has the pros and cons that we are going to unfold. Garage door manual release is the feature that can work for you when the power is not around due to various reasons. So, you can even open up the door with your hands without limiting your garage door usage. This feature is the real magic that will disconnect the door from the automatic system and will turn it into the manual one so you could use it with great ease.

Apart from this let’s dig into the thing that why we call it double edge sword because the unwanted intruders can take benefit out of it so it would be said that having the manual door release feature will push away all the security features from you. So, keep in mind this fact while you are about to get the garage door opener with the manual release option.

What Are The Installation Criteria?

Well, when it comes to the installation process of the garage door opener then you need to take out the opener with easy installation options or with the best possible easiest guide must be there. It is because that asking a professional to install the garage door for you will cost you some extra bucks which might not be a suitable option. So always check for the installation criteria of the garage door opener to determine that either you would be able to do it on your own or not.

What Type of GARAGE DOOR OPENER is this?

You would be served with the various kind of garage door openers so you need to choose out of them according to your needs. We are going to highlight each of them one by one so you might have to decide which one you would like to have for your garage opener.

Chain Driven

This is one of the most demanding types of garage door openers because it will not burn a hole in your pocket neither as a product nor with the costly installation criteria. According to the experts, they are tending to provide you better durability as compared to the other types of garage door openers. The working mechanism is quite aesthetic or you can say it will work more likely as the bicycle over the chain. furthermore, if you have the heavier garage doors then you must have to choose the door openers that are chain driven because they will let you have better lifting results. Even if the door is old or hard to open up then this type of garage openers will work for you as magically as you can imagine.

Unlike other types of garage door openers, it will not let you have any sort of performance hiccups but sadly you might have to compromise on the high ratio of the noise of metal chains due to the high fraction rate while opening or closing the garage door. If your garage is a little bit away from the main part of your house then the noise can be compromised other than that you shouldn’t have to choose this one especially if you have kids or older people in your house.

You shouldn’t have to feel sad at all because the manufacturers are working to cut down the noise ratio from chain-driven garage door openers with the DC motors so you can get anything from the newer models.

Belt Driven

This type of garage door opener will serve you with the same sorts of services as the chain-driven does but you wouldn’t have to compromise on the noise level at all. The main reason behind choosing the belt-driven is the decreased level of noise and less vibration while opening the door. So, if your garage is next to your living space then you can choose the belt-driven door openers. One thing that you need to keep in mind is, the belt can be made of various materials in which steel-reinforced rubber and many others are included so you need to pick up the sturdiest one for yourself to avoid any type of performance hiccups.

The magical change in vibration and noise level will make you spend some of the extra bucks on the belt-driven door openers as compared to the chain-driven door openers. Not only this but also the installation method would be changed that you need to deal with also. One thing that you need to keep in mind that if you have the heavier old-fashioned garage door then even the belt-driven will not be beneficial for you in terms of noise or vibration. So, it would be better to replace the garage door rather than spending on the belt-driven opener with the heavy expenses.


If you have the sectional garage door and looking for a door opener with high-security features then you shouldn’t have to miss out on the jackshaft. This is one of the latest technological inventions that will vanish away the hassle of hanging the heavy system to your ceiling because it will serve you with the wall mounting feature. With the coolest and stylish design, it will add more to your door and you will also be able to set any of the secret passwords to prevent all the intruders from getting in. This system is getting a lot of hype because people are admiring its security feature a lot.

It will work for you perfectly especially if you have a tiny garage so you don’t have to spare a lot of space in there to install the garage door opener. With all of these next-level customization features paying some extra bucks is quite normal so if you have enough budget to spend on the jackshaft drove garage door openers then you must go for it.


Unlike the other types of garage door openers, this one is tending to work on an entirely different mechanism so this one would be a great add up in your garage to give it a modern yet classy look. No matter what kind of door your garage has, you don’t have to roll it up the door but it will get flatted with the ceiling. Furthermore, you don’t have to compromise on the heavy hardware along with the garage opener.

You must have to deal with this sort of garage opener with great care because it will ask you to have high manageability. You need to lubricate frequently to avoid all types of performance hiccups because repairing this sort of garage opener will burn a hole in your pocket for sure. One thing that you need to keep in mind while selecting the screwdriver door opener that it will not be able to work with your old heavy doors at all and it will end up wearing them off easily.

Getting the speedy services from the screwdriver is going to be so much fun because it will serve you magically and not only this but also the door rolling will be as smoother as you can imagine. You must have to consider this type of door opener if you are looking for a reliable and sturdy door opener for your garage. Say goodbye to the noisy garage door openers and get the screwdriver openers to make your life easier than ever.

Direct Drive

To get the direct driver you need to put on a lot of money in your pocket because it will cost you a lot but will serve you to another level. First of all, you don’t need to get worried about that either it will be belt or chainless that is why it’s been called direct drive. The reality is a bit different because it will use the belt to perform the required task but with not the noisy manual motor. To make the overall task noise-free it will be the ideal option for you. With this exciting range of features, you just have to grab this worth having one as your best garage door opener.

What About Safety Features?

When choosing any of the garage door openers you shouldn’t have to miss any of the safety features at all because it would be the best possible option to avoid any of the undesirable issues. Checking for all the essential features will also prevent annoying intruders to get into your garage. You can check out the safety checking testing that might be provided by the manufacturer. You will get the next level of safety in the newer models with the beaming effect so whenever someone will get entered to the garage without any permission or with the right method, the garage will get closed due to beam interruption.

Furthermore, you can set out the unique safety code to open up the garage door with the remote control. You need to go unique so even an intruder doesn’t be able to open up the door with any other remote control to get into the garage.

Rolling Code Technology

You must have to go for the products that are made with the rolling code technology because having the same code will always not be beneficial for you. So, to make the garage door opener risk free you must have to choose any of the openers that have this technology in there. Say goodbye to the intruders, and make your privacy concerns all fulfilled.

How much you should spend?

When you are about to buy any of the garage door openers you shouldn’t have to splash your money around. To keep in mind the value of your hard-earned money we have set the limit of 200 dollars in this article so without burning a hole in your pocket you can grab the worth of having a product for your garage.

Weight Capacity

No matter which types of door opener you are going to use, you must have to check out that either it has enough capacity to hold on to the weight or not. Choosing wisely will be fun for you and also you will be able to get the desired results.

User Controls

Having the fully computerized garage door opener doesn’t mean that you need to go for the complicated user interface without having any of the user-friendly features. One more thing that you need to keep in mind is if you have more than one vehicle then you must have to choose the product with two or more remote controls so you don’t have to face any sort of door opening issues at all.

Having the various remote controls of different models will not be a thing to do because it will push you towards the compatibility issues a lot.

Battery Backups

Garage door openers might work so well when the power is there but what to do when you need to face the power cut off? To deal with this hassle you must have to choose the models that have the battery backup options. that means no matter how long the power issues will be there the battery backup will work for you to another level. Make sure you know how many times the battery can deal with the power gone issue. Furthermore, you don’t need to get confused because once the power will be back the battery will get charged itself.

Security Lights

Without the security lights, the garage door opener will not be that beneficial as it could be. In the previous models, the simple light holder was attached to the main unit so you could turn it on when you have to get in with your car but turn it off once the car is in there. Practically, this wasn’t the right thing because getting out of the garage without the light at night can be risky for you. In the newer models, you will get enough flexibility that security lights will detect on the motion feature that means no matter you are getting in or out the lights will not be turned off until the garage door is not shut completely.

So, when you are about to spend the money on the garage opener, you must have to check that either it has the security lights with the detector or not.

1. Genie 7155-TKV – Best Affordable Chain Garage Door Opener

Unlike other garage door openers, you don’t have to get exposed to noise pollution because this best garage door opener is quite noise-free. If your garage is next to the bedroom or nurseries then this would be an ideal garage opener that will serve you without burning a hole in your pocket. To make the garage door opening ideal for you the pre-programmed remote controls are included along with the wall-mounted keypad system that will allow you to open up the door with the pin.

Although it will work with the belt-driven system the annoying noise will be fade away. If you wanted to ask your voice assistant to work for you then this garage door opener is Alexa compatible. The assembly will not take much time with the sturdiest 5 piece rail assembly so you don’t have to spend a lot of hours assembling the door opener.

In case the weather is not friendly or due to any other reason you have to face the power cut issue then you don’t have to worry about it at all because the battery backup is there to work for you. Sound amazing?

It is up to you that you wanted to seek professional help or wanted to do it on your own and in both cases, everything will be under control with the bilt app. This app is specifically made to make the assembly process easier than ever even for the not so pro users. Overall hardware is quite lightweight and surprisingly you don’t have to program the remotes at all because they will be pre-programmed so you could enjoy them right from taking them out of the box.

  • Two pre-programmed remotes are included
  • Lightweight material
  • Easy to install
  • Multi-functional garage door opener
  • The wireless keypad is included
  • Safe T beam system
  • Belt driven garage door opener
  • Nothing to complain about.

2. Genie 2033-LED – Best Automatic Garage Door Opener

You don’t have to dig into the heavy tool kits because this model from genie will not ask you to go for the complicated installation method but with the basic tools, you will easily be able to deal with it. The DC motor of this model has the perfect ability to let you enjoy long-lasting motor time with the smooth on and off mechanism. This would be a perfect solution for your busy life because with the Aladin app compatible with this garage door opener you will be able to operate the door opener in any way.

To let you enjoy the perfect lighting in your garage, two of the bulb lights are included so you could install the perfect package in your garage. Not only this but also the bulbs are tested under various weather conditions so you could have the flawless performance. This chain is a driven garage door opener you don’t have to make over and over changes in your garage door opener when you get performance hiccups due to fragile material but the chains are completely durable so you could use them for a longer period.

Furthermore, if you are feeling lazy and don’t want to go out then you can take advantage of the Alexa compatibility. Say goodbye to the hubs or repeaters and the ½ HPC POWER will make the door opening as well as closing as smoother as you can imagine. Lastly, we would like to highlight that this best garage door opener 2021 will show the high compatibility with the various types of appliances so you could work smartly.

  • Chain-driven garage door opener
  • ½ HPC power
  • Compatible with voice assistant and other smart appliances
  • Easily manageable via the official app
  • Radiofrequency friendly bulbs are included
  • Easy to operate
  • Nothing to complain about

3. Genie 1/2 HPC 3053 Tv – Best Garage Door Opener For The Money

If you are looking for any of the belt-driven garage door openers that could take you away from the noisy chain driven garage openers. In this best ultra-quiet garage door opener, the multi-functional console is included that will let you enjoy the various kinds of customizations. Not only this but also the dual remotes will double the fun even if you are not so pro the various buttons on the remote will not make you confused at all.

If your door is 500lbs then you don’t have to bring on the extension kit by burning a hole in your pocket because it would be highly recommended for the 7” tall door. This would be ideal for the garages that are next to the living space to have peaceful sleeping hours as well. Use the smartphone to control the overall functionality of the garage door opener and furthermore, 1/2 HPC POWER will make the garage door sliding smoother than ever.

The overall hardware will not put on a lot of weight on your ceiling because it will not ask you to join a lot of parts to get the desired results.

  • Perfectly designed with 1/2 HPC POWER
  • Highly manageable
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to install with the bilt app guideline
  • The radiofrequency bulbs are not included

4. Chamberlain MyQ-G0401 – Top Rated Garage Door Opener Hub

Chamberlain is one of the most leading brands that are famous for their premium quality products and this best quality garage door opener has the maximum flexibility for the users who always forget to shut down the garage door or always stay concerned about their garage privacy. So now checking on your garage door is quite easier with this garage door opener that has the perfect compatibility with your smartphone or with any other devices as well.

The overall design is highly aesthetic and will add a modern touch to your garage, this hub is highly recommended due to its endless range of functions. Furthermore, other garage openers from the different brands will easily get compatible with it. Furthermore, you can give access to your garage as well to any of the three members as the guests.

To make the overall installation easier than ever, the mounting plate has been included in the package along with the door sensor and other required parts of it without any extra charges. Not only this but also you can use WIFI or Bluetooth to get connected with the door opening hub. myQ App will make it easier and simpler for you to get into the setup.

  • Access sharing with the guests
  • It can be controlled from anywhere
  • You will get the real-time notifications
  • Unique design
  • Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Highly compatible with various types of the garage door openers
  • Nothing to complain about

5. Genie 7035-TKV– Best Garage Door Opener For Security

Have you ever got annoyed with the battery shortage or power issues when you are about to leave your home? This happens a lot and especially when you are in hurry or in an emergency this could be so pesky. To deal with this type of issue, you shouldn’t have to neglect the garage door openers that have the battery backup feature so no matter what kind of power issue is going on in your area, you don’t have to compromise on the performance of your garage opener at all.

The safe t beam system is included in this product and to keep you away from the long programming methods the pre-programmed two remote controls are included with the user-friendly user interface. The wall console and wireless keypad have the sturdiest as well as stylish design to provide you security and a touch of modernism at the same time.

The wall console has the vacation control button that is pair up with the light control panel as well so you could manage it according to your needs or requirements. The chain drive has the 3/4 HPC DC Motor it will even work with your old-fashioned or heavy doors but the more the door weighs, the more you have to compromise on the noise due to chain frictions.

  • 3/4 HPC DC Motor to tackle with heavy doors
  • Pre-programmed remotes are included that have the ability to generate the new code every time to make your garage safer than ever.
  • Its chain-driven that are highly sturdy and will not let you face any performance issues regarding durability.
  • Easy to install in your garage without asking for help from the professional
  • The Wall console have light control and vacation mode on.
  • Nothing to complain about.

6. Genie Model 2035-TKV– Best Garage Door Opener For Home

Are you fed up with the high maintenance issues of your garage door opener? If yes then you should have to add this one to your shopping cart to enjoy the chain-driven garage door opener. Furthermore, all the chain is in a pre-assembled condition so you don’t have to take help from any type of additional hardware or wires. If you have the standard size or even sectional door of moderate weight then 1/2 HP DC MOTOR will be more than enough for you to get the desired garage door opening task.

Surprisingly you would be able to enjoy the 10-year warranty so in case of any performance issues, you can ask the manufacturer to resolve them. this model has the tendency to work with the built-in car remotes without asking you to spend on the repeaters so using it with HomeLink or car2U is easier than ever. The vacation mode can be enabled with the wall-mounted console easier than ever and also you would be able to control the lighting system.

The T beam control system is included by providing you the efficient monitoring intellicode security access.

  • ½ HPC power
  • It’s highly compatible with HOMELINK AND CAR2U
  • Improved designed and functionality
  • T beam control system with intellicode monitoring
  • Nothing to complain about


Making your life easier with the garage door openers would be the best idea you will ever work on because where the technology advancement is touching its peak relying on the manual garage door doesn’t sound suitable. From the massive stacks of the garage door openers, you shouldn’t have to go randomly for any of the products but have to keep an eye on the various factors. In this article, we have described all the technical and non-technical aspects that you shouldn’t have to miss before investing in any of the garage door openers. You must have to read all the factors under the buying guide section and later on, you need to dig into the shortlisted products that are tried and tested by our editors.

You need to check the pros and cons section of each product so you could have a clearer picture. We have summed up all the desired and required information regarding the best garage door opener for large doors in case you find something missing or wanted to add up more then you can use the given below comment section. Furthermore, you can also let us know which product you have chosen or which one you like the most.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best type of garage door opener to buy?

Out of all the types of garage door openers, we will highly suggest you go for the chain drive garage openers but you can choose from the other types as well. It all depends on your preferences or requirements.

What type of garage door is the cheapest?

If you are looking for something really sturdy and aesthetic without splashing your money around then you must have to go for the steel material.

What is the best and quietest garage door opener?

We have shortlisted various options for the garage door opener and we have described all of them in detail so don’t forget to check out the above section.

How much should it cost to have a garage door opener installed?

Well, we cannot provide you the exact figure as the cost may vary from size to size or brand to brand so must have to keep in mind that you have enough information about your chosen garage door opener.

Is Chamberlain or LiftMaster better?

If you are looking for advanced features then you have to spend some extra bucks for the Liftmaster but if you are on a tight budget and have simple needs then you can choose any of the products from chamberlain.

What should I look for when buying a garage door opener?

You need to check out the numberless factors and at the top of this page, we have described all the factors in detail. So, to get a clearer picture, you need to check to buy guide section.

How much does Home Depot charge to install a garage door?

The services from home depot might charge you differently based on the type of task or door you are intended to install or remove.

Should I replace my garage door?

Well, it completely depends on the overall condition of your garage door so if you are feeling like it's an old one or showing any of the performance hiccups then you must have to think about changing it.

Should I buy an insulated garage door?

If you wanted to get rid of the noisy garage door then you can switch to the insulated garage door as well. On the other hand, you can change the garage door opener as well and can be switch to a noise-free garage experience.

How much HP do I need for the garage door opener?

Choosing the right horsepower for your garage door opener is something that can affect your overall user experience in both positive and negative ways. To have better knowledge about horsepower you can check out the buying guide in the above section.

Can a garage door opener be too powerful?

Yes, with more horsepower, you will be able to enjoy the best possible powerful garage opener. One thing that you need to keep in mind that you only have to choose the powerful garage opener if your door is heavier otherwise it will be just a wastage of money with the high-power consumption.

How much horsepower do I need for a 2 car garage door?

If you have the simple garage door opener with ½ horsepower then it would be enough for you but in case you wanted to have speedy results then you can go to the higher horsepower. A little bit of higher horsepower will make your garage doors long-lasting with the low rate of wear and tear.

How much does Lowes charge for garage door installation?

First, you need to decide that what is your door size and weight then the cost will be decided. So, in short, the cost might vary from model to model or the type of garage door that you are intended to install.

How long does it take a professional to install a garage door opener?

The average time to install a garage door may vary depending on the size of the door for a better idea about it you can ask the professionals. According to the professionals, the average time to install the garage door will take 5-6 hours approximately.

How long do garage door motors last?

The various factors will make your garage door motor last longer or shorter. If you are using it by taking care of its maintenance then it will serve you for 10-15 years easily that is something really amazing.

Is Liftmaster owned by Chamberlain?

Yes, Chamberlain is the parent company of liftmaster so you can say so that liftmaster is owned by chamberlain.

How long does a belt last on a garage door opener?

The belt is driven garage door openers can be last longer because they are tending to more durable as compared to other types of garage door openers.

What's a better belt or chain drive garage door opener?

Both types of garage door openers will work for you effectively. to know more about both types of garage door openers, we would highly recommend you to check out the buyer’s guide.

Can I replace a garage door opener unit without changing the rails?

Reusing the rail might be a cost-effective factor but you wouldn’t be able to get the right results with it due to the compatibility issues.

Can I install my own garage door opener?

If you have chosen the garage door opener from an authentic source that has to provide you with a simple and easy to follow user manual then it would be easier. If you are not sure about the product you are going to install then you shouldn’t have to take the risk and ask the professional to work for you.

Can burglars open garage doors?

Yes, the old-fashioned designs might let the burgles get in easily but if you have chosen any of the given above models then you wouldn’t have to be worried about the security issues.

Who makes the best-insulated garage door?

There are various brands that are working perfectly in the garage door opener makes, we have mentioned the various products in the above article, you can check them out.

Are Chamberlain garage door openers made in the USA?

Yes, chamberlain garage door openers are being made in the USA.

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