4 Best Fps Gaming Mouse To Buy In 2021 – {Updated Buyer’s Guide}

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Best Fps Gaming MouseThe world is under various changes since day one and still the process is going on. In different era, we all have seen various kinds of changes, some of them were quite amazing but some of them were equally damaging. Currently we are living in the era of technology where everything is getting highly technological day by day. By keeping it in mind the daily needs the advancement is covering each part of our daily routine. So is the case with the entertainment sector, technology advancement has been clearly seen in the entertainment industry in the form of different digital platforms that are not only quite alluring but are highly feasible for all kinds of users.

When it comes to have the astonishing time killing activity for you then gaming is one of those platforms that are grabbing the maximum attention of the users from around the globe. Where gaming is getting so much of hype at the point the advancement in the gaming equipment is also can be seen with the rising graph gradually. The more the gaming freaks are around the better gaming exposure is unfolding and when it comes to have the up-to-date gaming gadgets or gaming related ones then the advancement with the keyboards and mouse is something that is unbeatable.

The market is full of different kinds of the mouse and keyboards that are not only feasible to use but also continuously working to make the gaming experience better than ever for the gaming geeks.   so, if you are one of those energetic gamers who always love to spend their hard-earned money to get the latest and efficient keyboards or mouse then you shouldn’t have to miss any piece of this post at all.

In this article we are going to unwrap the list of the best fps gaming mouse for all the people out there who are looking for them. Not only this but also this post is going to be interested even for those who are new in the gaming world and are confused that how they need to start their journey as pro gamers. So, without wasting time we will initialize this article with the short introduction of fps gaming mouse.

What Are Fps Gaming Mouse?

This is one of the frequently asked question and by cutting it to simple note we would like to share that fps (frames per seconds) is a time frame that will summarize the number of images shown during the screen time. It has the great significance when it comes to game performance and its quite natural that when the screen performance would be that much higher than you would have to get a compatible mouse as well not to face any kind of performance hiccups at all.

The fps mouse is meant to be lightweight and highly work efficient rather than the normal mouse.

Benefits Of Fps Mouse:

We are going to share some of the key benefits of fps mouse below:

  • You can adjust the sensitivity settings of the mouse according to your gaming needs.
  • If you are prolonged user then you must count on the fps mouse because they are tending to provide sweat free construction.
  • Not only in gaming but in normal routine working they will let you work even more productively.
  • Without bothering you a lot it will work in all kinds of environment perfectly.
  • You don’t have to deal with a lot of full of hassle controls at all.
  • The available buttons in the fps mouse can also be programmed according to your needs or requirements.
  • The overall performance of the mouse would be better than the normal ones and also overall construction would best.
  • Unlike normal mouse during gaming or your normal tasks, they will not turn of or will not let you face any kind of performance issues.

Enough of information about the fps gaming mouse now let’s move to the buying guide section which is one of the essential tasks to do before spending your money on fps mouse. So, let’s get started.

8 Essential Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Fps Gaming Mouse (Buying Guide 2021)

Weight And Design:

This is one of the mostly neglected factors that people mostly don’t bother but is quite important. Weight must be checked to examine that either it will work for you to meet your needs or not. Many of the games will require you easy moving but some of them will ask you to work differently so at this stage the weight will influence your gaming experience in another way. To create a win-win situation you can go for the moderate level weighted mouse to get maximum out of it in all kinds of the situations.

Price And Brand:

While buying best fps mouse you shouldn’t have to break into your bank because already fps mouse is tending to be expensive but spending a lot more money than normal will not be a good step to take. Many of the well-known brand are working in the market to meet the needs of the users but not all of them would be your cup of tea. No matter which brand you are considering but make sure you know about its market value and also their products are offering you something more than a normal fps mouse.

As a pro tip you must have to keep in mind that before adding any of the product into your shopping cart don’t forget to check out the reviews of the other customers about the product to get the even clearer picture.


Doesn’t matter you are pro or new in gaming you must have to look for these two factors. Dpi or dots per inch and cpi or counts per inch both are related to the mouse performance to make your gaming experience better than ever. By considering the dpi first, you must have the clear idea about your screen size because if you have the bigger screen then you must have to go for the mouse with the higher DPI rate but if you have the smaller or normal size screen then a fps mouse with less DPi will even be fine. Why it so is because, the bigger screen will ask your mouse to move around more to cover the number of pixels.

On the other edge, considering CPI will work with the DPI to provide you the perfect blend of the next level performance and you can call it physical resolution of camera. Both the factors will work collectively to create the overall sensitivity of the mouse.

Easy To Grip:

No matter what kind of features your fps gaming mouse does have but if it’s not easy to use or grip then it doesn’t have benefits to you at all. Many of the users will have the different usage styles such as palm style, grip style and claw and many other so before finalizing any of them you must have to check is it according to your needs or not. According to the experts’ point of view you should have to go for the grip style mostly because it can grab the interest of the various kind of users easily. So due to its universal suitability you must have to prefer this style until unless you don’t have any strong needs to other kinds of the gripping styles.

Customization Setting:

The more settings will be offered by the mouse the better your user experience would be. Customization is quite important because not all the time you have to go for the same kind of games or needs so when you need to change your taste then you don’t have to look around to get another one for your current needs. Many of the mouse will serve you with the multiple lightening effects, customized buttons, and many other options that will increase your overall user experience.

Wired Or Wireless:

This factor will influence different users differently according to their needs or requirements. There is a major concept that wired mouse will serve you in a better way which is true to some extent but with the advancement in the wireless mouses, the better results can be served to the users. Also, with this advancement the wireless mouse is not only meant to give you better performance but you also have to spend some extra bucks on them as compared to the wired one. Both have their pros and cons so it would be better to choose according to your needs or requirements.

Sensor Type:

There are two major types of the sensors, one is optical and other one is laser. Both can serve you in their own but when you need to get something highly customized according to your preferences then you need to compare both keenly. In the race of both the laser sensors are getting pushed behind by the optical sensor due to lag time difference. So, if you wanted the speed of light kind of sensor then we will highly recommend you to go for the optical sensors.

Your Style Needs:

There are numberless kinds of the games are there but you need to pick up your style quickly because the MMO and RTS players will require the mouse with the different features list but on the other hand, fps gaming lovers are going to fall for the different ones. If you are currently looking for a mouse to play the RTS or MMO types then you can go for the mouse that has better range of the buttons.

Have You Specified Your Needs?

By taking under consideration all the given above buying factors, have you decided what kind of fps gaming mouse you are looking for? This is must to ask question so you don’t have to think much when any of the product allure you. Also, if you have some other priorities in your mind, you can look for them to get the entirely custom fps gaming mouse.

Enough of the given above buying guide information now let’s move down to the reviews section where you will get the shortlisted products and their details.

Why You Should Count On Us?

Before diving into the details, we would like to mention that you can grab any of the given below products with blind trust because all the shortlisted products are tried and tested by our editors to let you have the clearer picture about their functionality.

1. ASUS ROG Gladius II Origin – Best Professional Gaming Mouse

Asus is one of those brands which are working since so long in the technological devices manufacturing sector and this best mouse for first person shooters is highly recommended for those users who wanted to have a wide range of features in their mouse. You will get highly dedicated button to deal with the high DPI sensor to let you have the more than amazing screen experience. The overall design has been made by keeping in mind all kinds of the grip styles to make the user experience far better than the other fps mouse.

When it comes to have easy movement then scroll wheel will add fuel to fun by keeping the crispiness on point. You will not be found as much effective divider button at mouse but in this one of the top fps mice that will generate the fastest possible response time. When we talk about the customization in the fps gaming mouse then you will be glad to know that there is a wide range of settings that can work according to your desire. You can change the lightening effects, can set the button functionality, surface calibration and many other tasks can be done which used to be just a dream.

AURA Sync RGB LED Lighting feature of this mouse will let you double the fun by synchronize the items of same series to generate a power play environment. When it comes to lightning modes, you might think there would be 2 or hardly 3 different modes but surprisingly you will get more than 6 modes that can be changed according to the gaming needs. The wire along with the mouse is not only highly functional but also easy to remove so when you need to pack up nothing can be hassle.

Many of the mouses get damaged due to frequent use or due to any other reasons and if this is the case then you shouldn’t have to be worried because the same mouse is tending to change the different switches if needed.

  • Highly functional fps mouse
  • Easy to customize
  • Numberless lightning modes
  • Swappable switches
  • Easy to carry
  • Universal compatibility with other products
  • Single click DPI
  • Nothing to complain about.

2. Corsair M65 PRO – Best Gaming Mouse For Fps

Being an optical sensor fan, you shouldn’t have to stroll around but have to count on this most affordable gaming mouse for fps that has wide range of compatibility even with box One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X systems. You can control this device manually according to your gaming style so you could get the lag free movement when you needed. With the high DPI rate, its completely a fun mouse for the bigger screens and the overall construction of this mouse is highly sturdy so even if you are frequent user, nothing will go wrong regarding the performance.

You can go for the both kinds of games that require more or less mouse movement with its lightweight nature. The customized lightning effects of this top fps gaming mouse will add a style statement in your gaming desk that will not only be alluring for you but for your gaming partners as well to generate overall quite positive vibes. The buttons are not only more than a stylish addition but also can easily be programable to meet your all kinds of the needs.

  • Adjustable weights
  • Different lightning modes
  • Programable buttons
  • Suitable for all gaming styles
  • Compatible with various devices
  • Nothing to complain about.

3. Razer Death Adder V2 – Best Mouse For Shooters

With a lot of gaming advancement most of the gaming experience will be based on the gaming sensor you have and as we have already mention that optical sensor is far better than the laser one. So, when it comes to aesthetically amazing fps mouse how razer can be behind and this time the manufacturer has jumped with this best fps gaming mouse 2021. In this fps gaming mouse, you don’t have to check out or adjust the overall surface over and over because with the automatic calibration feature.

The switches of this mouse are with the premium quality

and has ability to bear more than 70 million clicks without showing any kind of the performance hiccups at all. The overall design is not only versatile but also lightweight that will increase your reaction rate in the battle ground when you have to take step for your survival. Many of the mouse will lag in the performance due to their clumsy feet but in this best razer mouse for fps the PTFE feet has been included that will eliminates all the hassle from your gaming experience.

Say goodbye to full of hassle designs and enjoy this one with high customization rate to enjoy your virtual world gaming more than ever. No matter it’s from the wired category but ove:rall performance would be better than the wireless ones so without giving it second thought you must have to add it into your shopping cart now.

  • High DPI rate with the optical sensor.
  • 3x faster performance than the old models
  • Highly Immersive device
  • Button remapping enabled
  • Drag free experience
  • Nothing to complain about.

4. SteelSeries Rival 650 – Best Cheap Fps Gaming Mouse

Going for the wireless mouse would be the best decision you will ever made but getting this wireless even more be feasible for you due to various reasons that you must know before considering any other fps gaming mouse. In this very good fps gaming mouse, the wireless technology is not like the old ones but it is highly proficient to provide you high accuracy rate when you need to have the flawless performance while playing your favorite game.

The charging life of this best mouse for fps games is something which is for sure a perfect feature to get allure for because with the single charge you can even enjoy more than 10 hours of gaming. Not only this but also the quick charging is also going to compel you to have it so when you need to go out at friend’s place to have a healthy match then you can take it along to double the fun. The target tracking with this ergonomic fps mouse.

This is one of those options that are not only the sturdiest ones but also highly customizable to meet the different needs of the users.

  • Compact yet proficient design
  • High customization rate
  • Durable choice for all kind of games
  • Lag free performance
  • Multiple gravity weight tuning configurations
  • Nothing to complain about.


Gaming can be so much of fun when you have the right gaming partners along. Mouse has the great significance and power to deal with your quick movement needs. In this article we have provide a brief introduction to the fps gaming mouse along with the buying guide section that will help you to find out the right fps gaming mouse with all the required features. Apart from this to cut down your research time we have bring on the best fps gaming mouse out of the massive piles of them with all the desired for features.

You must have to check out the details of each product before adding any of them in your shopping cart. We have tried to summarized all the facts and figures to help you out but in case you find something is missing or wanted to add something more then you let us know via email or given below comment section. All the suggestions would be highly appreciated as well as considered in future posts to make your user experience better than before.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best gaming mouse for FPS games?

There is not a single product but a list of the highly recommended products in the given above article that you must consider to choose the right one according to your suitability.

What mouse do pro FPS gamers use?

Pro fps gamers might use any of mouse from the wide range of available options but we have brought out majority of them in the above article that you need to must read out.

Is Bluetooth mouse bad for gaming?

In general, the Bluetooth mouse are great but you might have to deal with the compatibility issues when to use with the variety of the hardware.

Is 120 fps good for gaming?

Yes, the 120 fps gaming mouse would be enough to provide you the flawless and smoother gaming experience.

Is 120 FPS better than 60fps?

If your gaming needs are normal then you go for the 60 fps but in case your gaming needs are higher then you must have to switch on 120 fps.

Does Mouse matter for FPS?

Yes, it matters a lot because while having fun in gaming your mouse is tend to use more than the keyboard so if the quality of your mouse would be higher than the user experience would be even better.

Are heavy mice bad for FPS?

Yes, they are bad for your fps experience because during the fps gaming you have to move your mouse more than normal but if it would be heavier than it would not only hard to move but also will put on more strain on your hands.

Are lightweight mice better for FPS?

Yes, with the lightweight nature they would be easy to move to take quick action during gaming session.

Is the G502 Lightspeed good for FPS?

Yes, with the great CPI rate and with astonishingly perfect sensor you are going to have the worth having experience with G502 Lightspeed.

What is the heaviest gaming mouse?

Till the date the heaviest gaming mouse is ASUS ROG Spatha that has multiple buttons for different functionality. It has the weight of 183 grams.

Is a heavy mouse bad for gaming?

Always heavy doesn’t mean lack of performance but normally the more the weight will increase the sensitivity will begin decreased. So, we will suggest you shouldn’t have to go for too light or too heavy mouse for gaming.

What is the point of a gaming mouse?

The gaming mouse is tending to provide high user functionality to make their screen interaction even more fun with the high sensitivity rate. It will make you take the quick actions easier than ever.

Why are gaming mice so expensive?

With their high functionality they will ask you to spend some extra bucks but going for the highly expensive mouse will not be recommended at all. If you are looking for the feasible option without burning a hole in your pocket then you can dig into the above article.

Do I really need a gaming mouse?

Yes, with the normal mouse, not only your user experience will get damaged but also you will not be able to get the desired functionality. If you are new and don’t know how to choose the gaming mouse then you can check out the buying guide section and in case if you are confused to spend your money on gaming mouse then checking out the benefits of fps gaming mouse will change your mind dramatically.

Should a gaming mouse be wireless?

It depends on your preferences and gaming needs but latest wireless mouse are more work efficient than the wired ones so you can count on them easily.

Does gaming mice improve aim?

Yes, with the high sensitivity rate and perfect blend of DPI and cpi rate gaming mouse will work for you in various ways.

What type of mouse is best for gaming?

You can go for your personal needs first, you need to specify your gripping style, sensor preference and other factors. For more details or clearer idea, you can check out the buying guide section where we have described all the must to consider factors to get the better results.

Do pro gamers use wired or wireless mouse?

It depends on the personal preference of someone but due to high advancement in the wireless mouse, majority of the gamers prefer wireless gaming mouse over the wired ones.

How do I choose the right gaming mouse?

You don’t need to get confused at all and have to dig into the given above article in the buying guide section. Where we have described in detail all the core factors that will make it easier to choose the right gaming mouse.

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