Best Countertop Ice Maker Machine Reviews To 2021 – {Buyer’s Guide}

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ice makerSummer is approaching and you must be planning for a long holiday from your hectic routine life. The best thing about summers is that everyone can enjoy and stay outside without any problem of getting cold or being ill. You can swim, wear light clothes, walk-in simple lightweight sandals and enjoy different flavored cold drinks as well. People mostly plan to have a weekend on a beach, a trip to different tourist places around the world, or a simple movie night out. When it comes to food, everyone wants to arrange a large number of cold drinks or juices you can check out the best electric juicer here as it’s summer.

The best and compulsory portable machine which you must carry with you while having a picnic party for a short family trip in summer is the best portable ice maker. Your best ice cube maker will help you in having instant ice cubes anywhere outside. All you need to do is to pour a required amount of water into your ice maker’s water compartment, start it and wait for a few minutes to have ice cubes onto the attached tray.

Mostly such portable ice makers are used by small business owners, who sell cold drinks and fresh juices. As these tabletop ice makers are portable as well so they are easy to carry, place, and clean any time.

The variety of ice makers available in the market are of different shapes, sizes, capacities, and functionalities. In order to select the best ice maker for you this guide will help you a lot. Our professionals keenly observed the mentioned best ice maker models and selected them for you. These best ice cube makers are observed on different basis and features, like:

  • Ice making ability
  • Insulation and temperature measures
  • Storage capacity
  • Size
  • Portability
  • Energy consumption
  • Noise production
  • Ice size and freezing speed

Different portable ice maker machines have different above features on the basis of which they are differentiated in terms of their usage and demand.

Best Countertop Ice Maker Machine 2021

1. Frigidaire Portable Compact Maker – Best Portable Ice Machine

This tabletop ice maker is extremely portable and smart in use. Company used a slogan

“Never run to the store for ice again!”

Which means this portable ice maker will fulfil all of your ice needs either indoor or outdoor. The body style and finish of this ice cube maker are very smart and sleek that it fits into any room effortlessly. It’s the best counter table ice maker which will complete your party time without any noise pollution or water leakage. It’s a fast ice cube making machine which will give you 9 cubes in every 7-15 minutes with a large see-through window to have a look at the number of ice cubes placed inside. This best home ice maker has a drain plug which will allow you to drain and clean this ice cube maker with great ease in no time. An ice shovel is also included in the package with which extraction of ice cubes becomes very easy and handy. This electric ice maker doesn’t use any chemical or freon for freezing purpose, instead, it uses an effective compressor cooling system and plug and starts the mechanism.

It have ability to produce 26LBs. of ice per day.

  • Portable and compact
  • Easy to use
  • LED Display
  • See through window of larger size
  • Ability to produce ice quickly
  • Body material made up of Plastic
  • Most durable ice maker
  • Water reservoir of 2.3-quart capacity
  • Produce ice of 2 different sizes
  • Capacity to store 1.5 LBs of ice
  • Doesn’t comes with batteries

2. Whynter IMC-490SS Portable Ice Maker – Best Electric Ice Maker

It’s one of the larger tabletop ice makers with a capacity of making 49 LBs of ice per day. It also has an option of three different ice cube sizes. Either you use it during a party night at your home or during a picnic party outside, you will get a frozen ice cube within 10 minutes to enjoy your cold drinks. The water reservoir capacity of this small portable ice maker is 5 litres which means you can get either a lot of ice cubes or use this 5 litres of water within next 18 hours to produce ice cubes. The maximum ice storage capacity of this fast ice makers is 2.7 LBs. The Stainless steel material is used for this portable ice maker machine to provide a durable and strong body structure and best insulation feature as well. It is designed to work on the supply of normal 120 volts, so you can use any energy supply device providing 120V. The ice cubes produced by this ice making machine are 1” long and have conical like shape. You will get 12 ice cubes in a single go. You can set the timer of this on the counter ice maker on different patterns like from ½ an hour to 18 hours continuous.

  • It comes with a removeable ice basket to transfer ice cubes easily
  • Ability to produce 49 LBs of ice per day
  • You can choose from three different size selections
  • It’s a high quality good ice maker
  • It comes with a side mounted drain facility
  • A digital control panel is used to remind you about water quantity and basket’s storage capacity
  • Easy to install and start portable ice maker
  • It have an option of self-cleaning
  • It comes with a limited 1 year warranty
  • It doesn’t comes with a filter facility
  • It doesn’t comes with locking facility

3. NewAir Portable Ice Maker – Camping Ice Maker

It’s the best portable ice maker with the maximum capacity of ice output. You can arrange a long night party at your home and use this best home ice maker to get ice every 7 minutes. This best domestic ice maker has a powerful compressor and has the ability to produce 50 LBs of ice in one day. It’s very easy to use that you just need to plug the switch in the socket and start making ice just by adding water. Once after starting this ice-making machine, you will start getting ice cube after the first 15 minutes. The installed lights on this portable ice maker indicate when the water level goes down or if the ice storage basket gets full. It also includes self-cleaning functionality to provide a minimum stress level while cleaning it. You can connect the waterline with it to add water in this ice maker. It consumes 170 watts of electricity and works on 120 volts of electric supply. Three different sizes of ice bullets can be produced from this best counter table ice maker. Stainless steel finish gives it a sleek and modern look which makes it compatible for placement in any room or party venue.

  • Maximum capacity of making ice cubes
  • Larger capacity for water reservoir and for ice storage
  • Can make ice in 7 minutes
  • Requires 120V to operate
  • Stainless steel finish and material for most durability and strongness
  • Can produce 50 LBs of ice per day
  • Best for events and party nights
  • Easy to install and works on plug and play system
  • It takes 15 minutes initially to make first round of ice cubes
  • Consumes 170 watts
  • Not very easy to carry while travelling

This is an Ultra-compact best portable ice maker which have the ability to produce ice cubes within the time period of only 10 minutes. It’s one of the smallest and portable ice making machine with a capacity of producing 26 LBs of ice per day. It has a see-through window as well which facilities you to see within the ice maker. It’s a best countertop ice maker which can keep 1.5LBs of ice in it. Even though the storage bin of this ice making machine is well insulated but still, it doesn’t provide a freezer like ice storage feature. If the ice melts back into water then this water will again be converted into ice. The touch-sensitive control system is used to adjust the ice cube size and ON/OFF feature of it. It requires a minimum amount of 115V and 230 watts for operation. The water used in this ice-making machine can be of any type like tap water or bottled water. You can produce two different types of ice cubes from this portable ice maker.

  • Very portable and less in weight
  • It takes only 10 minutes to start producing ice cubes
  • It have removable ice bin to extract all ice cubes
  • It have 1.5LBs of ice storage capacity
  • Best tabletop ice maker
  • It’s the best counter table ice maker to use in small parties, picnic parties, etc..
  • No water drain is required
  • Doesn’t comes with a locking facility
  • It produces a loud noise during different levels of ice production

5. Igloo Automatic Portable Countertop Ice Maker – Top Rated Portable Ice Maker

It’s the most modern styled ice maker from IGLOO company. It’s a larger sized ice maker with a capacity of 33 LBs of ice production. This is the best quality ice maker which can produce 24 square-shaped ice cubes in each cycle. The water tank of this tabletop ice maker machine has a capacity of 3 quarts. It produces long-lasting ice cubes which will not start melting instantly and ends with cloudy ice like structure. The minimum capacity of ice production is 9 cubes in only 7 minutes. You can get indications from the installed lights about water capacity and bin capacity. The digital control panel is used to adjust the ice cube size. If you are using this counter table ice making machine for continuous long hours then it has the ability of Automatic Shutoff after 16 hours. This portable ice maker has a large see-through window which will allow you to have a clear view of produced ice cubes. It requires 120V to operate, whereas its body is made up of plastic material which makes it very easy to carry and less in weight. This countertop ice maker comes with an ice storage basket and scoop as well to increase its usability.

  • Easy to use
  • Multiple feature
  • Best Quality ice maker
  • Led light
  • Digital control panel
  • Ability to produce 24 ice cubes per cycle
  • Ability to produce ice cubes in 7 minutes only
  • Portable maker
  • Comes with a ice storage basket and scoop for ice extraction
  • Not easy to clean

It’s the most less time taking the best ice making machine which has the ability to produce ice in 6 minutes. This portable countertop ice maker will produce 33LBs of ice per day. The size of this ice making machine is very small and adjustable to different places like kitchen shelving, bar counter, room table and picnic basket. It has a water tank capacity of 1.5 litres to make plenty of ice cubes and make your leisure time more enjoyable in summer nights mostly. A modern styled compressor refrigeration technology is used in this tabletop ice maker to produce more solid ice cubes. A see-through window is placed on the top cover to monitor the ice making process and ice cube quantity. For this best portable ice making machine you don’t need to follow any professional procedure to install it. You just need to plug and start producing ice cubes which you can extract with the help of plastic scoop. The motor of this ice maker is quiet and doesn’t make much noise which will disturb during any party or event. This ice machine has only one precaution which you need to keep in mind before using it for the first time i.e. turn this ice maker one day after getting its delivery.

  • Minimum ice making time
  • 1.5 liter capacity of water tank
  • Ability to produce 33LBs of ice per day
  • It comes with a plastic scoop to take ice cubes out of ice basket
  • See through window on top cover to monitor ice production and quantity of ice cubes in basket
  • Whisper-quiet motor is used in this ice maker
  • Modern Compressor Refrigeration technology
  • Make 9 ice cubes per cycle
  • Requires 110 Volts and 112 watts to operate
  • Can’t be used for larger gathering or parties

7. IKICH Portable Ice Maker – Best Countertable Ice Maker

This is the best home-ice machine which makes ice in just 6 minutes, the ice produced by this ice maker is chewable, delicious, and bullet-shaped. This ice machine produces 9 ice cubes per cycle and has the ability to produce 26LBs of ice per day. Like a normal freezer, this ice maker also needs some time to preheat. The motor used in this portable ice maker is very quiet and doesn’t make any noise. This feature is very helpful while using it at any event, party or family get together. The power consumption feature of this ice machine is very efficient as well. A control panel is attached to this ice maker machine which has a power ON/OFF button and selection button for two different ice cube sizes, also light indications are available to get alerts about water and ice quantity. It’s very easy to clean as it has a drain plug at the bottom to remove all water and make it empty after cleaning. The ice storage basket is removable so you can wash and clean it properly, also can extract ice easily. The stainless stain finish makes it the most modern styled portable ice maker which you can easily use at parties, family get-togethers, outdoor movie nights and open bars etc. It comes with a 2-year manufacturing warranty as well.

  • It comes with a removable ice storage basket
  • Consume less energy
  • It have ability to produce ice in just 6 minutes
  • Sleek and modern body style with stainless steel like finish
  • It comes with an ice scoop to take ice cubes out from the storage basket
  • It produces strong and solid ice cubes which can’t melt easily
  • It have a control panel to adjust ice cube size setting
  • It have an outlet drain to remove water after cleaning
  • Less ice production capacity on per day basis

8. Aicok 26lb Portable Ice Maker – Portable Home Ice Maker

It’s the fast and most portable ice making machine with an ability to produce 9 cubes in just 6 to 10 minutes. This ice machine has a larger capacity of the water tank of about 2.2 litres to produce a maximum number of ice cubes per day. The size of this ice machine is very ideal for a table or kitchen counter, that’s why you can call it a best portable tabletop ice maker. While using types of water in this ice maker you may experience minerals stick to its internal side or it start forming ice cubes with scaly deposits in them then you can clean it with the help of self-cleaning feature of this machine. For cleaning purpose you don’t need to use any sponge or cleaning liquid, instead of this you just need a portion of vinegar and water and then follow instructions to press the appropriate button on it. You can get three different sizes of bullet ice cubes which will not melt easily and quickly. With the help of removable ice storage basket and scoop, you can remove ice from it and use it. It’s the best portable ice machine that you can carry it with you anywhere and it doesn’t need any water drain connection. Smart control panel and large LCD is placed on its front side to do desired adjustments and make it ON/OFF.

  • It comes in an affordable price
  • It’s a small and portable ice machine
  • The smart size of this ice machine makes it best for parties and kitchen use
  • Large LCD display with smart control panel system to operate it
  • It can produce ice cubes in three different sizes
  • It’s an ETL approved product
  • The body shape of this ice maker is very smart and modern
  • It can make 9 cubes in 10 minutes only
  • Some users experience a leaking problem in this ice machine
  • It may cease while working

9. Luma Comfort Portable Ice maker – Best Travel Ice Maker

It’s a mini freezer like mini ice maker machine which produces ice cubes up to restaurant like quality which will not melt instantly. Its body style shows a big square like structure which looks like an under-table fridge, but you can place it on your kitchen counter. It has the ability to produce 28 LBs of ice per day so you can fulfil your daily ice needs from this tabletop ice maker. To use it you just need to plugin and add some water to it and then wait for 15 minutes to get ice cubes from it. The ice production time period of this ice machine is 15 minutes, so you will get required ice cubes regularly with an interval of 15 minutes. These features make it a best portable ice maker for parties and family dinners where guests are coming one after another, so serving cold drinks to them become more easy with fresh and solid ice cubes.

  • It’s able to produce solid ice cubes in just 15 minutes
  • You don’t need any professional installation, just plug in and start using it.
  • The ice from this ice maker will melts 5 times slower
  • It works according to professional restaurant’s ice making technology
  • It have LED display and push buttons to turn it ON/OFF
  • It have stainless steel like body finish and look
  • It consumes less space and can be a best tabletop ice machine
  • It doesn’t have self-closing door mechanism
  • It doesn’t comes with a locking feature
  • You will not get a self-cleaning feature in this ice machine
  • It doesn’t provide automatic overflow protection

10. Homelabs Portable Ice Maker – Miniature Ice Maker

You will get this portable ice maker is a quite reasonable price and with excellent features like it have the ability to produce 26LBs of ice per day with a water reservoir capacity of 2.2 litres. You can select either a bigger or smaller size of bullet-like ice cube shape which will get ready in just 6-8 minutes. You can use the smaller size ice cubes in water bottles, whereas larger size ice cubes are ideal for drinks served in glasses. The compressor used in this ice machine is very efficient and consumes less energy. The body style and shape of this best tabletop ice machine is very small and compact so you can place it anywhere in your kitchen, room, garden or in-car while travelling. The water reservoir of this ice machines is placed at the bottom so any water drop from the melted ice will go there and again used in ice production. It comes with a removable ice storage basket and scoops to take the ice out from it.

  • It have a larger capacity for water reservoir
  • It produces 26LBs of ice per day
  • It have ability to produce ice with in 6-8 minutes
  • You can keep 5LBs of ice cubes in its ice storage basket
  • It will turn-off automatically when its ice bin is full
  • There is a control panel to operate this ice machine
  • It comes with a removable ice storage bin and scoop
  • It can produce small and big bullet shaped ice cubes
  • The ice produced by this ice maker is not enough solid

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a portable ice maker?

A portable ice maker is a small and handy electrical appliance which is designed to make ice. You doesn’t need to install it permanently. Only you need to have an electricity supply and water.

How a best portable ice maker works?

It’s the most quick method for ice making. A best portable ice maker makes small ice cubes from the water poured in it. Once the ice cubes get ready, machine will drop ice cubes down into the tray. A portable ice maker doesn’t have a drain so when ice melts the water goes back into the basin to get into ice again. The portable ice maker repeats this cycle until there is no water left in it.

How long does a portable ice maker takes to make ice?

Different ice maker models take different time while making ice but mostly the best portable ice maker takes 7-15 minutes after adding water into it. Ice making time period doesn’t only depends on the model of ice maker but also on: the type of water the condition of ice maker for how long you are using your ice maker If you use hard water then your ice maker will take longer time period while making ice and also if you don’t clean your ice maker regularly.

Does ice maker and freezer are same?

No, ice maker and freezer are not same. Ice maker will drop ice cubes onto the tray which starts melting after some time, but it doesn’t happens in a freezer. Ice maker are only to make ice not to store.

How much electricity does a best counter table ice maker use?

As a best counter table ice maker is portable as well that’s why mostly such ice makers use small amount of electricity, but it also depends on the model and motor used in it. You can keep the energy efficiency level same if you regularly clean your ice maker properly.

Do I need to have a dedicated water line for my portable ice maker?

No, you doesn’t need a dedicated water line for your portable ice maker. Simply you need to pour the water in it and fill the reservoir of your ice maker.

Can I use my portable ice maker outdoor and indoor?

Yes, you can use it easily either outdoor or indoor, as it doesn’t need a water line or drainage line. You can pour water into it and start making ice y plugging its switch into the electric supply.

What type of ice does a portable ice maker makes?

Mostly an ice maker makes small cube or bullet like shape of ice. These ice cubes are very solid and rigid just like the ice from a professional freezer.

What is the difference between ice production and ice storage?

Ice production is a process of making ice, whereas ice storage is something where ice can be store for longer period of time without being melted. Ice makers are only to make ice but not for storage, whereas freezers are used to make and store ice.

How can I clean my portable ice maker?

Portable ice makers are very easy to clean, maintain and carry. Their small size makes them easy to clean. You can use ice machine cleaners, mix them with water and then pour the mixture into the reservoir. Start the ice maker and wait until this mixture comes out onto the tray in the form of ice cubes. Remove these ice cubes and insert a batch of water again, again remove all ice cubes. After these two terms you can use your ice maker for your use.

What are the best uses of a portable ice maker?

A portable ice maker is used for small businesses like drink bars, small road side cafes and juice shops. Whereas for personal use as well, like while travelling, outdoor trips, summer get together and small parties. These portable ice makers are easy to carry, easy to clean, and easy to use.


These portable tabletop ice makers are the very efficient and best replacement to costly ready-made ice packs. People can produce ice and use water of their own desire in these ice machines which is very healthful towards staying healthy. Instead of stocking up ice bags and buying larger freezers to keep them, buying a mini countertop ice maker machine is much worthy and cost-effective as well. They are easy to manage, maintain and clean as well, so you can use them for several years. Carrying ice bags during picnic parties and outdoor Bar-B-Q dinners in summers is not a good idea, as then you have to buy extra insulation bags to keep them solid. But after buying this ice-making machine, you just need to keep it with you can get instant ice cubes from it.

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