4 Best Cordless Nail Gun To Buy In 2021 – {Updated Buyer’s Guide}

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Best Cordless Nail GunIf you are one of those people who love to go for the DIY (do it yourself) projects rather than always asking professionals to seek help then you might already know about some of the basic tools that must be in your tool box to deal with your different kinds of needs or requirements. The tools can be of different range according to your interest in DIY projects but there are some tools that will be quite necessary for almost all sort of projects. For example, the nail guns are one of those multi-purpose tools that can be used for Installing Cabinets, Building A Deck, Applying Shingles, Building Bookshelves, Building Furniture, Installing Hardwood Floors and many other purposes.

At start manufactures were only tend to create the corded nail guns that needs the socket and electricity as the power source but over the time the cordless ones have get a lot of hype as they are not only easy to use but also will be quite handier for you to take them anywhere along. So, by keeping in mind the high demand of cordless nail guns we have shortlisted the best than ever products available in market by considering all the standards.

Few of you might start thinking that why they should go for the nail gun when they can do the things with the simple hammer so here are the major reasons to use nail gun.

  • When you wanted to perform any nailing task with the hammer, it will ask you to spend a lot of time on striking over and over to let the task done but with the nail gun with a single pressure everything will be done according to your desire. So overall using the nail gun will not be cost effective and time saving but also will cut down the efforts as well.
  • While using the simple hammer, you might have to get assistance from any other person to hold the bunch of the nails but nail gun will do it by itself. You just have to load the nails and everything will be under control. This will be quite beneficial for you especially when you need to perform some time and effort taking project.
  • One of the major issues that we all face is hurting fingers whenever trying to nail with the hammer but by keeping your safety in mind the nail guns will prevent all the chances to get the hurt fingers at all. Even the people who are not so pro will also be able to deal with the effective nailing.
  • During the nailing session with hammer most of the time it becomes harder for you to deal with the thick surfaces and you have to put on a lot of efforts to get the nailing done. Not only this but also in some cases there the chances that you get collapsed the nail by applying too much force. On the other edge when the nailing will be down with the nail guns, you will get the speedy yet flawless results.
  • There are the chances that you miss the main target while hitting with the hammer but the nail gun will take the accuracy to another level.

After having the worth reading comparison between the nail gun and simple hammer, you definitely have made up your mind to go for the nail gun which is entirely worth spending your hard-earned money on.


Consider These Top 6 Factors Before Buying Best Cordless Finish Nailer (Buying Guide 2021)

This section must not be neglected at all no matter you are pro or new in nail gun buying because the given below factors are going to help you a lot to choose the right nail gun to deal with your nailing needs.

Corded Or Cordless:

This is never ending debate about these both major kinds of nail guns but it all depends on your needs and requirements. Cordless are now more in trend due to the high feasibility rate to take them anywhere without dealing with the long cords that most of the time will push you to deal with the tangling. The battery-operated nail guns are a little bit on the pricey side but it will worth spending your money on to get the premium features. Also, you might have to compromise on the weight because the cordless models are tending to be heavier than the corded ones.

Now let’s talk about the corded ones, well, being light weight, you can use them infrequently without putting on a lot of strain on your arms and the services would be never ending because you don’t have to face the battery drainage issues. Not only this but also getting a nail gun while being in budget will be easier for you if you would go for the corded models.

We Have Described Both Of Them, Now It’s Up To You What Kinds Of Model Is Going To Be Even Feasible For You.

Types Of Nail Guns:

There is a normal concept that there is only a general type of nail gun but the reality is bit different so while buying the nail guns you shouldn’t have to miss the fact that there are around 6 different types of it. Each type has different use and features so you need to decide it by yourself that which one is going to suits you most.


The pin Nailers are quite popular especially when you need to deal with the thin material such as wood and other materials. They are highly suitable and suggested for the 23 gauge headless nails, they are worth having for the sensitive yet tiny projects because they will not be ripped off the material like the bigger nail guns can. So, if you have a lot more to do with the furniture or on the projects that require more detailing.

Brad Nailer:

The brad nails :have almost the same functionality but unlike the pin nailer, the brad nailer can deal with the tiny nailers with heads. For examples if you wanted to hang your pictures or wanted to go for the thin paneling then brad nailers are something more than blessing. You can also use them to join the small pieces of the wood to get the small jobs done.

Framing Nailer:

This sort of nailers is seeming to deal with the bigger projects than the normal ones. You can also call them the heavy-duty ones that can even deal with the bigger nails effectively. So, if you have the bigger task to be done then you can use it this sort of nailers without giving it another thought.

Finish Nailer:

They are quite multi taskers as compared to the others, because they cannot only be used to deal with the smaller furniture pieces but also can be used for all kinds of installing no matter of which thickness.
cleat nailers

This sort of nailers are ideal ones especially when you need to install the flooring sheet same like the general ones but they have better longevity and durability.

Roofing Nailers:

If you need to deal with the water proof shingles and asphalt like material then you shouldn’t prefer any other kinds of nailers except the roofing nailers.

Coil Nailer vs. Strip Nailer:

Well, this is one of the trickiest parts you would ever have to consider, coil nailer is quite a fun kind of nailers that will not only hold more nails but also will provide you even sturdiest experience. You can consider it as a round fully loaded with the nails so when you have to nail frequently then you don’t have to load it over and over.

On the other hand, strip nailer will load the nails in a row and will take more time when you need to shoot them in a row.

Firing Modes:

You should check out the firing modes of any of the desiring nail gun because it can make or break your user experience. First of all, different firing modes will help you to go for the customized services and also will take the safety modes to another level. There are number of the nail guns that will start firing just by bumping them on the surface but this can be quite dangerous for you. On the other edge, there are some nail guns that will require to hold the trigger for a bit to get the firing started and this is the kind you need to get to prevent any kind of undesirable results at all.

Price And Brand:

Breaking into bank or splashing your money randomly is not a thing to do no matter what kind of nail gun you are looking for, considering both of these factors are must. First of all, you need to check about the different features and then have to decide either you should spend a specific amount or not. Out of all the best brands available in market for nail guns, Paslode, DEWALT, Bostitch, senco and many others are included. You can count any of them blindly and in case you wanted to go a little bit experimental with the newer brands then you can also consider the given below shortlisted products.


This is must to know factor because when you have to deal in any specific department of DIY projects then you would have to choose clearly on which kind of nail gun you are about to spend. Different kind of nail guns will serve you with a variety of the nail capacity so make sure you check about the capacity so well to prevent any hassle later.

This is the end of the buying guide and now the main section is about to be in the lime light so you shouldn’t have to miss any chunk of the given below reviews section at all. Without any further due, let’s get started.

1. CRAFTSMAN V20 – Best Battery Nail Gun

If you are about to update your previous nail gun or you are going to switch on nail gun from hammer then you shouldn’t have to miss this finishing nail gun battery that is tend to deal with the 18 gauge to make your user experience better than before. This cordless design is not only hassle free but also easy to carry around so even if you have to work on any project for the longer hours it will not put on a lot of strain on your hands.

The overall design especially the handle is going to make it more than comfortable to hold on to get rid of the creepy experience after using the nail gun. It will let you enjoy the next level balance so you don’t have to miss your target at all. Being a lightweight model, stay worry free and take it around without any issues. Even if you are professional and have to deal with the plenty of different projects then still nothing is going to damage your overall experience at all.

The efficiency rate of this battery powered trim nail gun is highly aesthetic because unlike other products you don’t have to charge it over and over to get your desired task done. The nail capacity is more than enough and even after using it so long you wouldn’t have to load it again. Not only this but also when you have to work in the darkness of on the tricky surface then you can turn on the build in light to get more focus on your target.

When its not in use you can hang it anywhere as the overall compact design will not ask you to free up a lot of space at all.

  • Long battery life
  • More than 420 nails capacity
  • Build in light for dark corners
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdiest model
  • Lightweight
  • Tool free settings
  • Nothing to complain about.

2. PORTER PCC790LA – Best Cordless Brad Nail Gun

You might already not have seen a best cordless nail gun for framing with an unbelievable nail capacity so even the entire building up session will not ask you to load the nail gun again. This best cordless nailer is not only going to serve you with high accuracy and efficiency but also you are going to enjoy more than 1300 nailers capacity. The depth adjustment wheel is something more than a blessing because it will let you deal with the different thickness of the various materials.

The LED indicator will not only add a modern touch to it but also will let you know when you have to charge it again, unlike the other products that will just stop working without any indication of low battery life. The tool free settings are so much of fun because without using any extra tool you would be able to go for the customization in your tasks. With the hose less services it will not create a lot of noise to disturbed you at all. You can enjoy the jam free firing mode to let the task done with no time so say goodbye to all the faulty models and grab this one without giving it another thought at all.

After all these magical features, you would be amazed to know that manufacturer is going to serve you with the three year long warranty so in case of any damage or issues you can claim the assistance from them.

  • Easy to handle
  • LED battery indicator
  • 1300 nails capacity
  • Tool free depth control wheel
  • No compressor or lengthy hose needed
  • Nothing to complain about.

3. Ryobi P320 – Best Cordless 18 Gauge Brad Nailer

The major purpose to get the cordless nail gun is to deal with the high usage without any hassle to get the efficient results. In this cordless finishing nailer your task would be highly achieved because with the astonishing nails capacity of 1700 nails. To let you enjoy the superior quality work you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the massive hoses, air compressors or something like cartridges. Although the nail capacity is quite higher in this lithium nail gun but still there is a low nail indicator that will let you know that it’s a time to reload the gun.

The easy-to-use grip handle is not be a hassle in you and high performance but will make your hand feel comfortable while working. The combination of lightweight and compact design will set you free to take it around even when you have the space issues but you have to move somewhere to get the task done. Apart from this, the design is quite sturdier and is made with the anti-decay capacity which simply means even if its fall accidently it wouldn’t get breakage at all.

The air adjustment regulator will make you able to define the aesthetically refined results without any issues.

  • Nail capacity of 1700 nails
  • Low nails indicator
  • Adjustable air compressor
  • Superior performance
  • Strongly build design
  • Nothing to complain about.

4. NuMax SFR2190 – Best Battery Powered Framing Nail Gun

If you are not feeling like to use the coil nail gun and wanted to get a strip nail gun but not finding out the feasible option then you shouldn’t miss this last but amazingly fun product of our list. All the people who would have to get something to deal with the heavy duty tasks, must count on this one of the highly in demand battery powered framing nailers. The handle is highly secure even the accidental nail firing will not let you get any sort of harm at all.

The trigger power is more than amazing because you don’t have to wait so long but interchangeable trigger will make the frequent firing of the nails to let you have quick task done. This is highly suitable for professionals as well as beginner and even for those who are tired of the cordless battery operated nail guns. Regardless the framing needs the model is highly recommended for the other tasks as well in which subfloors, roof decking, wood fencing, and sheathing are included.

Grab this durable yet versatile framing nailer to get the heavy duty full head nails be knocked with zero efforts.

  • Pneumatic model
  • Safe grip
  • Strip loading mechanism
  • Tough and durable
  • Outstanding value
  • Perfect package
  • Nothing to complain about.


No matter how professional you are to deal with the nailing tasks but if you don’t have the right nail gun with you nothing can be done according to your needs or requirements at all. In this article we have highlight the significance of the nail guns as compared to the old nailing methods such as by using the hammer. Not only this but also by showing the standards of having the right nail gun in the buying guide section we have provide a detailed information for those who are not sure what they should look for while spending their money on nail gun.

We have chosen the top 4 products in this article and have provided the detailed review about each one. Here we would like to mention that all the products are tried and tested by our highly professional editors to provide you an unbiased, reality-based reviews. In case you are finding something missing or wanted to share your buying experience with us feel free to write us via given email or comment section, we would love to hear from you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which cordless nail gun is the best?

There are some standards or factors to consider while buying a cordless nail gun, by keeping in mind all of those and your needs we have chosen the top 4 products in this post and without giving it another thought you must have to check it now.

Are cordless nail guns any good?

Yes, cordless nail guns are entirely aesthetic because they will keep you always from the long-tangled wires and will serve you with the high portability rate. On the other hand, you might have to spend some extra bucks but it will worth spending your money on.

What is the best battery operated finish nailer?

Naming a single battery-based finish nailer will be quite injustice so we will recommend you to dig into the reviews section to get the clearer idea.

What is the best nail gun for home use?

For home use you must have to get the versatile nail gun, there are more than 6 different types of nail guns we have mentioned in the above article, go check and decide which one will suits you the most.

Should I buy a brad nailer or a finish nailer?

Well, both have their bright and dark sides, also it depends on your needs but if you wanted to get some of the heavy-duty tasks done then you should go for the finish nail gun but in case you have the opposite needs then going for the brad nail gun will be suggested.

Who Makes the Best Cordless Brad Nailer?

There are various brands are working in the nail guns manufacturing department and we have mentioned the best ones in the buying guide section, you can check any of them.

Does Ryobi have a framing nailer?

Ryobi is one of the brands that are providing the multi-tasking products and when it comes to framing Nailers then still it is winning hearts to the customers with its latest air ware framing nail gun. To get the more details about this product you can check the above post.

When would you use a 16 gauge finish nailer?

If you are in search of the nail gun that could deal with the 16 gauge nails with tiny heads, that might require the more holding power then you need to for the finish nailers to have the hassle-free results. Such as to deal with the thick trim finish nailers would be magical.

Can a nail gun penetrate concrete?

To extent its true but you need to notice first what kind of nail gun you are going to use. If it is moderate level then it will penetrate into concrete but to get more accurate results later you might have to hit it with hammer.

Can you shoot a gun with acrylic nails?

Well, if you are a person with the artificial nails and tend to use the nail gun with them then you shouldn’t have to do it due to some major reasons. First of all, it will be quite harder for you to shoot and your nails can also mess with the trigger guard which is quite unsafe for you.

Are Dewalt nail guns any good?

Yes, as we have already mentioned that dewalt is one of those nail guns makers that are doing wonderful job in the market. Their models are not only cost effective but also highly efficient.

What to consider while buying cordless nail gun?

You don’t have to consider a single aspect while buying the best cordless nail gun but have to keep an eye on bunch of them. We have described each factor quite in details in the buying guide section, must check it out.

What size nail do you use for framing?

While choosing the nail size for any specific task you must always needs to be specific to get the better results, so when it's time to get the framing done you should choose 3 1/2 inches nails.

How far can a cordless nail gun shoot?

The projection power of the different cordless nail guns can be different that will vary from 400 to 500m.

Are Ryobi nail guns any good?

Yes, they are one of the major brands in the market with the high market value, we have selected a product from this brand, you can check it now.

Should I get a 16 or 18 gauge nailer?

Depending upon your needs but according to research, comparatively the 16 gauge nailers will deal with the thicker nails even effectively. So clearly it would be better to go for the 16 gauge nailer.

What is the difference between framing nailer and finish nailer?

The difference has been described in the details in buying guide, you just have to dig into it to remove all the doubts and to get the major difference between the both.

How do I choose a finish nailer?

Without getting into complicated methods, simply you can check out the given above buying guide section to know more about the finish nailers.

What gauge nail gun should I buy?

The different kinds of nail guns are tending to support different gauges and if you are not able to decided which one to choose then check out the buying section guide to get the clearer idea.

Can I use a brad nailer for baseboards?

Yes, you can use the brad nailers for baseboards but make sure they are not thicker than the 2 inches otherwise may be the process would be quite time taking for you.

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