4 Best Cordless And Electric Grease Guns To Buy In 2021 – {Updated Buyer’s Guide}

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Best Cordless And Electric Grease GunsVarious equipment and vehicles will require the high maintenance which is quite important to cut down the additional cost as well as time. There are different methods to secure your equipment or vehicles and greasing them is one of the most effective yet easy to apply. The typical or old-fashioned greasing techniques has been fading away and now the advancement in greasing technologies is creating the new hypes of the success. When it comes to the greasing advancement many of you might think that you have to spend a lot of money and have to seek help from the professional but this is not the case.

No matter you are a beginner or a professional person, now you can do the greasing stuff on your own without any hassle. You just have to pick the right greasing partner and you are good to go to enjoy the ultimate ride of friction free experience. As we have mentioned that you should have to grab the right greasing partner and here, we have referred grease guns as the right greasing partners that are quite common in the market.

Many of you might have already spend your money on any of the grease guns but few of you might not get the exact technicality of this product so the upcoming is section is going to make the need of grease gun clearer for you.

What Is Greasing And Why It’s Important?

Greasing is the method to lubricate the machines or vehicles to keep them in the working state without getting high friction among the different parts. This is one of the major industrial and domestic needs in this era of advancement. The lack of sufficient lubrication is quite common that can damage your machines and can push you to high expense rate to get the newer one or to deal with the maintenance charges.

Grease is one of those lubricants that are being widely used and it has the multiple applications that are hard to prevent. This is highly in demand because it will not only prevent the friction but also will deal with the unwanted wear off issues. Grease is the perfect blend of the thickener, oil and additives that will make the perfect consistency to keep the working of the machines on point. It will have the most long lasting effects so you don’t have to grease the equipment more regularly.

  • Grease can prevent the industrial wearing off issues.
  • If you have the heavy machines around then getting working shocks is quite normal due to various reasons but grease will make the bearings and other parts so lubricant that they will easily bear shock of any intensity easily.
  • There would be lack of friction among the rotating parts to keep the high production on point.
  • The more the parts will get dry or will not be lubricated properly the high temperature they will produce which is not a good thing at all regardless the overall environment.
  • Metal corrosion is one of the hectic issues in different industries that can be prevented by the greasing.
  • There are numberless greasing types are available and all of them will serve you with high efficiency for the different greasing needs.

Now it’s time to move down with the buying guide section that will prevent not only waste of money but also will let you get clearer about your targeted product by considering the major factors.

Consider These 8 Factors Before Buying Cordless Or Electric Grease Guns (Buying Guide 2021)

Make sure you judge each of the factor according to your needs or requirements because they will influence the different users differently.

Grease Gun Type:

Regardless the major misconception that there is only a single kind of grease guns are available in the market but truth is something else. There is major three categories of grease gun types that we are going to explain below.


If you don’t have enough needs of the greasing and looking for something compact yet decent then you must rely on this sort of grease guns that are tend to produce up to 9,000 PSI which would be enough for the small greasing details.


Working on the projects that would require not so high pressure while greasing them are going to be served with this sort of grease gun. According to a rough estimate they are tend to provide with 6,000 PSI and few of the pneumatic models will let you enjoy the speed or volume adjustment feature so you could go with the requirements or needs of your industrial or non-industrial equipment. They are tending to be safer but not suitable for heavy duty projects.


The most common and highly in demand model is battery powered ones that will not only keep you away from the hassle to deal with the wire tangling but also will be more lightweight. Additionally, they will produce more pressure and will let you decide freely that how much volume or pressure you would like to have with the high customization. Just by spending some extra bucks on the batter powered grease guns they are highly suggested for heavy machinery and precision applications.

Hose Length:

Most of the people will not bother about the hose length which is wrong because at the time of application the hose length can make or break your overall experience. The different grease guns will come up with the different hose lengths that will suitable for the various applications. While greasing reaching out to the each and every corner of your targeted equipment is quite important. In addition, you have to keep in mind that a long enough hose will let you have the proper distance between the gun and machine. Many of the grease guns will let you enjoy the flexible hose length according to your needs or requirements.

There are three major sizes 18-inch, 27-inch and 42-inch will be there to complete the task, you can choose as per your preferences.

Cartridge Capacity:

Cartridge is the major part of any of the grease gun because it has to store the grease in there. You must always have to go for the big enough cartridge that wouldn’t require you to refill it over and over while working. In majority of the models, you will get served with the 14oz cartridge that is considered to be enough.


No matter what you are about to grab, always going for the warranty check will let you have the safe side. So, in case of any damage or unsatisfaction you could claim without feeling like you just have splashed your money around.

Additional Features And Accessories:

Going for the additional features will be quite beneficial for you because you will get something extra supportive items to beat the task requirements. In the major additional features, you can check out for the LED light and grease level indicator. Also, you can prefer the easy to keep on rest design to make the overall task effortless. Many of the models might let you have the carry bag as well to keep the moveability easier than ever, you can count on all of those products.

Price And Brand:

No matter what kind of heavy duty or normal machine you are about to get, taking a wise decision from the budget perspective would always be a must to do task. It’s not all about going for the cheaper options but you have to balance between the premium features you are about to get and the price you have to pay. On the other side, in the list of worth having brands dewalt, milwaukee, lincoln and many other brands are included.

Pressure Rating:

Different greasing application will require different pressure so before buying any of the greasing gun you must have to check out the pressure rating to get the effective results. With the higher pressure you would be able to pour out grease to get the work done shortly. Minimum there would be around 6000 PSI or 7000 PSI and for the maximum you can avail the greasing gun with 10000 PSI with the astonishingly surprising performance.


This is one of the core factors to consider because the nozzle will deliver the grease to the desired area. You will get the two major styles in the grease gun nozzle; one is straight and other one is flexible one. Both will deal with the various needs of the greasing and you need to make sure that you get the both in your package so you don’t have to spend some extra bucks to get them.

Material And Durability:

The longevity of your desired grease gun will be based on the material that is being used and is it worth making it durable or not. You shouldn’t have to miss this factor and also the design to assess that either its worth buying? Will it provide you enough sturdiness? The design is going to support your comfort or not? All of these questions are entirely related to the material that ultimately has to depict the durability. Going for the heavier material will not assure the durability of the product but well construction structure will do. Make sure none of the grease gun part is being made with the plastic or filthy material because later it can damage your user experience badly.

Have You Decided?

After getting done with the buying now it’s time to ask yourself that either you have decided what kind of product you are about to get or not. It is quite important before moving down to the reviews section so you don’t get confused at all among the different products with various features. If there is something missing in the buying guide section then you can add your preferences as well to get the highly customized product.

1. DEWALT DCGG571M1 – Top Rated Cordless Grease Gun

The perfect build of any of the greasing gun will not only save you’re a lot of time but also will cut down your overall efforts as well to let you have the high production in less time without any rest intervals. This best battery-operated grease gun first of all, will serve you with the easy to carry model

so while working you don’t have to put on a lot of strain or have to manage it hardly. With the Integrated no-mar foot design you can let the grease gun stay in rest without any hassle.

Unlike other products available in the market, you will get the pump filter which is quite important in any greasing gun so the gun don’t get jammed due to dust or any other particles. Now you don’t have to hold the separate torch at all to deal with the hard-to-reach areas with greasing needs because the built-in LED light will make you wonders. To give the LED lights the perfect complement the long enough hose is being included to keep the task accomplishment hassle free.

You can switch to the variable grease speed to meet the different greasing needs of the different equipment. When it comes to battery timing you will be amazed to know that it is one of the best batteries lives that will let you enjoy more than 16 cartridges in the single go and more surprisingly the cartridge size is not smaller but is big enough to go for the greasing details easily with the single filling.

The high flow applications will be done magically with the high-volume pump for the 5.0 oz/min speed. So, from every perspective the product is highly recommended in an affordable price.

  • Bigger cartridge size
  • High battery power
  • Pump filter included
  • Easy to manage
  • Aesthetic design
  • Inexpensive
  • lightweight
  • Nothing to complain about.

2. Milwaukee 2446-20 M12 – Best Grease Gun With Spring Guard

Having a grease gun that will work on the beauty and beast like performance is a kind of rare thing to happen but this battery operated grease gun with the classy style the highly efficient services are going to be served. The design is not only manageable, sturdiest but also easy to use, that means even if you are not so pro with the grease guns, still it will work for your flawlessly. With the spring guard on both sides of the hose, it will reach to your targeted place easily.

The superior handle is not only suitable for holding but also will provide the maximum breathability so your hands don’t get sweaty at all. Along this, the product is extremely light weight and you can carry it around by just holding the 7.2lbs. the bigger cartridge with the perfect pump will resolve your high needs of greasing easily and you can refill the cartridge for more than 6 times with the single time charging that is quite a rare kind of feature to found in other products.

The grease gun is being designed in a way that even if you would like to keep it in rest then with the sold and strong feet it will remain in rest position as well as will easily get ready for another use.

  • Higher pressure
  • Greater productivity
  • Compact design
  • Affordable
  • Bigger cartridge
  • Easily operated
  • Spring guard
  • Nothing to complain about.

3. Lincoln Industrial – Best Rechargeable Grease Gun

Without directly jumping to the features of this best battery powered grease gun, we would like to mention that with the high maintenance care this is going to be added in your tools with the best possible storage case, and that will add a modern yet classy touch to this grease gun. Apart from this, grease gun has the unique design which is not only appealing but highly functional as well. To get the high speed you can switch between the higher pressure as well as volume according your needs or desire.

The torque motor has been included in this model which is highly in demand because of its high functionality. With the dual overall protection, you wouldn’t have to face any kind of performance hiccups at all. The hose with the standard length is being secured by the dual spring guards and the battery timing is quite amazing so without having several pauses in your greasing goals you can attain the desired end results.

  • Superior torque motor
  • Perfect storage case
  • Standard hose with dual spring guards
  • Efficient battery life
  • Dual overload protection
  • Nothing to complain about.

4. Milwaukee 2646-22CT M18 – Best Battery Grease Gun

Are you looking for the highly professional greasing gun? This best cordless grease gun with the all the demanding features and professional look and feel will make your user experience better than ever. Along with the high-pressure grease coupler and multi-purpose charger you don’t have to spend even a single penny to grab something extra as well as supportive item. The carry bag will make it even more convenient for you to take it along with the easy to grip handle and shoulder belt as well.

Unlike other products you don’t have to face any surprising or accidental flow from the cartridge with the locking system so even with the full cartridge you can store it on your desired place. The battery life is strong enough to support more than 10 cartridges in the single go without asking you to compromise on the quality.

Apart from being lightweight the grease gun will be pre-set so that means you don’t have to spend a lot of time to assemble it. To enjoy the unbeatable versatile functionality, we will highly recommend you to switch between the different flow speeds to make your overall working quite worth doing.

  • Perfect for outside use
  • Carry bag with shoulder strap
  • High pressure with strong volume
  • Lightweight and pre-set model
  • Dual spring guard secure hose
  • Nothing to complain about.


We cannot deny the importance of the greasing especially when you have to keep the bigger or smaller industrial equipment in the highly functional form. There are numberless benefits of the greasing that we have mentioned at the top of this page. Having the work oriented greasing gun is one of the tiring tasks that you will ever do so by keeping in mind your needs and different standards we have chosen the best possible cordless and electric grease guns for you. To know more about them you shouldn’t have to miss any chunk of the above post so you could decide which one is going to suits you the most.

If you are not sure about your needs or the features that you must have to look in the grease gun then you can rely on our provided buying guide that has covered major factors for you so the entire process could be easier than ever for you. We have summarized all the information in this article but still if you find something missing or must be added to this article then you can contact us via email or given below comment section.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best battery operated grease gun?

There is not any single best battery-operated grease gun but we have chosen the top four on the bases of various factors that are described in the buying guide section. You can choose any of them without any doubts to get the best results.

Which is better Milwaukee or Dewalt grease gun?

Both are ruling as the grease gun manufacturing business bodies but dewalt is known as the heavy duty grease gun maker but on the other edge milwaukee is targeting the beginners with the basic functionalities. So choice is yours you can go for any of them without any performance doubts.

What is the best grease gun to buy?

If you are looking for the best grease gun to buy then first of all you need to specify your needs by digging to the buying guide section and then you can check out our shortlisted products with the premium features.

Does ridgid make a cordless grease gun?

Yes, they are manufacturing the cordless grease guns but unfortunately, they will just produce the tools only without any supportive accessories.

How much does a Dewalt grease gun cost?

It depends, which model from dewalt you have chosen, but keeping in mind the in-budget options we have grabbed the best product from dewalt, you can check out the reviews section now.

What is a grease gun used for?

Grease gun is highly in demand tool to lubricated the industrial equipment to cut down the friction and to prevent the metal corrosion as well as machine wear off issues. Not only this but also the grease guns will be served as the best ones to make your desired items shock proof so you can enjoy the long functional life.

How do you use a grease gun?

Well, the using mechanism for each grease gun will be different according to its type of model but in general, you just have to fill up the provided cartridge with the grease and have to apply on the required area with the help of the hose. If you have chosen any of the above-mentioned grease gun then we will highly recommend you to check out their details to have the clearer idea about usage. Additionally, you can check the user manual of each product to know more about it.

Are there different size grease guns?

You will get the standard size in the grease guns but in case you are looking for the bigger ones then we would like to add that it will be hard to manage so you shouldn’t have to go for them. As well as they will not be feasible to carry around especially when you have to deal with the greasing in multiple ways.

Why does my grease gun not work?

There could be numberless possible reasons behind this issue, the major one among the others is air lock that can create the bubbles in the grease and it will not come out properly. You can prevent this issue and can remove the air lock by pushing the pump over and over.

How do you store a loaded grease gun?

Storing the loading grease gun might sound easier but it is quite tricky as you cannot place it normally anywhere but you have to keep in mind the right method. You can place the gun in horizontal way so the cartridge can stay in the feasible position to let you start greasing right after grabbing gun from the rest position.

How do you know when a grease gun is empty?

There are some models that will comes up with the grease level indicator to let you know when the gun is going to be empty. On the other edge, you can judge by the plunger pressure, if it's getting low, then it's time to refill the grease cartridge.

How do I choose a grease gun?

Choosing the grease gun is one of the aesthetic tasks to do but might be tricky for some people. For both kind of people, we have assembled various factors in buying guide details to let you decide which kind of grease gun you should buy and what features you have to look for while spending your money on grease gun.

How do you clean an old grease gun?

You have to follow some simple yet effective given below steps but before that you have to grab a clean cloth, anti-grease solution and another cloth to dry it out. Now let's get started. • First of all, you need to remove the cartridge and have to get rid of the excessive grease. • Now try to remove all the wastage with the clean cloth. • Now take the anti-grease solution and apply it on the cartridge or other parts of the gun. Remove it after sometime (according to the manufacturer suggestions). • Now dry it out and make sure next time you place it on the neat and dust free place to cut to down the hassle of cleaning.

Are grease gun tips adjustable?

Not in all kinds of the models but in fewer ones, you will get the pressure and volume adjustment feature to get the functionality according to your needs.

How much pressure can a grease gun produce?

It depends on the motor and other features of your chosen grease gun but according to the estimate, it can go around up to 15,000 psi per stroke. You shouldn’t have to desire for extremely higher pressure which can be a threat for the grease gun seals.

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