8 Best Big Green Egg Table To Buy In 2021 – [Updated Buyer’s Guide]

Updated Buyer's GuideAre you one of those who find it harder to get the right big green table for themselves? Well, you shouldn’t have to get worried about it at all now because we have brought on the best possible solution for you. So, it is highly recommended to read this article till the end to grab the aesthetic quality green egg grill stand or tables at highly affordable prices. Not only this but to make you spend your hard-earned money in the most effective way our editors have tried and tested all the products perfectly so you don’t have to give the second thought when you are about to add any of the following products in your shopping cart.

Before moving further, we would like to highlight the significance of the big green egg tables so could be clear about it. The big green eggs are the backbone of the parties when it comes to delicious self-cooked food to entertain your guests. The green egg is the best choice to make your normal weekly hangouts the party like taste to add more fuel to it. Having a stylish table to carry will not only be a great addition but also will let you make your working easier than before. Different types of big green egg tables are available in the market but you are the one who would have to choose which product will suits you the best. Also, here are some best gas fire pit recommended for you.

On the other hand, before getting deep down into it we would also like to mention that being a buyer you must have to consider some factors so you could end up in with the best possible product at your doorstep so it would be highly appreciated that if you would take a glance at the provided buying guide that is the double edge sword and will equally beneficial for both of us.

How To Buy Custom Big Green Egg Tables? (Buying Guide 2020)

Your money is extremely precious so we wouldn’t want to get waste it at all so add the perfect product in your shopping cart the following factors are a must to consider without skipping them.

Material And Quality

This factor is as important as the need for tables for green egg grills in your kitchen accessories, well apart from the joke, you are about to spend your money so what you will get is something that you must to know without ignoring at all. Always try to choose the sturdiest material but make sure to get the stronger one you shouldn’t have to choose any of the flammable material because a big green egg will get hotter while cooking so choose wisely. The quality is another major aspect because most of the time the users get the allure from the design but they don’t get bothered about the quality at all that will make you regret it later.

Here we are talking about the quality in which special kinds of coatings will be highly appreciated so you don’t have to go for the maintenance of the table over and over. In the different qualities of the tables, cedar coating is one of the famous ones that will not secure the table from the several weather conditions even if you are going to use it outdoor most of the time but also it will make your table prettier with the next level finishing.


When you are about to end up with the material and quality assurance now it’s time to get satisfied with the durability because all of these three factors are totally internally connected. You must have to check out the overall frame and its welding most importantly. If you have chosen the product with the assembly then you must have to assure that after performing the assembly the frame doesn’t get fluctuated or let you face the performance hiccups at all. Also, you have to check out either it can bear enough amount of weight or not. Check out the weight limit as well if provided about any of the specific products.


The green egg table is something that is directly connected to the parties or fun events so there are chances that you might have to take the table to different locations. So, you must have to choose that design that could easily be carried anywhere. Not only this but also you need to keep an eye that how it would work for you even indoor. We would highly recommend you to get the table with the wheels and especially with those that can move in the 360 angles without bothering you a lot.


You need to check out the shape and size as per your space available so that you don’t have to manage special space to place the table. When you have to choose something then you have two options either you can use the horizontal table or you can go for the vertical one. When you consider the size make sure you check out all the dimension measurements so you don’t have to regret later that you haven’t got the product the way you were asking for.


It is been said that you shouldn’t always have to consider the brand but must have to check out the product quality as well. On the other hand, the best brand with the great market value will definitely maintain the quality assurance for the users. So, we will highly recommend you go for those products that are from the well-known brands so you get the best product without burning a hole in your pocket and also without compromising on the quality at all. To make it easier for you to have the products from well-recognized brands, we have already shortlisted the products so don’t forget to stay tuned in this article that will end up with a best product in your shopping cart.

Additional Features

When you are about to grab the best possible green egg table for you don’t forget to grab the product with additional features so you could enjoy the maximum out of it. In additional features for the green egg table, the free cover, extensive platform, and storage cabinets are on the top of the list. In the given below products, you shouldn’t have to get worried about at all because all of those products will definitely offer you bonus features.


This is one of the most critical features of the entire buying process because over time the design could be changed and there are chances that you wanted to get a newer model. In this case, you shouldn’t have to waste your money at all. We will highly recommend you to go for a balanced situation where you could have the best budget along with the aesthetic quality. One thing you need to consider in cutting down the budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality at all.


This is one of the core features because when you will use it for a longer time period then you also have to adopt a cleaning routine for the table as well. While buying any of the products you must have to check that either it’s easy to maintain or not because cleaning this sort of table can be tricky yet easier. It all depends on what kind of design you have chosen for yourself.

Have You Set Your Priorities?

Now it’s time to set your priorities by keeping in mind all the above-mentioned factors so you could create a clearer picture in your mind. Don’t get confused with any of the factors and also it’s recommended not to ask someone else to give you an idea because you are the only one who can easily decide which product must be at your doorstep.

Pro tip:

Before adding any product to your shopping cart, we will highly recommend you to check out the reviews from other buyers as well. We have also collected some fire pits products for you.

To make your buying process easier than before don’t forget to have a rough idea about all the products in the given below comparison table.

1. Jjgeorge Big Green Egg Table – Top Rated Big Green Egg Cabinet

To make your parties more fun and fuller of excitement you must have to grab something that could let you have the most delicious food without pushing you in a lot of effort. To spice up your cooking experience to double the fun in your parties or hang out with friends you must have to add this big green egg cypress table that will perfectly work for you. One thing that you would definitely allure for is you can enjoy the breathtaking mobility with the sturdiest wheels.

Not only this but also this big green egg grill table will provide you enough space to store all the required accessories so you don’t have to bring on the extra table or cabinet to make it feasible for you. The overall wood material is totally recommended and safe especially when you have to deal with marinating, chopping, and other cooking related tasks. Most of the time, many of you have to find out the best cover for your green egg table but this manufacturer being the generous one is providing you the free cover. When you have to work on the cart with wheel you don’t get annoying movement due to the attached wheels so that is why locking swivel casters have been included so you could work freely.

Not only this but also you can put on the different decorative pieces as well when you have to serve the hot fresh food to take your parties to another level of enjoyment. The sturdiest cedar material will make it quite a long-lasting product for you so you don’t have to buy the perfect table for you over and over. Moreover, due to its sturdy material, you don’t have to take care of it especially in different types of weather conditions.

This big green egg with table will also be a great choice due to its great dimensions that will provide you proper functionality in the space-conscious design.

  • Additional big egg table cover has been included
  • Unique design
  • Ideal material for all types of weather conditions
  • Locking swivel casters are included
  • Nothing to complaint about

2. Onlyfire Stainless Steel Grill Table – Stainless Steel Green Egg Table

When you have to go for easy management then nothing can serve you better than big green egg stainless table that has various types of storage compartments. So even if you are aiming to get some extra functionality from this big green egg xl table then you shouldn’t have to miss this table that will even provide you space to store your beverages as well. The extended shelves that will let you have the worth enjoying easy management feature access that will double the fun along with the s-shaped hooks so you can hang different items such as cleaning cloth, cups, or even different types of cookware as well.

On your cooking side, you will be able to enjoy an open tiny space to put on your on-the-spot items such as the match box or lighter or any of the bbq spatula so you can grab it when you need it the most. Not only this but when you get some space to store your beverages then why you shouldn’t have the bottle opener along? Yes, you can have enjoyed this with great ease because a bottle opener has been embedded in the counter so feel free to enjoy your favorite drink while cooking or eating without having much hassle at all.

To make your big green egg, quite environmentally friendly there are small holes around so the air could be passed and your entire table doesn’t get hot at all. The size is totally based on the space-saving technique so don’t worry if you are not feeling like having a table just because of the space issue.

  • The storage feature is just on point so feel free to store your extra items or any other stuff such as the beverages.
  • The extensive shelves around the big green egg part are just on point and you can move them as per your needs or requirements.
  • The s shaped hooks are totally fun to let you hang your tiny even the bigger items.
  • The storage box has the locking technology so all the items will totally safe.
  • Bottle opener has been included.
  • Easy to manage
  • There is a lack of moving feature so it is not suitable for the mobility

3. Minimax Big Green Egg Table – Big Green Egg Wood Table

There are numberless items available in the market as the custom big green egg tables but not all of them will work for you the way you wanted them to especially when you have the small green egg for your BBQ or to roast your all-time favorite hot dogs. No doubt there are not extensive shelves around the green egg but you don’t have to get worried about it’s because the lower birth will work for you to put on your desired items with great ease. No matter which types of weather you are living in the overall material of this medium green egg table because spar-urethane is the perfect coating on it.

The manufacturer is getting a lot of appreciation from the users because of the money-back guarantee so in case you don’t get satisfied with this egg grill table quality, you can take your money back. You can move it around anywhere with the 360 4 industrial size locking swivel caster wheels so you can move it with great ease without having concerns about the stability of it at all.

The overall construction of this medium big green egg table is totally breathtaking and will also bear the heavyweight easily. The design is quite a next level you can simply push it back to the corner once you are done with the cooking.

  • Compact design
  • Enough space in the lower shelf
  • Ceder coating for the intense weather conditions
  • 4 swivel casters
  • Free cover with the money back guarantee
  • Nothing to complaint about it

4. Dracarys Rolling Cart – Medium Big Green Egg Table

If you don’t want to get a wide shelf big green egg large table then you can go for this rolling cart for your medium size big green egg. You wouldn’t have to deal with the extensive shelves and to hold your big green egg grill there are 4 holders that are covered with rubber boots so the ceramic shell doesn’t get slipped at all. To make it easy to move around the spinner wheels are included in this big green egg grill table. When it comes to price then you would easily be able to have it because this big green egg table for sale is totally inexpensive.

Not only this but also you would be able to enjoy the sturdiest frame construction that wouldn’t let you face any sort of performance hiccups at all. Here you need to check out that it is only suitable for the small size to big green egg but if you have the bigger size big green egg then you should go for any other option.

  • Easy to rolling
  • Compact design
  • Easy to carry
  • Firm frame with the best possible structure
  • Rubber support for scratch less handling
  • Thick steel material
  • You wouldn’t get any of the shelf or storage compartment

5. Kamaster Large Big Green Egg Table – Best Double Green Egg Table

When you are cooking, getting a comfortable environment around you is the must to have a thing to add more fuel to the fun. In this big green egg stands for sale, you just have to prepare the food and later on, you would easily be able to serve it the way you wanted to. The area around the big green egg will also let you put on all the essential items near you so you don’t have to hover around to grab them from the other tables at all. There are several big green egg cabinet that comes with the double slat but most of the users find it not convenient so in this item you would be able to enjoy 3 slats that is more than enough space for the serving.

The overall shelf material is totally fun having that will even not get damaged with the ultraviolet rays or due to other weather conditions. Furthermore, you don’t have to face any sort of melting issues due to the heat in this big green egg table with multi-dimensions. To hold the egg pot on the point the rubber caps around the main holder will provide the scratch-free support.

  • Sturdiest design with the perfect welding and joining
  • Rubber support around the shell
  • Best spinner wheels for easy movability
  • Foldable shelves
  • Nothing to complaint about

Are you tired of the creepy assembly issues and wanted to get something that won’t bother you much? Then you should have to go for this big green egg medium table with the sharp appealing design to keep in mind all the desired functionality in the feasible price range. You can use the tiny cover as well to hide your big green egg to prevent any sort of weather harshness and don’t get worried about the shelves because that can easily be folded to let you get allure with the compact design.

Most of the people complaining about the table material that left stains or scratches on the big green shell but this has the most amazing grip over the shell with the rubber boots. You can easily be able to move this big green egg metal table with the breathtaking spinner casters but you shouldn’t have to think about that it will get slipped out from the frame but it’s just a myth that has nothing to do with reality.

  • Foldable dual slat shelves
  • Spinning casters to move around
  • Frame is quite amazing
  • Nothing to complaint about

7. Char-Griller E16620 Akorn Table – Best Designed Big Green Egg Cart

If you are one of those users who are fed up with using the wood material or not finding it safe then you must have to switch to this large big green egg table that has made up with the metal. This is 2 in 1 product that will not only let you have the most amazing compact designed, bbq grill along with the storage space and shelves as well. If you wanted to hang out with your friends or family then you must have to add this one of the best big green egg carts that are easy to manage.

Out of all the custom big green egg tables, this is worth having where you would get dual shelves around and the storage shelf as well. To support this entire mesmerizing frame 3 casters are attached so you could move it around the way you wanted to. Moreover, this big green egg table has the lowest minimum price as compared to the others. so, without breaking the bank get this one to take your user functionality beyond the horizon.

  • Sturdiest overall frame
  • No hassle to deal with the separate big green egg because the BBQ shell is embedded
  • Metal shelves around that will easily get folded.
  • S shaped hooks to hang the cookware or any sort of other items such as dusters or anything else.
  • Storage shelf is available
  • If you wanted to hang out with your squad then it wouldn’t be enough grill for you.

8. Castle Stove Stainless Big Green Egg Table – Unique Stainless Big Green Egg Table

Wouldn’t be it a great deal to have the xl big green egg table as well as the preparing table along with the next level storage compartments? Most of the tables for green egg grills will let you have the limited space but this is the ideal one. If you would say that it’s all about that you have to carry put on all the items in your cart and you are good to move around to your party venue.

The overall frame is quite wider and you would definitely love to enjoy enough space for preparing your food and yo0u can also store your beverages or other food items as well so you could get the maximum functionality out of a single cart. Move around with the 4 multi-dimensional casters that are sturdy enough to deal with the weight without letting you have any sort of performance hiccups at all.

Not only this but also you can put on your cooking utensils in the side storage pocket that will be a great thing to provide you assistance especially when you have to put on the cooking spatula or any other item that you need to use frequently.

  • Best material with the unique design
  • Easily manageable
  • Enough storage compartments
  • Side storage pocket
  • Strongest frame
  • Enough counter space to prepare your food or to prepare the serving dishes.
  • Nothing to complaint about

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions):

What do I put under my Big Green Egg table?

Placing the big green egg table directly on your wooden or any other surface will not be recommended at all. As you all know wood is quite a flammable subject so you must have to place an iron stand before putting the big green egg on the table. Make sure you go for all the safety precautions to avoid any sort of accidental issues at all.

Are Big Green Eggs worth the money?

Yes, big green eggs are totally worth your money because it will make your cooking way easier than anything else. Not only this but you don’t have to carry a lot of stuff or have to keep an eye on the different items that you wouldn’t have to grab when you will have the big green eggs.

What is the best charcoal for Big Green Egg?

This is one of the most burning questions from the big green egg users so as the experts say, you must have to go for the 100% natural lump charcoal. It is because they will let you have more temperature with less smoke and if you are aiming to speed up the heating or burning process then we will recommend you to use hardwood chips. Keep an eye on the temperature meter so your food doesn’t get overcooked or burned in intense situations.

What are the best big green egg tables?

We cannot declare a single item as the best one but to let you have endless options, we have chosen all the best products so without any confusion you can go for any of these.

Why are the Big Green Egg tables so popular?

The big green egg tables are the most convenient thing to carry the high-temperature pots that can be used for multiple purposes.

Can Big Green Egg table be left outside?

When it comes to big green egg then the material used in it is totally ceramic-based so you don’t have to be worried about it but when it comes to the table then you have to check out the quality of your table that either it has the weather protection coating on or not. In the case the coatings are missing, you can also grab the cover for the big green egg along with the table as well. In the majority of the above-mentioned products, the cover will be added to the package without asking you to pay some extra bucks.

What is the advantage of the Big Green Egg along with table?

The big green egg will be a great thing to make your bbq or grilling food process easier than before and along with the table, it will get extremely feasible for you to drag it anywhere in your backyard or you can even take it to your camping tours as well.

What's so special about the Green Egg grill?

This is one of the most special cooking equipment but one thing which is very unique about it is that it can let you enjoy any type of cooking in which grilling the meat, baking pizza, pies or even can bake the cookies as well.

Is the Green Egg a good smoker?

Yes, it's totally recommended because due to the ceramic shell it can maintain different temperature levels.

Can you use regular charcoal in a Big Green Egg?

As the experts say, you must have to use 100% natural lump charcoal along with the hardwood chips to speed up the heating process.

Can you use a big green egg on a wood deck?

Yes, you can use it with great ease but wood is totally a flammable subject so you need to use the iron stand under the green egg ceramic shell so it doesn’t get touched directly to the wooden surface at all.

What size Big Green Egg table is best?

First of all, you need to check out the size of the big green egg ceramic shell then you have to choose any of the tables as per the shell size. How you can buy the best possible table? You can check out the given above buying guide.

Can you use lighter fluid in green egg?

The lighter fluid is not recommended because there are chances that it will leave some taint or pungent smell in your food. You can use the hardwood chips or can go for the natural lump charcoal for better heating results.


To sum up the entire story we would like to mention that for your ease we have shortlisted all the best big green egg wood table from the well-known brands so you don’t have to spend a lot of time on research or later on you have to pick any of them with the confused mind at all. You can pick any of the products but before adding your picked item to your shopping cart don’t forget to check out the details about each product along with the specifications. If you are still not feeling like adding any of the products in your cart then you must have to keep in mind that all the mentioned above products are tried and tested by our editors so the reviews about each product are totally unbiased.

At the start of this post, we have described all the facts and aspects (buying guide) that you need to consider before moving further into the purchasing process. For more details or queries you can use the given below comment section and we would love to resolve your asked queries for sure. Don’t forget to let us know which product you have gotten the most attractive one among the all.

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