4 Best Babyproof Cabinet Locks To Buy In 2021 – {Updated Buyer’s Guide}

Being a parent is such a privilege and taking care of your kids would be your top priority. Even many of your even before the birth of your kids would like to add a lot more baby items to make your kids feel happier and to meet all their needs without compromising on any of them at all. Many of the items you might have to grab over the time because you would feel like to have new items as your kids growing. With the growing age of the kids there are some factors that you must have to consider their variety of diet and most importantly their safety.

It is quite common when kids will start walking or crawling the safety risks will get higher that must have to be cop up. This article is for all of those parents who have their tiny bundle of joy who just start walking and they are worried with their kid’s habit of poking around in cabinets or drawers. We will introduce the top safety locks for cabinets or drawers so you can prevent the unwanted access of your tiny ones to the area which is not meant to be for them. It is because, when the kids will start walking or crawling, they will start getting curious about the different areas and would like to get access of there.

If You Are Not Feeling Like To Have A Babyproof Cabinet Lock Then You Must Have To Think For The Given Below Factors:

  • If you have a kid around who just start walking and you are working with your office documents then they would love to get into them and especially when you will not be around. So, while storing your important documents you would have to lock them into the drawer if not then get ready for a mess by your little one.
  • In your kitchen there would be variety of items that needs to be taken away from the kids such as cleaning products that might already have various dangerous chemicals. These items are house essentials and kids would directly love to play or even consume them that can be life threatening.
  • If you have a cabinet full of the automotive tools then your baby can make the essential nut and bolt loss which can be quite annoying.
  • Furthermore, if you have a garden then kids can easily get into the garden essentials that is not something normal to give them access at all.
  • You might already hear about the incidents that kids consume some sort of the medicines due to without any hurdle access. So, you must have to lock the areas that can be dangerous for tiny ones.
  • Every one of us has a drawer or cabinet full of the tiny items such as buttons, coins, batteries or any kind of the jewelry pieces. All of these items with the open access can be choking hazardous for the kids.
  • Even in the kitchen the kids can get into the drawer full of the knives, razor or any other sharp objects which is as dangerous as you can imagine.

Due to all of these issues, you shouldn’t have to miss the locking latches for your home to bring the safety for your kids.

You don’t have to have think much or have to stroll around in search of the perfect ones with the breathtaking functionalities because we have cut down your efforts to let you get what you are looking for.

What Experts Says?

Picking up the random items will be a blind game which is not a thing to do at all so by keeping in mind your all needs and top questions, our professional editors have tried and tested all the shortlisted products to give you clearer picture about each of them. We will highly recommend you to shortlist your needs first then have to check the description of each product so to find out the thing that would be highly suitable for you.

Without any further due we are going to jump into the buying guide section that has make it simpler to grab the right product by keeping in mind all the standards that must be followed by the baby safety latches.

Read Before Buying Best Babyproof Cabinet Locks (Buying Guide 2021)

All the given below factors will affect the different users differently so make sure you consider them according to your needs or requirements.

Lock Type:

Many of you might just think that there would be a single type of the lock latches but there are around top 5 different types that can be chosen according to your needs or requirements.

Magnetic Cabinet Locks:

They are one of the most demanding ones because they will make it harder for the kids to pull up to open but make it easier for the parents to handle these on time of needs. Many of them even will be there along with the keys but you might have to compromise on the hardware attachments that can be annoying sometimes.

Adhesive Mount Cabinet Locks:

If you are not feeling like to deal with hardware attachments then you can choose these over the magnetic cabinet locks because not only it would be easily removable but also you wouldn’t have to go for the high maintenance. They will also not burn a hole in your pocket but you need to keep in mind to grab the item that has the perfect sticking mechanism otherwise it will be just waste of time.

Pull Cord Locks:

These are quite aesthetic ones; their overall mechanism is easier yet best one to prevent your kids from getting the unauthorized permission to your kitchen or any other drawers. You just have to lock it by pressing the button on your desired length of the cord and everything will be as flawless as you can imagine. The only drawback you would have to face over the time is, the flexible cords will get loosen over the time.

Spring Release Locks:

These might sound the perfect type but when your kids will start growing, they will notice that how they can breach this privacy easily. If you don’t want to spend much money and wanted to get the temporary results then you should go for these but over the time kids will learn how to open it up. In the spring release locks you just have to open a door a bit and have to press the knob to get release to open it up. If you wanted to have the privacy for the bigger kids then you shouldn’t have to go for this one at all.

Sliding Cabinet Locks:

These are the last type of the locks that are available in market to provide the minor level of security but make sure you have chosen the right one which must be highly compatible with the type of the handle that is going to lock. While buying these don’t forget to consider the high-quality material because this sort of the locks might push you to face the wear off issues over the time.

Easy To Install:

The babyproof locks must be easy to install so you don’t have to ask the professionals to install these for you. There are some of the installation methods that are common in which adhesive tape, screws and with the extensive hardware are included. So, while spending your money on any of the babyproof lock latches, make sure to look for the installation method to keep it simple for yourself.

Price And Brand:

These both factors are highly connected with each other and one thing that you need to keep in mind, spending more money will never always ensure the quality you are going to get served with. So before splashing your money around don’t forget to check the feasibility ratio of the features and the price you are going to pay. If these both have the perfect combination then you should go for it otherwise it will be just a waste of money.

As far as it is concerned with the brand, then you have to go for the authentic ones and to check the authenticity along with the quality assurance, you have to check the customer’s reviews to get the better results.

Locking Mechanism:

When it comes to check for the locking mechanism, you should always have to keep in mind, the locking latches, must be efficient enough to prevent the tiny intruders from the unwanted area but they also shouldn’t be that much complex that even parents have to go through a lot of struggles to unlock the cabinet or drawer.

Design And Durability:

We always consider the functionality but the overall design must also be considered in terms of the appearance as well as feasibility. The design must not only appealing but also have to be safe for you and your family. Many of the locking latch designs will have the tiny piece that can work as chocking hazardous for tiny ones.


What to do when you are not getting the most desiring satisfaction with the product you have recently bought? Or what will happen when you will have to face the wear off issues? In both cases the warranty will work for you as magical as you can imagine. So always try to find out those products that are already available with the limited or unlimited warranty.

Number Of Locks:

When you are about to pay a certain amount then you must also have to check the quantity of the locks you are going to get. For example, some of the models will serve you in the form of pairs or in different numbers. Always try to match the ratio of the locks you are getting and the money you are paying to get these.

This was the end of the buying guide section, now it’s time to dig into the reviews section where all the shortlisted products are being described in details.

1. 3M Adhesive – Best Cabinet Door Locks

Without compromising on the safety of your tiny ones, you should always have to grab what is easy to deal with for yourself as well. This one of the best child cabinet locks is going to be the best choice you will ever spend your money on, because these are weightless but highly perfect ones for the multiple applications. On the top of the applications, fridges, toilet, trash can, drawer, oven and many other items. The locking latches can easily be increased or decreased according to your needs or requirements so before getting the locks you don’t have to go for the measurements at all.

The adhesive tape will stick them to your desired point without having any issues, and moreover, when you need to remove it, they will get ready to use on somewhere else easily. Not only this but also you don’t have to compromise on the intense stains of the adhesive tape at all because it will not ruin the surface as well. You would have to install it without having any issues, because there aren’t any tools required at all. You will be glad to know that there is 10 years long warranty available that will serve you in best possible way in case of any wear off issues.

Without burning a hole in your pocket, you will get served in a best possible manner and unlike other products, the lock will not be as much visible that not to ruin the overall look and feel of your desired application or furniture piece.

  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight
  • Adhesive tape attachment
  • Reusable
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for toddlers and parents
  • The material can be better than the current one.

2. Suniry Latches – Affordable Child Safe Locks For Doors

If you are fan of the spring locking system and don’t wanted to get the complex ones then you must have to fall for this best baby proofing for cabinets that is going to serve you according to your needs or requirements. You will not get 2 or 3 locks but a full of box with locks so you can cover majority of the applications without spending twice. When it comes to installation, you will get the dual options you can just use the adhesive tape only or can pair it up with the included screws for the better stickiness to your desired point.

One thing that we have already mentioned in the buying guide section that spring powered locking latches must only be used for the kids or toddlers but if you have growing kids around then make sure to switch on any other option because they are easy to breach into. Apart from this, the design is quite fun and will not show over the surface to make any of the appliances look awful. The design is not harmful for the surface at all, even when you will remove it after a lot of time, there wouldn’t be any kind of stains at all.

The locking system is not only easy to install but also over the time when you would have to clean, it will push you to complicated cleaning mechanism at all.

  • Various pieces
  • Simple installation
  • Multi applications
  • Cleaner design
  • Best baby safe cabinet latches
  • Not suitable for the growing kids.

3. Adoric Sliding – Best Safety Locks For Drawers

With the durable ABS material, to enjoy the long lasting results to prevent not only your kids but also to tiny mischievous bundle of joy your pets. The locking mechanism is easy to deal with the for the parents but it will be quite a puzzle one for your tiny ones. The shape of this one of the most aesthetic best baby proof cabinet locks is not only unique but also suitable for the various kinds of the applications such as cabinets, dual door refrigerators, cupboards, storage doors, kitchen cabinets and many other appliances.

These are not one-time locks at all but are highly usable for as many times as you would like them to have. You will get two different variants of 4 and 8 locking latches that can be grab according to your –requirements. These child locks for cabinet doors are especially designed for handle doors but if you wanted to deploy them on the plain doors then it will not be a worthy at all. The unlocking system might be easier for the parents but kids will not be able to breach the mechanism at all and most importantly due to the rare kinds of design they will not be able to determine it’s a kind of lock or anything else.

Unlike all other locking systems, this baby proof kitchen cabinets will not leave a single mark on its application and furthermore, you don’t have to go through the intense installation mechanism at all. You just have to take it out of the box and have to lock the door you wanted.

  • Not suitable for the applications with plain surfaces.
  • Budget friendly
  • No mark design
  • Rare adjustability
  • Sturdiest material
  • Preset locking latches
  • Easy to remove
  • Nothing to complain about

4. Vmaisi Cupboard – Best Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Having a wider house without a lot of storage compartments will ask you to get the same sort of security latches then you shouldn’t have to miss this child proof cabinet lock bundle that has around 20 pieces. Apart from the bigger bundle for entire house will not ask you to take out a full bucket of the tools to install them because with easy-to-use adhesive tape and magnet you will get the flawless results without any hassle at all.

Unlike other available models in the market these no drill cabinet locks are stronger as much as you can imagine. The model is extremely fun because it will not be shown outside the application so it doesn’t make your fridge or any furniture piece awful at all. If you are working around and not feeling like to lock the cabinet every time then you can simply turn off the switch to prevent the locking. On the other hand, when you have to lock the door then you can again switch and you are good to go.

The magnet will even work with the thick surfaces to keep the internal locking piece on point and to provide the maximum stickiness.

  • Optional installation options
  • On/off button
  • Stronger magnet
  • Invisible from outside
  • Stain free design
  • Perfect Locking strength
  • Ideal for cabinets and drawers
  • Security supportive design
  • Nothing to complain about.


Keeping all the items that can be dangerous for your little ones is your core duty that you shouldn’t have to miss at all but you cannot keep an eye on your tiny ones all the time. So, these childproof locking latches are the best ones to provide you unbeatable security without asking you to splash your money around. You shouldn’t have to stroll around in search of the right product because by keeping in mind your needs we have grabbed the best products so far according to all safety factors for your younger ones.

What kind of standards are being considered are mentioned in the given above buying guide section, you can dig into it to know deeply. Furthermore, you would have to check out the detailed review section to have various options that can be added into your shopping cart to make your user experience as amazing as you can imagine.

If there are some sort of questions or any information you would like to share with us then feel free to reach us via given below comment section or email address.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best magnetic cabinet locks?

If you are tending to have the best magnetic cabinet locks then you shouldn’t have to miss the reviews section of this article where we have introduced various options.

What are the best child proof cabinet locks?

This is one of the widely asked question by the parents and we have answered it in details in the post that you shouldn’t have to miss from top to bottom.

How do you child proof a sliding cabinet?

You shouldn’t have to use the random ways to make your house child proof but simply have to rely on the cabinet locks that are even recommended by the experts. There is a wide range of the child proof locking latches, you just have to pick the most suitable ones.

How do you Babyproof a cabinet?

Simply using the locks, you don’t have to think that everything is under control but have to replace all the dangerous items to the upper areas of storage. It is because in case your tiny ones or growing ones learn how to open the lock then they can get trapped in there.

How do I lock my cupboards?

If you already have the installed locks in your cupboard or cabinets then you can use the key to lock them but when you have to get access to any of the area in an emergency or you lost the key then things can easily be messed up. Due to high advancement, you can easily switch to the locking latches that we have described in details in this post.

Are child locks effective?

Yes, child locks are as effective as you can imagine but one thing you always keep in mind is not to trust any of the product blindly but first have to take a review of this keenly. If you don’t have much time to do so then simply can count on our shortlisted products that are tried and tested by the professional experts.

How do you child proof a front door?

You just have to install a deadbolt or door security chain so not to let your kids go out without your permission. Make sure you install any of these as higher as you can go so the mini ones can't get the access to it.

Do magnetic locks work on drawers?

If you have chosen the most effective items then you will be glad to know that even on the thick drawers they will work perfectly. Furthermore, don’t forget to check out the magnet quality to have the flawless results.

How do you baby proof cabinets without drilling?

Without getting confused in various ways, you just have to spend your money on the babyproof cabinet locks and especially you have to look for those models that have adhesive tapes to prevent the drilling. These will also let you enjoy stain free design on any of the surface.

How do I keep my kitchen cabinets closed?

You have to keep all the sharp items as higher as you can so the kids don’t get access to these items. Furthermore, you can rely on the most authentic babyproof cabinet locks with the smart designs to make it an efficient move for you to keep the safety of your tiny ones on point.

How do you secure a cupboard door?

There are top 5 different types of the locking systems are available that have different pros and cons. You can easily choose according to the suitability but make sure to check out your circumstances to get the high compatibility.

What is the best toilet lock for toddlers?

Kids will get curious over a lot of the objects in your house and toilet seat is one of those places. So, feel free to grab our first shortlisted product that will easily get unlocked by the parents but will be quite harder for the kids to breach the security.

How do you install a magnetic child lock?

The installation method for different products will be quite different but when you are about to get a magnetic model then you must have to keep it in mind to get the one with stronger magnet. It is because, it will help you to deal with the thickness of the different applications without showing any kind of the performance hiccups.

How to choose best baby safety locks?

You must have to follow various standards that are being mentioned in the detailed buying guide section. Make sure you also have your priority list as well to get what you are looking for. For more details or information, don’t hesitate to get into the buying guide section of this page.

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