5 Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum To Buy In 2021 – {Updated Buyer’s Guide}

Updated Buyer's GuideYou might have already grabbed the perfect vacuum cleaner for your car or home but what about the pool cleaning? This might sound tricky to pick up the most suitable one for your pool cleaning but in this article, we are going to make it as easier as you can imagine. You just have to keep reading this post till the end as we not only have shortlisted the best above-ground pool vacuums but also summed up the essential information that will make the overall buying experience better than ever. So, without any further due let’s get started with the buying guide section that must not be missed at all.

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What To Consider While Buying The Best Above-Ground Pool Vacuum? (Buying Guide 2021)

We have already described the various factors to consider while spending the money on vacuum shopping in our previous posts but this category of vacuums for pool might require some additional points that we are going to describe in this section.

Power Consumption:

Different vacuums would serve you with different power consumption but instead of looking at the power consumption you must have to look at the size of your pool because the bigger the pool would be the more powerful machine will be required to clean it. Apart from this, in the latest models, the power saving with the high functionality feature is being introduced so you can choose any of them. Furthermore, you need to maintain the perfect ratio of the power consumption and with the overall functionality to end up with the right product.

Easy To Operate:

There is a major misconception that the more the design will be new or complicated the better it will serve but it is not true at all. The overall user interface must be user-friendly and also it must serve you with the latest features such as cliff detecting is one of the most amazing features in the robotic vacuums.

Warranty And Price:

If any product is offering you a warranty or money-back guarantee with all the perfect functions then you must have to consider it. It is because in case you are facing any performance issues or hiccups then it can be changed or repaired. Apart from this spending a lot of money on the pool vacuum will not be the right thing to do. As we have previously mentioned that being a buyer you must have to maintain the balance between the price you are about to pay and the quality you are going to enjoy. Here we would like to give you the pro tip that checks out the reviews of the other buyers under the chosen product to get a better idea.

If there is something that others don’t have and you are getting allure to that additional feature then you can spend some extra bucks on the vacuum for pool cleaning for sure.

Type Of Vacuum:

There are three major types of pool vacuums so you need to know about each of them so you could add the most suitable one to your shopping cart.


This is one of the latest types of vacuums that are intelligent enough to deal with all kinds of manual tasks on their own. You don’t have to provide your assistance while cleaning the pool but it’s quite obvious that you would have to pay more as compared to the other models with the previous technologies. They are perfectly efficient with power consumption and time-saving feature. So, if you have enough budget and don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning then you can go for it.


To let you have the next level functionality this sort of pump will require the electricity connection along with the pool pump so they could suck up all the annoying wastage. You need to keep in mind that you have to check for the maintenance of the filter to keep it working on track otherwise it will tend to be provided with poor functionality. Apart from this many consider suction side vacuums more because they will not ask you to spend a lot of money on them.


After the robotic technique, the pressure side vacuums are the second latest one that will not ask you to put on a pool pump to generate pressure but they will do it automatically with the aesthetic mechanism. They are tending to provide quick services. This is highly recommended if you have the larger pools because the separate garbage bag lets you have the garbage collection way easier than ever.


Many people might not consider this factor but you shouldn’t have to miss it so always consider the assembly of the chosen vacuum. Going through a complex assembly will not only take you a lot of time and effort but will make you cranky during the pool cleaning session.

Filtration Power:

The filtration power or filtration rate may vary from product to product but it is the process that will let you know that in how much time the vacuum will clean what quantity of water.

Size Of Pool And Vacuum:

This is one of the must to consider factors because choosing according to your pool size wouldn’t let you face any performance issues at all. It is because that you need to keep in mind that what length of the cable should be and have to choose the pump with the right strength. If you are not sure about any certain product that will work for you or not then we will highly recommend you to go for the robotic vacuums as they can serve you with high efficiency regardless of the size of the pool.

What Is The Best Above-Ground Pool Vacuum?

So, we are going to unfold the mesmerizing reviews section that will let you choose any of the products that will fit according to your requirements or needs.

1. Poolmaster 28300 – Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum For Dirt

Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum, Blue
  • Specifically for removing large leaves and dirt and debris from pools; see item # 28008, Jet Vacuum for easy pick up of...
  • Large, 15 inch diameter vacuum with handle made of durable ABS
  • Underside features 8 high-pressure water jets and 4 multi-directional wheels
  • Use with standard garden hose and standard 1-1/4 inch pool pole, sold separately
  • Includes 1 reusable all-purpose leaf bag. NOTE: Garden hose and telescopic pole sold separately. Please refer to the...

Having a massive pool will always require you to take care of it with the right cleaning partner so this product is specifically is for those who have a garden around their pool and have to deal with the big leaves or dirt. This is from the jet vacuum family and intended to suck up all the wastage even if there is a minor one and it will not let you put on a lot of effort when you need to move it in the pool. It is because that it has 8 different multi-directional wheels that will move around and will reach every corner of the pool to let you have the cleaner space around.

One thing that is quite amazing about this one of the best above-ground pool cleaners is that it will even work with your normal hose so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the separate products. The reusable leaf bag is included and is of quite a big size so even the pool is getting extremely dirty or it’s a season of fall then it will deal with the wastage with minimum efforts.

The overall design is based on the bigger diameter so the wastage could get the bigger room to get infrequently and in more quantity. not only this but also the garden hose will easily be able to get attached and detached with no time. Apart from this the suction power and its mechanism are extremely magical so when you will put it on the surface where needs to be cleaned then the various nozzles will turn on the mini jets to make the suction as powerful as you wanted it to be.

  • Jet vacuum with tiny nozzles to provide the next level suction power
  • Easy to carry as extremely lightweight
  • Compatible with the normal garden hose
  • Massive leaf bag is included
  • Easy to move around with multi directional wheels
  • Nothing to complain about.

2. POOLWHALE Cleaning Partner – Best Affordable Above Ground Pool Vacuum

As we have already mentioned in the buying guide that you must have to keep in mind the assembly mechanism of your chosen vacuum for your pool so this one is going to be fit in the easy assembly category with all the desired features. With its compact design, it will also serve you with the vacuum hose adapter so you could attach the normal hose with it so they could collectively provide you a suction effect. While talking about its working functionality, we would like to mention that the overall cleaner is quite magical as it will not serve you with the heavy motors or expensive filter system, it will create the suction effect with the normal hose water pressure.

Unlike the other underwater vacuums that will let you have the mesh dirt or leaf bag but with the loose grip over the vacuum outlet, this one will provide you strong nylon mesh that could provide better security. This vacuum is made with time-efficient technology so trip action brushes are included that will pull out all the dirt or anything else like stubborn debris along so you don’t have to go for round two to get flawless results.

The length of the pole is highly customized so you can use it the way it suits you the most. Not only the pools but the spa or any other underwater surface can be cleaned according to your needs or requirements.

  • Powerful suction
  • Less power consumption
  • Unique working style
  • Compact and highly functional structure
  • Nothing to complain about.

3. DOLPHIN E10 – Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum For Sand

Many of the users quit using their above-ground pool cleaners due to the complex assembly but in this model, the hassle of assembly has been removed. Yes, you have heard it right in this model you don’t need to attach any of the parts and have to spend a lot of time on it because simply attaching the hose with the main part would be enough. After that, you just have to plug in the switch and let the fight against debris begin.

No matter how big your pool is it will deal with all kinds of cleaning in just 1.5 hours and most importantly you don’t have to bring on a lot of stuff together to get the most demanding results. One of the major features of this model is, when you would have to remove it from the water then it will not ask you to go through a lot of efforts to remove the water out of it instead few minutes will be enough to bring all the water out of it without leaking out the wastage.

The wastage locking system is better than ever so you don’t have to spill it around and empty the garbage basket will only take few minutes without sticking any leftover in there. The cable length is around 40ft so taking to the wider pools will not leave you with any kind of performance hiccups at all. If you are highly concerned about the suction power then we would like to mention that you will get served with 4000GPH. Overall, the product is extremely lightweight even from being robot vacuum category it will not ask you to left a lot of weight at all.

  • High-rate suction
  • Easy to use with zero assembly
  • Lightweight and clean the entire pool with the single go.
  • Latest design with the multi action brushes.
  • Nothing to complain about.

4. Pool Supply Town PST 463 – Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum For Small Particles

No matter if you have to clean your pool or spa and even the waterfall this model is going to worth spending your money on. One thing that will allure you a lot that it will not require a heavy power system or will ask you to pay heavy electricity bills with more power consumption. The triple-action brushes are included at the bottom so they could collect all the dust particles next to the part where it could be sucked up within few minutes.

Overall with the easiest possible assembly and being lightweight it is the ideal product for those who don’t have much time and also don’t want to put on a lot of effort to get the desired results. A bigger and stronger mesh garbage collector bag is included that will catch up with all types of wastage without getting overflow. Without spending a lot of money on the electricity bills it will be one of the most essential cleaning partners for your pool. The overall usage is quite easier so even you will set the duty of your kids to clean the pool they will do it with fewer efforts but with extremely magical results.

  • Easy assembly
  • Extremely affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Massive garbage collector is available
  • Nothing to complain about.

5. Dolphin 99996113-US – Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum With High Suction Power

Getting stylish yet highly work-oriented products will be a fun product that must not be missed at all. In this aesthetic model from dolphin, you will not only get the high-end features but will also it will not ask you to spend a lot of money to get the premium results. This is from robotic vacuums so without much hassle with its tank-like design you are going to have the cleaning of each corner of the pool to another level.

You don’t have to provide your assistance at all because it has all the intelligent features that will work for you and most surprisingly only with 2 hours the cleaning will be finish. So, you could have a cleaner and healthy swimming pool for you or your family members. You don’t need to be worried about the functionality of this amazing cleaner because it can serve the pools that are even 33 ft. The filter basket in this model is quite fun as it will lock all the wastage in there and when you would have to take it out for clearance it will easily get out.

It will provide your pool light scrubbing as well so the wastage could be taken out if it’s there. Furthermore, when it comes to having the energy-efficient product then nothing can be better than this one as it is not going to seek help from the pool pump or the heavy filters so let the pool cleaning be done in less time with the minimum power consumption as this model is 8 times better than the other to save overall energy.

Unlike other robotic cleaners, it will not only clean the surface of the pool but will also take care of the walls of the pool as well so the annoying algae don’t get in there. Not only this but also you can set the various kinds of the cleaning schedules in which daily, the other day cleaning and every 3rd-day cleaning schedule is included. So, with all of these fun features, you shouldn’t have to give it another thought and must have to add this one of the most demanding products in your shopping cart.

  • Customized cleaning scheduling is included
  • Smart and compact design
  • Easily manageable
  • Wall cleaner and surface scrubbing is included.
  • Energy efficient
  • Unmatched performance
  • Nothing to complain about.


If you have above ground pool then its cleaning will require special expertise which is must not be done unprofessionally so if you wanted to make the overall cleaning as fun as you can imagine then you must have to grab any of the shortlisted best above ground pool vacuum. No matter you are a new or pro buyer, we have mentioned all the must to consider factors so without burning a hole in your pocket you can get the best one for your pool cleaning. Not only this but also all the products are tried and tested by our editors by keeping in mind all the standards so you could have a clearer picture about each product.

You shouldn’t have to miss the fact that your needs or requirements might vary from the others so try to choose accordingly so you don’t have to feel that you have wasted your money for nothing. We have summed up all the required information in this article, in case you still have any kind of questions or queries then feel free to get in touch with us with the given below comment section, we would love to hear from you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best vacuum for Intex pools?

If you have the Intex pools and looking for the best possible cleaners for them then you shouldn’t have to stroll around because we have chosen all the best products in the above post that are a must to consider.

What is the best vacuum for a pool?

We cannot name a single item when it comes to declaring the best one so it would be a better idea to check out the given above post to unfold all the worth having products.

Can you vacuum an Intex pool?

Yes, you can vacuum the Intex pool but you need to keep in mind that heavy-duty vacuum shouldn't be used and if you don’t know that which one must be used when you have to read out the information given at the top of this page.

Can I use a shop Vac to clean my pool?

Yes, if you have a wet/dry shop vac you can use it to clean the pool and would be able to enjoy the fun factor that it will not push you to any kind of performance hiccups. so let the water filter take a deep breath and clean the water before backwashing it.

Are robotic pool vacuums worth it?

Yes, robotic pool vacuums are entirely worth spending your money on as with their intelligence they wouldn’t let you face any performance flaws at all. Not only this but also in the robotic vacuums the cliff detection is being introduced that will not let them fall off in any case.

How long do robotic pool cleaners last?

Well, it entirely depends on the factor that how you are using the vacuum and how well you have taken care of it. Furthermore, with the high Maintenace, the robotic vacuums are tending to be last from 4 to 5 years easily.

How much does a robotic pool cleaner cost?

Due to the high technology functionality, robotic vacuums are tending to be more expensive but it well worth spending your money on. On the other hand, roughly it will ask you to spend from $500 to $1000 but to get to know about the most affordable products we will recommend you not to forget to check out our shortlisted products at all from the above post.

Can I leave the dolphin in the pool?

Although there aren't any harmful consequences you will face if you will leave the dolphin in the water but over time the chlorine in the water will start reacting with the overall structure of the vacuum that can take it to the product discoloration which is not recommended at all.

Do you need a vacuum for an above-ground pool?

Yes, changing the water daily or even when you are not using the pool daily will cost you more than you can imagine. So, to keep the existing water clean and bacteria-free you must have to grab the most suitable vacuum for above ground pool.

Do I need a pool vacuum?

Yes, if you have a spa, waterfall, or above the ground pool then you shouldn’t have to forget to grab the pool vacuum that will not burn a hole in your pocket at all but will give you astonishing results.

Which pool vacuum is the best?

We have shortlisted all the best ones in the given above post that must not be missed at all so to have a clearer picture spend some time reading the post from top to bottom.

How often do I need to vacuum your pool?

It depends on the location and the usage of your pool but according to the experts, you must have to clean once a week to get flawless results. You shouldn’t have to make it a rule but when you feel like cleaning the pool, you must have to go for it.

Can I vacuum my pool on backwash?

Well, many of you might think that backwash would be the beneficial method which is not true because it would be nothing more than a time-wasting process as you have to backwash the water where the filter will hold all the solid wastage but the dirt will get back to the pipe. So, when you bring the water back to the pool the dirt will be there so it would be better to vacuum the water without backwashing it off.

Can you leave a pool vacuum in the pool?

You can leave the vacuum in the pool seldomly but doing it for a prolonged time will damage your product and will make it discolored. It is because that when you will go for pool shock the chlorine will start reacting with the overall material of the vacuum and the results will not be desired at all.

How do you vacuum above a pool?

Well, the method might vary from product to product but in general, you need to go through the assembly of the vacuum first and then have to place it in the middle of the pole so it could start the overall operation according to its functionality.

Can you vacuum a pool on the filter?

Yes, you can use the vacuum pool on the filter but the settings will decide the ratio of the positive results so choose wisely all the filters to get the worth having results.

Why is my pool dirty after I vacuum it?

If your vacuum is not working properly or even after vacuuming the pool the dirt is still there then you must have to check for the vacuum filter because over time, they will start showing you performance hiccups. Not only this but also this could be due to the filter blockage so removing the wastage from the filter will solve your issue.

How often should you vacuum your above-ground pool?

Well as we have already mentioned that it depends on your usage and location but as per the expert's suggestion, you must have to clean your pool once a week to get better results.

How long does a pool vacuum last?

Keep an eye on the overall maintenance of your pool vacuum to get the flawless functionality but you can maximum out of it for 5 o 7 years generally but we would like to repeat that the duration might vary and based on the selection of your vacuum cleaner.

How do I get the dirt out of my pool without a vacuum?

If you don’t want to use the pool vacuum then you can use another method but you might have to spend a lot of time. Grab the various kinds of brushes and start cleaning the corners of the pool keenly to get flawless results.

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