4 Best 3d Pen To Buy In 2021 – {Updated Buyer’s Guide}

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Best 3d PenOut of all the fun activities, drawing has the greatest significance because time has changed, and not art has become an adoptable career as well. Not only this but also this is growing so rapidly and people with god gifted or learned skill are ruling the art and craft sector. As the art sector is growing the newer gadgets are getting invented over time to make the overall mechanism of art easier yet modern to the next level. This article will unfold one of the latest inventions that will make you think out of paper or canvas to show your drawing skills to the world with a different vision.

You might already have an idea about the 3D pens that are getting hyped over time but don’t have one yet because you don’t feel like investing your money without having a clearer idea about the product. So, if this is the case or you are intended to have one but afraid to spend your money, in both cases this post is a must to consider because we are not only going to provide a brief introduction about the 3D pens but also will let you know that how just by considering simple factors you can buy any of the best possible 3D pens without burning a hole in your pocket. Also, we have shortlisted the best products out of the massive piles by taking into consideration a lot of factors from a user perspective.

Why Trust Us?

Before moving down, it is a friendly reminder that all the products are tried and tested by our editors so as to provide you a clearer idea about each of the shortlisted products. So, you can count us blindly and also unlike a normal trend we haven’t choose the highly expensive products at all but have tried to maintain a healthy ratio between ratio and premium features.

Top Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best 3d Pen (Buying Guide 2021)

We would like to mention that each of the given below factors will influence different people differently so make sure you examine each of these according to your needs or requirements to get better results.

Brand And Price:

This is one of the major facts to consider because when you have to spend your money then you need to keep an on both factors. There are endless brands that are working to create 3D pens but only a few of them are targeting all kinds of users so in this article we have included all of those brands in which MYNT3D and 3Doodler are on the top of this list. Also, you will find the majority of the given below products from these brands.

Now let’s talk about the price or money you need to spend on the best 3d pens 2021, well, first of all, you need to find out about your needs or requirements, and then you have to specify the budget range so you don’t go out of the budget at all. The 3D pen is one of those fragile products that might ask you to change after some time so spending a massive amount again will not be recommended at all. The given below products are not only under budget but also are going to serve you with premium features.


When choosing a 3D pen, you must have to consider its material that not only has to be sturdy but also non-toxic so even if you are going to hand it to your kids then they don’t get into any kind of health issues at all. The major materials that are being used for making the 3D pens, ABS, PLA, FLEXY, and TPU are included. All of these materials have enough strength to deal with the hold or cold filament while using. Apart from these when you are about to get something for your tiny ones then make sure you keep in mind that the material must be BPA-free so they don’t have to go for the health concerns at all.

Filament Compatibility:

This is one of those factors that mostly get neglected while buying a 3D pen but you must have to consider it because not all of the 3D pens will come up with universal compatibility with all kinds of filaments. So, without getting locked on any of the single brands of filament always try to choose the 3D pens that are compatible with the majority of the filament brands.

Number Of Pen Tips:

Many of you might think that 3D pens tend to serve you with the single tip or the same kind of tips which is not true but when you have to go for the different kinds of models or projects you will require different size tips to deal with all kind of the tiny or bigger details. We will highly recommend you to go for the highly authentic 3D pens and for those who are offering you a set of different tips without asking you to spend more money at all.

Size And Portability:

3D pens are mostly required to be lightweight without compromising on the premium features at all. You must have to check out the size and weight so even when you need to bring it outside from outdoor activities then you don’t have to face any kind of hassle. The pens must not be too thick or too light and you have to keep in mind that when you are looking for a 3D pen for your little ones then it must be easy to hold regardless of the functionality overlapping.

Loading Mechanism:

Always try to check the product deeply so later on you don’t have to face any kind of performance hiccups at all. The pen must be easy to load when you have to put it in the filament, so without much effort, you can work on your desired product perfectly. The filament strings must be easy to load and unload especially when you have to deal with the annoying blockage.

Easy Filament Projection:

The tip must be clean and the pen must be easy to operate so when you are making any model it doesn’t get stuck at all. The projection of filament must be easier and flowy so you can deal with the tiny details of the model as effectively as you wanted it to be. The heating power of it must be higher so it can melt the filament easily without creating the filament lump.


The settings of the 3d pen must be customizable so all the users with different needs or requirements could use it easily. You must have to check that either the 3D pen is offering the slowing down settings while filament projection or not. It is because not all of the projects will require the same kind of heat or filament projection to be there so the main settings must be customizable.

Design And Usability:

The design must not only be work efficient but also have to be stylish so in case you are about to take part in any art competition then it could add a style statement in your personality as well. Also, with the stylish design, the overall useability is versatile so you don’t have to limit your work fun at all. With the easy-to-hold design, the pen must be easy to use so even all of those users who are not so a pro can also use it without much effort.

Apart from this, you must also check that the design must be safe for all kinds of users especially when you are looking for an option for your little ones. It is because the hot filament can also be the cause of burning so by taking all the safety precautions under consideration you need to choose the perfect design.

Enough of information about the buying process now let’s move to the reviews section where you will get the shortlisted products that will work according to your needs or requirements. So, without any further due let’s get started.

1. MYNT3D Printing – Best 3d Printing Pen

Thinking out of the normal pen paper is going to be a worth quitting idea because with this best 3d printer pen you will not be able to make your imaginations come true but also will be able to gather the torn pieces of your favorite decoration piece or any other item in a very stylish yet easy way. This 3D pen has the replaceable nozzle so you could work according your needs or requirements and this is one of those products that are equally suitable for all age groups.

Unlike other products you are going to enjoy the temperature adjustment screw so you could switch between any kind of filament material easily to deal with your drawing needs. The light indicators will guide you that when the product is ready to use and when it’s in idle mode so now working with the 3D pen has become as easier as you can imagine.

Without spending a lot of time in adjusting the overall filament projection type you can use the slider down for the tiny details filling but the up for the larger filling needs. This is highly recommended for making the doodle or 3D projects to refine your imaginations to another level. Moreover, the size is extremely compact so even if you are going out and wanted to take it along then it will not bother you at all.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect filament projection
  • Replicable tips
  • Light indicators
  • Easily heat adjustable slider
  • Nothing to complain about

2. 3Doodler SPLUS-SIOC-DP – Best 3d Doodle Pen

Letting your kids explore the new boundaries of art is something that would make them as confident as you can imagine. This best 3d pen 2021 is going to add a lot of fun to your tiny ones so they could explore their hidden talent and can show another rising face of art and craft. The overall design has been built by keeping in mind the needs of the tiny hands, from design to overall grip everything is highly alluring for your little ones. By eliminating the risks of burning, the tip and overall model is highly safe for the kids so they can shape up their dreams in another magical way.

The latest update in this model is tend to provide lump free projection of the filament so nothing can be a hurdle in your kid’s imagination. The design is also appealing for the tiny ones without including the hot parts in the model the kids would love to use with the easiest possible gripping system. As the product material PLA is there which is known for the safest material for kids.

This best 3d pen on the market will not ask you to keep it plugged in while using but you just have to charge it and later on have to add the desire filament in there and that is all. So overall the using mechanism is entirely safe for the kids. Apart from these astonishing features, we would like to mention a bundle of bonus items that you will get without spending some extra bucks.

You will get 3Doodler Start 3D Pen, Doodle mat, 2 Mixed-color Packs of Start plastics, Micro-USB Charger & Activity Guide so your kids can have the ultimate fun.

  • Compatible app for better guidance
  • Highly educational toy for your kids
  • Chargeable
  • Easy to manage
  • Smooth projection
  • Unlimited bonus items
  • Nothing to complain about.

3. MYNT3D Professional – Best 3d Pen For Adults

Being a professional 3D pen user and an art lover would always ask you to get something feasible as well as result oriented so that is why we have chosen this best 3d pen to buy that has FDM technology with adjustable temperature to meet your needs. You can use any kind of 1.75mm Filament as it has the universal compatibility with the majority of the filament brands. This best 3d pen for kids and adults will take the filament material far away because it cannot only work with the PLA and ABS but also it will not let you can any kind of performance hiccups with the lighter blend of wood or bronze with the plastic as filaments. Sounds exciting? Yup it is.

The adjustable temperature slider also has the display panel that will keep you updated with the current status of working. As you might already know that not all the projects will ask you to put away the same amount of filament so by enjoying three different projection speeds, you can go to any of them according to your project needs. It has the portable power connection that mean by simply charging it off you can take it to anywhere without any issues.

When it comes to grip, then it is not only stronger but has the updated design that will not let you get tired at all even after working hours and hours. So, you just have to charge it and rest is going to as magical as you can imagine. The overall design is tending to deal with the intense temperature as well and also the tip is replaceable that means you don’t have to throw away the entire 3D printing pen in case the tip is not working for you.

  • Pocket friendly design
  • Easy to charge with longer battery life
  • Highly efficient with all kinds of filaments
  • Adjustable temperature slider
  • Filament projection speed controller
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for professional use.
  • Nothing to complain about.

4. 3Doodler 8CPSBKUS3E – Top Rated 3d Pen

We have shortlisted another product for your little ones because kickstart their imagination and creativity would require the perfect partners such as this one of the best 3d printing pens. First of all, this is one of those products that are not only inexpensive but are tend to provide the complete package to you so you could enjoy the ultimate fun without burning a hole into your pocket. If your baby is a beginner then this is going to ideal gift on his birthday because with a longer guide book, he will not only learn a lot of new stuff but also will enjoy the piles of the different ABS filaments.

One thing that you would look for a parent that all the plastic parts in this product are highly tested and confirmed as BPA free so your child’s health could be just on point. Even the models made with this material are highly suitable for your toddlers as well but don’t let the under-age kids play with this at all because it can burn them with the hot melted plastic.

The guide book has been designed by keeping in mind the needs and approaches of the little ones so they don’t get bored at all but they could learn to explore another world of the art. With the universal compatibility with all kinds of filament brands, nothing is going to show some kind of performance hiccups at all. With the temperature adjustment feature and easy to hold nature of this most inexpensive 3d printing pen for kids everything would be flawless.

  • Highly suitable for 1D, 2D, 3D layer designs
  • Dual temperature control settings
  • Universal filament strands compatibility
  • BPA free plastic
  • Next level guide book included
  • Corded power 3D pen
  • Nothing to complain about.


The significance and need of the art and craft is something beyond horizon and 3D pens are one of those inventions that has taken a great part refine the art sector. Not only this but also it has grabbed back the attention of the people who almost forget about the drawing or model making fun. This article has not only shortlisted 3D printing pens that can shape up your imaginations but also have a complete guide for those who are confused to buy 3D pen.

The ultimate buying guide has the simple yet effective factors in there that will make your purchasing process easier than ever. We have summarized a detailed review about each of the product including their benefits and some of the issues that you might have to face. We have tried to bring on the perfect bundle of information for you but in case you find something is missing or you wanted to add something more then don’t hesitate to contact us via email or given below comment section.

We would love to hear from you, have a great shopping experience.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which is the best 3D pen to buy?

By keeping in mind all the needs of the different users, out of the massive piles, we have chosen the top products for you. All of them are not only highly functional but are best to let you have the next level work experience with all kinds of doodling and even if you are looking for something to make the broken item together again in a stylish way.

What is the best 3D pen 2019?

A wide range of the 3D pens can serve you according to your needs or requirements but only few of them will do so without burning a hole in your pocket or without demanding so much of maintenance. To know more about those magical 3D pens, feel free to dig into the given above article.

Is a 3D pen worth it?

Yes, 3D pens are entirely worth spending your money on because when everything is getting advanced around then why to choose the old method to create the 3D models or to collect the broken pieces of your favorite item. One thing you need to keep in mind is not all the available brands or products are worth spending your hardly earned money so choose wisely.

How much does a good 3D pen cost?

It depends what kind of 3D pen you are looking for or from which brand is this, we will recommend you to always go for the feasible products so you can get the better results without breaking into your bank. On the other hand, to let you have the rough estimation, we would like to say that up to standard product will starts from $50 and so.

What is the cheapest 3D pen?

Considering the budget while buying any of the stuff is one of the wise decisions you will ever made. The above article has contained all the inexpensive options for you without letting down the premium feature so consider any of them without any doubts.

How do beginners use 3D pens?

First of all, if you are a beginner then make sure you don’t go for a complex or hard to deal with design because later it will push you to a lot of hassle. In the chosen above products, we have brought on most of them with the easy-to-use mechanism so all kinds of the users can go for them. As a pro tip we would recommend to go for the 3doodler products because they have wireless 3D pen along with the anti-burning parts.

Where can we buy 3D pen?

There are a lot of online platforms are available from where you can purchase your desire 3D pen. For your convenience, we have provided the linked products with a highly reliable shopping platform. So you can consider it by counting on us.

What can you make with a 3D pen?

3D pens have the boundless functionality, you cannot only make complex or simple 3D models, but also can create the various sculptures as well. Also, if your favorite piece of art or decoration has been broken then you can bring it back to life with the help of 3D pens.

How do you charge a 3D pen?

Charging 3D pen is something hassle free, you just have to plug in the charger like you do in other appliances such as mobile phones, and everything would be under control.

What does 3D pen stick to?

If you don’t want to face any stick issues while using the 3D pen then make sure not to use the plastic surface as the base of your model. It is because when the melted filament will come out the heat along will melt the plastic surface as well and ultimately both will get stick to each other.

How do you stop a 3D pen?

First of all, you must have to choose the 3D pen with the easy to use control such as on/off button and temperature adjustment bar. In case, you are feeling like the button is not working but you have to stop the pen then you can simply turn of the power source.

Is 3D pen safe?

Yes, but the debate on the 3D pen safety is never ending. While spending your money on 3D pen, you must have to check the tiny details of it so later on it doesn’t take you to any kind of health issues. For more details you can check out the buying guide section of this post.

What is 3D pen made of?

The normal 3D pen will be made of PLA, ABS or any other plastic material that can support the same material later to melt it down and also by cooling it to push it away from the pen tip for use.

How do you use a 3D printer pen?

It depends, what kind of model you are about to create but while holding the pen make sure you hold it a little bit away from the tip so the melted plastic doesn’t burn your skin at all.

How long does it take for a 3D pen to heat up?

It depends on the functionality of the 3D pen but normally it takes less than a minute or minute to heat up the filament.

How do you make a 3D pen smoother?

To keep your 3D pen smoother, make sure you avoid all kinds of blockage at the tip to get the better results.

Do 3D pens work?

Yes, they can work for you magically but you need to choose them wisely to avoid any kind of undesirable results.

Why won't my 3D pen heat up?

There could be some sort of damage in the connecting wire, you have to check it out and in case of the wireless one you can unload the pen and can try it again. Also, you can check out either the battery power is sufficient to work or not.

What surfaces can you use a 3D pen on?

You can use it at any kind of surfaces to keep them together by using it as the glue but in case you need to build a model then the plastic surfaces are prohibited because they can stick to the melted plastic.

Are 3D printed toys safe?

Yes, they are safe but you need to check from which type of plastic filament they have made with. Also, the 3D toys for the under-age kids are not safe because it can cause them chocking.

Is PLA or ABS better for 3D pen?

Both have their bright and dark sides but ABS is tending to be more on safer side.

How do you clean a 3D pen nozzle?

Keeping the nozzle clean is as important as you can imagine, to keep your user experience on point. After every use try to unload the pen and unclogged the tip so it doesn’t create the undesirable results at the end with a lot of cool melted plastic.

Can you use 3D pen on paper?

Yes, you can use the 3D pen on paper to create the various models or drawings.

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