Baby Trend VS Graco Jogging Stroller Review – {Updated 2021}

Updated 2021If you are looking for a stroller for your babies then you must have to specify your needs first so you could get accordingly without getting confused in the massive heaps of available options. Getting the right stroller is quite important for your beloved little ones, because it’s not all about your kids but also can make or break your user experience. Many of the parents who have more than one kids are quite confused about the fact that either they have to grab the single stroller or double one so, in this article, we are going to reveal all the reasons that will compel you to have the double stroller rather than the single one.

Why You Should Choose A Double Stroller?

Without any further due let’s get started with the worth knowing factors:

  • First of all, it would be a great saving for yourself to get the double stroller because it will last long with the highly durable construction and with the fact that it will divide the overall weight.
  • No matter if you have the kids of same age group or have from different age groups, their safety is one of the major concerns that you always wanted to consider. While going out with your infant and toddler will always divert your attention from one kid to another. On the other hand, the double stroller would be a great help at that point to carry both of your kids at the same time so you don’t have to look around that either your toddler is around or not. Moreover, there are the chances that your toddler gets tired after having a long walk and wanted to take a ride so even in that situation double stroller would be great fun.
  • When you are about to spend your money on the stroller getting the high functionality is your right so choosing a double stroller will be a great selection to enjoy the wider storage basket, easy to push handle, and definitely a perfect one parents tray. Moreover, you would be able to enjoy the next level customizations, according to your needs or requirements. You can place a car seat on the normal seat of the stroller as well if you needed so enjoying much more than this will be a great achievement for you that can only be attained in the double jogging strollers.
  • When you are going out managing an infant in the stroller and a toddler along can be a hectic task to do especially when you are out to get some fresh air. Not only this but also when you have to carry two different bags to meet the various needs of both kids then having the dual basket would be great fun. Also, it’s not always necessary that you have to grab the stroller with dual seat settings, but you can go for the stroller with the sit and stand option to hang out with your kids differently.
  • When it comes to storage, according to research, a double stroller will easily be able to get collapsed so will take less space while you need to carry it around or have to keep it in your home when is not in use.

Which One Is Best? (Baby Trend VS Graco Jogging Stroller)

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In this article, we have taken two different leading brands to compare so you could have a better idea that which one you should get for your kids. Without wasting much time let’s get started comparing each factor of both brands to bring out the winner.

Before moving down, we would like to introduce our both targeted products that can work for you perfectly.

  1. Graco DuoGlider Double Stroller
  2. Baby Trend Navigator Lite Double Stroller

Brand Story

The brand story will be so much fun to know about the struggles of each brand from scratch.


The brand story of Graco is such a rollercoaster ride as they start working in the baby products sector in 1942 and was serving the parents with the best possible products. All of sudden in 1953, one of the main engineers named rex Thomas invent an electric baby swing for his son, and after getting so much success out of it start producing it for public use as well. He named that swing Swyngomatic and along with they start introducing the most aesthetic baby cots with various successful features.

Furthermore, Graco is one of the mesmerizing high chair makers as well that is famous around the globe. one of the major successes from the Graco is that it is the part of the Newell brands that could be another appealing factor to choose Graco over the other brands.

Baby Trend

This brand is not only famous for its leading and premium quality products but their modern yet classy touch in their products is worth knowing. In the kids much-needed products in which car seats, strollers, high chairs, various activities, and many others are included that you will find out on the baby trend platform without burning a hole in your pocket at all. Furthermore, you don’t have to face the same old products at all but innovation in all the products.


Storage is something that you shouldn’t have to miss to check out in any of the stroller lets analyze both products.


In this article, we have brought on the Graco DuoGlider Double Stroller that has the tandem style and the storage basket is available in such an amazing style that will not only carry a lot of items including baby bags and favorite toys but also many other items that can be placed there. Unlike other products, you will get the mesh walls around the storage basket so even from the sides you can find out where your desired item is so you could take it out easily instead of spending a lot of to grab.

One more thing that is must to notice is the basked is larger than the normal with the heightened wall to keep the placed items safe and to prevent falling.

Baby Trend

You will be served with a large basket to put in the baby essentials or even of your required items in. While comparing the Graco stroller with this baby trend stroller, you will clearly notice that the baby trend stroller will lack the see-through mesh sides. This can be a hassle especially when you need to find out something urgently. Not only this but also, the storage basket is smaller than the Graco stroller, so in storage, factor Graco is a clear winner.

Weight Capacity

It is very important to notice that either you have chosen the stroller with the right weight capacity or not.


Graco stroller would be able to hold around 40lbs of each child and collectively, 80 lbs that is something more than enough even if you have two kids of different age groups.

Baby Trend

At this point, the baby trend has won the race because it would be able to carry 50lbs of weight for each kid and collectively around 100lbs so the baby trend would be a better option according to this factor.

Parent’s TrayAnd Handlebar

Is the stroller is offering much functional parent’s tray? because getting enough space as a parent is one of the much-needed features.


Graco has the handlebar and parents’ tray with a single cup holder and a tiny well-closed storage box for the items such as mobile phones or keys. The handlebar will let you enjoy the high adjustments so even if the toddler is intended to push the stroller then you can lower down the handle for him.

Baby Trend

The baby trend will not only offer you dual cup holders but also a centered wide storage case to hide your essentials. The handlebar of this baby trend has hooks around, so you could hang the essential items but unfortunately, the handlebar is not adjustable like the Graco stroller.

Sunshade Canopy

Keep in mind the canopy style of the stroller to determine either it’s suitable for your kids or not.


Graco has an adjustable canopy so you could provide the shade accordingly as per your kid’s needs.

Baby Trend

The baby trend has a separate canopy for both seats but unfortunately, there isn’t even a single point adjustment available.


Tires can make or break your overall riding experience.


This stroller from Graco has double tires that will make your user experience better than ever by providing the smoothest ride. These tires will serve you with the swivel locking system as well to ensure overall security.

Baby Trend

This stroller has bicycle pneumatic air-filled tires that are bigger in size to keep you on track even when you have to move forward but if any of them get damaged then it can damage your overall experience badly.

Foldability And Portability

Not all the time, you have to go to the nearest park so when you have to go on a trip then this factor will be quite helpful.


When you need to keep the stroller in the back seat of the car then you just have to fold it from the handlebar and everything will be in your favor.

Baby trend

Stroller from baby trend will also serve you with the single go foldability so you don’t have to spend a lot of time to make it ready to store somewhere.


You must have not gone for the heavier products so you don’t have to go through a lot of hassle when you have to move around.


The overall weight of this Graco stroller is 29.5 Pounds that is easier to carry.

Baby Trend

The weight of this product from the baby trend is 31.5 Pounds that is a bit heavier as compared to graco.


Getting something without feeling like you just have splashed your money around is such an amazing achievement.


Graco Is such an affordable product and has less money expenditure as compared to the baby trend product.

Baby Trend

You might have to spend some extra bucks on this stroller.

Wrapping Up

We have summed up the comparison of two different products from two different brands by considering various factors. For your ease, you can check any of them, and most importantly we would like to mention that both of these products are tried and tested by our editors to provide you unbiased reviews. For more details or queries you can comment down below.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Graco or Baby Trend better?

You can check out the given article to have a better idea about each of the products.

Can a Graco car seat fit in a Baby Trend jogging stroller?

Not all of the graco car seats will be compatible with the baby trend strollers but many of them will also work with it perfectly.

Is Graco a good stroller brand?

Yes, it’s the perfect one, for more details you can check out the above article.

Is Baby Trend a good brand?

Yes, this is one of the most leading brands, for more details you can read out the given above article.

Can you put a carseat in a jogging stroller?

Yes, you can put the car seat in the jogging stroller if it's compatible with the model.

Why are strollers so expensive?

With all the worth having functionalities, strollers might ask you to spend some extra bucks but it will worth spending your money on.

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